The changes Arsenal SHOULD make for Everton match

Okay I have calmed down a bit now and am now looking ahead to the Arsenal game against Everton at the Emirates on Sunday. It is going to be a tough one as we are coming off the back of a real downer of a game against Monaco, while the Toffees will be in a great frame of mind after breezing past Young Boys of Berne with a 3-1 win giving them a 7-2 aggregate victory. Jealous? Yeah so am I.

Arsenal get BIG FA cup boost from van Persie injury

The last time I wrote a piece about Arsenal getting a boost from some of our rivals´players being out through injury, someone took a real exception to it and claimed I should not revel in any player´s misfortune. I can understand that but I want Arsenal to win and anything that helps that is good news in my book.

And we have more than our fair share of injury problems and have done all season. Do you really think that Man United fans would not like it if Alexis Sanchez had to miss the FA cup game at Old Trafford? As I remember it they gloried in the fact that McNair had put Jack Wilshere out of action earlier this season.

Arsenal WILL rotate but stick with Giroud

After the umitigated disaster of the Champions League defeat, Arsenal will certainly be making some changes to the starting line up for the visit of Everton on Sunday. Arsene Wenger admitted as much in his pre-match press conference earlier today and the Frenchman knows it is vital for the Gunners to get right back on track in the bread and butter of the Premier League.

But although some angry fans would suggest that Wenger should make 11 changes after the terrible performances all over the pitch on Wednesday, that will not happen and Olivier Giroud is one of the players I believe the boss will stick with.

Have Arsenal just become TOO NICE?

The good guys do not always win, Arsenal fans, despite what Hollywood westerns would have you believe! In fact you could go a bit further and say that when it come to competitive team sports, being bad has a distinct advantage. Only this week we had the revelation from our big strong centre forward Olivier Giroud that the Arsenal copaches were trying to bring out a bit of the bad in him.

Monaco gloating gives Arsenal PERFECT motivation for 2nd leg

For the last day or so Arsenal fans have been in a state of shock and I expect the same is true of Arsene Wenger and the players. It has been a painful time as we agonise over the mistakes made against Monaco that leave us teetering on the brink of yet another early Champions League exit.

Arsenal were truly awful from top to bottom but instead of cheerfully accepting that and enjoying the fact that they got the Gunners on a bad day, the Monaco manager Leonardo Jardim and striker Dimitar Berbatov chose to rub salt into our wounds by claiming that it was their tactical nous that caused the shock result. No mention of luck that we missed our chances and they got a wicked deflection for the first goal.

Europa League flops take the heat off Arsenal

It does not make the shocking Arsenal performance against Monaco on Wednesday night any better. Only a fantastic night in the principality in a few weeks or a bottle of whisky will do that. But I must admit that it cheered me right up when I saw that both Liverpool and our north London rivals Tottenham had also fluffed their lines and gone crashing out of the Europa League.

WHAT? Pundit says Wilshere ankle injury is his OWN fault!!

First of all there is more bad news for Arsenal on the injury front. What a shock and surprise that is Gooners!! Arsenal having bad luck with injuries…whatever next? In other news, water is apparently wet and Jose Mourinho is a hypocritical loudmouth.

Anyway, this latest injury setback for Jack Wilshere (and it is a setback no matter what Arsene Wenger says) is only a minor and temporary one but it did keep him out of the Monaco game this week and looks like it will mean that he is not available until next weekend at the earliest. So he will miss the home game against Everton and the trip to face QPR but could be back in the frame for the FA cup clash with Man United.

Monaco openly expose Arsenal’s tactical weaknesses

It is one thing for Arsenal fans to think that Arsene Wenger’s team simply had a “bad day at the office”, but it is quite another when the opposition admit that they knew exactly how Arsenal would perform, and how easy it would be to counteract their game plan.

The Monaco striker Dimitar Berbatov, who had lavishly praised Wenger before the game, made it clear that the Gunners had played into their hands. He was asked in the Guardian if he had been surprised to have found so much space in the Gunners defence.

Arsenal’s terrible form against “tough opposition” revealed (5-year stats)

The Man City game was a one off! by ThirdManJW

Arsenal’s tactics WERE RUBBISH but Monaco were clinical!

Analysis of Monaco game by Big Gun

To say that Arsenal were extremely poor is taking it a bit far. We had three or four excellent opportunities on goal, two of which under any other circumstances (or striker) should have been in the back of the net. I am talking about the one that hit Walcott’s leg from Welbeck shot and the one Giroud scuffed over the bar. Those two goals could have done wonders and perhaps even change the whole direction of the game. Giroud also had another open header he should have done much better with. We were trailing, so Wenger went more offensive which is actually why we conceded a third. If we had scored those goals though, it would have been a completely different outcome. Remember, Monaco’s first goal was a lucky deflection. Besides the two goals they scored, how many decent chances did they actually have on goal? The difference between them and us was that they were clinical in front of goal, and we were not.

Listen to Wenger sayin Arsenal were suicidal!

Personally I was shocked to the core by Arsenal’s result against Monaco last night, but what did Wenger say?

Was he there on the touchline shouting at the players? Was he giving tactical instructions from the sidelines? Or was he trying hard to get his zip sorted and throwing bottles of water? What does Wenger have to say?

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Owen annoys Arsenal fans – As if we need it!

The former Liverpool striker Michael Owen believes people give too much credit to Arsenal, whose Champions League dreams were left in tatters after defeat to AS Monaco.

Goals from Geoffrey Kondogbia, Dimitar Berbatov and Yannick Ferreira Carrasco resulted in an astonishing 3-1 home defeat for the Gunners, who scored through Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Arsene Wenger’s team is now staring at another exit from the Champions League Round of 16, as they must score three without reply in the second-leg.

Owen wrote on “Arsenal played poor on the night, but the only people surprised are those who continue to believe they are better than they are.