What Wenger must do to make Arsenal great again

It has not been officially confirmed by Arsenal Football Club or the man himself, but all the signs are pointing to the fact that Arsene Wenger will be the manager of Arsenal for at least one more year. This season has seen the boss under more pressure than ever, though, and the fact that the decision on whether to stay or go was on the cards must have made Wenger realise that his position is not as strong as before and that the support of a lot of Arsenal fans is wavering to say the least.

Mesut Ozil for Arsenal: Scapegoat or liability?

Mesut Ozil has claimed that he is unfairly singled out and blamed when things begin to go wrong at Arsenal.

The German international made his return from injury whilst away on international duty at the weekend, playing the majority of the second-half in Sunday’s 4-1 win over Azerbaijan, before talking to the press about his current situation in North London.

Last internationals give Arsenal hopes a HUGE boost

The last games of the current international break are all done and dusted, so Arsenal fans look forward once again, if that is the right phrase to use at the minute, to the club football we all care about. And whereas we went into this break on a downer with hope hard to come by, I think the last round of the games have given us Gooners a big boost.

Premier League rivals the reason Arsenal asking just £50m for Alexis?

You would think the crazily inflated transfer market of today that sees defenders regularly signing for close to £50 million, China paying crazy wages and the money side of the game seemingly in a never ending spiral, that Arsenal would be able to ask a huge transfer fee to any club wanting to sign Alexis Sanchez.

What does Steve Bould actually do at Arsenal?

In every organization, including Arsenal PLC, there are structures! There are positions to be filled by people who are considered competent enough to fill them. Before you are employed into such posts, a screening or testing process would have been carried out to determine if you truly fit to occupy such a post.

Arsene Wenger to build yet another Arsenal team?

 Over the weekend, one bit of Arsenal news that went viral on the internet was the supposed meeting that took place between Wenger and Kroenke. Stories have it that the two top Arsenal men agreed that Wenger would be offered a new deal, as long as he was going to overhaul the team! Who is deceiving who? Overhaul what team? A team he had several years to build but failed at it? Tell us another story please!

Surely Alexis Sanchez is worth more than 50m Pounds?

 If recent Arsenal transfer rumours are anything to go by, then there is the possibility of Arsenal selling Alexis Sanchez for 50 million pounds or thereabouts. If he does not sign a new contract with them. 50 million pounds for our best player! Is this a joke or what?