Should Arsenal deny Bournemouth’s wish to sign Jack Wilshere?

Should Arsenal let Jack Wilshere leave? By Sylvester Kwentua

Jack Wilshere has been an Arsenal player since he was 9 years of age and he has risen through the ranks as an arsenal player and at the age of 15, was named the captain of the Arsenal under 16 side. At age 16, he became the fifth sixteen year old player to ever feature in a UEFA champions league match, against Dynamo Kiev in November 2008. He signed his first professional contract in January 2019.

Arsenal still have everything to play for…. with the fan’s support!

The way that everyone is predicting that Arsenal’s season is already finished, you would think that we are all entering the final weeks of the campaign, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Arsenal should give Santi Cazorla a new contract NOW!

Offer Cazorla a new contract now! By Sylvester Kwentua

Santi Cazorla Gonzalez, a world class attacking midfielder has been donning the white and red shirt of Arsenal F.C since 2012 and he has paid his dues! After Dennis Bergkamp left Arsenal, we had lacked a creative mindfielder who could dribble, pass, run and shoot the ball when necessary. Cazorla came and suddenly, we recovered the skill we needed from an attacking midfielder.

Ranieri sacking simply highlights that Arsenal are still living in the past

Ranieri sacking highlights football clubs can’t live in the past! by Konstantin Mitov

So Ranieri is sacked! The man who managed so many big teams but never won a major title until last year, when he managed a miraculous championship with Leicester. The fairytale of players who became champions out of nothing really and the same players who were throwing him in the air have now turned on him (according to some reports) and he was sacked.

THREE Worrying signs that Alexis WILL NOT be at Arsenal next season

It has been an intriguing week following Arsenal’s exit (well… nearly) from the Champions League after the 5-1 drubbing by Bayern Munich, and after the predictable chorus of WengerOut posts and articles there has also been a lot of speculation on the future of Alexis Sanchez, as he is well known to hate being on the losing side and just wants to win everything in sight.

Hesitancy to see Arsenal miss out on top transfer target Mbappe?

If the Arsenal transfer rumours are right to suggest that the Monaco and France under 19s forward Kyllian Mbappe is one of our top transfer targets, then maybe Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board will end up regretting the lack of any action during the January transfer window.