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10 amazing facts about Arsenal that you may not know

Some pretty fascinating Arsenal Facts!

There is little doubt that Arsenal are one of, if not the best team in the world- after all, that is why you are on this site! Whether you are a seasoned fan that goes to every match, someone that likes to watch at home with buddies and a beer, or even someone that likes to take a punt on a popular football betting site such as, everyone enjoys their favourite team in different ways.

When it comes to Arsenals predicted performance for the season ahead, they started off with an estimated position of 5th with odds of 11-1 to win the league although as time is going on, it seems they could be in with a slightly higher chance of getting a better position. With Lehmann being appointed as a member of the coaching team for the first team, it was clear that something had changed. The pre-season kicked off with a very different feel and it is hoped that this will persist throughout the rest of the season. The key to their success will be not getting jaded and not letting absenteeism and inexperience let their hopes of success be dashed.

Whilst you might be the biggest fan of Arsenal ever, how much do you really know about your team?

  • As you know, Arsenal are known by the nickname “The Gunners” but how did they get the name? It comes from the fact that the team was formed by a group of local cannon makers who worked at the Woolwich Arsenal back in 1886. Unfortunately, the Woolwich Arsenal is no more- find out more at

  • Did you know that Arsenal are the only team in the league that have never, ever been relegated? They have played in the top levels of English football since 1919.

  • The Gunners also finished off the 2003 Premier League without being defeated. In fact, their winning streak lasted and impressive 49 further games which makes the record holders for the most consecutive games without being beaten. Their luck came to an end when they were beaten 2-0 by Manchester United.

  • Back in 1927, Arsenals game against Sheffield United became the very first game to ever be broadcast on the radio. Fast forward ten years and an exhibition match between them and their reserves was the first ever televised football game.

  • The Emirates Stadium is the second largest club stadium in the UK and it has a capacity of a whopping 65,000 fans. You can read this article from the about how Arsenal have turned the stadium into a fortress.

  • David O’Leary holds the current record for the most number of appearances for Arsenal with an incredible 722 between 1975 and 1993.

  • When it comes to goal scoring, the accolade goes to French man, Thierry Henry with an impressive 226 goals over 369 games in a period of seven years.

  • The youngest player to ever score for Arsenal was Cesc Fabregas in a game against the Wolverhampton Wonderers. The game took place in December 2003 and Fabregas was just over the age of 16 by a matter of days.

  • The first foreign manager to lift a Premiership title was when the then Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger lifted it back in 1997.

  • Did you know that Arsenal are the only team to have beaten both Milan teams? They have beaten both Internazionale and Milan during different UEFA Champions League Tournaments in the 2000’s.

We hope you enjoyed our round up of utterly fascinating Arsenal facts and that you have taken note of them to impress your friends with next time you tune in to watch The Gunners storm to (hopefully) glory! Don’t forget to check the odds before you watch the game, because you never know, taking a little punt on the outcome of the game or the performance of your favourite player could land you with the chance to pocket an amazing cash prize! What more could you ask for? Just remember that you have to be in it, to win it!

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18 thoughts on “10 amazing facts about Arsenal that you may not know

  1. GbollyB

    Every team has past glories, so move on to the current new technology trend, which is Arsenal is still yet to win the premier league of new millennium and we are just far behind to win the UCL, we struggle every season in and out. Without a change in Mgt, it seems impossible.

  2. GB

    Arsenal were the first team to wear shirt numbers.
    Also first team to play under floodlights.
    Only team to win the league twice at spurs ground, even spurs have never done that.
    Only team to have a tube station named after them.
    Need any more f@cts?

      1. GB

        Oh dear, my bad, as the kids say. I stand corrected though.
        But the match you refer to was an experiment and Herbert Chapman was the motivator of regular floodlit football and persuaded the FA to change their mind when he installed the first permanent lights at Highbury in the 1930s.

  3. shark

    11. Arsene Wenger is Arsenal’s most successfully manager who managed to destroy the club prior to his retirement.

  4. Break-on-through

    I didn’t know the last one and I didn’t know we were the first televised also. And I wouldn’t get the dates right either. Other than that I reckon I’d have been good. Oh, I knew the Fabregas one ..but only after being reminded.

  5. MrBrizzle

    The first foreign manager to lift a Premiership
    title was when ‘*the then Arsenal manager’*,
    Arsene Wenger lifted it back in 1997. Nice one bro

  6. jon fox

    I am amazed- though on reflection, perhaps I am not- that no one has corrected you , in that Arsenal have been relegated way back in the early 20th century and elected to Division One under Sir HENRY Norris, our owner and chairman who successfully lobbied the other clubs to elect Arsenal , who had finished among the also rans in Div 2 to be promoted to DIV One, when the number of clubs in Div One was expanded. This is common knowledge to all REAL fans, Mr Admin!

    1. jon fox

      Actually, now that I have read the article thoroughly it is full of errors. HENRY SCORED 228 GOALS, NOT 226 AND WE WON THE TITLE UNDER WENGER IN 1997-98 AND LIFTED IT THEREFORE IN 1998 not 1997. If you do not research properly or just do not have the depth of knowledge that a proper fan will have, please don’t embarrass yourself by writing an article based on wrong facts. The Emirates Stadium also holds a little over 60000, NOT 65000. NOT GOOD ENOUGH ADMINISTRATOR!

  7. stubill

    There was a film made based at Highbury Stadium in 1939 called The Highbury Stadium Mystery. as far as I know the only film based in part in a real football stadium.

  8. Kenny Rolfe

    Did you know that the famous clock at Arsenal started it’s life at the north bank end. It was when the original cover was erected at the north bank in 1934 that the clock was moved to south bank, hence the “clock end”

  9. Kenny Rolfe

    Did you know that 1965 Arsenal wore Nottingham Forest’s strip for a whole year in honour of Forest’s 100 year birthday after the Midland club sent Arsenal two new sets red strip to start their life as Dial Square, and soon to become Royal Arsenal

  10. Kenny Rolfe

    Did you know that under the old two points for a win system Arsenal record amount of 66 points for a season, obtained in the 1930’s could have been beaten by Tottenham’s great double side of the 1960/61 who with one game to go were on 65 points, but unfortunately for them they lost their last game at home to West Brom 2-1,. Remember it well, killed ’em

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