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Arsenal’s next transfer targets

Who should Arsenal sign after Cazorla? by KJ

Slowly but surely, Santi Cazorla is becoming an Arsenal player. Today, Sky Sports confirmed that the deal for Cazorla had been agreed and he was due a medical within the week. The quoted transfer fee was £18 million, but has now been revised to £12m by Malaga based journalists. If true, this is one of the biggest bargains this summer. Cazorla has been on fire last season in La Liga and in today’s market, would be valued at £25 million. However, these are very unique circumstance, which have gifted Arsenal with the opportunity of getting a top class midfielder on the cheap. Now, if we do sign Cazorla, we’ll have signed 3 class players for a fee of around £36 million. However, I still feel like there is still a lot of room for improvement. Just as an interesting aside, did you know that you can get 22/1 for Olivier Giroud to be the 2012-13 premier league top scorer?

Personally, moving forward, the positions that I feel still need bolstering are: Right back, Defensive midfielder and Striker.

Right-Back: As we all know, Sagna broke his leg twice last season and is still suffering from his most recent one. There really is no defined time where he’s supposed to come back but I’d rule him out for the first two months.

I’ve reiterated that both Jenkinson and Coquelin can put a shift in as RBs but ultimately, we could suffer due to their lack of experience.

I would be extremely happy to see someone in the age range of 23-25 come in as it would give them two years before reaching their prime where Sagna will most likely be past his.

Defensive Midfielder: This has been one of the most talked about positions that Arsenal need to cover and they haven’t addressed it as of yet. We simply don’t have enough defensive midfielders to bring trophies to the Emirates. Song and Coquelin are our only defensive mids on paper and even then, one seems ill-disciplined whilst the other is vastly inexperienced.

M’Vila is the name that everyone chants in this situation and for good reason. The Frenchman, at only 21, is already a starter for the France national team as well as establishing himself as one of the best players in Ligue 1. He is always confident on the ball and keeps everything simple to minimalise any danger to the Arsenal goal. He’s, essentially, a no nonsense midfielder – something we’ve sorely lacked since the days of Patrick Viera and Gilberto Silva.

There are plenty of other options for Wenger to look at:

Lucas Biglia has captained Anderlecht to the Belgian league title. He’s a classy Argentinian in his prime who is catching quite a few eyes. His fee will also be only in the £10 million region.

Etienne Capoue is another French defensive midfielder. Some may expect him to be severely inferior to M’Vila but on the contrary, Capoue had his best season with Toulouse and was also named in the Ligue 1 team of the year. Definitely not a bad second choice.

Striker: The Van Persie saga is still going on with no one really knowing where his next destination is going to be. However, one thing is certain – Arsenal must get another striker. Wenger confirmed that Park and Bendtner would be leaving the Gunners as well as Vela already leaving earlier in the window.

Then you have Chamakh whose future is still questionable. That only leaves Giroud and Podolski as our recognised strikers and even then, the German will most likely be deployed as a winger.

I think it would be beneficial to get a relatively experienced striker who is actually in the Premier league already. I’m a big fan on Dempsey and feel he’ll really ease the pressure off Giroud with his goal scoring record. Even when Dempsey starts to lose his pace( Teddy Sheringham never had pace) , he has already shown that he is a great midfielder and could easily play that position for us. I really think that at £8 million, he could be a vital buy.

All in all, Wenger is making some amazing progress and with Cazorla to be announced today, Wenger can move onto some new targets that’ll hopefully push Arsenal on to being serious title contenders.

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188 thoughts on “Arsenal’s next transfer targets

  1. Duke

    I cannot believe you are calling Song ill-disciplined, just because your European refs there seem to put the whistle to their mouths every time he is near the ball. They obviously don’t like his hairstyles or something.

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  2. estin

    arsenal are heading in the right direction for the new season , a bunch of new players who have a differnt focus and ambition added to the talent that we have will make us a force this season … but all fans saying we need a defensive midfielder and a new striker are just going overboard , if van persie leaves we have already brought two good strikers in plus we have walcott and gervinho who can play there and then not to forget we have the up and coming attackers like the OX and ryo to come in this season and its all about keeping the squad fresh not revamping the hole thing …. and as for midfield we have , arteta who people are forgetting what a season he had in his first year with us , and will be even better this season , plus song ,( diaby rosicky and wilshere who all are having difficulty with injuries but thats y were seeing CAZORLA AND MAYBE NURI SAHIN coming in to add to that midfield so when ever we have a injury we dont have so much uncertainty to who will come in to play and were not just throwing some inexperienced young player on…… and the defence will come up with the goods this season , yes it would be good to see a good right back come in but i dont know , we have a few right backs waiting to breakthrough and become top players so why not grin and bare and see one of the young stars earn his play …. either way ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB HASNT LOOKED AS STRONG AS IT IS IN A LONG 5 OR 6 YEARS , we have strength in depth and the quality is up there with any team in the PREM , but we also have that style where our players can thrive more than other clubs, lets hope we can start strong and make ourselfs contenders …..

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  3. Jaws09

    Our team and squad are just fine, hopefully Cazorla rumour is true and we snap him up as he is world class.

    The only player i really want us to sign is Sakho! He can be a strong defender for us, fitting in as a CB or LB (which T5V can do for us also)

    M’vila is not needed (Song, Frimpong, Coq) but would of course improve our team if we signed him

    If the Cazorla signing, along with the Giroud and Podolski does not show enough ambition for RVP then thats proves it was only ever about the money for him

    If he stays but doesn’t sign a new contract then take the captains armband from it and hand it to the Verminator, if he re-signs a new contract then let him keep the armband

    Feeling really positive about the new season, COYG!!!!

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  4. Jai

    I do not think Arsene is in the market for buying a defensive midfielder or a striker.

    Why not Striker:
    Arsene will have Giroud as a lone striker, if not play Walcott along with him and shift Gerviniho/OX to RM, Podolski to the LM. Walcott will draw the CB’s and possibly LB of the opposition towards him, generating a lot of space for Giroud and Podolski/OX to operate.

    Why not DM :
    We have Alex who is is very good and now very experienced and Coquelin as back up. If for some reason both of them are unavailable, I think Arsene will deploy Arteta who made the team look a lot better when he played. This will allow Rosciky / Wilshere / possibly Cazrola / Ramsey to flourish.

    I think Arsene will buy a CB as that is where we are lacking quality in the bench. I also think that he will pick an experienced not so young CB from lower league. And will play youngster’s along with this CB in the Carling & FA cup.

    * Sorry for the spellings

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  5. Kyle

    RB: Van der Weil/Leighton Baines (I know he’s traditionally a LB but he can play both)

    CDM: Personally, i feel we have lots of options (song, diaby, wilshire when he’s fit, coquelin, frimpong). M’Vila would be a good signing but I don’t feel he is necessary / Sahin on loan will be better to cover for injuries, and he’s a brilliant player.

    ST: Llorente would be the ultimate signing in my opinion, he’s basically a spanish RVP, but maybe isn’t quite as prolific / Luuk de Jong is also a very good option as he is young and has shown bags of potential. Wenger would be the man to mould him into one of the greats.

    Gooners til I die!

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  6. RVP is a traitor

    It saddens me to see fans not appreciating the huge improvements that are happening at AFC.

    We have signed to excellent players already and it seems an exceptional talent is on its way soon. Wenger has nullified any threat RVP posed to the team by already buying players to replace him. Yet all I hear is RB this and DM that and Debuchy blah blah blah…………go play football manager you imbeciles. This is the real world. Wenger has already surpassed expectation.

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  7. Patrickfoo08

    Dont forget spain player are so homesick like cesc n reyes hope it not third time unlucky when he feel like going back

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  8. Emery



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  9. Patrickfoo08

    Heard barcelona trying to buy song if he go that only mean arsenal is am unambition team

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  10. coolfool

    we are finnaly getting somewere i hope this is true and not like the mvila announcment of a done deal that never happend althoguh i wish it would cant see another striker being brought in but dempsey would be awsome back up if/when rvp goes wich i think is a formality now hes got the tast of 190/200k a week wich we cant match why wouldnt he go as for his comments not about the money i dont think he was honest do you???? demanding 220 from man u get him gone imo we got 2 potantial cracking strickers dempsey or another to back them up take alittle pressure off and a good strong dm think coqulein will be class given the time alot about gk but i dont hear of or see offers for are back up 2? as yet if they dont go do u think AW will buy i dont and santos not a bad player but bought as LB does he have a future at arsenal i dont thinks so if im honest he is still a hopless defender imo but good at going farward last one for the day THEO signe or let go at 100k a week i would let go if im honest teams no what they are getting when facing theo no most teams can deal with him np its just if he catches them on a break hes hard to stop but finishing still not all the way there imo still a hard on for me if rvp goes hopefully he will stay at the right price and develop firther but think the ox is and will be far better for the future

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  11. Tommycrown

    I tink dis a gud developmnt bt also we ned a defender & striker 2 reinforce us 4 a trophy. Up Gunners!!!

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  12. Zanito

    I stopped reading when u started contradicting yourself U say song is Ill disciplined but at the same time u screaming for M’Villa??? Let’s forget abt tht dude! The boss always kno best! I have faith in coquelin! In wenger we trust!

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  13. rocky

    Try to keep RVP, push Santi to the wing and Theo into a strikers role. Give some more games to Ox this season and stick him on the wing instead and push Santi into CAM.

    Bring in Mvila for CDM and push song to CM (Replacing Rosicky and Wilshere for the first half of the season), then we’ll have plenty of strength in depth come January.

    I agree though, definitely need a RB… we need someone who can cope with the likes of Bale/Kagawa/Nasri running at them, not sure who yet though.

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  14. DannyRIyat

    With the signing of carzola and the loan of sahin both proven rumours on bbc this morning! We will play 4-3-3. Sahin-Arteta-song in the midfield 3 and wilshire will be eased back. Sahin is a dee playing playmaker, Guillum Balague said so. Arteta can also create chances and song we’ll we’ve all become accustom to his hollywood long balls! The attacking 3 will be carzola-Giroud-Podolski. the man centre forward depends on if RVP stays and I think with this team le prof is building how could he say we lack ambition? I have a gut feeling he may stay. Our defense will be unchanged but if sagna is injured at the beginning of the season jenkinson will probably cover although I would much much rather coquelin to cover. This is our year gunners a trophy is on the way 7 years of hurt will be over! I smell it!

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  15. Goonersince2001

    we dont need a striker we are getting sahin becuase bbc sport said we are aggreing personal terms and bbc sport say cazorla is dude in london for a medical and arsene wenger would be really frustrated he is doing his best and you ask for you greed b*stards come on we got two strikes we should get sahin who is a xabi alonso type of player so he can shift back so we will use coquelin and jenkinson as they have been performing well like schezny said our defence is performing really well becuase in pre season we used our back defenders smart ass so ok thats what i needed to say

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  16. Speedie

    You say Spanish players are home sick!
    Did you watch mata and silver last season??

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  17. Macedonia






    but I think that we must byu the world class striker like Dortmund Lewandovski

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  18. gooooner

    What makes everyone so certain Podolski will be left winger? He does by far his best work as a central striker! Yes he played LW in the national team, but that’s because they prefer Klose/Gomez… and germany have a few better options as wingers on the way ( goetze, reus, etc) who will most likely put podolski on the bench in the near future!

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  19. coolfool

    i wont believe it till its on after getting exited about the mvila done deal should nown better but what they hey could been true..

    like to see a couple proven PL players if im honest dempsey dembele think hoilett had potetial sturridge although greedy he can score goals and young AW can easily turn him into a world class striker and hes unhappy and proven in the PL

    think mvila im still hoping for if im totaly honest although that sems to be over and done with im happy with what we got so far and if this announcment goes ahead will be very impressed but if it does thats all attacking options i think we need to add more defending options next as a priority but in AW i trust…

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  20. J


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  21. Emery


    I reckon he will play RW personally, and cut in onto his left, Gervinho was excellent in pre season, looks to have regained his form, I think the game against Cologne will give us an insight into what the line up is likely to look like though. Obviously everyone is saying Giroud up top and Podolski either side of him.

    To the people claiming we need another striker if RVP leaves…


    ^ I really dont think we do, they either all play up front or have played there at some point, yes we would like another one but look at who we have been signing, I really dont think we should expect much more after Carzola and hopefully Sahin

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  22. AidanGooner

    Assuming we get Cazorla and Sahin, maybe Sakho and a veteran right back with a season or two left in them.

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  23. donJoel

    I think we have a very strong side… when cazorla is coming we are serious title contenders… If rvp leaves, he should buy gameiro or Llorente ( both are not really against a transfer)… Sakho would be nice but we don t really need him… Vermaelen and Koscielny are a good team,and we have two average Back-ups…. If sahin comes we would have everythink we need…

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  24. jp. donue

    Some arsenal fans soo optimistic, we seriously need a defence if you think about depth

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  25. landmind111

    Yes KJ, I totally agree on the Dempsey move, he’s experienced, and a goal getter, if we land him, Mvilla, Carzola and Sahin, I think we’d be best equipt to deal with injuries this season, all our midfielders, apart from Song, are prone to injury.

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  26. Gooner Cape Town

    Agree totally. Cazorla and maybe Sahin will be last signings, apart from M Vila. The Song saga concerns me and Barca seem to have some major pull (don’t know why!!) possibly because they are a very successful club.
    There will not be another major striker bought as maybe AW will go for Niang.
    Wish we had some positive news.
    Apologies for having a go at you yesterday, mate. Got p*ssed off with Gooners bickering and being petty.

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  27. kay

    I am the only 1 thinking that we may definitely be short of Play Makers??????????

    Yes we have Arteta! who is not extra-ordinary but is very good at keeping the ball moving. But look at all the matches, Arsenal played without him last season, out of 5-7 matches, we probably won only 1.

    There is an obvious lack of a play makers, and thats where the money needs to be spent on! Judging by the performances of last season, as soon as Arteta is injured or unavailable, the entire team suffers. In that sense we never really recovered from loosing Fabregas and nasri at the same time.

    As for defensive mid. [song/Frinpong/cocquelin/ramsey/wilshere] are plenty enough for cover, song is obviously the man to keep, and we did well to keep him against the like of real madrid who were interested in him.

    As for the strikers, its true, if RVP leaves, who i hope he will leave asap (because i still have the bitter taste of a player that arsenal has been supportive of for the past 7 years despite his injuries, and on his 1st full season, he decides to leave), we have mostly recognised wingers left in the team: theo/gervinho/ox/podoski/giroud, but dont forget that theo has always been looking forward to playing in the center a bit like henry when he started. giroud can definitely play in the center as well.

    And I dont know how many of you have watched Arsenal in their Friendly matches in Asia, but even though Afobe hasnt scored, he looks really sharp, and could be as good as any, on better days. [I dont know what happened to chamakh but he sure has no future with the club if he doesnt step up his game at once]

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  28. Florin






    ———————van Persie(Giroud)——————–This is all we need…3 transfers and our team can beat for all trophy’s next year…with Varane,Gotze,Wilsere,Walcott we have a beautiful future…and I think Rémy Cabella is a smart transfer for any big team.

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  29. Mento

    Do we really need sahin. I know he’s a great player but we don’t need another central mid playing as a defensive mid ie arteta. We could play him as a cam but I think cazorla will cover that position. While wilshere is out. I would get a defensive mid instead of him.

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  30. josh09

    @ Gooner Chamachk is leaving. No more said then, as for Gervinho he can’t be played as a striker in the Premiership he’ll stay on the wings amd to all those who have forgotten about our World class players in Song and Wilshere but would replace them with Arteta. Arteta was fantastic for us last season but Song was incredible with his passing and breaking up play and Wilshere would have started ahead of Scott Parker for the Euro’s.

    @ admin If RVP leaves Wenger has stated Podolski will be played more centrally as a striker. #Fact go check for yourself ! He isn’t a winger and hasn’t got the skill and gile to beat players with skill on the wing like that the only reason he is even there is becasue he can cut in and shoot.

    No sahin but M’Vila instead. Gives us cover to play Song or M’Vila in temp role at RB if Sagna doesn’t come back in time whilst having the other in the middle with Wilshere and Cazorla, Podolski and Giroud. But if we sign Cazorla this week and M’Vila next week I believe RVP will seriously recondsider staying.

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  31. Emery

    @Gooner Cape Town

    Haha its ok mate, like I said on that thread, maybe I should have just left it alone a lot earlier on, never mind

    Yeah I hope we do get M’Vila, the only thing I can see is Sahin being brought in instead of him? Otherwise our midfield will look really packed?

    For me I can see us signing…

    Sahin (loan)
    maybe some sort of back up GK if one of them leaves

    I do wish Sahin was on a permanent move, I think if he has a great season with us, Madrid will then just say ok we will play you and he will go back there, hopefully they sign Modric to replace him

    As for Song im not too sure, I definately believe he would jump ship, not too sure why, I always imagined RVP to be more loyal than him and look how that turned out haha hopefully im proved wrong, Barca just dont seem to let go though, look at Henry and how they dealt with that and then Cesc

    What made me laugh was a quote from the Barcelona president saying ‘We dont talk about our transfer targets until they are signed’ hahaha problem is they get away with it all because they are such a big club

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  32. Ryan

    I think the best thing for us to do is sign m’villa and loan a right back someone with something to prove who wants to perform and permanently move to the club. If rvp stays we won’t need another striker however if he goes that money has to be reinvested in which case I would like to see a world class striker and a rb bought easily doable with AW deals.. I think that with regards to new signings we may only see a cdm from now if rvp is not sold I’d like the saga to be over now as I’m not fussed either way I hope aw leaves himself time to complete the right deals after rvp is sold and it’s not at the death of the window.. And why Dempsey he’s not an put and out striker I think he’s a bad example for what your saying as anyone who came in now would play second fiddle to giroud Dempsey is versatile though.. But for out and outs who know the prem as bad as it is to say deffoe?

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  33. Cannon Balz

    If Carzola is don and dusted?
    Then we are in need of a full back perhaps that can cover both sides of he park or a starting CB so Verm can push out to the left ?
    A squad needs balance and adding Dempsey as well would be a great deal and give us so many goal scoring options!,it would also pave the way for Arsharvin to leave and maybe even let fulam take a look over what else we have to offer with regard to want always ect?
    Van Persie is going to wish he’d been a little less spring loaded !
    Sometimes you should listen to the wife Robin have you not heard about trusting a women’s
    intuition ? Didn’t she want you to stay ? Oh well it used to be that you could get money back on anything made of glass by turning it back in ? Maybe we will get a few quid for our loyal Captain.

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  34. Emery


    I think Sahin can easily just sit mate, Arteta done it a lot last year, and when he was out we lost almost every game.

    I think he will be brought in to help Arteta out in that role

    A midfield 3 of Song, Arteta and Sahin looks really balanced to me

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  35. Gunner

    I think we should get Dempsey because he is a really good player. Since we dont need Arshavin we could swap him for Dempsey + cash.

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  36. vinie2000

    Gooners..hes coming is from MARCA newspaper at 12;00pm August 2.2012

    Cazorla viaja a Londres para fichar por el Arsenal
    JESÚS BALLESTEROS. Málaga 02/08/12 – 11:41. imprime envía

    Santi Cazorla podría cerrar su fichaje por el Arsenal en las próximas horas. El jugador del Málaga ha viajado este jueves a Londres con la intención de conseguir un acuerdo con el conjunto inglés.

    El Málaga dio permiso al jugador para no entrenarse este jueves y permitir, de este modo, que el futbolista acelere las negociaciones con vistas a su futuro traspaso. Un fichaje que podría cerrarse en torno a los 20 millones de euros, como ya se apuntaba desde hace tiempo en los medios ingleses.

    Tras el aparente acuerdo entre clubes, el Arsenal tratará ahora de llegar a un acuerdo con el jugador que cierre de manera definitiva el traspaso.


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  37. Jimmy

    Where did you get ill disciplined from? Song only missed 4 league games last season….how can u claim he is ill disciplined? Joey barton is ill disciplined. If you ask me song has played the DM position wonderfully and should be congratulated for doing so as he has even stated himself is not his ‘preferred’ position. He wants to play a more advanced role.

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    i think Coquelin and nico Yennaris can cover sagna,as well as jenkinson in some games, so it is not must that we must invest on RB.
    CB looks better with boss, verminator, per, bartley and miquel
    CDM: Coquelin and Song, so i do be happy if we get M’villa.
    CAM: we got OX, RAMBO, ARTETA(cdm), arshavin,happy with santi santi cazorla and sahin (deep play maker loan deal)
    wings: no comment, the best in the world.
    strikker: no comment, coz rvp will stay if santi and sahin arive , hoppfully also m’villa.

    the coming back of diaby, sagna, mozart, whilshere, rambo, per + the new signings = CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE AND ENGLAND

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  39. mo

    we dont need to talk abt this all we need iz m’villa, sort out the defenders and if rvp leaves i think we should get jovitc hiz young and very talented can score from out side the box. and not only talking abt it we need done deal too.

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  40. Brice

    Biglia can go for 8M€ following a recent article in the Belgian press, he came out to say he thought it was too much for him and he would like to test himself in a higher league but he would not be disappointed if he had to stay

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  41. kingsley jargo

    @paul hau possible iz the mvilla deal if the sahin deal goes through they are both holding midfielders

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  42. Alex

    Next season linup:


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  43. KDiesel

    I was quite confused when you refered to Song as ill-disciplined but contrary to the assumption that it was refering reckless challenges or a bad temperment, i think the author of this article is refering to the high frequency in which Song ventures forward and look to attack/playmake instead of sheilding the back four like you would expect from a defensive midfielder.
    Just in case anyone interpreted that statement inncorrectly.

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  44. Flavour

    Podoski is more world class than RVP. He has more International Cap for his age. So why all this comment of buying a world class player? The main problem with Arsenal is not even the defence but the mid field when we lost the ball. So strengthing this mid field with a play maker, people that will press to win the ball back immediately it is lost is all that we need. Our defence is alright, most goals against us is through the counter or set plays. So we really need a very tight mid field. Even if we never bought players this year some how I have faith that we will win the league. Now two more to join, this is more than faith

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  45. oreva

    dnt no y dere re many song haters and sagna av bn our mos consistnt performers 4 d last 3 sisns.dfnding is d colective responsibility of d whole team in arsenal wen we’re being atakd t se d likes of rambo wal14 gerv just strolin.while in barca evryplaya chase d bal.d problm is our dfnsive tactis nt our dfndrs.mvila is nt bta dan song soon u wil realize dat.

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  46. Kamoru Jimoh Oladimeji

    We need four more players and Sahin,Mvilla,Sakho and Dempsey we be a good replacement if vp left.

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  47. Edward.m

    I think after landing sahin en carzola we need 2 go back to organise our defence esp LB,RB en GK by signing sakho,debuchy en an aging keeper like julio cesar so that we can keep sczeczny coz if we lloris who is young en experienced szny wil be benched hence pushing 4 atransfer out

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  48. Kenneth momoh

    We don’t need any defenders,fine we conceeded 49 goals but if you also remember 12 were against manure & blackburn.the subtraction gives 37 which is fair.With cazorla & Sahin i don’t guarantee the EPL but a trophy looks increasingly likely….:Kudos to wenger & the board………Don’t believe this but tottenham,man utd & liverpool fans dread our possible formation with Sahin & Cazorla…………………hmmmmmmmmmmmm AWESOME

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  49. Emery


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  50. Spanish Breakfast

    If we were to go for a right back, I’d have Mathieu Debuchy. However I think left back is the real problem. Santos isn’t a left back. Not in the EPL sense at least. He should be employed against the likes of united and city at LW to tighten up those kind of games. So that leaves Gibbs who has yet to convince me. We need a player who can cover both left back and center back. Suggestions?

    I think we need a DM but I think Rennes were taking the piss earlier in the summer and Biglia seems like the more mature player, which is what we really require there. Leadership. Also he’d fit into rotation while M’Villa would displace Song, as it has to be Arteta and Cazorla in the middle, pulling the strings. Hope this all comes off!

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  51. Jordan

    Scheny need another goalkeeper as back up
    Gibbs Sagna Santos. We need to more full backs. id rather see santos play further up the field or not at all. Option could be yenarris debuchy.
    Vermalen kocielny mertasacker. Kick djorou out and bring in kyle bartley. If not bring in sackho if he is available which is what was said in an article.
    Song coquelin. Thats fine if you want more class then buy y’milla.
    Ramsey Wilshire. dont like arteta. chamberlain can do a great job in the middle. also bring in another creative midfielder like belhanda.
    Wallcott chamberlain miyachi gervinho. dont need no more than that.
    Van persi giroud podolski chamackh. if van persie goes then we need to bring in another sttriker. Not sure who that would be. Maybe loic remy, gomis. i honestly dont know.

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  52. Kamoru Jimoh Oladimeji

    Wenger should pls sell some players apart 4rm the part say dey ae not good dey ae bad luck. eg Diaby,Chamkh,Squilaci,Djorou,Bentner and Fabianski.

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  53. Dan

    People need to stop acting like it’s Football Manager for one second and figure out what Wenger needs to prioritise over the short but coming weeks before the season (first and foremost rather than transfer window):

    Bartley or Miquel (need game time and as we have 4 CB’s already, Miquel may stay as he offers LB cover too)
    Frimpong (though will be in January I reckon)
    Ryo (Wigan rumours hopefully true)

    Making space in squad:
    Vela (has he actually gone?)
    Fabianski (seems like he is staying though)

    Lansbury we might as well as keep or sell outright. I like him and would keep for Carling Cup at least based on Eng u-21 performances but with so many CM’s I wonder what he’ll think about chances.

    I’d hope we enough board members working furiously to sort all this out but it’s already been a month at least!

    For my money if I had to bet, we’d get in Cazorla, Sahin and Niang.

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  54. GeorgeD

    Maybe I would bring a right-back and a good keeper for second choice because Fabianski and Mannone are worse than my grandmother…

    Striker is not needed, I think that RVP & Chamakh will stay… but a really good striker should be Seydou Doumbia who is young also.

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  55. Josh





    Doesn’t that look like a title winning side.

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  56. Douglas

    if we get Cazorla and Sahin then our next target HAS TO BE mamadou Sakhon. he’s been told he can move if he want by PSG so this is our oppurtunity. top class centre back

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  57. Josh

    Do you really think Wenger’s going to buy centre backs be realistic he thinks Djrou is the next puyol. All we will get realistically is a Left back in defence and Neil taylor is quality cheap and he plays like jordi alba.

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  58. juhislihis

    If we get M’Vila and Cazorla, do we really need Sahin? He play’s as midfielder/winger, same position as Arteta, Ramsey, Wilshere and Arteta. Add to that we would have DM’s of Song and M’Vila. Attacking Midfielders are the problem, Rosicky should have an alternative option.

    I mean getting Sahin would improve a lot of course but there’s really depth in our midfield (note STEEL), but it’s the creativity we lack. Of course if Sahin/Cazorla would play CAM.

    But I would still for ISCO!

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  59. Kleef

    We need two defensive mid fielders in front of our back four. This has been one of our main problem for the last four years. Mvilla and Sakho will be a good combination.

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  60. Arsenal!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m confused by those people who are saying that another striker, rb, cb and dm is overboard lets face it can we rely upon coq and Carl for extended periods? Probably not If we’re aiming to win the league that is do you see the likes of man city or utd with one too class rb and then inexperienced teenagers who are very talented but nonetheless are not ready for first team action no. So an experienced rb is needs who can bridge the gap between sagnas eventual decline and the development of jenkinson maybe Jesus games from Malaga I don’t know much about him but Malaga are obviously in a bit of a tough spot time to flex some muscle perhaps arsenal?

    As for cb: we have 3 cb that are actually useful and one who couldn’t defend against a team of 5 year olds. It would probably be fine if it wasn’t for the lack of depth in fullback positions if sagna or Gibbs are injured yes santos will cover left but it’s likely that one o the cb will have to cover meaning we effectively only have 2 cb with one covering and then djourou and with the inevitability of arsenal injuries it’s likely that djourou would end up playing and no one wants to see that man I’m central defence so sakho is needed to have a central defence with no weak link it’s not possible to win a title with a liability like djourou just waiting to f___ up our chances.

    As for dm enough has been said about that and there’s really no need to go into it.

    And finally a striker: we essentially have two strikers and that’s what we sholdbe prepared for with rvp’s replacement waiting in the wings to be accuired should rvp leave in this window. All top teams have 3 top strikers or at least 2 top strikers and a few more further down the ranks who aren’t necessarily world class but can get the job done. Real have higuain, benzema and calejon (don’t k ow how it’s spelt) utd have Hernández, berbatov and Rooney. City (ok they’re not normal but still) have tevez, aguero, Balotelli and dzeko. Bayern have Gomez miller and ollic I think it is. All title contenders need 3 strikers who are genuine goal threats and as it stands we have 3 but even then with rvp likely to lead and podolski probably played on the wing we have just giroud so another striker is not a maybe it’s a must. Lewandowski/llorente maybe?

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  61. SmkyRobbs

    With the Way Arsene is going on about transfers this Season.. He may as well be like Arsenal’s Best new Signing this Season… And to the Post.. All we need just to complete this is a full back.. That’s after Carzola and Sahin have signed of course.. ARE YOU EXCITED BOUT THE NEW SEASON?? Well I am!

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  62. landmind111

    @Flavour, that’s right buddy, the midfield was weak last year in a majority of games, that’s where we lost, when Rosicky Arteta and Song were all fit and playing we was a lot more solid, as soon as we lost Arteta, we kept getting flooded in the middle, we never kept the ball aswell as we normally do either, signing Mvilla, Cazorla and hopefully Sahin, will solve this problem, RVP making a U-turn wud be a huge bonus

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  63. Maestro

    I think Nuri Sahin would be a better acquisition M’villa because his long passing would compliment Giroud’s attacking play as a Target man.

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  64. Dafton Nyondo

    If Wenger Let Song move out of arsenal that will be the end of arsenal because as of now we have only two at the midfielers Song and Arteta these are the piller.Please think twice Mr Wenger.

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  65. jordan

    An agent i know is adamant M’vila will be an Arsenal player next season; Arsene’s just haggling due to lack of interest from other clubs. As for Strikers and defenders i think we’re in need, ideally Llorente bought from the money back from RVP sale, won’t set us back too much and the inclusion of a versatile defender like Sakho who can play across the back line and is physical and out of favour at PSG due to Thiago Silva would see us as real contenders. But i think i’m getting ahead of myself here?

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  66. Rabane

    St:Walcott,van Persie,Podolsky.

    Just two quality transfers can make us a powerfull team…our rivals are already make quality transfers Kagawa(Man Utd),Hazard,Marin(Chelsea)…City is already a monster…Tottenham and Liverpool have good teams…we can miss Champions League next season if we don’t buy some quality players…we have a very rich team…WHAT WENGER WAIT???…in the last 8 years we sel:LEHMANN-COLE,CAMPBELL,TOURE,LAURESEN-PIRES,GILBERTO,VIEIRA,LJUMBERG-HENRY,REYES…CLICHY,GALLAS,FABREGAS,NASRI,ADEBAYOR…where are the money?…what we buy to substitute that world class players?…now we need a good left defender…Alaba is the right person I think,he’s a real gunner and a very good young player…and Gotze(doesn’t matter the price)he is already one of the best players in the world and I think he will do a good job alongside Wilshere.

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  67. Ibrahim

    Song a very good tackling mid fielder mvila good also let leave them 2 Wenger

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  68. ergs

    I said before the season started we needed to shift chamack almunia fabianski denilson vela djourou bentdner and maybe diaby!
    And bring in 5-6 new signings
    1 an experienced back up goalie
    2 striker giroud done
    3 forward podolski done
    4 winger/midfielder with craft not just pace! done
    5 def mid only because frimpong and coquelin are still to raw and i do bleive song will lwave arsenal next summer!
    that replacement not done yet?
    6 new right and left back
    sagna is almost 30 and has broken his leg twice in the space of a year! jenkinson is still to raw to fill the void.
    left back slot gibbs not a patch on cole or clichy at the same age!
    santos out of breath after every birst forward simply not good enough!
    All in all wenger is getting there 3 more signings and i beleive a trophy will happen!

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  69. Daniel.S

    message to Duke: when the writer of this article referred to Song as being ill disciplined, I think it was due to his positioning not his fouling record.

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  70. Jaws09

    Why are so many people upset about getting a player of Sahins quality in on loan?

    He is a fantastic player that we are not paying for, coming in to cover while jacky boy and Rosicky are out injured!

    Would be fantastic if we have the option to buy him at the end of his loan because if he does well for us and wants to stay then we got the fee agreed already, if he don’t play as well as we hoped atleast we can send him home 🙂

    I also don’t think we need more than 1 more new defender, I just think the midfield need to work a little harder to protect the back 4 and also Steve Bould will help the back 4 alot this season

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  71. jerry

    From watching the games last season we all should know what we need to do to improve
    1 We needed to take the pressure off RVP and sign some attackers to weigh in with some additional goals.We have done this well in the signings of Giroud and Podolski
    2 We need reliable goalkeeping cover we can do this by signing an experienced goalie in the jaaskelinan mould and very inexpensively Craig Gordon was available on a free don’t know if he still is
    3 Defensively we were awful at times and although i think Koscielny and Vermaelen are a great pairing , Mertesacker and Djorou don’t fill me with any real confidence
    Mertesacker may well be like Koscielny in that after a dodgy first season will adapt really well and be awesome cover,Djourou in my opinion hasn’t come on like we all expected.
    Therefore i would like to sign one more centre half Sakho seems to be the player touted and i would be extremely pleased to have him at the club
    4 A Defensive midfielder to cover the back four M’vila more me is a must sign
    5 With Wilshire’s continued absense attacking creative midfielder/s are a must Carzola and Sahin would be fantastic additions
    So in short i would like to see
    A Back up keeper
    These players would sort out our short comings and i think we would be genuine contenders for trophies this season
    If we lose RVP and Walcott and if they don’t sign we should sell i would love to replace them but i know that would be asking too much,but fantasy wise Affelay at 6m to replace Theo would be a bargain and i personaaly would envoke Huntelaar’s release clause fee of 17m
    I know that this won’t happen although we may still get M’baye Niang which would be great

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  72. ergs

    realisticlly knowing wenger he probably wont buy more than 2 players at max.
    he will slot jenkinson couqelin or yennaris in at right back and as for cover song
    probably frimpong when back from injury and couqelin aswell.
    as for center halfs djourou unfortunatley still here is cover along with kyle bartley!
    if we were chelsea or man city then we wouldant even consider these players they would buy ready made back ups.
    But its the arsenal way to bring through our youth even if some of them dont cut it like bendtner denilson djourou!lets hope they can step up.

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  73. DulkGilles

    Very excited bout both targets (Cazorla, Sahin). Do think we need to start playing the Ox. He’s walcott WITH vision, shooting power en body. I’d say


    Sagna Kos Verm Gibbs

    Song (Diaby) Sahin (Arteta)

    Ox Podolski

    Giroud (RvP if he stays after all)

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  74. Mike Dellar

    How strong are we really in our defensive ranks and on the bench, if injuries pile up?

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  75. top managar

    GK: Sczesny

    Defenders: Sagna kosciely vermaelen gibbs

    Midfielders: Song Arteta
    Walcott Podolski

    Strikers: Giroud/Llorente

    If rvp leaves if not then rvp instead of llorente

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  76. good buyer

    Goalkeeper: Szczesny Formation: 4-5-1
    (RB) (CB) (CB) (LB)
    Defeders: Sagna-Koscielny/Mertesaker-Vermaelen-gibbs
    (DM) (DM)
    Midfielders: (RM) Song-Arteta/Mvila (LM)
    Chamberlain/Walcott (CAM) Podolski/Gervinho
    Strikers: Giroud/Llorente

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