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Arsenal are desperate for another Diaby

Do Arsenal need some physicality in their midfield? by KJ

Yesterday, I talked about why I feel that teams have found out how to shut down Arsenal. As a result, Wenger will need to address this problem and I’m wondering whether the absence of a physical midfielder could be our problem.
I identified Arteta’s brilliance as our downfall previously, and he seemed to be aided pretty well with Diaby by his side – a physical midfielder.

Whenever Arteta had the ball, he was always able to seek out Diaby in a time of need, as the Frenchman would hold the ball because of his immense strength before passing it back to Arteta, or swivelling to start an attack. Diaby’s presence also forced the opposing midfielders to be wary when hassling Arteta. If they gave Diaby too much space, he’d easily push past a tackle and would be away. His presence allowed Arteta to express himself without much pressure.

However, Diaby’s return date is still very much up in the air, and rumours have it that he might be out until January – something we all were dreading. It is frankly ridiculous that the club has constantly refused to buy that physical midfielder that we needed after Song’s departure because Diaby might make a miraculous recovery. He clearly hasn’t and again, we have risked our league performance on one player.

Some will ask, what player could we have signed? There are plenty. The likes of Etienne Capoue was available for £10m. I don’t understand why we never went in for him, he has so much potential as well as being very young.
I hate criticising the club, but they make it difficult not to. We always seem to be lacking those one to two players that would help us bridge the difference to champions and yet the board neglect to give Wenger the money to spend.

Could we finally expect Arsenal to fill this position in January? If so, who would you like to see?

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61 thoughts on “Arsenal are desperate for another Diaby

  1. dude

    Wenger underestimated the importance of Song and true to his stingy and egoistic nature ,put all his eggs into the diaby basket which backfired tremendously

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  2. arsenal4eva

    Wenger shud play players at their natural positions…be flexible in tactical (we av so many players dat can suit other formations than old predictable 4-3-3!!!)…n search another 2-3 players dat wud add depth into da team…DM and a creative midfielder/Winger..

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  3. Chisha

    Well said Admin in this article, Arsenal always say we dont have money to compete etc but wait dont fans pay to watch the games, and why do you build youngsters to just sell them like Song. Song had 3 years on his contract but you sell and say we have options in midfield. It doesnt make sense at all. Every year Wenger always makes the same mistakes thats why I say he must go he has reached the best he can reach for arsenal. and The problem with Wenger he always looking at the French league to find players, and if the player is french then we know he will get signed he is just so porous and predictable. Time to go

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  4. Aussie Gooner

    capoue would be a great option, young, french, strong, reasonably cheap

    hes a classic wenger buy

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  5. Gunnerineverylife

    I still cant understand why Wenger sold Song and why Song went to barca just to warm bench,all about money and trophies you win from the bench eh?

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  6. Reddb10

    Do people actually think before they write on here?
    Buy another Diaby who plays good for a few games and terrible for a few after that and in the mean time is injured 90% of the time.
    He will probably get fit someday have a great season and then bugger off to the highest bidder like the other judas we carried for 6 injury ridden years.

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  7. Gooner

    You say the board needs to provide Wenger with more funds, let me inform you that Wenger is the board. If he want’s a player he will get the player, he is just too stubborn to pay 10’s of millions on 1 player, he need’s to get with the times, you could build a team of invincibles 10+ years ago for less than 10-20 million now its more like 50-100 million to do so. Either way if Wenger wanted M’Vila he could have got him, if he wanted Capoue he could have got him, but he is a gambling and business man so he thought he could make/bank money by depending on an unreliable player.

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  8. Nija-arsene

    I am known everywhere and by everyone within my humble locality as “Nija Arsene Wenger”. However the real Arsene. Wenger has made things difficult for me to continue to bear the name because of his stingyness, arrogance and disregard for basic respect to fans and their views.I have therefore, from this very minute, changed my name to…………until further notice. All former documents remain valid. All Arsenal related web sites to take note. On the issue of strenghtening the squad I do not care one bit because even if I do Wenger will not bother. Very sad!!!!!!!!!

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  9. DialSquare1886

    yes, we need more physicality in midfield. when diaby was fit at the start of the season, things were fine. his box to box role allowed the defenders to focus on their defensive duties. after the chelsea game, in which he got injured defensive weakness came back to haunt us coz our current midfield allows opposition to put more pressure on our defence. i hope wenger comes up with something soon.

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  10. Olarayz (@11Rayz)

    We have the right answer on the bench, Wenger is just too obsessed with Ramsey to see clearly… Coquelin is the immediate solution to the Arsenal midfield problem. Give him the chance Jenkinson had in Sagna’s absence and he’ll blossom.

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  11. Travis Bickle

    It’s all very well that in hindsight you can call Wenger a fool by placing faith in Diaby. You were all singing Diaby’s praises when he was playing well at the beginning of the year. No manager would plan for the possibility of Diaby being injured, that would mean if he did, we would have 5 CM/DMC’s (Coquelin,Frimpong,Diaby,Arteta,new signing) fighting for 2 positions.

    I do think now, with Diaby being injured again for longer than the first mentioned 2 weeks, we need to look at other options. We cannot rely on Diaby to play 30+ games. Diaby is a player like Ledley King or Rio Ferdinand, a player used sparingly.

    Is it just me, or is it pointless to take our medics/managers word for a timeline on any given injury to any given player? It seems to me all of our injury timescales have been wrong by at least A MONTH……..what is going on there?

    As I said last season and it pains me to say it again, but it may be a blessing in disguise for Arsenal to fail in qualifying for the Champions League. Extreme measures are the only way the board will change their ways and invest in the squad.

    For those of you looking forward to January, don’t hold your breathe.

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  12. kron

    There are two reasons why i think we’re not up to par. 1st is we don’t have two good right and left backs who are willing to both attack and DEFEND when kieran and carl aren’t playing. 2nd is theres no one in our midfield who wants to play direct football. Only side to side. And i agree thats wht diaby does brings directness into the game. A player who looks like he could do the same is coquelin. His passing is also pin point. The success to arsenal b4 is tht we always played direct football through the middle and i have not seen tht at all this season

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  13. DrPepper

    Arsenal are just lacking stability down the left hand side, if memory serves me correctly our last 7 goals have been conceded here.

    That doesn’t indicate the absence of a CDM, its just that Gibbs is injured.

    Playing Vermaelen is certainly more preferable to Santos, but Vermaelen is not a LB – which is why his positional ability is off.

    Before you all moan about Wenger signing Santos, he was an internationally capped Brazilian LB.

    Crux of my argument is, TV5 isn’t a LB and until we have Gibbs back we will always be frail on our left hand side – an irrelevance to the CDM role

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  14. kron

    To add to my comment above.. You’ll see when rosicky comes back the change in our style of play. He’s always looking to get the ball behind the defense, into the CF.

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  15. kron

    I also think sanga’s bad at right back he’ll try and give you alot going forward. which is not much because i haven’t seen one of his crosses go past the first defender. Then when its tme to defend he just strolls back. I think jenkinson is alot better.

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  16. Antonio Jackson Cruise

    Arsenal really and truly need to buy this guy Austin pronto before one of the other big clubs do and then hold our heads in shame as he terrorises our very poor defensive back line. As for the rumour of Arsenal going for Adriano of Brazil, that’s another overrated hit & miss type of striker. If one really looks at our first 11, it is not gelling one bit. We are all over the place. As it stands, Arsenal is currently not playing like a big club team. As it stands, Arsenal should not be rated among the ‘big clubs’. We can’t even string five passes together unless it’s done in slow motion.. As it stands, Arsenal, with the kind of ordinary players they have in the squad like Chamach the Moroccan, Ramsey, Podolski, the extremely slow Metsaka at the centre of defence, Santos at left back and the avarage Arteta in the middle, we haven’t a chance in hell of ever reaching the top 4 status ever again, especially this season. None of the players are even as good as the aging and cocked Rosecky and can any one of those mentioned come close to being half as good as the players that Wenger has sold ie RVP, Alex Song, Nasri, Ashley Cole, Toure, Gallas, Fabrigass? One does not have to be a rocket scientist to know that both the Arsenal board and the Manager Wenger have lost the plot. All we need is a very good no nonsense quick mobile central defender who has the great ability to read the play in order to anticipate moves and one very active proven goal scorer who will terrorize any defence allowing for defences constantly having to be on their guard. It is said that the best defence is to attack WENGER, ON BEHALF OF ARSENAL SUPPORTERS AROUND THE WORLD, EITHER RESIGN OR WAKE UP, THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE.

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  17. Gooner Cape Town

    Fellaini would be great but Capoue is also fine. We need the bullish no nonsence at DM.

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  18. AY

    Arsene shld break d bank to get MAROUNE FELLAINI he is d solution to Arsenal’s problem

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  19. Skeeza

    Yes we need a player with diaby’s ability but not his sick record!

    When is he due back? It was supposed to be only 3 weeks, that’s been and gone!
    There should be no way wenger can relit on him anymore!
    We need an apt replacement in jan window, no excuses

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  20. Bry

    Get victor wanyama from Celtic. The lad is young,powerful, cheap and has got good passing range. If you don’t believe me, the watch the Celtic Barcelona match.

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  21. Richard

    Don’t be silly we won’t pay the transfer fee and wages to get the quality that is needed.

    Get rid of the dead wood even if it mens paying off their contracts or sending them off on gardening leave, what do they give to the club, NOTHING.

    Its not who we can get in its who are we likely to lose, fortunatly there are few that are wanted by top teams and those that are may soon get frustrated with the penny pinching Board.

    Silent Stan will be the only one with silverware. Silver Dollars that is.

    What business man buys a company, never puts any investement into its development, puts his own cronies into to keep it going in the desired direction and will eventually sell his shares a9and to quote “Del Boy” be on a right little earner leaving the business probabaly in limbo.


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  22. Tayo

    Bro I like the way u put your arguments across balanced and straight to the point. However the fact still remains that wenger is a chump! He doesn’t sign enough quality players to make the squad strong so when results don’t go our way he has excuses to keep his job. The fact that the club isn’t clear about what our financial situtuation is with regards to transfers adds to the confusion and division amoungst fans about the best way forward, resulting in our season being over before Xmas and the vicious cycle starts again. They are a host of quality decent priced players that could have made us better (demba ba, capoue, willian) but wenger did nothing.. We often hear the statement no one player is bigger than the club but in the case of the arsenal these over paid brats and a aging control freak of a coach are! It’s time to put arsenal before arsene… WENGER OUT!!!!!!

    Ps Barca and Ac Milan had hard times before bouncing back…glory is only round the corner but we need a new wenger (Guardiola!)

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  23. pt

    Exclusive! Wenger to sign 3 top players for key problem areas in the January window!- don’t hold your breath.

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    it makes my friggin blood boil talking about players we
    should have brought
    nearly brought
    could have brought
    all the fans can see what is needed at the club but you cant.wake up mr wenger and smell the coffee before this once great club totaly dicapitates in front of our very own eyes.

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  25. Kobi

    Stop putting Diaby on a pedestal just coz he had a couple of good games.
    We need a new Viera not a new Diaby.

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  26. vinie2000

    New viera is out there ..YANN M’VILLA…hes nasty piece of has not been used properly..even if his disciplinary record isnt good..he’s by far the only one who can protect the back 4..he’s a giant and tackler..

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  27. Tristan

    Well said! the analysis and stats clearly indicate that our slump actually started from the day we lose Diaby, a player who knows how to use his strength.

    Diaby has longer legs than other player expected. he often can surprise the opponents either interception or tearing their defensive line with his ball control skill. He is doing the similar job Song did last year.

    I still believe Song is more important than RVP to us last year. Song obtains more physical strength than Diaby and can hold the ball and opponent by using his strength, which disrupt opponent’s defensive formation. This advantage is particularly useful for a team like Arsenal, which slowly build their attacking. Also Song has great ball contral skill and killer passes to break opponent. for me Song is better than Diaby.

    Overall we need a physical player with good ball control skill in centre of park. Diaby would be good to play for Arsenal. however, the fact is Diaby is injury-prone. In January, AW must buy a DM, otherwise, top 4 is mission impossible.

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  28. calum777

    fellani would be a great sign but wenger should go back to how it was getting players of top teams like how he got henry of juventus vidal looks like he would be a good buy

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  29. Big Gun

    Diaby is good on attack, and he also holds and shields the ball well. But he is not a DM, and faaaar too injury prone rely on him. If he wasn’t injured all the time, he would be an asset, but at the moment he is just sapping up the wage bill like most of the other players. Arsenal should sell him as we have other midfielders capable of playing his role. What we do need is a solid DM. Fellaini please. Strong, exceptional in the air, good vision, anticipates the game well…I won’t be surprised if Madrid or City make a bid for him soon. Arsenal should get him now while we still can.

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  30. Big Gun

    @Abhi Jann Mvilla might be a good player, but he has been ban from international football for two years, due to unruly conduct before a match. He apparently went out partying the night before. So no thanks, Arsenal do not need any trouble makers that could cause strife in the squad. Look at Bendnter…that says it all.

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  31. true goon

    i dont know what wenger was thinking when he got rid of song and didnt replace him.Diaby is a very talented players but there are 2 reasons why he could never replace Song,the first is the fact that diaby is not a DM as he has said himself,and the second is the fact that diaby has weak limbs and cant cope with such a physical role.We dont need a new Diaby we need a new Viera.
    Best candidate FELLAINI

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  32. idris mugalu

    personally i think song wanted to go for personal reasons but even then, i think in playing deep six, fripongo is better than aterta and why make the poor Spaniard look average by playing him in a wrong number. OK lets now talk about a solution i have seen movilla the french guy i think he would come for less thank 15 million. then get a striker like llorente and our problems are solved but for now we have no holding midfielder, and when rosky comes back, things are going to change for the better as for me i believe he is the best offensive player we have.

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  33. Gunner_Nation

    I would cut my losses with Diaby and look for another strong midfielder. The guy cant stay healthy for more than 2 months. I think hes a great talent, but that talent is useless when hes on the treatment table the entire season. If we can get Fellaini for a good price, I would buy him.

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  34. senator joe

    board neglect to give Wenger the money to spend. but chairman is the problem not the board , arsenal chairman should go, the man have no ambition for arsenal , he is there to make money simple,its time to go

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  35. ERG

    Diaby is our most talented and best midfielder!
    And i also thought this when fabregas was playing for us!
    Shame if he wasn’t so injury prone he would be dominating teams.

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  36. arsenal!!!!!!!!!!!!

    considering this season is in the bin i would honestly wait and see how frimpong fares next season unless the situation is so desperate then buy someone

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  37. Gunner

    Some great comments there which bear out a certain theme:
    Diaby has potential, but has never sustained it.
    Wenger has too much control.

    I agree with both, Diaby has always been injured, and wildly inconsistent when he was playing, until both change he cant be considered reliable.

    The iceman is in Amsterdam and he is obsessed with becoming the next Arsenal manager. He is frustrated waiting for Wenger to step down. Only remotely possible if Arsenal fail to make the CL.

    When Wenger came in, he brought in a new era, now it is a new era again and he should step down

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  38. james

    diaby is massive for arsenal when fit, but cannot be relied on. i think the celtic boy wanyama is a good fit, i say we go with diaby/wanyama arteta/ramsey cazorla/wilshere. yes i know ramsey is hardly an arteta type player right now but think he could really make that posistion his own he has a great engine and will be given every chance to keep things simple.

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  39. Blazor

    The problem at Arsenal is twofold, the first one is very obvious the team lacks in number of good players, the second problem is when we have our good players Wenger mess-up the team formation to the point they all get frustrated and want to leave the team for our sworn rivals. Wenger has to change his formation style, which players form a good team and let go those players who could not jell with the team no matter what you do, the likes of Ramsey, skelachi, chamack, Frimpong, and Djourou. I know Wenger would like to reward loyalty, but soccer is a team play, if you have one or two bad players in a team they could spoil the game for everyone. When Diaby plays in the mid-field he should have someone strong to help him in the mid-field area, so he does not have to make all the tackles and challenges by himself, if he does he gets injured. Diaby is a very skillful player; the manager should protect him by giving him the help he needs. Wenger play Arteta in holding mid-field position, what a jock, Arteta does not like to run or challenge and he does not have the strength or speed to stop anyone. AOX could play a much better game in that position, and Couqlin and AOX read each other’s game so good the two of them should play together. Cazorla is getting tired, not because he plays every game but because of lack of support, he had to deal with Arteta and Ramsey; one is awfully slow and weak, and the other one runs all over the place like a mad dog. Wenger should know better, this does not take a generous to fix, get a good holding mid-field player, I would pick Fellani, I don’t care how much he cost, then put Diaby and Cazorla to lead the mid-field, bring in Rosicky to give brake to Cazorla, Wilshire for Diaby. In the front play Podolsky on the right and Gervinho on the left, Gereou is perfect in the middle. In the back Mertz needs an overall or he needs to go, in his current condition he could not stop anyone, he looks clumsy. Keep Mannone in the goal, he is much better than the reckless Schezney.

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  40. SlengTeng

    To all the people saying Fellaini keep dreaming. Wont pay for him and if you look at the premier league table now what reason is there for wanting to leave everton for arsenal? Just saying…
    Also why should we feel like we can just buy any player from any club? Isnt that that why we hate Nasri and Van Persie so much these days?

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  41. lmyyyks

    Fellaini is the man we need. Physically strong, good at both offense and defense. A very solid player. Plus he’s only 24, he still can give a lot for Arsenal, so 20m is a fair price considering his quality and the market price nowadays.

    Sad to see people are still talking as if Diaby is some real deal. Diaby has only put in very few good performances considering the number of games he has played for Arsenal. However talented you say he is, I have never seen an Arsenal player giving away possession cheaply so often as he does. Skills on his feet are the only assets he has got. As fragile as any other Arsenal players can be, his physicality has never given him advantages in the game.

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  42. the gun show

    Fellaini, Capoue, M’vila (a bit of a risk though), and if City sign De Rossi, we could pick up one of their spares

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  43. Okey

    if Wenger under-estimated the potentials and usefulness of Alex Song and sold him without replacement brought in then Wenger has dropped even the board has failed, they have lost it and the truth is that they are outdated. Barca did not sell Puyol or Busquette to buy Song. with all their feats without Song they still went for him, not because they have too much money to throw arround, their records is enough to attract any player, after all how much did pay for a quality like Song? unlike RVP Song has more yrs to his contract. Unlike Wenger, Gazidis and the board their current primary ambition is small small extra £m @ the peril of the clubs image and past feats.RVP, Song, Nasiri,Fabregas,Clichy all left primarily insearch of trophies then money comes as second, looking at quality of these players they were cheaply sold, why? no silver wares. Gourdiola and Tito are not world class coaches, did it make them to convert attacking midfielders Xavi and Iniesta to defensive midfielders, Wenger and arsenal board are reckless gamblers. they believe magic hence they ‘ve converted Arteta to play Songs role and position. Fulham even Norwich now possesses ball more than arsenal. I know we are just talking Wenger and the board never listens to us, so if they like let them go for either M’vila or Capoue so Arteta can move up to express himself, Wilshere and Carzola can turn our midfield and attack very frightening. Wenger should look for another LB to back up Gibbs enough converting Vermalin to be doing that, it has failed and will ever fail may the current board wants to ground the club but GOD will not allow them, let continue to unlish heartaches and pains on us one day their time will be up.

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  44. dreddy

    Well said mate……but Wenger is probably waiting on diaby when he is fully recovered and have one outstanding season and then sell him for a profit to one of the rival clubs. I sincerely hope that Wenger learns his lesson from RVPiss and invests in someone like capoue or even M’villa. To the epic task on hand this weekend, victory to the gunners…….CYOG!!

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