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Should Arsenal try to keep Sagna?

Is Sagna’s time up at Arsenal? by AH

Arsenal right back Bacary Sagna has spent the majority of his career with the Gunners, after signing from Ligue 1 side Auxerre back in 2007. In those 6 years Sagna has managed to make 175 league appearances, scoring just 3 goals. In his first years he competed with Emmanuel Eboue to nail down the Right Back position, however it was quickly seen who the better player was and Sagna soon managed to make a stance and become Arsenal’s regular Right Back. Since then he has never really managed to lose his place, mainly due to the lack of competition, however with Jenkinson now seemingly hot on his tail, could this be the French international’s last season with Arsenal?

Sagna is now 30 years old and will be in the last year of his contract next season. Wenger has implemented a policy of only offering 1 year contracts to players over 30 years old and so I feel that maybe this will be Sagna’s last year in an Arsenal shirt. A reported target of French billionaires Paris St Germaine (PSG), I certainly wouldn’t be disappointed to see Sagna go this summer.

Often known as ‘Mr Consistent’, Sagna’s level of ability has arguably dropped a lot, especially since he broke his leg twice in one year. Yesterday’s game against Manchester United was one of his worst performances of the season and that’s not just because he gave a penalty away. He was constantly getting beaten by Nani down the wing and left our defence open to attack. He seemed to have lost his pace and although Nani is one of the fastest players in the league, the defensive positioning was poor and Sagna was caught out over and over again.

Now of course, a player’s ability shouldn’t be criticized completely after just one game, however it seems to have been his game all season, and with Jenkinson improving at such a rapid rate I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Sagna drop out of the team. Whether that will be by selling the French International, or by simply dropping him out of the team, I think this will be Sagna’s last year as a regular Arsenal player. Do you agree?

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106 thoughts on “Should Arsenal try to keep Sagna?

  1. Wendel25

    We shouldn’t blame Sagna for losing the game. We should blame Wenger. Why take off Rosicky? Also I hear a lot of Arsenal fans say that we needed Giroud up front but let’s be honest people…we love Girouds’ heart, not his ability. We need to sign Benteke. The kid is exactly what Arsenal needs up front. Also how poor is Theo Walott? Yeah he got the goal…but he’s become just another overpaid liability at the club…a club claiming not have enough money to sign real quality…I’ve been a Gunner all my life snd I’ve never seen an Arsenal team as poor as the current one. Not a single player in the team of the season suggests that we simply cannot compete with the big teams anymore. We haven’t beaten United, City or Chelsea this season. The gap has become too big now to bridge with young talent and we don’t have the amount of money needed for a quick fix. So stay faithful, I will, our time will come…again. COYG!!!

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  2. para

    As much as i like Sagna, i do realise he is losing some ability, after all he is probably wondering where to now? And there is one thing that i had noticed, he cannot go past players face to face, he will always pass back. So he has not got that skill. But to lose him without a replacement, would be silly too. I think he has done well for the club, but it is possibly time to move on in his best interests really, especially if AFC does not seem to want to extend his contract beyond 1 yr.

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  3. Raghav

    Sagna hasnt been up to scratch recently, the key example being the match against United(where he was woeful- and yes, im blaming the draw on him). However, he is still good enough for Arsenal. In addition to that give Jenkinson a few years and he would blossom into one of the best full backs in the EPL (if not the world).

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  4. jermaine

    unless a bid of 8m plus we should keep him for another season by then berlin will be ready to take over as second choice or convert coqulan as a right back.

    we need to focus on improving the squad not patching up potential outgoings that don’t need to happen.

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  5. jermaine

    I was looking at arsenal likely outgoings this year and the amount of money we can save is ridiculous

    in wages we can generate 557k
    in transfer fee we can generate £24.67m

    even if we were to take 10% from this to cover any undervalue sales we would still have 501k wage and 22.21m transfer + 70m fund = 92.21

    we need 5 in ; gk,cb,dm,fwd,cf
    with those figures we have an average of 111k/w for each player and £18.4m in transfer fee

    goalkeepers= + 70k/w, 875k
    fabianski 50k/w, free agent
    mannone 20k/w, 875k
    the 70k/w can be given to the new keeper and the 875k can go to the transfer pot.

    Defenders= 166k/w,6.6m
    santos 60k/w, £2.6m
    djouou 50k/w, £4m
    squillaci 50k/w, free agent
    Hajrovic 2k/w, free agent
    Angha 2k/w, free 2 Nurnburg
    boating 2k/w, free agent

    Midfielders=74k/w, 5.7m
    denilson 50k/w, £5.7m
    frimpong 20k/w, free agent
    ebicellio 2k/w, free to Feynoord
    galindo 2k/w, free agent

    Attackers=247k/w, 11.5m
    75k arshavin free agent
    60k chamack £3.1m
    50k bendner £6.2m
    50k park £2.2.m
    2k watt 450k

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