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Aston Villa v Arsenal preview, line-up and prediction

Aston Villa vs Arsenal Preview, Line up and predicted score by KJ

Arsenal have had a very rough start to the season, with only one win in the league and being completely outclassed by Dortmund on Tuesday. The fans are looking for a response by the players and Villa away is a good opportunity regardless of their good form.

Villa have been reinvigorated under Lambert with the aid of assistant manager Roy Keane. This has prompted them into giving Lambert a new contract (rather hastily) and it’s understandable. Villa have kept three clean sheets out of the four games played so far. They are going to be difficult to break down, especially at Villa Park.

We have to click. This team is playing like a disjointed mess at the moment and that is down to the formation in my opinion. The likes of Ramsey are playing too far forward, Özil is spending the majority of his time out wide and Alexis isn’t interacting with our star German as much as he should because they are always on opposite flanks.

Line up:
Chambers – Mertesacker – Koscielny – Gibbs
Sanchez – Ramsey – Wilshere – Özil

Chambers should hopefully be back for this game as Bellerin seems too raw, even for a game against Villa. I’m hoping Arteta has a better game this time round as he was shocking against Dortmund and made too many wrong decisions. He needs to be controlling the game against Villa if we are to win.

Ramsey needs to step up in midfield, even if he’s played out of position. It doesn’t excuse misplaced passes or losing the ball easily. The same applies to Özil. This would also be a good time for Welbeck to finally get his debut goal for the club. He missed opportunities in Germany but I’m expecting him to take them against Villa.

This is going to be difficult but I expect us to bounce back and win 2 – 1. If we don’t win, we are in deep trouble…

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47 thoughts on “Aston Villa v Arsenal preview, line-up and prediction

  1. Greg

    It wont be an easy game, but i say dig deep gunners and come away with 3 priceless points at villa park! We are arsenal! Coyg!

  2. Greg

    Lets get behind the team today and support them in getting victory! It wont be easy but lets be the 12th man! Coyg!

    1. DanielC1989

      Greg you’ve obviously never been lucky enough to go to an away game as we are always the 12th man regardless of the score

  3. Ronny331

    Going to be a tough game and Villa’s pace could expose us.
    If I was Lambert I’d say:
    get down the right Flank and attack Gibbs as Ozil wont follow you back.
    Run hard at Arteta and Mert as they don’t have pace and can be beaten easily.
    Close down Sanchez, Ramsey and Jack quickly.
    Kick Jack as he has a bad ankle.
    Test Scez regularly as he’s not been at his best.
    Get lots of lofted balls into the box as Arsenal are a muddle when defending set pieces.
    Our weaknesses are well known by our opposition but apparently not by Wenger!!

    1. arsenalman365

      Closing down Jack, Alexis and Ramsey is a bad idea. If you do that then your team will be cut open. Szczesny has saved us in most games this season plus Arsenal had conceded the leagues least set piece goals last season. Mertesacker aint fit this season but he won’t be beaten as easy as running at him. He is very good 1 on 1 for poor acceleration.

  4. jamescadar

    I just hope we realize our mistakes from the Dortmund game and take 3points at villa park. Wenger should make the right selections tha’s all.

    1. jamescadar

      it won’t make any difference coz wenger will be confused and them out of position and expect a good result how?

      1. arsenalman365

        Remember that we beat BVB away last season and played exactly the same way. We pushed our fullbacks up and went for it and won. The difference is that Welbeck wasn’t clinical enough and we faied to shut the crowd up. Mertesacker doesn’t look fully fit and our defense is chopping and changing.

  5. Ronny331

    @justjoy. I don’t know what Rosicky and Campbell have got to do to get game time?
    No brainer for me, we need to freshen it up with new players.

  6. arsenalman365

    It’s an analogy and Spain did it before. Cazorla has played left wing for 10 years under Pelligrini as well and Ozil played on the right for the majority of his Madrid career. Ozil is quicker than what people think and I will say that he is easily quicker than someone like Joel Campbell. He just doesn’t attack the ball with aggression. I think Arsene Wenger who has managed 2,000 games knows where a players best position is. Ozil was vrry good out wide for Germany and Real Madrid. He was 42.5 million good if you watched him on the left against Everton closely. He is top class tactically.

    1. Jimbeam

      Please stop feeding misinformation Ozil played almost 90% of his games in CAM in Real Madrid. You like researching so go and research it. is a good place to start.
      Wenger makes no sense with his Brazil analogy that was 40 years ago and football was much, much different. Today you need speed in the wings, most number 10s are not the quickest.

      1. arsenalman365

        Ozil is very paced plus most of the time he played out wide or had a free role and drifted there. Transfer market ain’t 100% accurate in this sense. Ozil is best using his pace out wide on counter attacks and providing assists for other, pacey forwards. Look at his heat maps as a CAM, he always ended up out wide. I remember him playing out wide most games.

        1. Jimbeam

          Theo, Sanchez, OX, Campbell, Welbeck these are guys with pace not Ozil.
          I would rather have Ozil sit behind them and spray his precise passes to these fast forwards than him trying to run on the Wings any day.
          It’s like putting Xavi on the wings when you have Pedro, Neymar, Messi etc..

  7. davidnz

    That’s the team Wenger would play.
    But we need to win this game.
    Time to play the real Arsenal
    The Villains will be exterminated.

    ergs haywill Aussiejack twig
    Andrew AFC
    sumo muffdiver hafiz davidnz

    Sub. KJ.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. NY_Gunner

      Swap Jimbeam with haywill. Jb sounds like a tough as’d CB and haywill more like a speedy striker…

  8. Ronny331

    I think it will be another draw today with us again coming from behind. The goal/s scored by someone coming off the bench.
    Hope I’m wrong and we score early on – Welbeck or Sanchez.

  9. LoCkAy

    On top of missing some obvious “tools” (needed players), the true and essential weakness right now (and for a long time) is Arsene Wenger…

  10. Spud - Potato

    Mr lean, why support Spurs.

    Incase no one noticed I am merely reminding everyone that is all spurs are, potatoes.

    If I feel Villa will win 5-0 then that is just my opinion, you entitled to yours.

  11. No Giroud, I'm happy

    I’m waiting for Welback to score his first goal to lead my Fantasy team front-line. Come on Welback

  12. Darlingbudsofarse

    Our team is now rated by the majority of commentators as a bunch of ”No-hopers” under Mr Wenger? Thumbs up if you disagree and thumbs down if you agree!


    Ronny 331, you might have observed some important flaws in our first choice starting X1 which could be the reasons or added reasons for not winning a game in our last 4 games. As Arteta and Mertesacker are paceless, and if they are bombarded with pace and power, a failure could happen. So, Szczesny, Koscielny, and Chambers should be extra vigilant and be ready to steep-in to cover them when they fluttered. Ozil could expose Gibbs by not tracking backs when necessary to do so. So, there could be problem especially when Gibbs ventured out as he should. Someone in our midfield, Jack, Ramsey or Cazoria must take extra responsibility to cover Gibbs. And lastly profligacy must seize from any Gunner in front of goal. More especially from Welbeck. Welbeck, Sanchez and Ramsey should be expecting to be closed down and should make contingency plans to overcome that. I am expecting a goal each from Welbeck, Sanchez and Ramsey and none from Villa after a great defending by the Gunners.

  14. TioMoses

    Getting tired of seeing Ozil wasted out on the wing right now.

    Exposes us defensively, robs us of natural width and pace in attack, and most importantly ruins our most talented player and turns him into a whipping boy when he should be a world class playmaker in the middle.

    On another subject, Arteta & Flamin have been so worthless, it’s as if we don’t have a DM, neither one of them consistently protects the back four, both are slow and offer little to the team. I’m honestly starting to think having no DM and just putting a better attacking midfielder in their place would suit us better, at least we’d have a more talented player on the pitch, and our DMs don’t do much anyway so at least this way we’d be better in attack.

    Would like to see the Ox finally start a game today, he’s looked sharp through pre-season and in the moments he’s played, think he deserves a start.

  15. tegh7

    What happened with the predict and win competition? Surely more opportunity to grab some arsenal memorabilia off the back of arsenal’s failure under the muppet manager. Oh well, here’s my prediction as per this game in particular; Aston villa 1:0 Arsenal. Regardless of the outcome, Wenger out!

  16. InWengerImlosingTrust

    Please put Ozil in the middle and someone else on the wing like Campbell or ox

    And try giving Campbell, Podolski, Rosicky some minutes. Their bottoms must be numb from all that bench sitting.

    I will pray for their bottoms

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