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5 ways Wenger could improve Arsenal?

Five Transfer Scenarios by Twig

One of the biggest challenge for Wenger is which player he needs to buy in this transfer window. It is clear that several positions like the left wing, striker, defensive and maybe attacking midfield positions need to be strengthened, however, with many players playing out of position some of those deficiencies can be solved by current Arsenal players. The current Arsenal team is just on the verge of success and 2 or 3 quality additions, this January, will make them realise their potential.

1. Maintain the status quo, buy a new striker
It seems this is the route Wenger intends to follow. So far, only strikers (David Vila and Lopez) have been consistently linked with us. In this scenario, Wenger buys a striker to compete with Walcott and Giroud while sticking with Podolski as the best man for the left wing.Arteta continues as a defensive midfielder as well.

2. Look inwards, move Podolski forward
In this scenario, Wenger doesn’t buy a new striker and Podolski is permanently moved to a central position to compete (or support) with Giroud and Walcott. Podolski has done very well whenever he has moved central and his sweet left foot reminds me of a former Arsenal player. A left winger in the mould of Arda Turan or Isco is then bought to fill the void left by Podolski.

3. Arteta is not a defensive midfielder, get M’vila!
Getting M’vila (or Capoue, Diame etc) will change the whole dynamic of the Arsenal team. For good. Arsenal misses an assertive player in the middle to dominate and break up the play. This move will allow Arteta to move to his more favoured position as an attacking midfielder (with Cazorla shifting wide).

4. Move Gibbs forward and get a new left back
What? Move Gibbs forward? Erm.. actually I feel this move will work. Gibbs is great going forward which unfortunately means he leaves gaping holes behind him. You always feel Gibbs can be more of a scoring threat when he moves forward (just like he did today). In this move, Podolski moves central and Wenger buys a disciplined left back to allow Gibbs to thrive in a more attacking role. In any case, we’ll soon need a left back as Andre Santos doesn’t seem to be part of Wenger’s plans anymore.

5. Cazorla has too much work to do, give him support
Personally, I believe Stevan Jovetic will be absolutely wonderful for us. He is a young player, has a good physical presence and can play behind the striker. He is not too much in the spotlight so maybe his price will be moderate? Another alternative would be Michu who can play in the No 10 role. Cazorla has been underwhelming in recent games and maybe he should move to the right? Arsenal miss a mercurial playmaker who is consistent, week in, week out.

There are so many possibilities. This may well be Arsene’s last transfer window for Arsenal, so it is important he gets it right. Which adjustments would you like to be made to this Arsenal team? Should Wenger continue with Arteta and Podolski in their respective positions? Send us your own thoughts Gooners.


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183 thoughts on “5 ways Wenger could improve Arsenal?

  1. Daniel bromley

    I just think a player like David villa would give us a huge lift. Also add a solid holding midfielder like mvilla, strootman or Diame then possibly a few young players like shaw and zaha. And finally mbia seems to be the best option for our defence drop merta and play vermy or kossie with him and well be sorted

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  2. jermaine

    its january wholesale changes wont happen 1)sign wallcott>2)get david vila 3)sell arshavin and get adrian lopez 4)sell squillaci and santos get a versatile defender cb/lb 5)if time/money still left get dm sissoko whos a free agent summer

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  3. Jg652

    Buy El shaarawy and Falcao. Both are in form and worth it in the long term. Also a cb like felipe Santana would be a great addition!

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  4. ryan

    i may well be wrong, i’ve only seen a few videos of turan

    however in the compilation videos i’ve seen it usually cuts away from him after he takes someone on….perhaps because he then loses the ball or plays a bad cross?

    a fantastic player should be able to have a compilation video which shows consistent highlights, not someone beating two players then running out of play. we have gervinho for that.

    if we sign him and he turns out good then great and i’d wish him the best, but the last time i was so unimpressed with compilation videos was chamakh (his videos consisted 50% of him not scoring his chances and those were his best bits…………..!) so on face value i really don’t wanna see turan come if he’s gonna be another tricky player with no end product. arsenal have enough gervinhos already, the real one and the one who sometimes plays like an imposter of him (though not so much recently) aka theo

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  5. johnverdal

    it looks like we are gonna sign yanga-mbiwa from montpellier. he is a good versatile defender who can play in back 4 and also in defensive midfield. i hope he comes to arsenal. im still dreaming of david villa and yann m’vila

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  6. RSH

    how bout 5 ways ARSENAL can improve
    1. Send Wenger packing

    Arsenal needs to get over what he’s done in the past. Anyone who doesn’t see how he is killing the club is a fool. Wenger is no Ferguson and mediocrity is not an accomplishment. Wenger only cares about finances now and that’s not what Arsenal is. As even he said no one person is bigger than the club. Well Wenger is not larger than Arsenal. Football has changed, but Wenger hasn’t.

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  7. Leroy

    Arsene Wenger gets the highest paid wages in England if i am correct, why dont they take some money out of his wages as he has won F*ck all and all he wants his top 4 and put that towards Top quality.

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  8. James

    My philosophy on how to improve Arsenal FC

    Step 1:
    I believe Arsenal are in need of a new formation, we are very predictable in our attack and easy to break down defensively. 4-4-2 could work well, solid and effective when executed well.

    Step 2:
    Sell our deadwood/ poor performers – Park, Chamakh, Bendtner, Arshavin, Ramsey, Diaby, Frimpong, Djourou, Squillaci, Sagna, Andre Santos, Fabianski, Mannone

    Give these players a chance – Campbell, Miaychi, Denilson, Gnabry, Coquelin, Jenkinson

    Invest in some of these players due to price, contracts and availability – Lewandowski, Martinez, Adrian, Hulk, Isco, Gotze, Moutinho, Willian, Hamsik, Paulinho, Bender, M’Vila, Howedes,
    Alderwield, M’Biwa, Coentrao, Mingolet, Vorm

    Step 3:
    Push Podolski into a forward role and have him rotate in a 4-4-2 formation with Walcott. Do more focus work with players such as Gervinho & Ramsey help them to read the game better and play without stuttering so much.

    Step 4:
    A change of tactics and fitness, our players do no press we invite pressure, also we are slow and leggy at time which means we are lacking in fitness or team effort. Aggressive work needs to be done, all round pressure, effective possession control and counter attack.

    Step 5:
    Last but not least if all else fails, remove the antagonist to all our problems? Which I sadly state is Arsene Wenger, his faith in certain individuals is almost sickening as a fan, a younger more hungrier manager would have our team in order and bring in some much need warriors,

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  9. The Dom

    Hahaha as long as we have BRAINLESS AKB’s this club will never I repeat NEVER get back it’s past success.
    You know, I think these “AKB’s” are actually Spuds,Chelsea,or even United supporters who troll on this site because they actually like Ar$ene Wenger(for your own information).

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  10. ryan

    5 things to improve arsenal

    1) replace wenger with rijkaard
    2) actually let steve bould coach the defence again… when he was coaching the defence we conceded very few goals. if not bring back keown to coach the defence who oversaw our record breaking cl clean sheets with senderos, and eboue in the team…
    3) sell some dead weight
    4) sign villa, a top class lb to replace gibbs who can drop to the bench and sign a quality dm to free up arteta more
    5) switch to a 4-4-2:

    sagna-kos-vermaelen-new lb
    cazorla-new dm-wilshere-podolski

    bench along the lines of

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  11. Lol123

    Btw i dont Think Wenger is negotiating with Any club or player to get new blood to the team at the moment. If Anyone i think it would be McCarthy

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  12. Joel

    All of yo got problem…we personally don’t need to spend that much..villa and M’bia what ever his name is can help us get a trophy this year…M’bia can play cb, rb and cdm that’s all we need really

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  13. snakeoil

    5 suggestions for improvement regarding player personnel and I won’t argue with them but not a single mention of the number 1 problem.

    Wenger needs to select squad assignments based on player capabilities instead of his ego or his emotions. Using your best players is job number 1 and Wenger fails at this constantly.

    Let’s see. Rosicky is healthy and one of the most creative, energetic and proven players Arsenal have. And Ramsey has been weak to terrible for over a year. And Wenger continually selects….. you guessed it, the player who never produces anything except disruption while passing over a half dozen players who are more capable. Rosciky, Arshavin, Eisfeld, Gervinho, Gnabry and even LeCoq is better attacker. There are more.

    For all of you who want to hate on me now, I ask you to answer these 2 simple questions.

    1. What specifically has Ramsey done or produced for Arsenal in the past year that would warrant his continual selection to the first team? No one can answer that simple question. He gets no assists, no goals, no clever or effective forward passes. He does, however, constantly gives the ball away or passes it meakly backwards.

    2. When Wenger puts him in the squad, is he the best player available for that position. Unless the half dozen mid-fielders are injured along with Diaby, the answer is clearly NO.

    Now, go ahead and call me names and accuse me of despicable attacks on such a nice young man. I don’t dislike Ramsey. I dislike Wenger’s decisions with regard to him.

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  14. Alex

    Walcott is not worth 100k. He thinks he’s Henry when he is an above average player at best. All he can do is run. We need to be going after world class players who can perform week in week out. All the fans want Walcott to sign ok and will give him anything he wants but what has he really done to deserve this wage. We didn’t give it to van Persie and nasri but we want to give it to him. Come on wenger pull your head out of your a** and buy

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  15. md31

    i am not convince that wneger will improve arsenal unless he stopt selling our best players buying cheap players from france or other weak leagues playing players out of position and not getting serious about his job he is not motivating his players he is not shooting at them no instructions on the touch line changing tactics from game to game

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  16. ripple

    With regard to the DM. Arteta would be the first person to wish for a replacement. He is not a DM and does not want to be. But he has been asked to do it and he digs in and takes the criticism each week. Of course if he plays more forward he will get less criticism but also less playing time. And it may also bump some other “backups” or “subs” further down the pecking order.

    Get a DM. Almost everyone will be happier and Arsenal will be better.

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  17. kash

    Players should be paid according to merit not based on some ‘socialist’ pay model.When we buy a player his salary should be lower UNTIL he proves himself,that would make it much easier to shift deadwood other clubs simply don’t want to take these players because they paid too much.You woulkd also see players try much harder as they know that this not an easy paycheck.

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  18. snakeoil

    I don’t like to demand that Arsenal get any specific player. A lot more goes into transfers than we see from the outside and Arsenal certainly has fewer options considering their business model.

    Just get a decent DM that can meet these 3 criteria.

    1. Stays healthy. Don’t need another DM with injury issues

    2. Has OK/decent/reasonable defending skills. We would all love a superstar but we need to be realistic. If he is a great defender – it is a bonus.

    3.Versatility. Able to play some defense or DM.

    I know there are players like this available. As for names, I will leave it up to the Arsenal management and fans who are more knowledgable or follow this more closely than I do.

    Although most transfer rumors are bunk, I always like reading the comments from other fans on who they think are the good prospects. I look forward to your thoughts on this.

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  19. Goon-Tah

    I must agree on Cazorla… He plays well centrally, and is very skilled at providing perfectly weighted passes for players on a run. This season, however, not many Arsenal players make themselves available centrally, and just don’t like to make runs & space through the middle, often forcing Cazorla to work the ball wide. It is common to see Arsenal players in central areas feed the ball back to their more defensively positioned teammates, who then look for Sagna or Gibbs to initiate attacks in wide positions.

    Rosicky would make great partners with Cazorla, because he not only speeds up team play, but he’s also always running into spaces, and always available for that layoff pass. He really needs game time, but I know Arsène will have a hard time fitting him in, but he needs to find room for him.

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  20. summerbreez

    I think we need a defensive midfielders we could up grade from within frempong qenqelen perhaps even santos but yes we need one we need along distance passer mavila arda turan would be a good add as he would help in the attack department and an all rounder defensive player

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  21. Ed

    Well said but i would take it further, pay structure linked to playing time.
    We have been paying ridiculous amounts in wages to underperforming, lazy, flop and untalented players for warming the bench with their ass!

    Performance related pay would make a lot of players get the lead out.
    Of course it would only work if all clubs adopted the same pay structure; never happen.

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  22. Gundam

    not much in the market right now, except m’villa really…most the players we mention will go nowhere, not til the next transfer window

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  23. ripple

    @kash – You are absolutely right about player merit and pay.

    Sometimes you see the more “socialist” model at smaller sports franchises but rarely do you sees this in a major sports organization – the bigger clubs almost always base pay on merit or the demand for the player in the market.

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  24. Aussie Gooner Dave

    It’s game over for us unfortunately. Mid-Table mediocrity the only thing to look forward to……..

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  25. Aussie Gooner Dave

    In all honesty, who would want to come to us right now?
    We’re a joke & even the AKB’s of the world realise this if they’re honest with themselves. How scary is it that AW has so much control? He is delusional & he’s so arrogant that he will never see the errors of his ways. He has his little lap dog Gazidis next to him knowing that he will NEVER be challenged…..It’s all very sickening

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  26. james

    out fabianski mannone in valdes
    out djourou sqid in dede
    out sagna santos in monreal richards
    out coquelin frimpong ramsey in m’vila wanyama
    out arshavin rosicky in nobody (cazorla and wilshere)
    out gervinho chamakh in adrian zaha
    out eastmond watt hendorson park denilson in eisfeld ect

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  27. ripple

    @Ed – You are right. Some sports clubs give a bases pay and then bonus pay linked with playing time AND positive results.

    Anything would be better than tolerating Squillachi getting paid more than other gunners.

    Sadly there are some players in sports who do not care about performance because they are content to just sit at home and collect pay rather than travel with the team.

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  28. james

    them players would cost 80 odd million but we should hope to get 50 in sales so add one year sponsor money and it costs nothing plus due to inept wage structure wage bill would stay pretty much the same far more quality on the pitch.

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  29. james

    i do not mind get thumbs down, but please tell me which of the out players you honestly see making a difference to arsenal football club in the next 3 years?

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  30. ripple

    @james – you dare to mention prince ramsey as a player who should leave? when i have offered similar suggestions I have been attacked by other fans and labeled “despicable” “unfair” “disloyal” and “intolerant”

    (SHHHH. Don’t tell anyone but I do agree with absolutely)

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  31. OJ

    Problem is Arsenal have a lot of GOOD players but no GREAT players. We had one, his name was Van Persie, and we sold him to Man U. I hate Fergie, but he’s smart. If he wants a player, you know that player is good. If he wants a player, he gets that player. We buy stars of the future, any players with a slightly good name, are good, but not stars. We need star players because star players have a name for a reason – they are almost guaranteed to improve your team. We have too many okay players competing for the same spots. So our players that could be potentially great are played in positions which only allow them to be good, or average. If we get villa, where do you put Walcott? The wing. Okay so if Walcott on the wing how do you play poldolski arteta wilshere and cazorla? There is loads of scenarios like this. We need a first 11 who are GREAT, or at least 3-4 of them.. Maybe even 1 or 2! Then GOOD players support them and everyone plays in positions they are designed for. That’s when you can have someone like rocksicky on the bench. You defo would like to see a good strong DM and then arteta with cazorla and wilshere. Maybe with Walcott and a world class striker up front. The poldolski can interchange, sometimes he starts, sometimes he’s an impact player. Buying players is defo needed for morale, but lets buy GREAT players, not good ones.

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  32. snakeoil

    @james You must understand why your comments offend. It is OK to advocate the departure of players like Denilson, or Santos or Park. It is intolerable to advocate the departure or even mention the name of a certain pretty young Welshman in in any negative context. You see there is a standard – more aptly put – a double standard.

    I don’t agree with all the names on your list but you are close and your overall point is fair. Why should Arsenal continue to hang on to weak players when no other top team would do it and their fans would not tolerate it?

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  33. Arsene Wenger

    5 things I will do as the current manager:

    1) bench rosicky and play Ramsey AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE
    2) debate about signing theo until the last possible minute of January
    3) sign NO ONE in January and tell NO ONE about it
    4) use terrible tactics in games and never apologize for it
    5) have another battle with my zipper

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  34. ripple

    Now who would possibly give a thumbs/negative rating for saying that bad players should not be paid more than good players?

    Who really in their right mind wants the bad players paid more than the good players? Seriously? If so, please explain that one to me. Or do you randomly hit the negative button just for fun? Wow.

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  35. Jon

    Wenger will never change the formation and team around that much so the only hope is that he buys a couple of TOP quality players to replace our weak areas. Mainly DM and a winger or forward.
    Making Gibbs an attacker i’d say wouldn’t work, Gibbs is quite good getting forward but he can’t cross and he’s not creative enough. Besides we have better wingers than Gibbs!!
    I thought Ramsey was actually one of our better players yesterday, he fcuked up a few chances but at least he’s got the perseverance to get into those situations and he does always try to create a chance or goal. He had more chances then any of our other players so fair play to him for yesterday. I agree though that Wenger is so stubborn its just unreal and he over plays Ramsey big time. Wenger just wants to prove his point that Ramsey is good!

    Koscielny and Vermalaen i think is our best CB pair. Mertesacker is tall we all know that but how many headers do you see him win???? FCUK ALL, he’s scored once since coming in and barely gets near the ball when defending set pieces. I think he’s well over-rated and manages to hide away a bit for such a big guy. You’d expect a player of his stature to be stronger and more aggressive but he’s a gentle giant. We’d be better off with him as a sub and Kosc and Verm will score much more than him from set pieces.

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  36. ArsenalisYourDaddy

    A lot of idiots and primarily the w*nkers at Le Grove are suggesting Arsene leave. That is a position held by fools, pufters and idiots at TalkShite radio.

    Jan 2013 is the FIRST time Arsene has money to get first class players since Highbury.

    read that again ^^^^^^^

    Wenger had to make do with getting bargains that he gambled would turn into first class players.
    Remember Arsenal can now afford a FIRST CLASS signing but NOT a WORLD CLASS signing. Cavani and Falcao are world class and will demand $60-80 million transfer and $200K per week. We cannot afford that.

    We can NOW get David Villa or Adriano and M’Villa all first class players.
    Stop crying as if Ryan Shawcross kicked you in the nuts.
    First class players are on the way.

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  37. AidanGooner

    @ kash- No one would ever sign for us over another similar sized club where they could get more ££££

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  38. rooben

    I told my wife told me at the start of the game that if Ramsey start Arsenal will not win, the best thing for Arsen would a draw.In this kind of game ther is little margin for error and AAron( name of my grandson) is not consistent. I would have preferred That Rosicky play instead.weak in weak out our defense let us down. Wenger should ask vermalen or Gibbs to be positioned insuch a way to see the players attacking on the left in his back. The 2 gals conceded against Newcastle is an example of what I am thinking.
    We ll play home next time Hope Arsen get new blood.

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  39. mr anderson

    I would like to see chamberlain start on the left and walcott start on the right with giroud in the middle.

    I am definitly happy to see walcott or podolski play striker also.

    Another thing is vermaalen and koscielny I believe are both capable of defensive midfield duty (preferably vermaalen).

    Rosisky needs game time, ramsey should get none.

    Sign yanga mbiwa

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  40. Gunnerineverylife

    Wenger is past his best.If a player is past his best he will be sold,Wenger has done that in the past with Pires,Ljungberg,Lauren….now its his turn.

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  41. Gunnerineverylife

    Everton have enquired about Rosicky.I think we should offer them 15m+Rosicky for Fellaini.

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  42. liam brady

    some of the fans on here are deluded braindead idiots, you say you support the club yet slag it of at every opportunity. a few weeks ago everyone was raving about mertesacker, now cos of a few mistakes he is sh@t, its not hard to work out that we have not won anything since we moved to the emirates!!! dohhh!! yes thats right it costs a lot of money, you would find it hard to find any manager who would have tropheys in that period with them resouces, now im not a fan of this board and im on the fence as to whether wenger should step down now, but until that decision is made i am 100% behind my beloved arsenal.
    now peel yourselves out of the armchair and away from fifa 13 or whatever football game you are playing, have a look at the real world and get behind our team.

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  43. obi

    Maybe it me but metersacker has been our cosistent centre back for this campaign and gibbs the best left back.i would have wished wenger to play jekinson instead of bacary.did u saw him yesterday,he looked like a 50 year old.he dint cross any good ball.

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  44. JStarrrrr

    All we need is another ST, and DM.

    David Villa – Come on!!!
    – One of the best strikers to date.
    – Top all time goalscorer for Spain.
    – Has come of a broken leg but has managed 5 goals from 9 shots since back.
    – Creates chances and is carm and collective
    – Can play ST, LW, or RW…

    M’Villa – Come on!!!
    – Top young prospect
    – Strong, speedy physic
    – Crunch tackler
    – Only 22 (or so)
    – And we can blend him in slowly as we have Arteta and Wilshire
    – He will compliment Sagna and Kos as a future france internationals…(after his ban 🙂 )

    Just these would give us a much needed boost…


    Sag Verm Kos Gibbs


    Caz – Arteta – Wilshire



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  45. sa

    I think the main problem is some of the players’ mentality. I have to say that many players lack that determination to win.. When the team is scored upon, they panicked.. Look at Man Utd or RVP, as much as I hate to admit it, they have much better mentality and that determination to win… RVP saved us many times last season. The players need to learn that mentality..

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  46. alby

    for me Rosicky has been one of our outstanding players and still dont understand why wenger doesnt play him.may be because of his injury record would prefere to play him in our so called big matches.the only thing harming as now aside new additions is players been played out of worked in the past for wenger but every thing that goes up definately comes wenger should quickly revise his tactics,do some quality additions and move as foward.for its not too late

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  47. JohnW

    Not every solution is through buying more players. Gibbs plays like a young Ashley Cole, he will only get better. If Theo stays ( which I doubt), then we don’t need any more strikers, all we need is another faster, more adept holding midfielder.
    I also don’t know whether you people have realised that Sagna switches off at crucial moments, may be Arsene needs to remind him that there’s a serious young man waiting in the wings. He lost us the game at Southampton, yesterday we might have won had it not been for Sagna.

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  48. nara

    Arsenal best IV should be like this:

    Cazorla Wilshere walcott
    Arteta M’Vila
    Gibbs Kos/Ver Per Sagna

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  49. vin

    Arsene better shove his fiscal responsibility up his butt IF he wants a Top4 finish this year because this squad as it stands is NOT going to overtake Spurs or Chelsea or the MAnchesters .This team needs someone to carry them ..and since Cavani and FAlcao arent coming, then get Villa for up front! The guy can score and wants to come..and maybe someone can tell his wife London is nicer than Barcelona to raise kids lol

    Arsenal also needs gutsy defense, especially on set pieces which is their big nemesis! They have no heart when it comes to clearing things out. Their zonal marking blows!

    And while I like Sczesny, please ,please get another keeper! Steklenburg may be let go from Roma..think about it.Hell CAsillas has fallen out of favor with Real…use the damn $$$$$$$$$ and get a World Class keeper so the defense is not worried all the time. Just look at ManUres woes defensively since Van der Sar left!The key to the defense is a keeper who is NOT going to give away soft goals and allows the defense the ability to play aggressively without fearing getting burned!!!!

    Get M’Villa and get another CB.Howedes or Mbiwa would be good adds. And think about Jenk going back in for Sagna since Sagna is NOT the same player he was preinjury either offensively OR defensively!

    I would use a 4-3-2-1 Xmas tree lineup (Sagna,Kosc/New/Verm,Gibbs) (depending on matchups Verm can play CB or LB)with (M’Villa,JAck,Santi),(Pod,Theo),(Villa)

    Hell, Arsenal can almost play a Spain-like 4-6 with that lineup! And with Ox, Giroud and Arteta as subs, Arsene has many interchangeable parts from the MF forward.

    So,Arsene,buy Villa, M’Villa, a new CB and a keeper…open the War Chest and buy..or its going to be a #5-8 finish.And your chance of getting ANYONE other than 20 year olds to come to the team next year is nil.

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  50. Big Gun

    @James I agree with all those players except Rosicky. The guy still has some good mileage left in him. As for Ramsey, I said it long a go I think he is below average. Unfortunately there are still people who think he will come good. 2 years after his injury and he still leaves much to be desired. Where as Wilshere has only been back a few months, and he already is closer to achieving his full potential again. So Ramsey has no excuse, tired of all these crappy players getting remedial attention. Diaby is another one that must just leave and take his glass legs with him. The guy is good, but he has played like 20 mins in the last year, also on 70k or something a week. Ridiculous. When he player is this injury prone, it is highly unlikely he will ever recover, unfortunately as I do rate him as an attacking midfielder.

    I think Gibbs needs better competition than Santos as he also has become complacent and has been slacking lately. I would rather play Jenkinson over Sagna (Sagna hasn’t been the same since his injury.)

    If I had to buy new players, I would buy another world class CB, a DM like Mbiwa or that chap from Celtic Wanyama, Adam Lellana for LW, and a TOP TOP TOP striker. They have to change the wage structure if they want to compete for titles again.

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  51. **** Set Gunner ****

    1) Buy Stevan Jovetic.
    2) Buy Fellaini or Mvilla.
    3) Buy Luke Shaw.
    4) Sell Santos and Arsavin.
    5) Rotate players in the mid field and give everyone rest.
    6) Stop playing Ramsey on the wing.

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  52. **** Set Gunner ****

    Personally i feel that our 3 CB are not working in the right combination. No doubt they are all quality but they are just not getting it right. I think we need another CB, but that guy should not be our 4th choice but rather our 1st choice. Someone like Hummels.

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  53. Thebear

    Options 2 and 3 are great! We have world class players in the squad, why not utilize them in their narural positions? We should also use Rosicky more as he is pure class and would add creativity to the team. i think Arsene should be more focused on strengthening our defense than our attack in this transfer window.

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  54. lmyyyks

    You have forgotten the 6th and the 7th ways, Wenger’s favourites.

    6. Arsenal don’t need to buy anyone in January. The only reason for Arsenal’s downfall is injuries, as they did to out title challenges in previous years. When players come back from the treatment table. Arsenal will be a true title contender.

    7. No buying. Buying developed players means young players will have less chance of playing and so hampering their development. Stick to youth policy.

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  55. harugongo boy

    Wenger is scared of spending. So this bit of having new players in is at best hogwash.

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  56. Lol123

    Take a look at the players we had in the big arsenal days. I Think the average Hight of the current squad is no Way near what it was at that time. And we all know that Hight = physical strength. Back in the big days the captain was shouting at the rest of team just before kickoff to make sure that the players were ready to fight for arsenal. That is definately something i would like to see soon

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  57. absolutesanti

    we hope granpa wenger reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad these…

    no way? blah.

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  58. Pan

    wenger is a stubborn old fool if someone gives an opinion he wiil do the opposite just to prove his point we need a change Kroenke hill wood gazidis wenger must go or we will be mid table team

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  59. vanlev

    wengers turned in to such a joke……the players dont look interested……and for all u in arsena we trust fans????coming up to 8 years with no silverwear,i have a question…….how many years u wana give him to deliver……dont b scared of change

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  60. Dan

    No. 5 is harsh. Cazorla is a quality playmaker but he’s trying to set up average players like Giroud and Walcott. Podolski always seems to come inside aswell which limits the creativity. He would link up well with Villa.

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  61. marcellgooner

    i totaaly agree with the article except for the part that says gibbs move forward.i think with maturity he will get better also the expierience will help him too.he will become one of the best left backs in england one day just watch.i also agree that we should get a physical strong player then we will definitely challenge for the title have no doubts gooners

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  62. budgie

    Mertsacker has got to go, he is too slow for the premiership, other teams have worked this out and are now just running at him, whereupon he falls over, its not his fault and I wish him well, but we got to sort this out!

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  63. Aaron

    Point 3 is spot on considering Arsenal’s current squad. They are missing a player such as Viera or Petit who were strong, able to break up opposition play in midfield and stay relatively further back in the field which allowed the players with flair to focus on attacking.

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  64. cade

    you want him to buy 4-5 players hes not even buying one lol mall the usual crap about we want everone and everthing and as for moving pod has pod played over 100 caps for germany in left wing?????? thats why he was bought thats were he should be we just moved walcott over moving 2 so close to each other is never going to happen same as moving gibbs more chance stan k selling all his shares to Usmanov just my opinion.

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  65. donal de burca.

    now wenger just has sais that he would like to bring in two players in this window , two players , what happened the promises of only some days ago . he is a liar , a total liar and the sooner the vast majority of supporters cop onto this crazy dude the better . next thing is he will sign one unknown player , shrug his shoulders and say in his own little way but there was not players available until next summer . then , next summer these same players will not be available again , same old story folks .

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  66. deji d

    i don’t see Us buying any player now,Wenger has no plan toward dat.if not we are suppose to have gotten a DM by now.with d type of games to play dis month

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  67. sollygunner

    just heard spuds are opening talks with zaha this week wtf are we doing ,,,????? i can only asume wenger has some special things up his sleeve and they will all break out at once,,,, he cant posibily think the fans are going to be ok with sitting back while all our targets go to rivals and we stick with our inconsistant team really whats happening ??

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  68. N21 gooner

    Forget about who we are buying/not buying – there is one major question and only one for this January. What the hell is going on with Walcott? Are we being played here Theo? I mean, firstly AW told us we would have him signed up back in Oct/Nov, then it was definitely going to be completed by Christmas, now we are in 2nd week of Jan and we are hearing about sign on bonuses etc….whats really going on? I’m finding it hard to beleive its just about the $. Its gone on so long we are losing credibility and any chance of doing any business in this transfer window as AW has said his priority is TW contract. Personally I think Theo’s agent is playing a smart game with the club, if he drags it out long enough then we wont be able to buy in this window, which means we dont buy a new striker/winger so no competition and increased bargaining power for a new contract after the window closes or else he threatens to walk for a free in summer. I think its a mistake to make new signings conditional on Walcott signing a new deal. I hate to be so cynical. I would love TW to stay, but its not looking good….

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  69. SAM

    Personally having sent Chamakh on loan singing a new striker in this transfer window is a priority, though i would love to see david villa at arsenal but stevan jovetic would provide more depth at the same transfer fee and have more time to flourish at arsenal.
    It is rumored that PSV want arshavin, swap him for kevin strootman and sign Luke shaw and wilfried zaha to the ever growing British core and we have a awe-inspiring squad.
    Wenger has promised atleast 2 signing in january i feel jovetic and strootman should be our first priority.

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  70. Me

    “may well be Arsene’s last transfer window for Arsenal”? Why??? Coz he’s happy with his salary, 4th place and no trophies. The board are happy he can work on a shoe string budget coz they get to pay themselves huge dividends. So, nothing wrong with the way Arsenal are run according to the people that matter (Wenger and the board). We the fans are the laughing stock of other teams’ fans, we pay highest ticket fares in Europe and we don’t matter. If we did someone would have listened and done something by now.

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  71. Kiran

    Get these players out:

    Play in formation 4-1-3-2


    Sagna/ Kolshieny/ Vermalean Gibbs/
    Jenkinson Mertztaker (2)

    Mvilla or Mbianga(3)/

    OX/ Arteta/ Cazrola/
    Gervinho Rosicky/ Adrian or Isco(4)

    Walcott/ Podolski/
    Giroud Jovetic(5)

    Get 5 players for these 5 positions and we are ready for next 4-5 years

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  72. Boss

    F*ck everyone who is calling for Wenger’s head, no other manager could of done what Arsene has done for us, nor will any other manager be able to replicate it if he is sacked #justsaying #InArseneWeTrust

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  73. John

    Can’t believe some of the stupid comments on regarding ‘the direction of the club’. In the last 10 years we’ve developed a new stadium, a top class training ground, a fantastic academy, made a profit in the transfer market and consistently finished in the top 4 of a competitive league. The trophies haven’t come, but the club is certainly not mis-managed. Even Mourinho said this the other day and admitted that titles will come naturally to Arsenal in the near future. Do you think Dortmund threw money at their troubles to get the team they have now? Some of you people need to get a grip with reality and lay of the Football Manager.

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  74. finnbobdudeasaurus

    I agree with some of the comments regarding 442 as a pose to 433 because we do look vulnerable defending and need a holding midfielder. Arteta is good but not a defensive midfielder we should get sissikho as his contract is running out in the summer so he’ll be cheap I also think we need m’bia as he can play anywhere across the back line and is still young, I think if after this (and securing walcotts contract) we have enough time / money we should get villa as he is experienced and an absolute goal machine that if Baca aren’t playing we could get a great deal

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  75. john

    players to sign this season

    stephen ireland
    m villa
    adrian lopez
    david villa (keep trying)
    jesus navas
    song (back!!!!!!!!!!!)

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