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A comedy of errors sends Arsenal out of the FA Cup

Arsenal 0 – 1 Blackburn, how did this happen? BY kj

I’m still in disarray after that result. How did we manage to get knocked out in both domestic cup competitions against lower league opposition?

We started the game off sluggishly and were just playing safe passes in the neutral areas of the pitch. We didn’t really need to push the game at that point and concede a silly early goal. However, we struggled throughout the half to create anything and it was frankly quite worrying. Gervinho missed such an easy chance that again there was massive questions over what he actually offers Arsenal. Giroud was anonymous and Chamberlain was making a lot of wrong decisions.

The second half started and we were a bit more urgent with our football but we were struggling to really penetrate their back line. There was a lack of movement between the lines and players were getting in each other’s ways constantly. It was a pretty shocking performance considering the calibre of players on show.

Wenger was forced into substituting Wilshere, Cazorla and Walcott to change the dynamic of the game as we were troubled by a championship side. The minute they come on, the worst thing we could imagine, happened.

Blackburn scores a fluke of a goal that had many mistakes through the build-up. Szczesny messed up the save palming it to Kazim who misS-hit his strike but somehow ended up in the back of the net. 0 – 1.

We did our best to get back into it but the lack of a decent striker proved fatal as we ended the game being kicked out of the FA cup. It was an embarrassing performance that puts massive questions over Wenger’s ability to motivate his team against lesser opponents.

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56 thoughts on “A comedy of errors sends Arsenal out of the FA Cup

  1. Hafiz Rahman

    Giroud was anonymous?? yes he is…he was extremely tightly times there are 2 players surrounding him….

    the whole team should be investigated by Europol…the game is rigged!!!!

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  2. Jeff

    You don’t put on 3 players at the same time. School boy error. Walcott just watched his man run right by him. Santi didn’t really pressure the guy who played the long ball either. Arsenal were just starting to pull the strings a bit.

    Santi offered nothing on the left. Gervinho was stretching them fine, he just couldn’t finish.

    The main problem was diaby going forward. He takes forever to penetrate.

    Wilshire should have come on for diaby in the 60th. Walcott should have come on around the 67th until jack was properly into the mix. Maybe for giroud even cuz he’s too slow going against 4 large defenders. Can’t out muscle 2 men who are larger than you are but you can certainly beat them with pace.

    Can you imagine what would have happened with rosicky staying high and jack coming behind him from a deeper area? Would have found an opening for sure. Simple stuff.

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  3. Matt

    I disagree with a few things said, i think we created a ton of half chances and Rosicky, Diaby, and the Ox did well beating players but just nobody finished anything. As a whole, we didn’t even play too bad as we probably had 80% possesion and tons of shots. The loss was more terrible luck then poor play imo. They barely got into our half in the 1st 50 mins

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    diaby was the worst player.. no control over the ball
    giroud was 2nd worst.. he is our striker and he keeps flicking the ball to someone else inside the ball.. you are the striker ffs!

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  5. ams

    That was the price you paid for not buying a proven defender…15 corners…only 2 good header…and yet wasting clear goal scoring opportunity…very2 poor….blackburn 1 chance 1 goal….I love arsenal…and will always give my support…BUT I really2 hate the board and wenger…why would you took rosicky instead of diaby…he was our best player last night..and podolski hadnt play for 2 consecutive games..nuts..I hope for a positive result against bayern later…ohh arsenal..

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  6. Braven

    The worst arsenal ever…..I can imagine we’ll be slain by Bayern next week…

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  7. Stefanthegooner1

    Who cares it’s just one game get over it, it happens to the best. Barcelona and Celtic for example. We had 71% possession as well as 28 attempts on goal compared to their 7 attempts. Bad luck boys, unfortunately that’s what happens when key players are rested. We have to go all out against bayern and play true arsenal football. COYG!!!!

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  8. ripple

    @jeff, you are absolutely right. at least you were paying attention to what was actually happening on the pitch. wenger was not.

    arsenal controlled the midfield all day but were just missing a finishing touch. so wenger brings in not 1 but 2 center mids to accomplish what was alreadying being accomplished

    More importantly, with these subs wenger initiated the same failed formation that has caused arsenal to struggle every time it has been tried in 3 games prior. (with cazorla pretending to play on the left)

    that tactic has failed because there is no wide play on the left – just too many players clogging the middle which was exactly the problem that needed to be corrected already.

    this is almost childishly simply.

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  9. Hafiz Rahman

    judging from the comments…

    majority didint even watch and analyse the game

    but just respond after reading comments and reviews from biased media reports……

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  10. Aussie Jack

    Wenger will not fork out 17 million for Villa, and nor should he ,but he`s got to be looking at big bucks somewhere for a clinical striker, we simply don`t have one.
    Giroud has had his chance and should have done better by now and Gervinho peaked a long time ago at a level below our required standards. Walcott is first and foremost a winger who will fill in as second fiddle centre forward but we need an experienced specialist and they don`t come cheap, we have to be thinking 20 million plus for a 26 year old.
    We can strengthen the defence for 30 million and the midfield is fine as it is.

    So, Mr.Wenger there you have it on a budget of 50 million and you still have some to spare especially if you off load the `has beens`.

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  11. mohawk35


    Next you will cite some stat about passing accuracy. the object of the game is to score goals.

    After each disappointing performance we hear that this was only 1 game and 1 loss. But when it happens continuously, that excuse grows very old quickly. Try a new one at least.

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  12. ripple

    the one arsenal player who is a deadly accurate finisher, has a hammer for a left leg, and who recently led the league in assists did not ever touch the pitch. (Podolski)

    that is criminal coaching

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  13. Pat Rice

    We’re way to accustomed to these situations as Arsenal fans and its not ok, season after season we cry out for change, yet nothing different is done, instead they try to do the same thing to try solve our problems.

    This buying of cheap players(equals cheap errors in certain games during the season) must stop now, I really can’t understand how a player like Gervinho is even on our books.

    I’m very critical about a player like Gervinho coz he’s supposed to be way better than he is playing for arsenal, we can’t make excuses for him, he’s 27 years old and should be on his peak and one of our best players, yet he’s far from it, then fans will say “he needs time to adapt”, no class players don’t need a whole freakin’ 2 seasons, look at Poldi and Santi

    I sometimes ask why some fans have grown to accept such mediocre players at Arsenal, Diaby as well should be sold, he’s talented but he’s a liability which out weighs everything else.

    The January window wasn’t used properly by Wenger, he only just got rid of one of HIS mediocre players and got a proper player but no other NEEDED reinforcements, and I also couldn’t understand some fans saying Santos should be given time or played on the wing, we freakin nonsense is that.

    Us fans invest a lot of time, money and PASSION on Arsenal for us to accept the same errors and problems in our team’s performances every season and mediocre players coming in.

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  14. angrybird

    Looks like another barren season without trophy(ies). But the season is not over yet. We need some magic(?) to win CL and finish top 4 for another season in CL to attract star players to swell. Failure to even finish top 4 will mean the Arsenal squad need rebuilding. Yes, this is a very frustrating season thus far. A real heart breaking.

    Nonetheless, Arsenal till i die thru thick or thin!

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  15. mohawk35

    Congrats to Rosicky at least. This season he has played literally only a few minutes prior to this game and although he had a little rust he was the best gunner on the pitch.

    Rosicky should have had the initial assist with a perfect touch pass to feed Gervinho who did not have to adjust his step or take a touch, but Gervinho blew this great chance anyway.

    Rosicky did this after being sidelined all season. Ramsey has 33 total appearances (very few gunners have more), has 1 goal and 1 assist, and not in any game has he looked anywhere near as good as Rosicky did today. So please tell me again why Ramsey plays every game and Rosicky wastes away? It is undefendable and disgusting.

    Wenger no longer manages with intelligence. Rather he coaches guided only by his massive ego and a stubborn adherence to using ideas that have failed repeatedly.

    I contend any 1st year coach of a U10 recreational team could do better right now.

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  16. adam

    rosiscky should not be sub..he was brilliant..i would sub jack with diaby..someone need to buy diaby a new boot..hate to see him keep slipping..ox sub with walcott and gervinho sub with pdolski..however congrates to blackburn and we have only ourselves to blame..a lot of chance and posession we should had finihed the game with ease..

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  17. JAHVID

    ARSENAL is now the laughingstock of EUROPE!! I am not anti-wenger but his ingenious has now proved him a mad FOOL!!
    1. Tactics are poor!! I can bet the likes of Fergie and Guardiola are snickering at him.
    2. Mediocre players equals mediocre performance! Simple ABC’s!
    3. We should not have sold RVP! I am sure he would have honored his contract and made the difference this season for us and we would be in contention for trophies! And so what if he walks free at the end of the summer!? Its only a lost of 2mil -_- N I strongly doubt he would have walked if he won trophies!
    4. Undemanding supporters!! I live in Jamaica and I can tell you that my greatest wish is to watch an Arsenal match alive but I will not even think of going to see mediocre performances if I was there.

    Wenger has had good seasons which has long passed…but it seems as if his latter career will overshadow faded memories. Club needs to sort out it’s priorities!

    – Depressed Arsenal Fan

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  18. leo

    i hot 3 words for bayern “just bring it” lol just imagine what they are going 2 do to us we are in complete mess

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  19. leo

    we are such crisis & haven’t heard a word from that idiot stan or his sidekick gazdis back then david dein was so vocal now we got bunch of cartoons just get out & leave our club now

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    What’s the bet Adam Kemp will come crawling out of his little tunnel and start critizing Wenger and calling for his head within the next 4 days.

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  21. snakeoil

    Blackburn remained organized and compact – trying to get a draw most likely. And Arsenal controlled the game but could not find a hole through the compact defense.

    Wenger’s answer to this situation:

    1. Sub out the best Arsenal player (Rosicky) and bring in 2 center mids so that Blackburn’s strategy could remain the same and the middle would be even more blocked up with players than prior, thus ensuring no way thru. These subs fed right into BB’s strengths.

    2. Subbed in Walcott who is best using his pace but with BB’s defensive strategy this pace could not be utilized effectively. Not bad, but not game changing either.

    3. Wenger overlooked Podolski who offered the best chance of providing some accurate service from wide left and spreading the BB defense. He also has a deadly finish, something also lacking in the game.

    4. The 2 CM tactic (Cazorla,Wilsher) has repeatedly been quite unsuccessful since Wenger first tried this vs. Swansea some weeks ago.

    In total this formation has resulted in 4 goals in the 5 games Wenger used it prior to trying it again with the subs in the BB game. In the 3 games in between when that strategy was not used and Poldi played the wing Arsenal scored 10 goals in 3 games. You be the judge.

    Wenger apparently was not considering anything actually happening on the pitch or the fact that his selected tactic and already yielded poor results prior to selecting his subs. He just had his little plan in his little head and he used it regardless of the tactics actually needed.

    In short, Wenger’s coaching was horrendous. Other coaches must find it hard not to smirk.

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  22. CUT

    Biggest comedian at the club is Wenger…buying Santos Gervinho chamakh Matasacker Giroud etc etc.

    One cant help but laugh!

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  23. EdenoftheEast

    The problem with 19 and 20 year old players becoming celebrities is that easily lose focus. A manager needs to make sure they know what’s important. Start with a bang, get early goals and they you can start showboating.
    AOC and Gervinho have let all that hype go to their head. While rosicky, koscielny, vermaelen and arteta were trying to show some urgency, AOC, diaby, giroud and gervinho were wasting chance after chance, after chance. EMBARRASSING!!
    Wenger needs to take severe action. Drop them for the rest of the season or something, until they learn. Its not like we need to use our full squad anymore.
    We need to buy more determined players like Wilshere.

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  24. ripple

    I am not giving up on the Bayern game. This FA cup game changes nothing for the Bayern game. Arsenal will need their best players playing their best game, but it is possible to win.

    But if Wenger tries that nonsense of leaving Podolski on the bench and/or if Wenger lets Ramsey actually play vs. Bayern, any small chance of winning is reduced greatly.

    The best formation this season has been.

    4 best defenders available

    Arteta as DM – Best the Gunners Have
    Wilshere working behind and with Cazorla
    Walcott, Poldi providing width, service, and goals

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  25. SADarsenalian

    OH and this is the team that stands a chance in the CL let alone being in the top 4. Gooners we’ve let this go on for far too long, we need to stand up for our club, show people that if you try mess with OUR club we’ll pin you to the ground and beat the hell out of you. 🙁

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  26. CUT

    Will be 9 years without trophy…fans like Adam Kemp got every right to call for Wenger’s head!

    Expect Steve Bould to resign at the end of the season…he has been completely sidelined and he is not at all happy!

    Wenger has become a control freak!

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  27. azib

    Believe it or not.. i am starting to believe that most of the arsenal matches are fixed. One day we can beat any team and the other day we lose to blackburn. Remember 4-4 draw against blackburn or that win against reading.. the same team first conceded 4 goals and then went on to win the game.. unbelievable or atleast i dont believe

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  28. Goonertron

    Can only blame the players, I would blame Wenger if he fielded that side against a EPL team, but it was Blackburn. They should of finished their opportunities, simple as that.

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  29. gunnerscott

    gervinho was the only player to attack the box over and over, missed a goal, but that happens, he did make a great run to get open, cant say that about giroud, giroud does not ever have fight, he does not look hungry, Ox isn’t finding his way, he is a mess on the ptch, no play making, those who keep saying villa is too old would have loved to have his clinical finishing on the pitch today, those who said we are more balanced w-out RvP would have loved to have him today. bring in Villa! imagine pololski, walcott and villa up top, would be amazing!

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  30. ripple

    @Goonertron: did you see subs? the subs did nothing to change the game in any way except to feed into Blackburn’s strategy of blocking up the middle even more than prior. and the best option was to change the game was podolski

    these things are wenger’s fault of course – wake up

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  31. leo

    & it could get worse tv5 looks likely to leave arsenal at the end of the season 2 join barca acc to many media at the begining of this season too he handed out a transfer request he is unhappy with the club’s policy & the direction in which they are going

    gazdis may earn more money for his next vaccation pathetic

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  32. leo

    except rosicky/tv5/monreal the rest were poor diaby looks like he is playing for himself trying to avoid another injury sell him + others & spend some money

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  33. obi

    Arsenal losing is more painful than losing a job.and let me hear someone sayin IN ARSENE WE TRUST,faq u.

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  34. leo

    Member of the AFC board revealed in January that Barcelona’s asking price for David Villa was £24m in summer it will be 17m or even less get jovetic/soldado better options

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  35. Src3

    Bring in Mourihno, he will not take shit from the board. We need a new-thinker some1 that can actally bring something to the table not an old relic from the past, which Wenger totally is 7 years and counting and no title, most ppl would havent addmitted something is wrong and resigned but no this man is so arrogant that he stays on and collects the cheque, and we fans pay his salery.

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  36. leo

    Stan Kroenke took over towards the end of that 2011 season and we sold Samir Nasri, Gael Clichy and Cesc Fabregas then rvp/song next tv5

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  37. Darule

    I been on the sack Wenger bandwagon for four seasons now, wonder how many of you after yesterdays result share the same opinion? AW is the problem at the club the sooner Arsenal get rid of him the better, does not like to spend bring in unknowns under the hope they will succeeded, it did work for him in the beginning but now all the unknown he has bought in has become his achilles heel!! There is no player in the Arsenal first team squad AW can sell for more than what he got them in for, except for home grown talents and Cazorla. We are a club in crisis the sooner then fans get together in a coordinated manner towards the same goal which is win trophies the better, because if Arsenal need to win trophies they need to get rid of AW!!

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  38. Tobias

    @leo apparently we are the process of agreeing a preseason contract with athletico madrids centre back Fernando Amorebieta could be a possible replacement for vermaelan or because squilachis contract expires in the summer

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  39. Me

    Losing to blackburn is, for the lack of a better word, understandable. Most of those players were in the EPL just last season so it would be like losing 1-0 to Wigan (which Man U managed at the back end of 2011/12). What would have made more sense is losing to blackburn first, then Bradford because we’re a team in decline. Wenger is still in line to tick all the boxes as far as the board’s expectations are of him: 1. Get 4th place 2. Make money. So why would he get fired for doing his job properly?

    This will go no for a few seasons still, by the way. We have an untouchable Arsenal “has been” who lost his bearings and basically I think until he retires we will never win anything because that’s just not what he’s interested in.

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  40. ripple

    we all realize that wenger has failed partially with acquiring the needed talent – some good, some bad

    but this season more than ever he has failed miserably when it comes to selecting the starting squads and tactical formations.

    right now these are his big failures in that regard…

    1. He thinks it better to insert Ramsey and force Cazorla to the wing (but not really) at the expense of one of his best players – Poldi, who moves to the bench.

    2. He thinks that Ramsey is so good that, not only will Wenger bench good players in order to squeeze in Ramsey, but he also thinks Ramsey is so good that Ramsey plays constantly – he is 3rd on the team in total appearances behind only Cazorla and Giroud.

    The truth is Ramsey is not any where good enough right now to be a 1st team regular. The fact that Ramsey plays so often is proof enough of the Arsenal downfall. Could you imagine Bayern or Real Madrid having Ramsey in the club? I would argue that on any top European club Ramsey could only be a reserve player at best.

    The blackburn game would have been a perfect situation to give Ramsey the reigns at center mid to see if he can perform. But I think Wenger, deep down, knows it would not work at all. So he continues with the charade that Ramsey is an indispensible player. Sad, just sad.

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  41. Gunnerineverylife

    Wenger should leave,as simple as that.He cant motivate his players anymore.Why did he take Rosicky off when he was the best player in the pitch instead of his beloved girlfriend Diaby?Why was Giroud still on the pitch when he was poorer than Gervinho in first half?Gervinho was quite crap BUT his movement was still better than Giroud’s,Giroud was not even in the box in many of the Ox’s crosses.Did he forget that he is a striker?Vermaelen bottled it in that goal,he is our captain for God’s sake.

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  42. lecoq

    rosicky was joy to watch. he is iut of this world. i think wenger is sturbborn and he also fails to analyse the games continuously. how the hell does he rate ramsey over coquelin, diaby and rosicky. he rested ramsey for bayen and this is loughable. i predicted he wil give rosiky a chance to save ramsey for bayen, which shud be done the opposite. diaby is the kind of player who needs games to e the powerful player he is and mr wenger shud know that but he instead gives a run to his favourite ramsey…im so sad we keep talking out the same thing. and who tld wenger he can not sub until the 70th minute, i hav been watching arsenal for ages and he does same things..he used to sub pires to leav llunburg when llunburg was out of the game….ghr ramsey issue. have u noticed the trend…we get knocked out of all comoetitions every february!!!

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  43. Jackson

    I am getting used to this, Wenger is slowly making me believe that trophies are just an illusion and a good game of football is all to expect. Dunno if players to blame or Wenger or the board but this feeling sucks and not sure for how long i can take this. All i can do is wish the team good luck with bayern, knowing luck is not on our side.

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  44. Pat Rice


    I’m sorry but you’re F@c?ing mad, Gervinho’s performance against a poor Blackburn team shouldn’t NOT be acceptable, he was bought to make a difference in the team, perform consistently and take chances when they come, not to develop(we have ox, eisfeld and ryo for that) and consistently not be a threat and have an end product. Rosicky was the only dangerous player out there.

    Sessenog(can’t spell his name) from Sunderland is a far better player than Gervinho, you watch what he does and you’ll how a winger should be playing.

    Everytime Gervinho has the ball near the box I know he’ll get dispossessed or he’ll do the same thing n try squeeze in the near post for a stupid cross or foolishly try score in an impossible position(for him anyway).

    He’s terrible period, if he was 22 or an Eduardo I would have given him a chance to grow, but no he isn’t. STOP MAKING EXCUSES FROM MEDIOCRE PLAYERS

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  45. Babe 101

    The day I catch that “stupid black cheap goat” called Gervinho, I ll make sure I kill him and make it look like an accident, because it is only when he is dead that wenger ll stop using him. I can actually be paid 2 hate him for d rest of my life, and plsss dnt call me racist cuz I am a full african girl, I only ve phobia for stupid black people like him and sagna.I ve been taking panadol since d beginning of d season becuz of arsenal’s headaches.

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  46. Promise Festac

    How on earth, a good and tactical coach will sub Rosisky in a match like this? Arsene Wenger has turned our Arsenal Fc into french club. All his selections always favours french players. But he failed to realize that football has left France. Please out scouts should focuse their search around South American countries, and Spain

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  47. Promise Festac

    What is the potential Arsene Wenger saw in Aron Ramsey & Abou Diaby???

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  48. Sydney_Gooner


    We had 11 international on the pitch and they played like my 12 year old son’s team!
    We were playing a championship side, so on paper , we should have easily won!

    With the exception of 1 or 2 players, the team put a pathetic display!

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  49. Rohan

    What I felt is our right back was eek and they were trying to exploit that area again and again.. and the goal too came from that position.. Wenger shudnt had played coquelean as RB.. he was good in attacking but defensively weak.. and that cost us .. 🙁

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