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A great Arsenal win over a poor Man United doesn’t change another awful season

This win does not hide the disappointing season Arsenal have had. Konstantin Mitov

I enjoy a win against Man United all day long. Makes it even better when Mourinho is in charge. I hate the special one, because of all the hate he put against Arsenal, more towards Arsene really, but still, this one was a bit strange, because United were really poor.

This fixture used to once decide league titles with epic clashes like Vieira and Keane and so on and so on, but now it’s the battle for fifth, but one that doesn’t really feel all that special, because United put out such a bad squad. I mean this is literally the worst I’ve seen them.

To some extend I do understand Mourinho. He only has to not lose the return semi final and win the final and it’s a trophy plus champions league football in the bag. In the premier league, he has to go away to Arsenal and Tottenham and win in a hope to get 4th. Despite Liverpool losing valuable points, I get his decision and I think if they win the EL it will be justified.

Still though, we really looked comfortable. Got a bit of luck on our first goal, but hey, when you shoot, you might score! Who would’ve though? And on the second one, the Ox, magnificent once again, put the ball on Welbeck’s head and you just gotta ask, why did we drop Welbeck for the Spurs game? To play Giroud?

Amazing really. You see, this is why we need to change Arsene. Rob Holding, apart from a sloppy back pass that fortunately fell to Rooney, their literally worst player right now, who bottled it, our young defender was excellent again. Why we played Gibbs is a mystery to me, but ultimately United never really threatened us. I felt really comfortable, which speaks volumes of how poor they were.

Before you get the usual excitement of winning one game at Arsenal, that usually, according to Arsene, means we’re the best team in Europe with the best mental state, we still have to go to Stoke and Southampton and if you haven’t checked Arsene’s record there, he hasn’t won at Stoke since 2010 and never beaten the Saints away since their return to the elite.

Add a tricky game with Everton at the end and even if we somehow nick all 4 games, I repeat myself, win 4 games in a row, including 2 away games (try and remember the last time that happened) we still need Liverpool to bottle either West Ham away or Middlesbrough, who’ll be well relegated by then, or we can hope City somehow slip up, which again is highly unlikely.

See, the problem is, we had things in our hands and our true self showed against Spurs when we were under pressure, but the good things in this awful season is that it opened a few eyes. People understand that things need to change regardless of the top 4. But this has happened before. Remember when Spurs lost 2:1 to West Ham on the last day of the league and we nicked fourth?

Remember how we drew Norwich 3:3 at home and then Spurs failed to beat Aston Villa and a 3:2 win away at WBA secured 4th? Remember how Everton beat us 3:0, but still fluffed it and we finished 4th? This has happened before and every time the other teams bottled it, which gave us champions league football.

We’ve been ignoring the issue a long time. Now if I’m Stan Kroenke I’d consider selling the club, because our stakes will drop massively once Alexis is gone and the champions league too. Because you’d then understand how important it is. We’ll never spent 85 million on Mbappe, like the Mail reported.

We’ll not buy ourselves out of this hole. Worst is, I’m not sure we can attract a good manager to get us out of the mess too. We need to win the 4 games till the end, just to get some confidence before Chelsea end our hopes of an FA cup. But my prediction is that Arsene will bottle it at either Southampton or Stoke.

I just can’t see Liverpool or City slipping up, nor can I see us putting 4 wins in a row, but even if it happens, even if by a miracle we get 4th, is it progress? Is it any better than what was before? The champions league is the only way we’re gonna sign players of real quality. And even if we get 4th, Alexis said he came here to win trophies.

We haven’t put in a real title challenge in his time here, and even if we win the cup and get 4th, the only way he’d sign is if we make a real statement in the market, and I mean go big, like 200 million on 3 players, that’d actually improve drastically our squad. The Europa League next season is a curse.

The only good thing for this season is the fact it’s coming to an end. And the fact that some people opened their eyes. Even Arsene tried some change with the formation. Too little, too late now. It’s time to pay the price. We need a massive change this summer and it can’t come soon enough.


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58 thoughts on “A great Arsenal win over a poor Man United doesn’t change another awful season

    1. SAMF

      We respect Wenger long enough and it is time he has to respect us and leave …

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      1. JembutArsene

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        1. SAMF

          What do you mean by ONE ARSENE WENGER?

          Getting a new manager might immediately change things (Chelsea as an example) and might not but it is a must step to do, since your Godfather has lost it and forever …

          Wenger out

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          1. JembutArsene

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          2. JembutArsene

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            1. ger burke

              jambuttarse, do i take it that you are not in the best of form ?. i thought you would be high on your roost crowing about our famous victory. theres only one arsene, thank goodness for small mercies , wenger out !!!.

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              1. JembutArsene

                It is time to pull back the curtains and enjoy the brief sunshine, burt.
                Maybe I’ve been spending too much time being brainwashed by media. Very satisfying, this back three is starting to pay dividends.
                A fighting chance at least of a strong finish. A good team effort,,and some very good individual performances. Only by our one great leader eh, burt, sing with me now, burt, one arsene wenger.

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          3. Janssen

            Sam ignore this jembut guy. He has to pretend he thinks he is better than the rest and his opinion counts more than yours. In fact, he has a huge inferiority complex that tells him he is neither worthy nor capable of success that’s why he identifies so much with Wenger and doesn’t want another manager to get a shot after 13 barren years.

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            1. JembutArsene

              Oh, vincent janssen just pops up.
              How’s that west ham chokers, eh, spuds true false 9?
              How about a little more respect for each other and a little less abusive bile.

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              1. Janssen

                How is your search for a better class of fan progressing?

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                1. Yossarian

                  Hahaha… Thanks Janssen… That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day!

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    2. Thierryzil

      People like you’re the reason this club is headed in the wrong direction.

      I saw Wenger smiling sheepishly standing next to a “In Arsene we trust” banner. I spit on fans like that.

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      1. JembutArsene

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        1. SAMF

          Club principles !! These are terms used by Wenger to hide his inability to deliver …
          “Have some respect and if you don’t like the food eat somewhere else”
          This Arsenal is a big club and need to act as a big club with ambition …

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          1. JembutArsene

            Wenger wishes to deliver the premier league title in the next two years!

            After he bulit thisclub and you won’t give him another chance?

            Have faith dude.

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            1. Yossarian

              Arsenal FC was founded in 1886. Wenger became manager in 1996. Therefore the club was around for 110 years before Wenger, so how do you substantiate your argument that “…he built this club?”

              Arsenal’s legendary back-four was put into place by Wenger’s predecessor George Graham, who won 2 League Titles and 1 FA Cup in 9 years, as well as winning a European Trophy. Given he achieved that in less than half the amount of time Wenger has been in charge, it is a valid argument to say that Graham was more successful in terms of both winning the domestic league, and in European football.

              You could argue that Wenger had a big part in the financial management of building the Emirates Stadium, but to suggest that “…he built this club” is plain stupid.

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              1. JembutArsene

                Wenger is credited with maintaining Arsenal’s top-four status throughout the years of financial constraint which accompanied their move from Highbury to the Emirates. Wenger has guided Arsenal to three Premier League titles and six FA Cups, but Arsenal have not won a league title since the unbeaten 2003-04 campaign. Arsenal have finished in the top four in each of the past 20 seasons and always qualified after group stages. He built the club from nothing to now they have a lot. Arsene Wenger is unique and not many Manager uses his style. He is one Manager unlike other splash on Money and need more to built the Club. Although return of Trophy is not as good as Ferguson but he rn the Club to be Elite at very minimal cost and groom player and Hell make tons for the Club. I doubt there is any Manager make as much money return from player than him. Still he manages to keep the Club at top 4 position day in day out although this season more challenges as other is splashing cash on player.
                So unless you have the same believe as him and love the Club so much, trust me many Manager will come and go until you can see one fit but I doubt you can find one similar to him. When Wenger came on board, MU had just pipped Arsenal to take over as second most successful club in terms of total English titles– most of Arsenal’s league titles were actually pre-war, 5 in total and 2 fa cups. 1931, 1933, 1934, 1935 and 1938 with fa cups in 1930 and 1936. This was the period when the club was fondly referred to as the Bank of England due to the massive funding they enjoyed compared the rest of the league. Post war the club won nothing at all between 1953 and 1971. The double in 1971 and fa cup in 1979 were the only success of the 70s. So in terms of trophies and infracstructure it is not out of place to say Wenger rebuilt the club.

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                1. Yossarian

                  Arsenal won the league in the ’88-’89 and ’90-’91 seasons, which was 5 years before Wenger took over. If he had quit 10 years ago, then you could argue that he had taken the club forward during that period. However now that we’ve failed to win the league for the subsequent 10+ years it’s fair to say that overall we have gone backwards under his tenure regarding league victories.

                  You also state that “When Wenger came on board MU had just pipped Arsenal to take over as second most successful club in terms of total English titles” We are now still well behind Liverpool and much further behind Man U, so how is that progress compared to having “Just being pipped” when he took over? That doesn’t make any sense.

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                  1. JembutArsene

                    You may wish to scrutinize Le Prof’s starts, but The notion that every judgement can be made immediately, which dominates football, is the most dangerous judgement of all, there is some absolute measure of success or failure. What I am trying to say is that is that is the opposite, my view is that expectations of immediate success in football are foolish. They might happen but doing things like buying new players or bringing in a new manager are not very likely to have an immediate impact.

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                    1. Yossarian

                      Whilst I agree that individual players cannot and should be judged immediately, the evaluation of Wenger is the least immediate you could possibly imagine.

                      He’s been in charge for over 20 years, and is the only manager in the league who’s got a team that is entirely of his own doing.

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              2. Midkemma

                Yet the invincible defense was built by Wenger.

                You talk about GG, I supported us through that period as well, GG wasn’t restricted like Wenger was.

                Easy to spew facts that the mass will like but then again, it was easy to say the world was flat when that was the mass opinion.

                Wenger didn’t build AFC but he did have a large hand in how we evolved as a club, gained more consistency as a club to finish in the top… and if you count the years prior to stadium move for trophies then Wenger trumps GG…. Oh and GG got sacked after dodgy transfers which Wenger hasn’t been caught for yet.

                Everyone has good and bad, GG wasn’t perfect and neither is Wenger, do not bring up other managers if you are not willing to accept that those other managers have bad stuff as well… kinda shooting yourself in the foot otherwise.

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    3. Taxi4Wenger

      Pi$$ off you bloody arsene cheerleader boy. Take your skirt off.

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  1. SAMF

    I was prepared mentally to loose against ManUtd big time (remember the 8-2) … Wenger and his crew fans need humiliation …
    Wenger out …

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    1. JembutArsene

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      1. SAMF

        And you call yourself a fan after our great leader arsene deliver us the satisfaction last night?
        After all these years waiting for a big trophy, yes I am not satisfied by one win …

        What more do you want?
        PL trophy, can your Godfather do it again ? …

        Losing that you want? Really?
        Yes, because Wenger and fans like you get an immediate satisfaction by just one or two wins

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        1. JembutArsene

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  2. Thierryzil

    Admin you’re right.

    I hushed down a fan yesterday who said “with this kind of form we are in, we will beat Chelsea in the FA cup final”. I am like are you for real? What form are we talking of here?

    I still remember the thrashings we took at the hands of teams like W. Brom and C. Palace. Guys, enough is enough. We can’t go through this kind of heartbreaks next year again.

    Funny enough, I see Liverpool struggling at West Ham. But I doubt if I want Arsenal to get into the top 4 this year. Cos in reality we don’t deserve it. And more importantly, doing so will make Mr. Arsene tell everyone ” we can do better next season” and get another chance.

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    1. JembutArsene

      You don’t like Wenger and you think things will only improve after he’s gone. I understand that but don’t make him out to be some kind of evil mastermind who’s put the whole footballing world under a mysterious spell.

      We have an owner who is supposed to be committed to arsenal football club. If, as you argue, it’s only wenger holding the club back, kroenke should know this and fire him.

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  3. Invincibles49

    Agreed. This is the same old story. We always turn up with our performances in the last 5-7 games of the season when the title pressure is of, there is a sudden spring in the steps and we start playing with grit and determination. This shows the fragile mentality in the dressing room all season long till the time there is pressure of title. And the thing about mentality is, it does not improve from signing 100 mil players. It comes from the Managers and they are the ones who have to set the tone of the expectations from the players. The great win yesterday does not change this. We will still be mentally inept for the 2/3rds of the next season just to turn up in the last to salvage the top 4.

    So all the amnesic fans, do not let go of the Wenger Out demands! He has to go!

    Opinions divided. What do you think? Thumb up 16 Thumb down 5

    1. JembutArsene

      I think after this great win, it should be the best time for arsene to annouce he’s staying.

      I don’t believe Wenger has lost the dressing room after great result last night, alluding to the idea this unrest comes from players not knowing what Wenger will do next.


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      1. ArseOverTit

        He is not a professor. Go look up his qualifications.

        Would have bought you would no more about him seeing as you seem to be his No1 Fan.

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        1. JembutArsene

          Time and time again Wenger has proved himself to be an artful of beautiful game. We serious fans can all see it, but alas it seems to bypass you. The problem is there is little we can do, as has been proved over the years.

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            1. JembutArsene

              Maybe it’s time you took the blinkers off or do the real supports of Arsenal a favour and chose another club to support.

              Stop being a pedantic, argumentative f0ol and wake up and smell the coffee.

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              1. ArseOverTit

                You just described yourself and you don’t even know it.

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                1. JembutArsene

                  The team is getting some confidence back and playing with more freedom. The whole team put in a good shift last night.
                  A good performance and a game where by the end the fanbase was entirely behind the team. Great win by the team, well done. Let keep this up. Why can’t you be happy?

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          1. JamOnArsene'sBut

            I didn’t see Wenger’s true art till the two Bayern games this season.

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            1. JembutArsene

              Why your imitate slighty more the same to my poster name?

              I look at carefully and your avatar picture is more likely the same as the poster named Janssen?

              Is that you vincent janssen, the true definition of a false 9?

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  4. JembutArsene

    Thanks Arsene Wenger for beating that nasty little fellow from Portugal.
    We now know the real Specialist in Failure.

    Now it lifts up the positivity again and our great leader arsene finally unites as again as fans.


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      1. JembutArsene

        Talking about tough conversation.
        Where is your so called big protests? good luck with that kiddo, just dont want to hear you cry next year when our arsene is still here yes? You go home as failures, then seek medical attention yourself after that.


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        1. JembutArsene

          By your smug saying, do you mean Arsene’s like some sort of Kim Jong Weng?

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  5. Arsenal Supporter

    How about a little more respect for each other and a little less abusive bile. We are all Arsenal supporters and yes some want him to stay and others, myself included, want him to leave. But, I want him to leave with gracious thanks and not callous abuse. As for spitting on someone just because they have an opposite view, that’s disgusting and you should be ashamed. Peace and Love.

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  6. Planner

    I still can’t understand why Ramsey became the man of the match – is it to miss three clear chances to score, keeps given poor passes, and no assist in the match to warrant MOTM? Never for me. The football of today is a mess. Pundits and commentators are losing it. If you are popular they will give it to you. OX is MOTM for me. Most annoying thing I heard is Arsenal is interested in the most overrated player in England – Zaha. Why is this club cursed like this? Poor scouting, poor medical team, and poor mentality.

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  7. jakseth

    that good win against Manu changes nothing. Wenger must go. I love this guy but he does not get his team to play with consistence one full season for the last 10 years. Arsenal always crumble in november and february. we could make science out of it. facts.

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  8. ManMulo

    My worry is are we gonna see any thing different next season if Arsene stays, and what happens when we loses three games in a row again next season, the fans get on his back again….

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    1. JembutArsene

      2 more years, Stan K is silent, so blame him for not firing wenger.

      In the meantime, support our team.


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  9. ManMulo

    And the Scary thing is Spurs are Building their stadium and so far are able to hold on to there best players….

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  10. ManMulo

    I do agree with you about Stan but thought and lack of ambition from him and our board as well , but the 40 million plus 1pound i put that on wenger and his peny pinching ways, that still has me pissed.

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    1. Midkemma

      Have you not read what Ian Wright has said?

      “I’m hearing things like he was the one [who messed up] with Suarez. He was the one – with Ozil – who missed the plane. This is somebody who is trying to bring in recruitment to make the club better. That’s the incompetence we’re dealing with.”

      That is regarding Dick Law, not Wenger.

      Will you acknowledge that you do not KNOW that it was Wenger who put that bid in and it very well could have been someone other than Wenger and that someone is a joke of an employee and needs to be replaced with quality ASAP?

      Or you gonna ignore everything and blame Wenger, keep bleating like sheep?

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  11. Vlad

    Ah, you can always count on Konstantin to show up and rain on everybody’s parade. First of all, it wasn’t a “weakened” Utd side. Rooney, Mata, Herrera, Mkhitaryan, Martial with Pogba, and Rashford on the bench is not a weak side by any means. And secondly, why not just enjoy a win, and forget about everything else for a moment? We still have 4 games to play. We’re still in the hunt for 4th place. We’re still in the FA Cup final which we have yet to play. So there are still some positives, which we should concentrate on.

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