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A great day for Arsenal as Chelsea and United lose

Arsenal 5 – 2 Tottenham. Yes, it’s happened again! by KJ

What a brilliant day of football. A convincing win over North London rivals as well as a few other results going our way.
The game started off extremely sloppy from the Arsenal players. The passing wasn’t crisp and hence, we were unable to really maintain any meaningful possession. Tottenham were able to pile on the pressure and as we all know, when teams do that, it usually ends up in a goal.

Defoe was able to get a shot away after losing Mertesacker (it was really unusual from the German who made quite a massive mistake leading up to the goal). It was palmed away by Szczesny but only into the path of Adebayor who dispatched it into the back of the net. 0-1.

As Adebayor became Tottenham’s saviour, he quickly turned into their villain as a rash challenge got him sent off in the 17th minute.

Once Tottenham were down to 10 men, Arsenal were finally able to actually get some possession in key areas. This resulted in a nice dinked cross by Walcott that was headed towards goal powerfully by Mertesacker beating Lloris with ease. 1-1.

Soon enough, Arsenal were able to double their goal tally with a scruffy shot by Podolski that trickled into the back of the net. Not a single fan will complain about that. 2-1.

Just before the half time whistle went, Giroud managed to add a third from a brilliant run and cross by our Spanish maestro, Santi Cazorla. 3-1

After the half time, AVB decided to change Tottenham to 3 at the back with 2 strikers up top. It was a clever tactic and really changed the dynamic of the game as they crowded out the midfield.

Fortunately, because of this tactic, there was a lot of space on the wings. Podolski managed to get a whipped cross into the box that was met by a well taken shot by Cazorla beating Lloris. 4-1

We were very comfortable and that actually caused us to lose concentration that let in a Tottenham goal. Bale was given acres of space around the box and took his goal really well across the face of goal with his weaker foot. 4-2.
An Arsenal game at the moment wouldn’t be the same without a Walcott goal and he managed to get one at the death. Chamberlain was his usual self, dodging and weaving past the Tottenham defence before crossing to Theo (who took the central position when Giroud was substituted off). Theo scored with a striker’s goal. It was well taken under quite a bit of pressure and lack of space.

It was an exhilarating game that hopefully will give the confidence back to the players. We are now 9 points off the top and if we can somehow cut the deficit to 4-5 points by Christmas, we have a real chance of the title!

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29 thoughts on “A great day for Arsenal as Chelsea and United lose

  1. jk

    Consistency is our problem lets hope we put a run together and close the gap before january tranfer window and invest for a title push!

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  2. green gunner

    After we bet spuds 5-2 last year, we went on a 6 game winning run. I’d take that again.

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  3. Gunner4Lyf

    Love Wilshere’s fire and passion in the arsenal shirt. He is going to be a true club legend. Keep the faith gooners, we can be the best you just got to believe.

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  4. dein

    we are only 5 pts behind chelsea and they still have to face city ,everton fulham and westham…..we can surpaas them.
    but in january we must buy garrido,he is an amazing leftback,it is the first time i have seen valencia in this shakey and bad performance because of this man…….we can get him for around 6 to 7 millions….we can also buy zaha…i dream in mvila but wenger wont buy another midfielder

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  5. dein

    wenger must rest cazorla ,podolski and walcott in the midweak….and keep them fresh for saturday against villa ,we must win this game since as chelsea takes on city.
    XI agaisnt monpellier:

    jenkinsen djouro koscielny vermaelen

    coqlen arteta ramsey

    chamberlain chamach arshavin

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  6. Goona

    Now we can use Theo as a forward if Giroud get tired and we know he will deliver after last night. Don’t know why Santos was brought on though? Should have had Eisfeld or Gnabry on the bench to show them the atmosphere of a North London Derby

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  7. Joe

    I think we need to sort our defence out and we’d be looking good. Confidence seems to be an issue at the mo. they seem to take it in turns to have shaky games. I don’t doubt their ability, just they’re confidence. We clearly need cover for Gibbs in case of injury also. It’s unfair to criticise Verm out of position. All I want for Christmas is a left back and Theo Walcott!

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  8. vp

    Who seriously thinks we’ll buy in Jan if we go on a good run-forget about it! and if we don’t go a run then we’ll be out the race by Jan and then it’ll be too late. We are not going to compete for title either way. Wasn’t convinced by yesterday’s performance and for us to have any chance of even challenging for Prem, we need to keep the pressure on the board to buy in JAN. We would probably have lost yesterday if it was 11 vs 11- so lets not fail to acknowledge the fact we need to improve and this result should not change anything. Those who can’t accept this are deluded and are the main reason why we continue to under perform. Its got to the point were i now blame these fans more then the manager and then the board-WAKE UP PEOPLE, WE STILL WANT OUR ARSENAL BACK!!

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  9. craig2500

    Its no good unless we win the next three games 2 of which against Everton and the mighty West Brom. The top three clubs play each other during these three games and would be our only chance to catch the leaders. 9 Points behind, the next 9 points urgently needed.

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  10. Brian

    I like all our optimisim guys but we need to start defending better to have any chance.We can score goals but id like a real DM signed in jan!!Arteta has done well but he isnt a REAL DM!!

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  11. Twig

    Mertasacker was at fault for both goals, but he made up for it by a beautiful header.

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    hoping other teams might lose so we can keep up, is so cheap (like our board of directors).. where’s our pride gone??

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  13. arsen dini

    We will win nothing this year if we don’t invest in our squad in the january transfer window. It is obvious that we beat spurs because they were down to 10men. Arsenal has the most loyal fans and that explains why we are taken for granted by the board of this great club. It is difficult to become a great club like ours but I hope we do not end up like Ajax which was once a top club in europe but fell as a result of selling off their talented players to the highest bidders.

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  14. lmyyyks

    Bob’s forgotten that there’s still Man City. BTW, to close the gap we must first not lose any point.

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  15. sperez

    Deluded!!! We have to pray for those teams- ManU & Chelsea- to beat the likes of West Brom who is above us on the table. And for the likes of Norwich, we have to hope they don’t catch us. This is not optimism, you are living in denial.

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  16. sperez

    Now Walcott is in good form Wenger will sell him for the highest bidder. This fits in well with Wenger’s policy of weakening our team.

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  17. Adebisi Ayo

    Am not carried away by the victory against Spurs.Gunners in London must put Wenger & d board under intense & sustained pressure untill they give us quality signings.

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  18. ERG

    The win was great yesterday even better was being there but if im being honest if tottenham had not gone down to 10 men i could easily off seen us loosing that game!
    They were dangerous with 10 men still and looked the better team with 11.
    Its difficult to a certain extent to point out eaxactly what areas off our team need improving but we just need a little more quality in certain positions like the keeper or center half.

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  19. daniel


    sagna mertesacker koscielny vermealen

    arteta wilshere


    walcott podolski


    Potential Subs:

    Ox for podolski
    Ox for walcott
    Arshavin for Cazorla
    Arshavin for podolski (rotate carzorla to LW and arshavin in CAM)
    Arshavin for podolski
    Gnabry for podolski or walcott
    Coquelin for Arteta/Wilshere
    Chamakh for giroud (controversial, haha, only if we are winning, he needs to find his form again and won’t until he can play again)

    i also suggest a change in formation once in a while, cazorla can play as winger so either podolski or walcott can go striker (arteta and wilshere can distribute good balls too so lack of provider isn’t a problem


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  20. ERG

    @Jk Title push really!!!!!!!
    we would need a 100 million investment in january for that to happen and letting 6 players go off the wage bill.
    Dont get caried away with us beating a Tottenham team who played for 75 minutes a man down against us if il stress again had they kept 11 i think avery different outcome would of happend.

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  21. jk

    If we buy a world class striker and defensive midfielder then i believe we could push united and city

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  22. ERG

    I see your optimism
    If we bought lets say falcao and mascherano in midfield maybe we could have a chance off going on a runs during the season where we win 10 out of 11 games.
    But thats never gona happen we would only recruit b list or young talent in january and the current side isnt as good as the manchester clubs or chelsea for that matter.
    How many off our players lets be honest would get in the top 3s teams!!????
    CAZORLA, SAGNA, WILSHERE at his best maybe.
    the other squad memebrs are no better then what the top 3 sides already have.
    Dream we can be but i certainly am not turning up at the emirates thinking we’r title contenders top 4 contenders yes.
    Im hoping for a good cup run realisticlly.

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  23. AidanGooner

    Pretty sure Utd & Chelsea aren’t who we will be competing with come the end of the season, we are going for 4th along with the likes of Everton, Liverpool and Tottenham- well behind Utd, City & Chelsea.

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