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Abou Diaby NOT leaving Arsenal!

Just as I wrote yesterday evening, the fact that Abou Diaby was on the list of Arsenal’s released players yesterday it does not mean that he will be leaving the club. This has now been confirmed by a journalist working for L’Equipe.

The correspondent Bruno Constant has announced that the midfielder is still talking to Arsenal about a potential new deal to stay.

He tweeted: #Diaby hasn’t been released by #Arsenal. Out of contract. But verbal agreement with the club. Talks ongoing for a new contract.

He goes on to say that the parties are still thrashing out a pay-per-play deal and he is very likely to sign a new contract, although WHEN he will be fit enough to play is not clear…..

On the other hand, The Mail is reporting that Diaby is still allowed to use the Arsenal training facilities to prove his fitness, but they think it is only to be while he looks for another club to take him.

I honestly cannot see ANY other club willing to give him a contract unless it would be the same as proposed by Wenger i.e. Pay-as-you-play – so it would only make sense for him to sign for Arsenal, as Wenger has been extremely loyal to him ever since he got his first injury, which Wenger described as: “He was the victim of an assassin’s tackle that went unpunished.”

Should Arsenal give Diaby even more time to prove his fitness or give up completely?

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17 thoughts on “Abou Diaby NOT leaving Arsenal!

  1. onelove

    It will be very sad to see him leavi hope he stays on pay as you play contract shame what a wasted talent. Dan smith where ever you are i hope you are proud of yourself.

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    1. seancali

      Very sad and have to say very unlucky guy. Once I thought of him as the next Patrick viera!!and must say wen he was fit and played he was outstanding. Even called up for the national team.he was once a powerful midfielder and made lots of the fans believe that the next Patrick is on the way

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  2. infumous25

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  3. ButtFlaps

    Even if he become fitness again he has not technicals progression when he would learn PLAYING!!! He lost the chances with assassin tackles, so sorry.

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    1. olly ray

      In fact your English proficiency says it all…you must be kidding!

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  4. SoOpa AeoN






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  5. fred cowardly

    I’m not too concerned. I would only be concerned if Diaby got a contract not based on him playing like he had the past 9 years. Paying to be injured is ridiculous.

    So if he is injured, he won’t be paid. If he plays and performs well then it’s fine. If he is released or gets offer from another club, I wish him all the best. He seems like a nice guy and feel sorry that he hasn’t had a great playing career even though he has been well paid lol

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  6. fred cowardly

    I’d just like to add that Wenger must not use this as an excuse not to get a top DM. Diaby will probably continue to be injured. Even if he isn’t he may be rusty and may not come baco to full form.

    Flamini and Arteta are past it and can play the odd game and minutes but not several matches in a row like they used to.
    Wilshere isn’t great defensively
    Chambers and Bielik are inexperienced as DM. Bielik has actually only played a handful of first team matches.

    So please get Kondogbia, Schneiderlin, Krychowiak, Schweinsteiger, Carvalho, Gustavo, Bender or Guilavogui

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      1. Budd

        Neither is Cazorla but that didn’t stopped him to play deep like a beast.

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  7. fred cowardly

    RIP Sir Christopher Lee
    You were great as Dracula, Count Dooku (Darth Tyrannus), Sauraman, Scaramanga etc.

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  8. Twig

    Even if he’s fit, whose place will he take anyway? Cazorla, Coquelin, Ozil and Ramsey are all ahead of him.

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    1. fred cowardly

      That’s true. Maybe better to just let him go. He is surplus to our requirements. So is Flamini

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      1. fred cowardly

        Actually now it seems Diaby is just using training facilities this summer to improve his fitness in search for new club.

        Whatever the truth is, we will find out sooner or later.

        I hope he goes easy on the training facilities because he is so injury prone that he could pull something on the treadmill or pull a muscle lifting weights lol.

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        1. Mems

          seriously the guy must be devastated – and you ‘lol’ ffs mate get real

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