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AC Milan can forget about buying Laurent Koscielny

The latest Arsenal rumours are saying that the Italian giants AC Milan are going to try and convince Arsene Wenger to sell Laurent Koscielny. We all know that Wenger has stated he needs to cut some of the players out of our ‘heavy’ squad, but our captain is definitely not one of them!

Wenger plucked Koscielny from the obscurity of Lorient 7 years ago, and the Frenchman feels indebted to Le Prof for making his career, and has pledged his loyalty to Wenger many times. The Boss obviously feels the same as he gave Laurent a new 3-year contract at the beginning of this year, and Koscielny was so happy he tweeted…..

A month later, when the uncertainty surrounding Wenger’s future was affecting the team, Koscielny spoke out very highly about his thoughts on the matter. He said: “I would wish that he (Wenger) will prolong it [his deal],”

“It has been seven years that I have been under his command, and I am very respected by him.

“It is him who gave me that chance to come here. He helped me grow as a player and as a man. I owe him a lot for my career.”

There is a lot of mutual respect in there, and there is no way that Kos is going to leave while Wenger still wants him here. Not only that… he is our best defender!

Koscielny is not going anywhere I assure you….


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19 thoughts on “AC Milan can forget about buying Laurent Koscielny

  1. Re-source

    Arsenal had bid weeks ago and it was rejected. They have since bid higher and had it accepted. Fast forward a few weeks and the deal was done.
    Lacazette and Lemar announcements are imminent
    We always had interest in mahrez. Club are thinking about making a bid. That is all.
    May i also add that lacazette has finished pictures and is in london. He is not on holiday he returned on the 25th.

    1. Re-source

      Arsenal’s first bid for lemar was for 28m weeks ago that was rejected. They then bid 35m and it was accepted.

      media will pick up on it soon enough..
      news for all should be broken by arsenal officialy before tour.

  2. AOTKB

    @Re-source pause on this transfer ?

    Back on topic: Kos won’t be sold, he can compete for a few more years at top level if managed properly.

    No surprise we fell apart vs Bayern when he was off the field.

  3. TH14atl

    This Portugal v Chile game is a display of why Barcelona let Alexis go. The man is a turnover machine tonight.

    1. Kiko

      Does that a lot on a regular basis for us as well. You’ll never hear folks speak of that though. Great footballer but one of the most selfish players I’ve ever seen play for Arsenal.

      1. TH14atl

        Yep. He gets a longer rope with us because he’s got more quality than just about all of his teammates on the field with him, and can make a moment a magic for us that most others cannot. At Barca each player was at his level or above it, so there was no tolerance for how often he gave the ball away.

      2. Break-on-through

        Most creative player last season. And of the top league scorers he created most chances and also got most assists. The man simply puts more into games than any of the others, which equals more of everything. It’s called commitment.

    1. Kiko

      The way Milan are this transfer window have me looking forward to seeing them against Juve this coming season.

  4. Jamaican_gooner

    Ornstein just tweeted that ” we’ve had a bid rejected for lemar and it doesn’t seem likely a deal will work out”.
    Also we had one for lacazette that was rejected but negotiations are still ongoing and a deal looks much promising than lemar.

  5. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f###

    Ornstein just tweeted

    Lemar noooooooooooo
    I’m grieving already
    He was gonna take santis place an be amazing and everyone was gonna love him an throw confetti an women getting breasts out an.squirting milk in my eye

    1. Re-source

      ALL FALSE. Deals have been completed #LACALEMAR.
      Ill be revealing my source once the deals are concluded.

  6. capua

    Plus @ re-source how sure with ur source and how true cause hope u are not one those people mocking arsenal fans with wrong info’s so pls b double sure

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