Adam Kemp – An UNACCEPTABLE result from Arsenal – Wenger Out!

Enough is Enough! Wenger Out Now! by Adam kemp

Here we are and yet another pathetic and humiliating performance all round! How dare I start to criticise the great man that is Arsene Wenger! I mean he has only built a team this season capable of winning the league at the very least. I think the team is so complete that Van Persie must be having severe regrets about leaving. Oh if Carlsberg did Arsenal? C’mon guys wake the hell up and see the light. Wenger has to go! Sack this miserable mirage of what used to resemble the legend that was. This man is a joke and deserves to put out of his misery like an aged race horse! After my last article I read some very uneducated comments that still blindly had references towards to the past. Stop living in the past and move on to the present and consider the future.

Today was yet again a massive opportunity to play against one of the mid table sides at home and deliver a knock your socks off performance. I look at the Arsenal team and you think we have some individuals that do have quality but others that would struggle to make the first team of Reading! I urge you to think about the philosophy that has been embedded into the club in terms of playing style. Arsenal is associated with having technically astute powerful players whom retain possession for fun, breath-taking movement that is comparable to a ballet production and cavalier clinical finishing that states we will score one more than you! I urge you to look at every match we have played this year and I can only say we have done this once or twice this season. We do not have the players to play the Arsenal way as the results will illustrate.

FIVE WINS IN FIFTEEN GAMES IS UNACCEPTABLE! It is an utter disgrace and is utterly disappointing that a club of Arsenal’s reputation continues in this fashion. Arsenal’s results bares a close relationship to a team attempting to consolidate a mid-table finish. Do you think these results are acceptable? If you think that this acceptable then you are blind. At least a couple of seasons ago we were more competitive and although no trophies were won the football was entertaining. Today you have circa 60,000 fans paying premium prices to watch an Arsenal team that had no authority against inferior opposition. I feel like a broken record reiterating that there is a lack of creativity, movement and finishing in the final third! You have to start to ask the question, WHY? It’s okay guys we have lots and lots of money invested in the markets as opposed to its primary assets.

FIVE MATCHES IN FIFTEEN GAMES THAT ARSENAL HAS FAILED TO SCORE! You cannot be serious! Arsenal has failed to score in 33% of their Premier League matches. At least (in the past) if we would have lost the other team would have had to score at least three goals as you were almost guaranteed that we would score. Now this team struggles to score and it is no secret that not effectively replacing Van Persie is the key reason for this. Giroud is an okay player but is not one of the best strikers on the planet. Manchester United has four or five top strikers and we do not have a single one! This team is a depiction of the stubbornness and consistency that Wenger has demonstrated this season! They are consistently average and none deserve to wear the shirt. We do not have one single complete footballer in the team and some of the better ones are not world class.

We have some international class footballers earning well in excess of their true value. Arsenal should have given Van Persie £250K per week as he would have guaranteed Arsenal Champions League football. The modest sum that he commanded would have yielded Arsenal far more in revenue to qualify for the competition. If we fail to qualify this season then letting him go was a massive management cock up! Even if he refused to sign the extension we should have made him play the remainder of this contract as his modest £23Million fee would have been made up from qualifying for the Champion’s League. Wenger’s fiscal policy is one that the Greek’s would be ashamed of. For a man with a degree in economics he sure doesn’t know where the value lies.

Unhappy fans also mean reduced revenue over the longer term on a commercial basis. This club is run so inefficiently as all boardroom and managerial job roles seem to merge. The job of the manager is to identify the players to deliver the expected objectives of the board and fans on the pitch. Without fans the club would cease to operate and therefore we have a say in how the club in run! The fans are the most important aspect of the club and yet the board and Wenger stick their head in sand and ignore us! Wenger has too much influence and control over areas he has no damn right to be involved in. He should utilise his full transfer and wage budget to the best of his ability with the importance placed on winning trophies. Arsenal is capable of winning silverware as they have more support to do so than when they were at Highbury.

I am actually considering organising a protest outside the Emirates at one of our next home games. If anyone feels as strongly as I do then please feel free to comment and if I have enough response we can discuss ways to structure this. I hope we can as fans come together and fight for change in order to progress the club back to where it belongs! I would happily take over the job from Wenger as I would certainly use the clubs resources to bring in the right players to win the league! I am that confident that even a monkey could do better than the inferior impotent Wenger!


by Adam Kemp

The views expressed in the contents above are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of If anyone disagrees and wishes to put their own points across please feel free to send us an article for consideration.

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266 thoughts on “Adam Kemp – An UNACCEPTABLE result from Arsenal – Wenger Out!

  1. indonesian gooners

    we are poor of confident, i never see a fighting spirit from our team, no passion, and a lot of miss understanding..
    sad to saw our beloved club playing football last night, it’s a disastrous for us if we still like this..
    I think, the most important now is ,we need a REAL CDM to break opponent when they attack us,, and we must pressing them every they control the ball..
    I’d love to see reading match against manure last night, or west ham when they beat chelski..

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  2. Braven

    The worst Arsenal team ever!!!! If Abramovich was the owner Wenger will be fired twice!!!!

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  3. Nash Yusoff

    stop playing to keep hold the possession, it’s time for us to play counter attacking football but make sure our defence must be strong enough.. we just don’t have the quality to break the stubborn defence.. if you guys still remember the invincible, many of our goals come from counter attack, so, LET’S PLAY LIKE THE INVINCIBLE DID THEN!!!! if you guys still remember the game at liverpool where podolski and cazorla score, that’s how we should play but!! there must be a strong midfielder such as Diaby on the midfield..

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  4. SEGOM

    Arsenal is now an academy for teams like Barcelona, ManCity, ManUTD etc it is breeding ground for players that are later sold Wenger also buys and when the price goes up he sells let him become a club president and start all over again with a new manager and build a new team. these players have left because the club can not pay them part of the money they earn for the club (business empire) the board is busy sharing profits.I thought the bigger stadium would bring in more money and make the team stronger but even chelsea won the champions league before us yet we were more consistent. the team lacks ambition we are contented with fourth place and second round of CL.this is not good at all. Sign the right players and pay them well results will come ofcource with a new manager. players lost include song, RVP, Nasri, Clichy, Fabregas,Hleb, kolo toure, etc

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  5. John

    Right, I am a frustrated arsenal fan as well as a lot of people. I know we are 10th and i know we have only won 5 games. Going on today three games in one week, two aways games one home. Aston villa yer there not the best but we drew which was bad but we where away. Everton are amazing this season you cant question that and we got a draw where man united lost! Now today just lacked everything which happends to loads of teams and this will wake up the players. Wenger does and doesnt need to go. he needs to go if he cant make top 4 as thats his season objective and most jobs you lose if you dont do the work am i right? Now i remember reading that we are TWO years away from clearing all debts. WE ARE STILL PAYING FOR THE STADIUM PEOPLE!!! for example you are in debt, you cant just go out and buy a car unless your stupid and careless about your well being. sorry about spelling but Hunntaler would be an amazing addition to our squad just what we need and he wants to come to us. get a midfield player and a defender and we will be ok. 5 points can be made up in two games being honest. Now there is one thing i want to say if your at the arsenal PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME SING UP AND GET BEHIND YOUR TEAM NOT SIT ON YOUR HANDS AND SHOUT AT THE PLAYERS!! getting behind the team is as important as the players playing well!! Sorry had to get that out there. Lets be positive and get behind the team we love!! thanks for reading

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  6. Ray

    Well said…… Am a fan of wenger. Well d truth is i dnt believe in dat crap of wenger not been given anough money, i tink wenger is well respected by d board an ιƒ he demand for money to buy players he will вє given. And wenger has never said there is ησ money to spend, he always said he has money to spend (ιƒ he sees d right player) вυт in the end ωε end up sellin our best player and makin more money. I believe some of us just dnt want to accept dat wenger has failed us. I hav been watchin arsenal fσr d past 7yrs now and ωε hav nt won anytin yet some fans choose to use board nt given money to wenger as an xcuse. In dis past 7yrs i hav seen porthsmouth won fa cup, birmeham won callin cup with a very low budget. Yet ωε keep havin some useles excuse. Wenger has failed arsenal вυт ωε dnt want to accept all bcos he has won us trophy in d past, perhap ωε didn’t win any trophy b4 wenger came. every romance must hav an end, Its time fσr a change, there is ησ ambitius team dat will not sack a manager dat has won nothin fσr 7yrs, unless u consider yearly net profit as a trophy. U canot individualy compare our players wit swansea player ωε ar beter dan dem by far вυт yet tacticaly they are superio. They pass d game simply and collectively the way arsenal use to, вυт arsenal on d other hand look like ωε hav not εvεn been trainin at all, ωε look like a team ωhεrε bunch of players are garthered and told just pass the ball aroun and try to scored goals. Anough said.

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  7. arsenal4ever

    arsene must go. i love this guy he completely change a boring team to one that everone dream to play for and for sometime we were compare to barcelona, but that was four years ago.
    i agree that ferguson has been at manure for 20yrs+ but each and every year they were fighting till the last day for a piece of metal. we stop fighting by the turn of new year for several yrs now and this is unaceptable for a team believed to be a grand of europe. what ever the reasons for this downfall a big shake up is required and first on the line must be the manager and the policy regarding the management.

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  8. roth

    Yea I expected that loss and one coming against west brom too,I support Arsenal fc not Arsene fc cuz Arsene fc will be relegated at the end of the season.

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  9. Malik

    i miss RVP, can’t believe i swore at that sweet man, he didn’t have a choice but to leave arsenal. hope united win the title, RVP deserves it

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  10. Niyi

    Ansene Wenger has never talked about wining the league but to be at the top four.What kind of manager is this.
    Sincerely,he doesnt know what he’s doing hence fans need to carry placards and show their displeasure of the way the team is being managed.

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  11. Goonertron

    We have the players just not the tactics, Playing a crossing game with Gervinho unfront made me angry, it’s just so obvious the tactics to use, he’s lost it, simple.

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  12. ah

    Its a pity the tides are changing we are not guaranteed a trophy again this season, a fourth placed trophy I mean

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  13. mo

    Has anyone seen Wengers body language when he is addressing in a AGM meeting or facing the media with the board around? he’s a puppet he has to prove to his employers that he can deliver results without spending. which is clearly not working. So Mr. Wenger you have failed plain and simple and the sooner you realize the better it is going to be for the club.

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  14. Arsenal 007

    Arsenal has a bunch of hypocrites in the management. We sell our decent players to the tune of £35m. But when it’s time to buy, we start mentioning “Financial Fair Play”. I can’t believe that we won’t cuff up £20m for a world class player.
    Finally, AFC can’t keep doingthe same thing over and over, while expecting different results. That’s lunacy.
    I say boycott home games till end of December and we’ll see some changes in management.

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  15. Pierrot

    Funny how some people assuming our attacking problems are due to Cazorla and Podolski not having confidence in Giroud. Would they be confident about Gervinho as the main striker yesterday after he kept running around like a headless chicken? Podolski even tried moving to the CF position for a while but was equally poor. Instead of playing someone else in, Cazorla chose to keep shooting from long range when it’s obvious he is not an accurate shooter (just like Ramsey). And Walcott did not do anything to show that he could lead our attack.

    I think our main problem is down to tactics, training and mentality. We are playing more like individuals rather than as a team. There is no clear plan when we attack – the reason why we keep passing backwards and sideways is because the players are not sure of the best way to go forth and attack. Even when no one is pressing us, we just play one-twos with each other in our half. It’s like everyone’s waiting for someone to start the move up front and by the time it happens, we have lost the momentum. That’s why our play nowadays has no speed and invention, something that was also the case last season when we were lost for attacking ideas when RVP didn’t turn up at games. These problems can only be addressed on the training ground and I don’t think that Wenger has been able to do that, nor is he still able to for the future.

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  16. crymed shatter

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has admitted that he may consider his future at the end of the season after his misfiring team slumped to another defeat and he had to endure a torrent of abuse from fans.

    [Source : Daily Mail]


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  17. jhbgunner

    I always hear this Wenger out stuff and I would agree if anyone could tell me for whom Wenger should be replaced. Do you think pep could do a job with the current crop of players Compared to what he had at Barcelona? Do you think di mateo could do it in comparison to the price of the squad that he did it with at chelsea? IMO the only other manager in the world that would be capable on the cost of the team assembled at arsenal would be David Moyes but doesn’t seem likely that we could get him away from everton cos they know his value. My point is, sure replace wenger but make sure the replacement is top,top quality and not just an overpaid used to being spoiled for choice golden boy

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  18. mayurr

    no doubt wengers bull headed nature makes him do same mistakes again n again . but sacking him is not the right way..sply in middle of the season.

    and as far is results are concerned yes , it havent been good but, you have to consider that liegue has been tough never before like this. gone are the days of dominance only man utd can be sure of a win (much credited to the 3 top top class strikers rooney+hernaandez+van-pu**y …n not their poor midfield n defense )

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  19. Nathan

    Its all about tactics Wenger lost it…Our main problem is Wenger. You can’t play in the same formation where we have fab,van Pershit,Song,Casri…etc. All of us know that and 1 thing when we sold Song we should have buy a DM. From what i see yesterday Podolski is not good enough to play as our main ST it should be like this for me:

    Gibbs Mert Verma Jenki

    Gervi Arteta Wils Carzorla (this is his best position)



    Wenger are you blind its not working we don’t have fab passing ability,no DM to help the defence,no Van pershiT to put 30 goals for us thats why playing with Giroud n Podolski will change thing more goal,more presence ufront.

    We need someone with new ideas Wenger ou,Peps in

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  20. Xilef

    I think wengar is aging fast n he’s thinking is slowing down Alex might b older but he’s is still intact wengar has lost zeal to win n gradually turning us liverpool or even Blackburn very soon our money won’t save us again by then kronke gizidis wenger would b enjoying our money on an island its tym 4 change new board new manager better club we still av players who can get us there with a good coach now sell our scrappy players wenger has LOST IT please go b4 its to late so u get another club out there n retire there

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  21. Scott

    Yes we should march.
    We should all protest against against those impersonating Arsenal supporters,but do nothing but deathride the club.

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  22. clinton hendrickd

    I’ve being sharing the same comments as adam kemp for a while now.We definetly not going win anything this season .the only winners is our shareholders.if wenger was at any top club he would have been gone already.every year our team becomes weaker .don’t no what to say anymore. sick of the way things are going

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  23. Simon Kibera Kinywa

    wenger has run out ideas he cannot salvage the team. He is arrogant and he keeps on hailing abuses at the team’s fans.

    Players cannot be blamed because they are their best according to the skills they have unless more firepower is added.

    Gardiolla in Wenger out

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  24. Adebisi Ayo

    This is where d ‘In Wenger we trust’ crowd has brought a once great club,instead of telling this man a long time ago the home truth that he has lost touch with reality,they keep giving him false hope.Last season after d 8 – 2 drubbing by Man U,he resorted 2 panic buying of some players, and only 2 are good enough.Santos and Park Chu Young are just a waste of money.Adam Kemp is right by saying he can handle team,bcos when a so called professional coach is doing what even a layman coach wouldn’t do,then the layman would have 2 teach him his job.Things are so bad now, that these days I don’t look 4ward 2 any Arsenal match with positive expectations.Even if Arsenal win the next match by 10-0 it won’t move me,bcos that will not solve d problem.We beat Spurs 5-2 of what significance is that victory now?Buuuuuullllllsssssshhhhhhiiiiiittt.

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  25. VonMich

    Wenger has to change things, of course, but even God would’nt be able to do something with some of the players of AFC!

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  26. AFCF

    What is wrong with ARSENAL and chelsea?I think both teams have lost it.And for those who want Wenger to be sack,look at chelsea replacing RDM what happen?They are struggling now.

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  27. Shut Up

    Yes lets change managers mid season it is working out great for Chelsea! We aren’t playing well but who is out there? Pep ain’t coming to Arsenal.

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  28. Mike the max

    Well done kemp. Yet again you manage to be there to exploit people at their lowest point. What scum you have never once posted a positive piece on the club and you go quiet when ever we do well. You are just a destabilising element that is stuck in your own groove. Does it make you feel powerful to have a lot of people agree with you? For me you are a reptile feeding of the fears of others, nothing more than a parasite. For four years you have predicted the failure of this club and pointed to our impending relegation. For four years you have failed to be right. If the predictions you make ever come true it will be the longest and most phyric I told you so in existence.

    Yes I am gutted about our form this season but this team need support not caning. Something you know f***k all about.

    Arsenal till I die

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  29. Jim


    “Now i remember reading that we are TWO years away from clearing all debts”.

    Go to wikipedia and search for “Emirates Stadium”. The stadium loan is mortgage bonds and here’s what Wikipedia says: “The effective interest rate on these bonds is 5.14% and 5.97%, respectively, and are due to be paid back over a 25-year period”.

    Arsenal is not allowed to pay off the loan in advance, without incurring penalties and that fact is acknowledged by Gazidis. That’s why the club is sitting on 120M cash instead of paying the loan off.

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  30. ted

    There are a few small things which can change a team,which Arsene and the board a not seen,
    1.The need for a change of mentality-this team lack attitude and that fighting winning mentality its like willing to accept under par performances.aim higher pleas.
    2.The need for a strong on earth didnt Arsene sign Dembele look at his importance at WHL he misses agames the team goes down he is in they win,Arteta is good but that is not his natural position,he is not very strong and not very good tackeler and sometimes he shud move to assist more on attack.
    3.almost 50% of playtime is by defenders passing back and side ways they are so predictable.this is their pattern gibo passes back to verm,verm to mert to sagna to arteta next pass they lose possesson,come on put long or lift the balls up to the forwards play two strikers,we dont have very technical players to hold possesion or give that final pass.
    4.Talking about money i still think arsenal can perform well with the resources they much money does westham have compared to chelsea they played so well,look at teams like westbrom,swansea,soton,some small teams playing our brand of football better than us now with limited resources.
    5.Leadership.wenger and Steve shud do more on the tpuch line he looks so quite to pprovide much needed shouting and leadership to the team. subs should not take 79 mins to be effected.
    i am happy that we are a loosing because thats the only way change can come to emirates.crisis brings change.

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  31. Billy

    If we end up in UEFA cup we are doomed, be better finishing mid table then a massive overhaul of club, manager and boardroom end of season. WENGER OUT

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  32. Skysmith1

    Arsene if u won’t leave our team for us then just drop dead, u have caused a lot of pains and try to justify yourself with words like we have played every 4days so we are jaded, the truth is its your brain that is jaded.

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  33. emma

    wenger thinks its the DOG in the fight that matters. NOT ANY MORE MR WENGER. the FIGHT IN THE DOG MATTERS, MR WENGER. the name ARSENAL is a very BIG DOG in this FIGHT, but the fight in the DOG is deteriorating year after that we have dropped to the level of having a BATTLE OF WORDS with a mere MIDTEAM managers rather than the likes of SIR A.FERGIE. We have got to wake up and do something in 48 hours because even January will be too late to save us. the chiefs and WENGER ARSENE must pack NOW, OR NEVER will we see that DOG THAT HAS THE GREATT FIGHT IN IT. GOONER 4 EVER

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  34. because arsenal

    Stop with it Mr kemp. Give the money to Mr Wenger and start by sacking the board (F…ck Gazadis). when you read the last interview (sky sports after the sweasea game), Mr wenger wants new signings but he believes that the board give him the money to spend.
    at the end of season the same supporters who critized Wenger, will tell wenger is the best manager in the PL because with no money to spend Arsenal will finish 3rd or 4th no problem and win one cup league.

    Stop wiht Wenger – THE BOARD OUT NOW NOT THE BOSS

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  35. GunneRay

    John, When you look at the amount of fans in the stadium on a home game you quickly realise that there are fewer now than ever before!

    AFC are losing revenue from ticket sales as a result of high prices and lower performances. This make for false acconomics..

    I most certainly would rather have a full smaller stadium than an empty larger stadium which is something AFC fail to realise?!

    The effect that Arsenal’s recent barron years must be having a huge effect on global revenue also!

    while Arsenal’s fan base shrinks, Man U’s and City’s is expanding and the power is most definately shifting to the north.

    You have to admire Man U. They invest in a large staduim and an excelent squad. The fans could not be happier!!

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  36. Aman Mehta

    This man (Monsieur Wenger) has already destroyed his legacy, let us not let him destroy now the club’s. After 7 years of non-deliverance, all his explanations have become excuses as they are self deluded and lack belief. It is apparent that a manager picked-up by David Dein out of a non-existent Japanese league is clearly out of depth and has been only going south ever since his mentor left the club. At least, earlier their was this dream being sold of wining by playing barcelonesque football but he has deserted that dream himself by kind of players he has been buying or being developed at the academy… Frankly he has no legs to stand upon and no dream to weave except his own survival. Frankly with his state of mind & the self serving troika of Wenger, Hill-Wood & Gazidis at the helm of the affairs, you may even buy Messi but he will be turned into mediocrity as so many good players already who start well but go down soon…

    Please fellow gooners if you don’t want Arsenal to be in state where Liverpool is, he needs to be asked to go honourably… I own 2 club level seats for last 5 years at the Emirates and in protest I refuse to renew them till this self serving troika of Hill-Wood, Gazidis & Wenger are made to go…

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  37. Mr. J

    After this i’m going to stop coming on this website. you guys are the most ridiculous bunch of people, one minute after we win its all ‘yeah we’re amazing’, a couple of losses and its ‘get rid of wenger he hasn’t got a clue’. wenger lives and breathes arsenal and he can sort this out if people get behind him, at least give the guy til the end of the season, i think he deserves that much. and malik, you want man utd to win the league?!! i think there’s a handful of arsenal supporters on here and the rest are full of shit.

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  38. ken

    Agree Wenger out have been saying this for last 4 years he has been taking us backwards since the Invincibles.
    You cant live on past glorys

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  39. Big Gun

    How did that black scarf movement protest go yesterday? Couldn’t have happened at a better time. Where are all the AKB’s now? Still watching re-runs of the 04-05 season? What a joke. Wenger needs to be sacked asap…no room for any more lame excuses. We need a new manager with new ideas, fired up to win and change this negative and pathetic mentality of our players. Thanks Wenger for the Invincibles, much respect, but its time for you to leave with whatever dignity you have left.

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  40. STEVE.

    If “ARSENE PLONKER” is here next season,I’m off,no more paying top prices to watch 3rd rate performances,while Wenger is in charge,don’t expect any silverware,Wenger is so past his sell buy date,he’s becoming an embarrassment.

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  41. Aman Mehta

    Tactically you can see wenger is archaic from point of view of modern football. Far from being pro-active to change formation if it is not performing he is terribly slow in his reaction or reading of the game… Just one case in point (among many which one can count) being of rarely (except in injury) have I seen him changing players before 65th minute, giving away the best weapon in a manager’s hand of ‘element of surprise’ before even the game starts…
    His obstinacy in wage policy has reduced this team where a large perpetually bench sitting mediocres earn 60k a wk and the best peformng earn 75k a week capped. So much so for this lob-sided French socialism inspired salary-cap policy (BTW-Monsieur Wenger is the 3rd highest paid manager in world football after Mourinho @ Real & Ancelloti @ PSG) which is restricted only to players not the manager.
    Less said the better about his support staff – this team must be made of card board players where they spend more time laid off through injury then playing… And BTW, when they leave Arsenal they are playing more regular football than ever… Recent examples being Fabregas @ Barca & RVP @ United…
    Can go on & on about wenger but let me say a word or two about the 2 others in this self serving Trioka – Just bcoz Peter Hill-Wood’s grand-dad & dad owned some stake in Arsenal sometime doesn’t give him the hereditary right to run Arsenal & that too with the arrogance he displayed at the last press conference. Frankly he owns no shares now & is just as you & me – a fan, I believe but a paid chairman who is doing a poor job & needs to be sacked. The 3rd being Mr. Gazidis in this self serving team, from America having never run football clubs in Europe he has no understanding of the passion real football generates in the fans. All he has seen is American football going public who clap at the end of the game have their hotdogs & cokes and go home. The games there not even remotely close to the passion football games generate in Europe… With all these 3 serving each others interest, it seems a heck of a job at Arsenal to change its fortune… Never under estimate their ability to destroy this club to just enhance their interest…

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  42. Jack Parker

    The current arsenal team is by far the worst arsenal team I have seen, were 10th in the league and this is a disgrace! I hate people keep using the excuse that arsenal are in debt and that’s the reason they don’t spend money.. But aren’t Manu in debt but yet they spend big money to buy world class players, aren’t chelsea in debt yet they still manage to spend big! The only reason arsne wenger has kept his job is because he’s got top 4 every season.. What a joke! What does that do? Yeah we play in the champions league but we can’t even top the group, we’ll go and play barcalona and get thrashed! That’s not winning anything is it, where the throphies? That’s what a club should be aiming to do, that’s winning. WENGER OUT, you’ve done a good job but your time has come.. Before we keep slipping down the league and end up like liverpool!

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  43. Charlie

    @S.H. These players need to look at themselves before blaming each other. The problem is a lack of movement from attacking players. That’s the fault of everyone in the team but particularly players such as Cazorla and Podolski. Giroud wasn’t even playing yesterday, what difference did it make ? None. They are supposedly tired, someone needs to put a rocket up their a@@es and tell them to earn their money and get themselves fit. Previous Arsenal teams played as many games and didn’t cry about being tired.

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  44. Charlie

    The club hasn’t had much to spend because the stadium cost 400m quid, you can’t argue with that but is it acceptable that fans should pay the highest prices in the land to watch a bad team ? no it isn’t. So what if you get a comfy seat in a nice stadium for that, what matters is the performance of the team, otherwise you’d bu spending your day in a theater. Do we think it’s all worth it when the team scrapes qualification for the Champions League with no chance of winning it ? no we don’t. They must know that a mid-table team won’t fill the Emirates every week though so surely we’ll see some big moves in January. If we don’t that stadium could quickly become a monkey on the back and things could get much much worse.

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  45. mohamedaziz

    blablablablaa fans forget they have a deadly weapon to bring changes EMPTY THE EMIRATES let theboard alone in the stadium see how much is collected tobe shared by hungry greedy BOARD

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  46. mohamedaziz


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  47. mokat

    i look at the comments and see most people blaming either wenger or the owners. Whenever i watch the games that we lose, i see players who just dont care anymore. walcott has been playing so well recently to prove that he is worth more money/striker position. however the rest dont care so something needs to be done

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  48. bejay

    d facts remains dat. nobody is ignorant of d truth.dt wenger time is off.but my problem is daat d england fans are very foolish.for folding their hands and aalliwing dis to happen in their own very sure if it was to b in Nigeria.he wil akreaady b in exile.we are going to a baad position if we continue like hell to aall england fans.

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  49. sansabonsam

    Most people have said it……Van Persie stated it……and other players…..former and current players stated the same thing…….THE MANAGEMENT LACKS AMBITION to make Arsenal better……Wenger kept selling the cornerstone/foundation of the team each year……and making minor adjustment annually to keep the critics quiet… that minor tinkering is not working……let’s see what he does next……another sweet talk or real changes by signing really quality players……….sad….sad….the loses do not hurt any more cos i have come to expect it

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  50. NIcky

    We need a proper DEFENSIVE MID, this role is vital as it underpins our entire style or play. Wenger came and brought Viera in – that team became the unbeatables. Viera left and Gilberto came in (nothing like as good as viera but one of the best attack breakers we ever had) – that team got to the champions league final. Now we sold song, didnt get M’villa apparently because he was a hot head, though that never stopped wenger before. He calmed down Ashley Cole who was a hot head, and RVP who also used to get sent off an awful lot, and now we are stuck with injury prone diarby who may never be able to play again. We need a proper DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER

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  51. Kingbong

    Wenger is like a member of our family how you can speak about him in such context is beyond me.if he goes he goes with grace..

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  52. Tunny Bury

    Wenger should stop looking for sympathy when the Gunners lose.He should stop being so stubborn and realise that he’s loosing his touch.He’s intelligent enough to know that football is not just about ATTACK but also about DEFENCE.The biggest problem that he’s reluctant to address is to strenghtened the MIDFIELD.There is a very easy solution to this “DELETE” – [RAMSEY & ARTETA] from the MIDFIELD and get some GALVANISED STEEL into that area. The Gunners will once again become the “INVINCIBLES” reminiscent of the “VIERRA & PETIT” duo.Furthermore he should allow his assistant STEVE BOULD” , who’s a DEFENDER more input to strenghtened the DEFENSIVE aspect of the team otherwise he should be mature enough to know that he’s tenure has come to an end and gracefully set off into the SUNSET.Adios Senor Wenger…

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  53. cade

    stfu and stop looking for people to follow u u just want press nothing more.

    1st of all wenger has looked at players sent chief scout for players and asked the board to double rvps wages from what they were offering..

    if u look closley at interviews wenger has stated many times hes also sick of letting and having to let his best players go….read b4 u should u fat fu##ing mouth off were do u thinkt his team will be without wenger who found your great rva and therey EH exactly u fu##ing moron mouth a minute twat its wenger who gives these playes alittle and gets alot his hands are clearly tied.

    if its all wenger why do they keep usmanov just below the 30% he needs to gain acsess tot he arsenal books…maybe wengers jelous of his cracking good looks EH…

    wake the f##k up and smell the coffee or shampers the board are drinking at our expence and the holidays and bonus they recived off the sale or fabrigas rvp and song.

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  54. agsapt

    Adam Kemp should really become the greatest manager of Arsenal FC. Ain’t that right Adam? I can see you have a very strong analysis and team management skill. C’mon, take Wenger’s place and see if yo can reach the 10th. I think all (managers and players) have performed great job. And if you are true gooner, you will support and be part of the solution instead of becoming part of the problem.

    Go gunners!!!

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  55. Ezat

    Adam Kemp;
    Spot on, but unfortunately there still some blind supporters who see the team is dying and still have hope in AW, and the team.
    Wenger out should be the main slogan on the banners that should cover the whole Emirate, and then as you said take the matter in front of the stadium. Let’s hurt this greedy owners the most by depriving them from what hurts them the most!! Financially!!! continue the march, and give them EMPTY Emirate so they can watch the game all by themselves. That will work NOT just complaining and crying.
    Arsenal is in death bed and we need a new owners, and new Manager to rescue it.

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  56. Ben

    Adam Kemp… You are a monkey. I strongly suggest that you have misplaced the partial ability to understand respect, or rather emotionaly omised the charachtersitic if you ever possessed that. Understand facts, do you think that Arsene enjoys to be in this one man boat. I honour him and as a true fan of the GUNNERS you shouldnt turn your back on a man that has given his everything to this establishment you can only dream to be as intelegeant as him.

    There is a lot that you dont know occuring behind the scenes – greed.(need I say what charachteristics that unvails) His reputation is admirable as wel as honourable to say the least. Im sure if he was able to capatalise on monetary oppertunity it would have been done.

    You litteraly wouldnt last a day buddy. No offence.

    Beleive in your team, so that the team will beleive in themselves.

    Without the coaches’ own morale who would these gunners confide in?

    Its going to be a long season, but the fans will be the deciding factor to bump us up the log! FAITH.

    In Wenger I trust.

    Best Regards

    A nobody from South Africa.

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  57. PASTOR G

    when will we the fans stand up against this abuse,without us they can not continue this crap, are we really spending our money to be treated like this ? i say its up to us < i sure support you ADAM, what is the supporters trust doing, oh lord i am weeping.

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  58. ken

    Welcome back Campy, knew you would be here as soon as the final whistle went.
    Now you think you can organise a protest!!!what a joke you are.
    400 (press figures not mine) blackscarf protestors on Saturday and this was going to be the protest to show how all gooners are unhappy!!! people like you just don’t relise what a true supporter really is.
    One day your predictions of doom and gloom might come true, BUT FOR THE LAST FOUR YEARS YOU HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY WRONG!!!
    No apologies of course, just the ridiculous statement that you could do better than Arsene…FOUR YEARS REMEMBER?
    If you do manage to organise a protest, dont forget to take the cock of your shirt, you might get lynched!!

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  59. Peter O, London

    As a life long Gooner in his mid 40s, it breaks my heart to see AW being written about in these terms, but regrettably he has brought it upon himself and I’m afraid he needs to get out ASAP in order for the club to move forward. I’ve had a bet with a close friend and fellow Gooner for the last 4 seasons that we will never win anything under Wenger again. This is because 4 years ago, I concluded that his arrogance and stuborness caused him to ignore any valid opinion that were not his own ideas. It’s there for all to see; how can a top-tier team continually replace its best assets with mediocre players year after year and be surprised when it slips into mid-table mediocrity. Clichy, K Toure, Cesc, Nasri and RVP all saw the annual dumbing down of the quality and the club’s lack of ambition and all took off. Take away RVP’s goals last season and where would we have finished in the league?! the math is quite simple and it doesn’t take an Einstein to work out that Arsenal wouldn’t be playing Champions’ League football this season. I am one of the fortunate breed of fans with silver membership that can pick and choose games and still be guaranteed a ticket for any match. Thus this season I have voted with my feet and the pathetic display against QPR was enough to convince me that this season would be no different. My heart bleeds for all those season ticket holders who must endure the team’s dire display week in week out. So wide off the mark are those that say that Wenger needs to be given a war chest in January to reconstruct the squad. The truth is Wenger has simply failed to move on with the times and has been exposed as being tactically inept. The shareholders have no interest in forcing an exit because he returns a tidy profit each year. Thus, the only hope is the long overdue revolt by the Arsenal faithful, i.e.. true fans and not the glory hunters who maraud as Arsenal supporters. Bring on the demonstrations and I shall be there to be counted in the midst of true Gooners!!!

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  60. Optimist Habila

    If the management, or board, of Arsenal can’t deal with Wenger then the fans will get Wenger out of Emirates by force. January transfer window should be dateline.

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