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Adam Kemp: Arsenal officially in a crisis yet – Time to revolt!

Adam Kemp – The crisis deepens!

Arsenal crashed out of the Capital One Cup after a ‘shock’ penalty shoot-out defeat to the ‘mighty’ Bradford City after the game ended at a stalemate. I use the term shock loosely as the battle between David and Goliath was actually not the case. Bradford City was far more effective on the ball and the precision of their tactics was class.

Credit must be due to Bradford for the way that they played but the gulf in class is still inexcusable to lose. The average Bradford City player earns around c. £700 per week which is a stark contrast to the ridiculous wages that our first team ‘stars’ command. As a youngster growing up in the UK and playing for various academy sides you realise that the standard of Premier League clubs is far higher than lower/non-league teams. As a football coach you are taught that the physical / technical ability of players is broadly similar across the leagues, however, the psychological and mental components of a top player is what makes them elite.

We have been saying for years that Arsenal has players blessed with phenomenal technical ability. You watch the likes of Wilshere, Rosicky, Arshavin and Cazorla and it is clear that the vision and artistry of these players is exceptional. The problem is that Arsenal is a team collectively made up of central midfield playmakers which illustrates an imbalance of player roles. Arsene Wenger deliberately plays players out of position where they are so ineffective. Aaron Ramsey is just dreadful and his regression in ability was highlighted by his inability to pass in a straight line or get behind the full back. Gervinho will never be a Striker as he has no first touch, terrible movement, poor decision making and the finishing ability of my wife. We all know that there are many players on our books that earn ridiculous salaries that do not reflect their ability:

Fabianski, Mannone, Santos, Djourou, Ramsey, Diaby, Gervinho, Chamakh, Denilson, Park & Bendtner.

The above players are either lacking in technical ability, injury prone and/or consistently demonstrates poor performances. If I likened Arsenal to an investment fund they would be fourth quartile as the above stocks have crashed and burned and do not represent value. We have a fund manager ‘Wenger’ playing a cautious hand and taking no risk and holding on to these assets in the hope that things will improve. The fact that some of these stocks are open to offer and no other club can match the inflated wages that they command leaves us stuck with this crap. These players are Championship quality at best and do not deserve to be anywhere near the team. The other players that I have not mentioned are capable; however, the likes of Giroud, Podolski, Mertesacker and Jenkinson are squad players at best. We are lacking world class players up top and at the back!

Arsenal are allegedly one of the Europe’s top teams as they sit proudly sixth in UEFA’s coefficient seeding’s. We boast a world class stadium, global fan base and profit margins that are exceptional. Yet we have a manager who will reward Djourou with a c. £60,000 contract and refuse to offer Walcott c. £100,000 per week. Come on Wenger you are supposed to have a degree in economics you absolute cretin! You are a disgrace to Arsenal Football club and I want you out along with Stan Kroenke and Dick Law. Then bring in the Russian, Dein and Guardiola! Problem solved!

Now if any of you dare to defend the result last night you are blind and simply an awful fan of the club. Bradford City simply did what Norwich, Swansea and Schalke has done to us this season; to name but a few. It seems every club we meet can stop us from scoring and hit us on the break or from set pieces. It took Arsenal 69 minutes to register a shot on target against a team that is rooted in the bottom tier of English football. What made it worse is that this one of Wenger’s strongest sides he could have fielded. I can honestly state that we do not know how to score goals or threaten any opposition teams we play against.

We need to change the formation and sign some better players immediately in January as we run the risk of being the next Liverpool. Arsenal is light-years behind other top teams in terms of mental toughness and the true grit required to be killers. It is not good enough to accept that we can pass a ball side to side without any penetration and crosses that never seem to be attacked. At the back we are a shambles and this zonal marking is clearly not working!

Just analyse the performances and results this season and Bradford City epitomised everything that is wrong with Arsenal this season. If we cannot even dominate really inferior teams that do not even have the right to play against us I am fearful to play Reading next Monday. The game against West Brom was an utter disgrace as we had the luck of referee to give us three points and we failed to score in open play! Arsenal simply are not good enough to break teams down and the only player capable (Walcott) will be the next high profile exit from the club. Yet Wenger refused to criticise his players last night and came up with the same old excuse ‘we couldn’t take our chances…..blah blah!’ What he actually means is that ‘my players are so ineffective at breaking down defences and creating clear cut chances.’ No wait! When we did (once) Gervinho scuffed it from two yards out. Behave you cretin as you are killing this club

Arsenal is now officially a club in crisis. I am going the home game against Newcastle at the end of the month and if anyone fancies venting their frustration we can arrange a place to gather and protest outside the ground! This is the final straw and there needs to be a French revolution and it is shame we cannot decapitate the useless cancer that is Wenger!

Love Arsenal, Hate Wenger!

Adam Kemp

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92 thoughts on “Adam Kemp: Arsenal officially in a crisis yet – Time to revolt!

  1. goonar

    League two which Bradford is in, is the lowest category of english football before amateur teams. Well our FIRST TEAM lost to them. SOME FANS ARE REALLY DISGRACE IF THEY STILL SUPPORT WENGER, SIMPLY DISGRACE

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  2. Noldo

    Us fans from outside England depend on the fans inside the Emirates on matchday…do us proud and let all of the Arsenal voices from all over the world be heard…Enough is ENOUGH guys!!!!!

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  3. mani_gooner

    Mr Kemp …

    For ur kind information Wenger is not to be questioned but the board because they are d ones who set very less money during transfer time so Wenger has to directly recruit a mediocre player and turn him into world class..

    Again Walcott’s contract extension is being held up by d Board and not Mr Wenger……

    Solution: Sack d board and provide funds.. Then i bet you , you wouldn’t post like this crap about Wenger anymore….

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  4. imi

    This is the first post that I’d actually agree with Mr Kemp. bar a couple of harsh comments mentioned about wenger.

    All I can say to sum up really is Splash the cash in January or prove the critics right that Arsenal can’t be an elite team again.

    Cash needs to be spent in January we need a striker a LB and a Central Midfielder. We need the devil yelling at Arsenal players to scare them when they play so poorly.

    Tactics wise I didn’t see a problem to be honest infact when we hit that goal (al be it late) The true arsenal started to show.

    Extra time was pure class from Arsenal. I wana see more of rosicky Cazorla and Wilshere. I want to see 4-4-2. I want to see giroud and walcot play up front.

    Defensively we were good yesterday but that set piece and a couple others were just discusting.

    I feel for the team to be honest as a lot of pressure was on their shoulders. I wouldn’t just blame wenger because in all honesty any team arsenal puts out there should have finished Bradford off.

    So where are the faults in that game? Players need to get some mental strength to know when they need to buckle down and get the job done.

    Also Gervinho and Ramsey are better off on the bench… Rosicky and Arshavin should have started.

    Poldi should have been CF. I don’t know why this is happening but I sure as hell know that the ONLY solution this season for us is to buy heavy in January. If not then I can’t see us being in the top 4 let alone “fight for a cup”

    Gunner for Ever

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  5. Badfan

    Adam Kemp believes Guardiola could be our manager L.O.L !!! In our wildes dreams.

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  6. QiwjeHdjfkfl

    The fact is we don’t know exactly what is going on inside the club behind closed doors

    If arsenal doesn’t invest heavily in this window than I think it’s time we admit we need change

    Even if we do invest heavily it may be beneficial to bring in a new mangaer because I feel many of the players feel comfortable with their role in the team and entitled to automatic starting spots which should never be the case

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  7. Adam Harvey

    Adam Kemp

    Regardless of your own views and I do actually agree that this dreadful result is not acceptable, it is not for you to say who is an awful fan just because they may have a different opinion from you.

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  8. QiwjeHdjfkfl

    Arsenal fans should consider trying to have partial ownership of the club

    Not sure exactly how it works but in the bundesliga there is a rule that the members must own at least 51% of the club

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  9. Stuart

    Where do you start?
    It’s only with resluts like this that you can see how badly we have fallen.
    Bradford deserved to win, they had passion and wanted to win the game, apart from Wilshere who is an Arsenal supporter.
    Would a top class player want to join Arsenal at the moment as one player wont make that much of a difference we need a least 6?
    Would a new manager be given money to spend, is all questions u have to ask yourself.

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  10. John Hannon

    How in Gods name can he continue to select Gervinho? in my opinion he is the most useless, ineffective, idiot that has ever worn the Arsenal shirt. He should be sent back to wherever he came from immediately. Santos, Arshavin, Chamakh, Mertesacker ( the Queen Mary would turn quicker)Squillaci, etc, etc.

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  11. spider

    Arsenal only play one way and Bradford new that, all they had to do was pack the midfield and it was game over for Arsenal, it was so predictable. Bradford played Arsenal at their own game and got the result!

    The coaching at arsenal is out of date, when other teams know exactly how to out play you, and that’s happening a lot at Arsenal, there’s no plan B or C just same old! same old! other teams have got that sussed out years ago! yet Wenger can’t see that!

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  12. landmind111

    @ Adam Kemp, the best way for fans to vent their frustrations at Arsenal F.C is by NOT TURNING UP TO THE GAMES!!! Only then will it be heard.

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  13. JJ

    I went to watch the match last night and the things we learned are that if arsenal dont buy at least another striker and winger then were f**ked. The problems last night where ones that we have never had in the past and that was cutting edge and movement of the ball we failed to create any clear cut chances and the reasons are gervinho is not a striker every time he ws trying to get round the back making us try long balls or keeping the ball at the back because he wasnt giving our team options and coming deep for the ball. i was very disapointed in podolski as i was looking forward to seeing him play in the flesh but he is lazy and looks disinterested in playing on the wing nearly every touch he had was with his back to goal and i think he ran at the defence once which is shocking for a winger. and then there is ramsey who tbf put the effort in but is clearly not a winger and SHOULD NOT be played there ever. coquelin was the best player on the pith untill he got taken off. carzorla is absolute an touch of class but the serious lack of movement upfront does allow him to show off his tremendous abilities which changed when rosicky and chamberlain came on rosicky and carzola linked up really well because rosicky was the only player with decent movement, wilshere started of slow but got stronger as the game went on and we saw more of them fantastic surging runs.

    i was also shocked at how quiet the arsenal players were there was no communication and no leadership on the pitch the only person who seemed to be talking was the youngest and that was coqulin.

    but as ive alliterated the serious problem is lack of movement as there is noone to compliment our talented creative midfield thats why walcott has been so deadly for us this year because of his pace and movement. we need to keep him and add a left winger and another pacey striker.

    something needs to change and quick i dont think sacking wenger will do much good who would we get in to replace him?? i know hes had 7 years but i think he deserves more time and money to try catch up to the big spenders. And we desperatley need to get rid of all the riffraff squad players draining the clubs money whilst sat on the bench scratching there arse this would give us much more spending power and be a greater force in the market but this needs to happen soooon before things get worse prevention is always better than a cure…unless its already to late.

    Heads up Gunners things will get better!!!

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  14. Hafiz Rahman

    Then bring in the Russian, Dein and Guardiola! Problem solved!

    MR Adam kemp can predict the future….so is the world going to end????


    and slam just to get your personal way…

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  15. LoCkAy

    Last night we played 9 against 11 as “rubbish ” Ramsey and “retarded girl ” Gervinho were not in the game, ever…!!

    Only Wenger knows why he keeps putting Ramsey and Gervinho…!!
    It has been said that he has given up on Diaby…! Diaby played 17 games in 3 years !!!!! What a return!!!
    Alex Ferguson would have cancelled his ass long time ago, but for Wenger is an excuse to not buy a defensive midfielder.




    Now, the deluded one ( Wenger ), wants to bring back Henry ( may be to calm down the fans ) and buy Zaha ( like we need another young hopeful who will never bring a thing to the club ).

    Walcott and Sagna still have to pin new contracts.

    Personally, if I was Sagna’s agent, I will advise him to leave ASAP…





    A club of this size and history cannot be run like a MONEY PIMPING WHORE !!!


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  16. Gunned

    The Article is some what absolutely correct. Walcott is the next to go Giroud does’nt get the service,nd wen it gets its to Gervinho Wenger always gve excuses nd has done PHD in dat Sagna wll the next to go Formation,tactics,strategy,no plan B is as usual.
    So, in short Arsenal is in a F++king Crisis nd nothings gonna change if we see Wenger,Hillwood,Gazidis,Stan.,nd mostly Our MEDICAL STAFF.

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  17. GoonerNL

    Arsenal will be alot better, if only the players could play in their positions that comes natural to them. Thats all we need to do, and we will immediatly see improvement.


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  18. Alex

    When we talk about splashing the cash do we mean on players like Zaha and Nani or do we mean on actual good world class players like falcao and canani. Yes you may say that this is unrealistic but we will once again be adding to our mediocrity if we purchase these types of players and the other players we have recently been linked to. Spend big

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  19. Hafiz Rahman

    @ LoCkAy

    you sounds like a media bot or sales agent…..trying to create diversion or tension…..

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  20. NIKK

    Wenger lost the plot few years back and he has been regurgitating same old bullshit about “belief & quality” in the team!

    Yesterday interview with bbc just shows that the man has become delusional, unable to grasp reality!

    For club sake change now or f**k off!!!

    bbc intrvw

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  21. beje

    The fans moral is lower than ever. Wenger have nine lives look at the stats he do not won any English trophy in six in a row but he still here. He have three more years left. We don’t want three more loses again it have to end. Contenders? or Pretenders? I hate to say we are Pretenders. Once Wenger is proud we have but now he is embarrassing to have him. The era is gone but not to be forgotten. It’s time to change.

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  22. Alex

    Also to those that want huntelaar he is not the kind of striker we need we already have that in giroud and chamakh. We need to go after a small crafty forward like a tevez aguero or Suarez.

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  23. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Alex

    Its not about spending big…its about signing the right players for the right position….u lack a striker u get a striker u lack a defender u get a defender….

    Arsenal clearly needs a good crosser and passer from the wings…and a vocal experienced DM

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  24. ks-gunner

    there will be no changes any time soon…many fans still fool them selfes denying realety in thinking and hoping that we could turn this mess around…they are about to learn the hard way what Arsenal is all about…..with that i mean arsenal not eable to win a single cup again for 8 years…losing out on star players again….missing out on CL football or evern worst on not even eable to quel for the eu.leauge….til the times comes up and the ppl come to theyre senses… arsenal will already be an Liverpool vl.2 to club struggeling to get back to the top….

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  25. Mtemi

    @Adam Kemp, though hash I may seem, if Wenger were not to be blamed he should have shown that. Threatening to resign if not given funds would work if at all the board regards Wenger highly.They would provide all the resouces to the Prof lest he quits. Again, since Arsenal is a profit making org cum trading Fc, I don’t see how keeping players at the club who do nothing contributes towards profit making. To me Wenger is one of the arrogant of managers. He doesn’t seem to know he needs a defensive midfilder and that he is ruining Arsenal.In his mind, everything is ok since he is sharing the same thoughts as the board and so will never be sacked. I think the vast land bought by silent kroenk is a partnership, Wenger included.

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  26. FrankinTas

    Gervhino-the man has got to go. I get paid nothing to score 0 goals for Arsenal. He gets 60k a week or whatever to do the same. Nice work if you can get it.

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  27. Sank

    I have already given up.

    i tell everyone to just wait as no one is gone protest and as usual the stadium would be full. till wenger leaves next year nothing is gone change.

    i pray god to give all gunners power to bear such results more and have a cool mind.

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  28. Boss don Gooner!

    I ask you 1 question guys?? with this shitty board which is clearly about the money and NOT the fans,why do we continue to buy tickets for the emirates?? I also think arsene needs to realise when players just cant cut it and its time to move em on!

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  29. Me

    Heard Ramsey is doing step-overs, rabonas and rainbows in training. That’s why he gets the nod every time. 🙂

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  30. US4rsenal

    We just can’t blame the Board for losing to Bradford. The players should be held responsible. It’s amzing to see Wenger defending them

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  31. md31

    sell your best players and buy rubbish players gervinoh santos ramsey we need quality prayers hard players proven players

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  32. helpafc




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  33. md31

    are you listening mr kronke and gazadis stop destroying our club you only thinking about bussiness and profit we will not allowed to do so then

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  34. Mark,Abuja

    Our England based Fans are the reason why Arsene will take us for granted.Why can’t they black out d stadium for atleast a week to make him get d message straight to his mumu head.He knows that he’s wrong but afraid to admit and change his ways and methods as a typical Frenchman.Check out Platini and goal line technology.Pls stay away from Emirates stadium and see what will happen

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  35. Big goon

    I have always been against The Wenger out brigade but i can’t deny that Wengers run is over. We sell our best players every season to teams we are competing with and replace them with poor excuses of football players like Gervinho and Santos. There are no longer world class talents in the team and there is definitely no fight. If Wenger hasn’t got the guts to get rid of them and tell the board to give him funds for class players then he needs to go. The club i’ve always loved is now a joke and an embarrassment. Us fans who spend time and money (We all know arsenal has the most expensive season ticket in the world of sport) deserve so much better.

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  36. Adam Harvey

    Ok I am still really disappointed by last nights result and it is actually one of the hardest nights of my Arsenal love affair. I had texts messages being sent to me by my best mate every 2 minutes throughout the game laughing at how poor we was and you can only imagine what he was sending when we lost on penalties, and this was coming from a 35 year old west ham fan.

    Still I have said this before and I will say it again ” when things seem to be at there very worst and the world seems like it is going to implode, that is when things turn for the better”. It is heartbreaking what we are feeling and it is as hard as hard can be but I honestly believe that this is the low and we will be on the up over the next couple of transfer windows. I do not know how many people know this but the bosses of the premier league clubs have nearly agreed on their own financial fair play rules that could be implemented as early as next season. If that is the case you can guarantee it is back to the good old days of Arsenal v Man Utd again. There is a reason now that we are hearing that 14 premier league clubs want standing to be allowed at grounds and that is because they need increased gate revenue to compete with the new rules coming in. So although like everyone else I’m am hurting, I do believe 100% that Arsenal have now been set up to compete at the highest standard once these rules are soon applied both in England and then across Europe.

    If not I will be the first to complain

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  37. mala

    my nightmare:

    Arsenal sell Walcott to Manure for him to reunite with RVP & they win the EPL title for Manure.

    Then Wenger continues to play Gervhino & Ramsey till Arsenal get relegated.

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  38. ibrahim umar

    We are in real trouble now, if Bradford could do it, what could happen to us at Wigan and reading? I cant stop thinking of possible solution to our problems cos it’s a waste of time as far as those greedy f**ls upstairs are busy drinking tea and counting their profits things will never change. i fear for the worst. yet i believe only the fans in England can make the needed change possible.

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  39. Kinghenry

    Guys the problem we have at arsenal is wot a few ppl have mentioned on here is the fact that the emirates has 60,000+ every game.. If ppl that have season tickets for the matches didn’t go and the stadium was half empty wiv the other half hanging signs and banners declaring we want change is the only way it wil change!! So I urge all fans at the stadium don’t go in stand outside and protest!! Follow the black and white scarf movement we all need to pull together and fight for our club!! I firmly believe the problem we have us clearly wiv the board.. Wen dein was CEO not one of our players went in to the last year of their contracts yet every year since how many have? The root of it all is kronke and his lil puppet gazidis.. Gazidis is in charge of contracts but he won’t pay them wot they won’t coz it may dip into his and kronke pocket!! I don’t think gettin rid of wenger is the right thing to do bcoz he wil walk into any team.. The best thing for wenger is to become youth director/ CEO.. Some of u may think I’m mad but he has lost the passion for winning but not for finding GEMS I no this hasn’t happened for a while but wen ur chief scout is giles grimandi wot do u expect? Get wenger out there watching players scouting youth and bein backed by a board wiv does not include kronke or gazidis.. Usamov to buy the out is the only hope we have.. I no ppl say bout his past but who cares he is a gooner and loves the club! Kronke gazidis and all the other money grabbing twats on our board need to do one!! And finally wiv wenger in his new role who to b the new coach? Ppl say pep (no chance) mourinho (nope) who else klupp.. Capello.. Lippi.. No way.. The answer is simply.. HENRY!! Bring him back as a player/ coach let wenger guide him and wiv the backing of wenger and a board that cares I believe this will bring success.. Also ppl the club has so much money we have 150mil sittin in a bank doin nothing but gaining interest for kronke and I no gazidis keeps sayin we r in dept and once financial fair play kicks in we wil compete wiv the big boys DON’T believe that.. The only dept we have is 85-90mil on our stadium but we r 2 years in front of the repayments yet they could it off tomorrow if they wanted but they don’t they use it as an excuse not to spend.. My true die hard fans the only way to change wot is happening is to boycott all home games and protest.. I no last weekend b4 the west brim game there was 1500 black scarf protesting if it was 15,000 I’m sure they would b heard!! Stop talking shit on these websites and lets make it happen!! G.T.I.D

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  40. Gigi

    700 a week???

    man that was the chance for Theo! if he had scored 10000 goals per 1 of Bradford, no objection to his contract.

    Shame on everyone.

    Losing to Bradford is INEXCUSABLE

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  41. pt

    AW is certainly not a cretin and does not deserve to be called so; however it is clear by now that he has run out of ideas and needs to do the honorable thing and resign, as the board won’t sack him, he is their man. Forget about January transfers, buying or selling this player and that, AW has had upteen transfer windows to do something dramatic and life changing and has failed; and he won’t do anything ground breaking in this window either, you can bet your season ticket on that. Guardiola would be the ideal manager, and why not, consider the project, in his position would you want to work for Chelsea or Man City? Does he need the grief, the money and the prestige? Arsenal play the style (or used to) that Guardiola can understand, Arsenal could be the ideal project for him. AW could go upstairs and attend board meetings, which seems to be his preferred role these days.
    Let’s start fresh, new manager, new ideas. On a cautious note, beware what you wish for with the Russian, just look at Chelski. Arsenal for LIFE!

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  42. Larry

    Wenger alongside Gervinho, Ramsey, Santos, Djourou, Squallaci, Diaby should pack their bags and leave the club. It’s time for a change.

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  43. Gunner101

    Thats the last thing we should do. Ridiculous idea. Lower the team morale even more, eh? No, I think we should know by now that Wenger’s job is safe as long as we have those nutters in the board room.
    Regardless, Wenger is and always will be an Arsenal legend, always has Arsenal’s best interests at heart and deserves our respect. I say we make the Emirates a place where our boys will relish playing and help us through to the end of the season, to a top-four finish and (fingers crossed) a trophy. Remember, we’re still part of the FA cup and Champions League and with a few January reinforcements, could make a real charge.
    By then, Wenger will know whether he’s done his job for the club or not and if sources (Goal) are true, Guardiola can step in and take the reigns.

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  44. Bradster

    Do you feel better noew Adam? That was more of a rant than an article.
    How do you suppose you will get rid of Wenger?
    1)Protests clearly don’t bother him or the board.
    2)He is too proud (not to mention 7.5m) to resign and will see out his contract.
    3)Will not be fired as he agrees with the board and their policies and makes huge profits for them. (Soon an addition of 8m Walcott, 10m Sagna and change if some of the other rubbish can be sold)

    If it’s Usamanov you want in then it’s going to take not qualifying for cl, many less season ticket holders renewing and people on the waiting list not been there to buy.
    Even then Stan might not sell with the sponsorship deals happening.

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  45. nickw

    Wenger is finished and until Arsenal realize that we will continue to decline. He is too stubborn and too proud to do what is right and to listen to anyone else. But worse of all he is accumulating so many terrible players he is turning the club into a joke and demoralizing what few good players he has left into wanting to leave.
    He has to go simple as that.

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  46. Joe

    What really baffaled me is we have a brilliant CF who bagged 20 goals for a relegated team playing on the left wing and we’ve got a player who has looked most comftable on the left wing playing upfront that really did confuse me then we had a midfielder playing right wing who is useless in his strongest position.

    Gervinho and Ramsey are not good enough to be any where near the arsenal starting 11.

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  47. dimbrown

    D ball is in our hand now, d stadium should be empty. And the protest should go on. WENGER OUT!!!

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    wenger’s faith on playing ramsey and gervinho will be his downfall.. he can’t see the wood from the trees now.. they are clearly not top club materials.. wenger is now eating humble pies.. however, should he decides to hang up his boots i would still salute the man and raise my glass to him

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  49. Arran

    I have always been a believer in Wenger, but it seems either his hands are now tied by the board or he is so arrogant to prove his philosophy’s correct that he can’t see that the way he is doing things is not working. The board needs to change and we need to get back a winning mentality…. It’s not a children’s sports day where it’s about the competing. It’s the most expensive team to support from a ticket holders point of view and what are we rewarded with…. A club in a strong financial position…. Well I’m not surprised, it’s the fans that put the club in this position as well as the constant selling off of our best assets when they reach their peak and the none investment in new quality players. Balancing the books is very, very important, but you just have to look at some of the signings we have made and think maybe if rather than paying for 3 middle of the road players (Park £5.5 Mil, Gerv £10.8 Mil, Santos £6.2 Mil…that’s £22 mil) , we invested in one Big signing, we would keep our better players and would be challenging for titles and trophies which is at the end of the day what the best players want. It pains me to say this, but RVP may have been right to leave as Man U will prob win the title this season, Like wise Clichy and Nasri won a trophy last season, Fabregas won things as soon as he left and no doubt Song will this season as well.. Like it or not, and I really don’t like it, but we are a selling club now. The deadwood hang on for the high wages they get paid and are unsellable and the best players leave as other clubs will pay them more. Our wage structure is killing the club, as is our unwillingness to change the way we play. I think Wenger has an ideal that we will play football the beautiful way and build a club through from Youth….but we are not Barcalona. Barcalona can outplay most teams, Arsenal on the other hand can not as all teams have figured out how to play us, and when it’s not working, Wenger carries on playing the same way with the same team, but the fact is we are not even playing attractive football anymore (like we were two years ago)
    Time for a change. A lot of change… I fear it won’t happen till we drop out of the top 4, which I fear might not be too long
    Come on Arsenal sort it out…we love you, but it hurts !!

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  50. heru

    Left emirates stadium empty.
    And they’ll know what we’re feel.
    Expensive ticket doesn’t guarantee we will get a good let them know that we are here so frustating with them..let the emirates stadium empty..

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  51. Ozzy AFC

    I never thought I’d say it and up until last night I would never had uttered the words but….its time for Wenger to go if he does’nt and the board dont change then there wont be anything left to hand over to another manager noone will want the job and there wont be anything left to build on STAN KROENKE has destroyed my beloved club and I can see no way out until he and Hill Wood are gone .

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  52. dissapointed fan

    Guardiola has said that his prefrence in england is arsenal, thats a fact. The sad thing is however, as an arsenal fan, i already know the board wont do anything about it. as much as i love wenger and would find it strange to see him leave, i think it is time for a change. Why can a club like ours never do anything amazing? why does it nearly always have to be the lesser know player that we buy (apart from podolski). For once, why cant arsenal do something that would shock and envy every other club

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  53. Gary

    This has ended the manager vs board debate about who is to blame

    Regardless of if the board are keeping tight financial control our team of international players failed to be a team in the lowest league in our system.

    We lost to a team in what I grew up calling the third division.

    We took 69 minutes to have a shot on target against a team in the third division.

    There is no excuse for this. this is not a we can’t compete financially with the best teams spending power and we are being responsible.

    This is simply a dog sh#t performance from a poorly run and managed squad

    What is truely sad is in the interview afterwards Mr Wenger stated he was not ashamed of this performance! Luckily he isn’t because every other arsenal fan is ashamed. We are being laughed at by our rivals. No ammount of Arsene Knowns Best can change how bad this result it and Wenger should have enough respect for the fans to accept how pathetic this display was and promise to change things. But no he thinks this was ok and will continue along the same lines.

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  54. Briano

    It comes down to 2 things.The Board and Wenger.The Board only want money.Wenger thinks the sun shines out of his arse and that none of us should dare question him as he knows everything!!!His stubbornness over the years is now coming back to haunt the club!!!

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  55. Sharkseven

    @Hafiz Rahman STFU!always saying the same thing Media bots,agent,fifa 13 fans..Are u are Moron?that Only can type those thing?get a life.

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  56. FOXY

    Oi The black scarf movement,

    Gotta shout for the boot-out of deadwoods. Even on a free, really these players have no underbelly for their money. Release them, AFC will make more money, you Gaz idiot!!

    Meanwhile, get a top DM who just kick the arse of every midfield opponent in every match. Incite fear. Another top striker alongside Giroud. Swap Theo with Nani. Mix it in the formations, Arsene. Wala! you can pay for 3 first class top players whilst have strong offensive spine…ala the old days!

    Oi Ramsey, Gerv, Bendtner, Denilson, Santos, Coq, Park, Chamakh, Arshavin, Schuci you are running dry AFC 30-35M quid easily every year. FIRE SALE Pls. So 3 top players and 5-6 babies (Meade, Yennaris, Aneke, Esfield, Miquel, Gnarby, Campbell) to be absorbed into.

    We are not bossing the midfield anymore. They are cutting our supply lines. No Viera-like or Edu or Gilberto-wise anymore. Can you not sense these shortcomings, my manager?

    Will someone hit Wenger with a 20 year old baguette to reignite the old master?

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  57. Grayfox

    ” there needs to be a French revolution and it is shame we cannot decapitate the useless cancer that is Wenger!”


    By all means have a go at the manager/board and how rubbish we are at the moment but that comment sums up why Arsenal supporters are getting a rep for being some of the most ungrateful, whingiest, juvenile fans around.

    What is wrong with modern football fans that can’t express an opinion without resorting to offensive downright nasty insults.

    I await the the day the idiot impressionable fans among us star chanting that at the ground.

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  58. makon

    The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.

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  59. Tobe

    Looking at the squad we have we should not be in the position we are in. Granted, we do not have the players to compete properly with Man Utd or Man City but we should have picked up more points in the league already and should not be getting knocked out of a cup competition by a League two side. My opinion is that the current string of poor results is due to a lack of confidence and issues with tactics and training rather than as a lack of talent and ability. As mentioned in other posts, I agree that zonal marking and playing certain players out of position is just not helping and probably perpetuates the confidence issues. Wenger has a good enough squad at his disposal to acheive CL qualification again but he and Bouldy must address some of the immediate issues with our performances and results. Wenger has turned things around before so hopefully can again so that we can salvage some sort of success from this season. As for the longer term, I for one will be patient……life as an Arsenal fan through the 1980’s, parts of the 90’s and the last 7 years has steeled me for this but in the coming few seasons, I want to see some actions that will back up Gavidis’s statements about looking to compete more agressively with the clubs that have stolen a march on us. I want to know that the years of ‘austerity’ we have had to endure will have been worth it. I would like to see Wenger in charge for this but he will need to pull his finger out now to show that he is still the right manager for us.

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  60. daniel

    Stop bashing mertesacker, do some of you even watch matches?

    He has been performing well most matches, sure, he’s slow but his ability to read the game and position himself is very good, the only time he looks vulnerable is when the other CB goes running forward or misses a tackle and he’s left to outrun an opponent (obviously he’s still quite slow). Vermealen on the other hand has been very worrying recently, we looked more secure when kos was in there.

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  61. vinie2000

    II do agree with kinghenry in most of his view..Adam Kemp,i do understand your anger..let say your hatred of whats happening..INSULTING players or coahces is not from a real ARSENAL FAN.we are known inside and outside UK to be a civilised and well supporting team so lower it down a bit coz your comments cause more anger and we will become coin throwers or runners into the pitch in disregard to how our team perform.Let’s make it clear i do agree with some of your points but what are you really doing to change this? You are invitinig people to boicot an protest so where are YOU? Im writinig this comment outside the arsenal shop and there are few angry fans here come and join us.WHY WAIT for the next game? there are few banners and hope the sky tv crew comes down..people are hurt so do I but Join us DON’T WRITE bla..bla..we need to change this but also support our team otherwise we will become like POOL..21 years and counting for next trophy..I HAVE FAITH..anyone coming to JOIN US?

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  62. jimbo

    Are you sure your wife has poor “finishing ability”? I seem to recall otherwise. 😉

    Haha I joke!

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  63. FOXY

    There is some perspective..still on three fronts…

    But The old man need to arrest these issues…Urgently. Before it gets into a purely emotional merry-go-round circus.

    Black Scarf, Behind ya all the way! Global alliance of fans taking over the company shares must be considered!!

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  64. arshavin

    Only solution–Get Wenger out.Give one of the club legends a chance to take us through this season and review their contract at the end of the season.

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  65. Grayfox

    And what good would that do. If you wanna protest do it before game/beginning/end of season. Empty stadium right now will just kill the team and give loads of ammo to opposing fans who already take the mick out of our quiet, fickle fanbase.

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  66. Gooner Cape Town

    I will also be at the game vs Newcastle, my first at the mighty Emirates. I will be on holiday from South Africa and with an exchange rate of R14/pound, it is costing me a fortune, but one I don’t mind spending if my beloved Arsenal play good football, the game I have suppoted for 32 years!
    Will it be a waste of money and effort for me, I hope not!!!
    FFS, COYG!!!!!!!!!

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  67. ken

    Such a boring, article from the man who wears his cock(erill) on his shirt.
    I noticed how you got all your “credentials” in at the beginning of this hate filled article, but who cares what you have done…we care about our club.
    Just how do you propose to get the owner, board and manager out Campy?
    Give us your plans because you obviously think you can do it…Gods gift to the Arsenal comes to mind!!!!

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  68. Mattyboy

    You hear about the likes of Faberegas and RVP and Samir Nasri criticising Wenger when they leave the club saying he has no tactical understanding, it’s true! All him and slimy Ivan care about is filling their pockets, and how he can still defend the brilliant Gervinho? Heaven only knows! I never wanted to become like Chelski or Man shitty but if you can’t beat them, join them! So I say something drastic needs to be done to get in Usmanov, who will actually show some ambition!

    We want our Arsenal back.

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  69. GeorgeD

    1st) I cant understand the fans who disagree with Kemp, are you pleased with what u see, Kemp is the problem?
    2nd) Guardiola? Who was Guardiola before training Barca? Even Wenger could make it at Barcelona (before he destroy the team). Also he does not know what Arsenal is… Look Inter, they took Stramaccioni, who was nothing as manager, but knowing what Inter is, he made it… Tony Adams, Henry or Bergkamp are the most capable for the job..
    3rd) Next Liverpool, in the best situation we are the same, they won a trophy last year..

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  70. ERG

    kemp is full off shit Bradford would trouble other prem teams playing the way they did as they demonstrated against Wigan.
    There is definatley a lack off quality in our squad for sure.
    Football has thin lines 1 year you can be a top player 3 years later you could be playing in league 2.
    We earn the right to win games theres to many big timers at Arsenal who are way to comfortable.
    By the way what would winning the league cup really achieve!!!!??????
    A nothing trophy doesnt change the dross in our team liverpool won it last year what has that meant for this season for them have they kicked on NO!!!!!
    Light years behind!!????
    Buy 4-5 top players then we’r right up there challenging hardly miles behind.

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  71. schizznit

    Ok, It is starting to get real irritating reading blogs about Arsenal and having every single article playing the blame game between the players, the manager, the board. Some I believe, but others I feel are really overdoing their insults. I mean keep the “this player/this manager is a total c***” off the site bro. You call yourself a fan after insulting the team like that. Being a fan of a club means you’ll have to deal with the major rough patches each season. Yes, I am frustrated that they have not had much of a great start to the first half of the season, but I mean seriously guys, if you are calling the players and coaches names, you don’t deserve the right to call yourself a fan. Go send your support to Man U, or Chelsea, or even Barcalona, who are practically at the top of their respective tables. Haters going to hate, but seriously, lay off the insults.

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  72. Adam

    I have said this a couple of times now, that things always get better when they seem at there worst and that financially we are going to start competing in the next couple of transfer windows and we should keep the faith even though it seems our Arsenal world has collapsed. Well tonight Ivan Gazadis has apologized to Arsenal fans about the cup disaster and he has said that Arsenal have significant funds available for the January transfer window at their disposal. Well when have we ever heard this from the man? It seems that he may be good for his word after all.

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  73. Hademe P

    If some fans feel comfortable with the clubs present situation and feel like praising Wenger, the Board and the players for their poor showing,they can also join relegation clubs but for us that are voicing out our frustration, we have right as well and should not be condenmed.Maybe all of us should shout halleluya to Wenger f
    failing to win Bradford with his full strenght.Some fans write as though they own AFC. Kemp spoke his mind and he is not far from the truth. Enough is Enough.

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  75. Grayfox

    And again just because someone doesn’t agree with the nasty article above doesn’t mean they think all is rosy.

    I’m Arsenal fan through thick and thin and will happily listen to people’s criticisms. I just don’t think any right thinking supporter could every think the original article and the personal insults are a good thing (funny how there are warnings about insults and language before comments but mentions of decapitation and comparisons to cancer are fine)

    When I’m in the stadium I sing, support and get behind the team not think about my next insult for the players/manager because that’s the ONLY way we as supporters can help get ourselves out of this situation.

    Do really think the author gives a monkeys about Arsenal or is it about page hits?

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  76. kailoonNe

    Never been to London, always watch the match in TV.

    I notice there is no easy way to buy a ticket from arsenal website, you need to be a member… and the price is 100 pounds or more… so I assume the stadium will be full in every matches. But recently I see many empty seats in the stadium. Is that the protest?

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  77. Mike Dellar

    Stage a protest outside the stadium and force the board out!…As much as I admire what Wenger achieved in the past; he has just become to stuborn to see Arsenal’s latest failings…we need a solution!…Anyone got a plan?

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  78. jonjiric

    Like i said before and i’ll keep saying, fans in london you have to stand up in numbers, not just a few thousands, i mean Hugh numbers and protest hell don’t attend the emirates games! Lets see how they (The board) will fund for the players wages! I hear Ramsey is in talks for a new contract? What a shame! UK FANS ARE THE VOICES OF ALL OF US GLOBAL FANS!

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  79. scott

    Only an idiot will think this is about Adam Kemp. It is either the fans are irritatingly lethargic or some of the people who comment here are part-time fans that support other clubs and check on Arsenal result in there spare time. Being an Arsenal fan has never been this embarrassing in fourteen years.

    Those of us who have no where else to go demand a change in our club and I don’t mean a change of attitude. It must be change in personnel, mostly in management. Wenger needs to go for constantly lying and being out of ideas. The board needs to be cleared off for their consistent apathy to the desires of the supporters and Stan kroenke … such an embarrassment to football. Money over common sense must stop.

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