Adam Kemp: Time for Arsenal to sack Wenger before it’s too late!

Adam Kemp – Time to say goodbye to Arsene Wenger after another unbelievable result!

Arsenal has not won a single piece of silverware under Wenger since 2005 and the trophy drought will almost certainly continue. Arsene Wenger cannot look at this result as a one off as we have been dumped out of two cups by lower league opposition. Arsene Wenger is a complete joke as he cannot shape a team capable of delivering consistent performances. To assess our results this season is all competitions confirms that we are struggling to compete with the top teams. Arsenal have lost and drawn far too many games that in years gone by were a simple formality. Since our move to the Emirates we have progressively weakened the team and the only man to blame is the coach.

Arsene Wenger promised us signings in the January transfer window to help us cement our position back in the top four. He told us that this team is good enough to win silverware but to lose to Bradford and Blackburn is just embarrassing. Today he picked a very strong side filled with experience and they failed to open Blackburn up. Arsenal continued to boss the game with intricacy in possession but without a clue in the final third.

This is yet another game where we have failed to find the net this season and Wenger did not buy. The fans pay extraordinary prices to pump funds into the club and the manager is too afraid to spend. The board do absolutely nothing except gloat about how well the club is placed for the future. Wenger has ruined his legacy and he is without doubt the worst manager working at a ‘big’ club!

The man is so incompetent and stubborn I feel it’s time he was put in a nursing home. He is a total and utter disgrace as he clearly lacks the tactical expertise, transfer proficiency and authority to create a winning team. This is Arsenal Football Club and Arsenal Football Club is one of the biggest names in world football. We have a world class stadium in the heart of London, the best training facilities in Europe, very wealthy shareholders, a history and tradition that is up there with the world’s best and a global fan base. We have no financial restrictions as we are operating free of debt and we are struggling to realise our potential in the pursuit of silverware.

In the football the only thing that matters to the fans and the players are trophies. Robin Van Persie is a recent example of a player fed up of mediocre seasons and his transfer to Manchester United has guaranteed him the title. Arsenal has some very talented footballers and arguably we have the most technically gifted team in the Premier League. The mentality of the players in wrong and there are not enough no nonsense leaders in the side. If Sir Alex Ferguson was the manager at Arsenal with the same group of players he could win the title with this team. Wenger has one way of playing and sadly he doesn’t play to his players strengths. He lacks adaptability and versatility to try new tactics that may suit his players. He has ruined the careers of top class footballers by playing them out of position where weaknesses were exposed. The forgotten Russian is testament to that!

Still today we were playing at home against a team in the Championship. Blackburn is not lighting up the Championship following last season’s relegation but to come away with a win at the Emirates is unbelievable. Sadly Arsene Wenger has stuck his head in the sand after his worst start to Premier League campaign and still praises his team’s mental strength. The games against Chelsea, Liverpool and City were awful and he still was reluctant to criticise them. Tottenham are in pole position to compound our misery by finishing above us for the first time since 1995. How on earth can a club with less money, a smaller ground and fewer fans even compete with Arsenal? Tottenham have several quality players on wages less than the entire deadwood we have out there on loan. Arsenal is simply going backwards and we are officially in a deep crisis.

Arsene Wenger is now on thin ice and for his sake I hope he walks away before it breaks. He has gone from club legend to club clown. Let’s hope that we can at least score once at home against a team that has only conceded seven times all season. Arsenal will fail to score against Bayern and we will be lucky to not concede at least two or three. Goodbye League, goodbye League Cup, goodbye FA Cup, goodbye Champions League, goodbye Champions League qualification and hello Europa League. We look forward to summer of transfer speculation involving our best players and transfer profits looming large. Next season I predict that we will struggle to make the top six let alone the top four. If this was two hundred years ago I would have loved to send Wenger to the guillotine! An Arsenal revolution is now needed before Wenger does irrevocable damage for our future.

Love Arsenal, Hate Wenger!

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77 thoughts on “Adam Kemp: Time for Arsenal to sack Wenger before it’s too late!

  1. Sean

    Wenger don’t realise that where not the team we used to be..if u rest the best 2 or 3 players then we are very ordinary..selling one of the worlds best players to Man U also..?
    This is a managerial mistake of the highest order

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  2. Dan

    For f**k sake. Most true Arsenal fans know that its time for Wenger to go, but I don’t think the pattern will ever be broken.

    Wenger cocks up a few games – everyone screams for him to leave

    Wenger puts 2 or 3 results together – everyone is calm again.

    We will probably steal 4th place again this season. But one thing is for sure, Arsenal will never win a major trophy under Wenger again. Too arrogant and stubborn these days.

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  3. mr lean

    f#ck off kemp you yank/manc lover, stop picking on wenger and pick a fight with stan/ivan as they are the cause of our downfall.

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  4. mighty

    I agree with wenger to leave but let’s wait to the end of the season no matter what result.

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  5. Sean

    @dan..arsenal fan r scared to lose Wenger because they cant think of a reliable replacement..scared of change I think

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  6. T!to

    I don’t think the board has the balls to fire Wenger and I think Wenger is just too stubborn to quit.

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  7. Darule

    IF we get rid of AW we can have funds available from his salary to buy a player. He’s the only manager in the world to gets paid more than title winning managers, what does he bring high revenue and champions league football with selling our best players to our competition in the process making us weaker every season. The sooner we get rid of him the better!!

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  8. Mo-Gunner

    we all know wenger has lost it, he should have stuck to his use policy…. last sensible signing he ever made was the ox and everyone else he signed in the past two seasons are just not arsenal,

    now tell me who do you want to take charge? Mourinho? it’s obvious that wenger’s next job is real Madrid but we also know that arsenal cant afford mourinho… or anyone else…
    so i’d say… prepare for downfall

    (personally i’d like capello, we all can have dreams)

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  9. Alex

    wenger thinks we have this worlds class squad but we dont! I looked over some old arsenal videos on youtube and our squad was sooo powerful before. adebayor, rvp, cesc, nasri, toure, gallas, flamini, hleb. Our squad now is the badest in many many years

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  10. Sydney_Gooner

    It must have been 11 Wengers on the pitch.

    Ever question those 11 players and the performance they put in? We didnt field any up and coming stars from the reserves.
    We fielded 11 Internationals against a Championship side! Hardly a weak side!

    About time those highly paid ballerinas got the blame!

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  11. michael jensen

    i am worry for arsenal.soon arsenal will be a middel team.wenger must go naw before it is to late.

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  12. Arsenal Fan

    Time for Wenger to show his true love for the club, first by resigning! Tks for what u’ve have done for us but now it’s time for u to move to the backstage

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  13. Mr Wenger

    I’m on the fence of getting rid of Wenger, however I was at the game yesterday and before and after people were saying he has to go. The people that turn up and pay good money have a right to voice that opinion!!

    I took my little brother to his first ever game yesterday and to be honest I wish I hadn’t. It was terrible There are no winners at Arsenal simple and thats including the Manager, players and board.

    There can’t be anymore excuses! It’s not acceptable full stop.

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  14. JADON


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  15. The Goon

    It’s time to part with wenger if he loves the club as much as he says then out of respect he should walk at the end of the season he hasn’t acheived anything in 8 years !! Also he can’t be completely to blame since Ivan the terrible arrived we have been growing slowly worse .
    It’s time for a major shake up at the club we all love an rebuild . Surely if we can give wenger 8 years of loyal support with nothing in return we can put faith in any new manager .

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  16. hanenyo

    It amazes me fans still trusting in Wenger. This deluded is just on the borrowed time, when his time is up at Arsenal I hope many AKBs will not commit suicide.
    This the manager who has no respect for Arsenal Fans, he looks into eyes and lie, tactical he is retarded. The Sunderland match was another example. Jekinson and Sunderland captain(can’t remember his name)were both on yellow card O’Neil remove his captain, Wenger left Jenkinson and we all know what happened.
    If Wenger loves Arsenal and has any diginity left in him he should resign gracefully.

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  17. kzm

    its time we remember no one is bigger than the team, henry is our legend,but the team is still there after him,the list goes on,so what makes one man irreplacable? We shudnt fear change

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  18. Jon

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing, i don’t think anyone thought Giroud would be so poor yesterday.

    I for one was quite happy with the lineup and thought with the Ox, Arteta, Rosicky, Giroud and even Gervinho we’d have enough to score at least 1.

    The most frustrating thing is Wengers relentless stubbornness, yeah he brought on Cazorla, Theo and Jack all at once (quite early for Wengers standards too) BUT he left Podolski on the bench for an impotent Giroud to stay on!!!

    Why is Wenger so fcuking stubborn, why does Podolski not get played up front in games like Blackburn when Wenger is clearly happy to test a different line-up? He should of subbed Podolski on at some point yesterday.

    Whats more frustrating to me is that many fans have seen the need for a top striker. Giroud has got potential, Theo is a danger on the wings and up front and Podolski is clearly the most lethal striker we have BUT Wenger doesn’t see Podolski as a striking option!!! This leaves us with only Theo and Giroud, what if Theo gets injured – will it be Giroud every game from Wenger the master tactician???

    If Podolski isn’t a striker then Wenger is a fcuking arrogant tw*t for not signing another striker sooner. Otherwise use your best players you stupid French stuck up prat and play Podolski!!

    The only good thing about this result for me is that we have a chance to make up for it in a much bigger game. If Arsenal want to redeem then they will have to get a result against Bayern. If we can somehow qualify against Bayern then i’ll forget about the Blackburn f*uck up!

    If at the end of the season we are not at least 4th then Wenger MUST GO.
    Who believes the board will bring in a decent top class manager to bring us forward and spend money or who believes the board will bring in another puppet to keep their profits soaring and see our Arsenal decline even more??????

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  19. CUT

    Like answer to why Steve Bould has been completely sidelined by Wenger after first few games. ?He was getting our defence in shape and coming out with tactical inputs and was barking instructions from the sideline during games! Noises emitting out of the club is that he is as disillusioned with Wenger and the board as most of the fans.
    Don’t be surprised if he leaves end of the season especially if Wenger stays.

    Wenger has to take the blame…he has sold quality and bought mediocrity at club for last few years. Instead of staying objective at the club, he has become part of the Board and
    focussed, since the stadium was built, on the financial position of the club at the expense of investing in the team to win trophies. Idiots have to realise trophies attracts and broadens the fan base especially the young ones, bigger commercial opportunities and deals and aspires top players around the world to play for the club one day.

    The board has to accept the fact that 9 years without a trophy is not acceptable for one of the top club in the world! The brand Arsenal is getting tarnished every year without a trophy.

    Board should retire Wenger at the end of the season and build a big statue of him next to legends so that all the AKB’s can carry on worshipping their beloved leader.

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  20. Rhys

    AFC = Laughing stock of the football world!!!!!!!! BYE BYE ARSENE WENGER, Hello DAVID MOYES!!!

    Take, Scezeney, giroud, Gervinhio,with you please, and your stupid wage structure that has caused the loss of many big players of recent!!


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  21. tom

    Even though we are in a bad place at the moment it is difficult to remember what Arsene has done for the club. Building the second largest club stadium in the country under are own finances was always going to be difficult. and the results over the last few years have been the price.

    Almost every French club doesn’t own their stadium, they are built and rented to clubs by the councils. We are very lucky here.

    Obviously something has to change in the summer. But people shouldnt forget that without Arsene’s 16year reign, the future of Arsenal would be very different. He has created an immense platform for us and only time will tell. By which time he would have left, which will actually be pretty sad.

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  22. mudah

    (B)-Bayern munchen!!!!!!
    Am sorry to say, if you know what I mean…thanks for the memory arsene but its time to say good bye!

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  23. Greg

    Definitely change has to come arsenal supporters are frustrated by an uncaring board and a lackadaiscal manager who has lost touch with the fans and doesnt know what winning means anymore! We the arsenal fans deserve better!

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  24. Segun

    You made some sense in this post but if you do love Arsenal so much kemp, why do you post only when Arsenal are in crisis?

    I don’t think you’ve ever praised the team, coach or club on this site you shit head..

    I won’t say anything negative regarding the club or coach till after the Bayern game.

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  25. Trishit

    Wow! Hold up there buddy! yeah! we lost, AGAIN but come on man with the squad Wenger has he has done more than enough, everytime. I mean look at it, when we had game changers he made us win titles, now that we don’t have that son of a gun is still keeping Arsenal afloat. you know what i mean?!
    Yeah, i am down right pissed too but hey! we just got off our debts. I am sure and i BELIEVE for the very LAST time that we give this man a CHANCE. he is the BEST we got! Next season gonna be way way different. #COYG #inArsenewetrust

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  26. ekow -stikka

    sad to say gudbye. but get da fcuk out Wenger i’m just fed up.There was a rumour here in Ghana that an Arsenal fan hanged after losing a bet over one of our games against Barca. If there was re-incarnation, how many times would he have died just backing our illustrious team. Fire his a**s. Spare us disgrace and heart ache.

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  27. Moses Godson

    Arsenal cannot win champions league even in their dreams. so why put a lame squad in this cup tie. it was the only trophy we could win. LMAO.
    Bayern will thrash their defences and tear their midfield apart!!! IMMER BAYERN!

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  28. Ricardo

    What !!
    Negativity this and negativity that…
    Well, this can only mean one thing.
    Adam Kemp is here to sprinkle the hate around.


    Kemp, talking to you hater.

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  29. Tony

    Kemp is back???? Why don’t you piss off kemp. Same old same old with you. We all no he will buy players in the summer it’s a must. Yes I would have put the best team out yesterday as they had a week off to rest. But for some reason AW thinks we will do BMW next week???? NO we can and won’t
    Just enjoy the rest of the season and live in hope that we finish in front of the spuds

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  30. G-Force

    When you make SEVEN changes to the team for an important competition that could end the trophy drought, what do you expect?

    Since the FA Cup seemed to be the most likely bet for a trophy this year: Was it really that hard to field the best line-up, get some goals in to secure the game (and also to avoid a replay, which would add to the congested schedule), and then substitute some of the key players so that they can rest for Bayern – INSTEAD of bringing Wilshere, Carzorla & Walcot at the same time late in the game out of desperation!?!

    Like Ian Wright said “sheer arrogance by Ar$ene”! He is soooo deluded that he thinks the game was in the bag just because and I quote “We had 11 internationals on the pitch at the start…” He needs to take a long and hard look at himself and these so called 11 internationals because obviously it counts for absolutely NOTHING!

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  31. Stu

    I think you’ve all lost the plot, wenger the only reason we have a stadium and are as financially secure as we are. Any other manager having to sell best players year after year would be languishing mid table or worse. After all the hard work and sacrifice the fruits are starting to bear and we no longer have to sell players. we are finally in a position where we can complete against the other cash rich clubs. This summer will be the first time wenger has the opportunity to really strengthen the side with 20 mill top class players.

    to be honest i’d don’t even know why i’m writing this wenger going no where at the end of the season even if we get 5th and loose to bayern!

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  32. Steve h

    Wenger is most over rated coach/man in the world. most of his success was on the back,of the players nearing the end of there playing days!!. yes he brought in some good players,but the steel was some how still there,and he’s tacic were new to the leauge. it confused teams.but now they have all caught up and were going back wards. because wenger has’nt got a clue about tatics, he was lucky at the beginning!!,but we all love him. i for 1 think he does far to much at the club he thinks it’s his,your job AW is the team. the rest is up to the board.You’v had you time thanks and goodbye PS dean back, the yank hillwood out!!

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  33. Joshace

    Wenger has been the problem for d past 8years..lies to we d fans about transfers(nurin sahin comes to mind) and all our team morale and attitude.
    Tactically wenger of late has shown to us dat his tactically deluded..look at ramsey playing week in week out while ª player of rosicky’s caliber is always on d bench..look at rosicky yesterday..lovely movement.
    If am ª coach diaby won’t even be in my reaserve…his nonsense to say the least,nt sharp and can’t see him coming good after how many years in d club..gervinho is just frustrating..gets into good positions and strikes it lk ª toodler(remember his goal line miss against bradford)and wenger tells M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ his ª better striker dan poldoski and was d best striker at sure wenger didn’t watch d afcon,bcos d were better strikers dere..I cnt see us getting ª win against bayern,just pray d deficit isn’t much…all I can say is WENGER OUT

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  34. theghostinside

    i hope u choke on your words admin! Without Wenger this club would be nowhere and this season we would be a mid-table team. so shut the f##k up and stop abusing the best thing ever happened to Arsenal!

    this post was by Adam Kemp
    the clue is in the title

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  35. true goon

    Kemp your right,if Wenger remains in charge for much longer,it will be hard to see us as a team or club going anywhere.AW an Stan Kroenke have taken us as far as they can,its now time for Usmanov and a new manager to take over,hopefully asap.However b4 this handover takes place we need to bring in a General manager to take some of the responsibilities for transfers etc out of AW hands way b4 he leaves so that the transition is smooth.COYG!

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  36. The Double Kemp

    How can you say our players aren’t good enough and then say Ferguson could win the title with them. You always have a way to screw up an argument but the basic point is it is time for a change. Over the last 2 years Wenger has let us down tactically, emotionally and with transfer decisions.

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  37. Jambo

    @ steve h

    You are deluded mate, Wenger was lucky??? Is that why Real Madrid and PSG constantly try to poach him from us? Is that how he changed the way the English game was played? Is that how he created the invincibles?

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  38. gary

    Let’s bring in an ambitious manager. Doesn’t matter where from but someone who has some new ideas and possibly a second tactic.

    Wenger was not well known when he arrived. Let’s try it again with a young ambitious manager, or let Steve Bould have a go.

    Ask yourself the simple question, with the quality of players already at the club would David Moyes do any worse? No he wouldn’t do any worse and there is a reasonable chance of doing better. Using Moyes as an example (and only an example) He has the knack of signing very good players quite cheaply and keeping them together. That is part of what we need. Cheap squad players of a decent standard, not the sqilicqi, Denilson santos nonsense wenger brings in.

    He consistently manages to achieve decent results on a low budget and for much less in wages than Wenger.

    Would we be taking a step backwards when a manager who hasn’t won anything for 8 years leaves? maybe

    Would we be taking a step backwards when a manager with NO IDEA how to change things leaves. DEFINATELY NOT

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  39. cosmos

    Nice comment @cut: Surely board should build Wenger a statue next to the legends to console AKB’s after his final exit. Arsenal will surely win nothing again under this management and board. The club needs a massive overhaul from Manager, board and Owners downward to fashion out a new direction and create a winning team. Currently the situation is hopeless. Sorry fans, but the truth is bitter.

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  40. barney

    I don’t care what anyone says but we need Usmanov and Dein in asap. Gazidis kroenke and hill wood are ripping us up for sure. Why is it that they don’t want Usmanov on the board. is it because they have something to hide. I for one am sick of all this rubbish. Name me any other team that would sell its best players. Also why is it that we are always linked with x amount of players yet they join our rivals. WTF is that. Is it because gazidis is to slow or is it that they don’t want us to have anyone. 9 yrs without a trophy. Its been down hill ever since david dein left. Who is next to be sold. We need usmanov who will steady the ship and bring us the quality we need. All we hear is that we are self sufficient etc etc.

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  41. Rob

    Arsenes new contract terms….


    You must spend 50m this summer MORE than you make. This can only go on players with transfer fees of more than 15m….these players can only come from comparable teams ie second div French teams don’t count…

    You will sell, even at a loss, the make weights you are sentimentally attached to that turn up week in week out but who just ain’t good enough and others you have paid too much to and cant sell because of their inflated wages. The socialist experiment doesnt suit anyone other than the young, desperate or unproven… none of which we need at Arsenal!

    So that’s probably 80-100m to spend on 5-6 truly world class players!


    You’ll sack your current scouts and take notice of established Arsenal blogs…these are the sites that have been telling you to do as above and buy a top quality DMC, CB, striker etc…even telling you who! A poll will be conducted and that will determine transfer targets.


    You must bring in at least 3 top quality coaches from top 10 European sides who will be given the right to actually coach the team in effective defending and general tactics. To ensure this happens without you intervening, in the afternoons you will be sent back to uni to study world history, the downfall of past despots and that successful high performance teams need more than one meglomaniac to achieve greatness.


    Prior to purchasing any new player you will ensure that they have a complete set of testicles and have verifiable levels of testosterone in their bodies. To ensure this, alongside the obligatory medical (testicle count), you will send them off to the toughest bars in London and see if they are the kind of guys who actually would ask for a refill is someone spilt their drink in a crowded bar…not smile sweetly and apologise for getting in the way.


    You will be banned from the touch line every time you play a player out of position. More than three such transgressions will result in you being sent to watch Bradford and Blackburn play for a month.


    Before every press conference you will be reminded of past comments. You will not be allowed to…completely change your mind, make stuff up, make promises you don’t keep, nor loosely refer to new top quality or world class players you might get……when really meaning the donkey that has spent the past 3 months in the treatment room returning to (temporary) training.

    Every time you break one of these rules you will be given a short but intense electronic shock in your live press conferences….just to remind you how the fans feel.


    You will operate under a new contract. It will be variable in length and we won’t tell you for how long. You may be with us next year…on the other hand you may be gone in the transfer window. This is to remind you of how the fans feel about your player contract management. What’s more you’ll get paid based on how hard the afc fans believe you are trying to win the premier title. A truly socially conscious model I am sure vous will be very happy to see implemented! Sometimes you may get something but I suspect if we applied the model to the past few years, you’d be on line each month with wonga!


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  42. 7

    Bayern will thrash and mop the field with us on Tuesday if we give the same performance as we have been giving since the start of the season.Just a few outliers with big results against minnows won’t help our cause.

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  43. Itopa okene

    First of all. I think the only trustworthy and a brave arsenal fans we have is adam kemp because he has the guts to say the truth. But i want to thank God for answering my prayers for arsenal while is still remain one. And that’s we should not be able to qualify top6 cause i know this season is over. Wenger and the boards were a strong menmbers of illuminati if you look at the way they behave with lies wthout shame.

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  44. sansabonsam

    Interesting folks say Wenger has done a lot for Arsenal and should not be fired or resign…….he was paid to do a job…….and in those years that he was successful, he did his job…… he is not doing his job and should go

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  45. Itopa okene

    If mr wenger is man enough why can’t he goto psg or realmadrid that are ready to double his wages compare to what wenger is earning with arsenal currently? I bet you mr stiffnaked, myopic and shameles wenger can’t spend a year in any of this clubs before he’ll get the sack. Cause the fans those clubs had were more intelligent compare to what we have in England, arsenal fans in lodon were moron and dondi mumu. Wenger is getting senile before his time.

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  46. the king

    the time to sack wenger was when he sold fabrigas and nasri…that was the turning point where we started to be a selling club….and made our rivals stronger. the board will not sell wenger his doing a great job for them,…selling player and still getting CL each year they are making millions in profit…..the club need a massive shake up it will only happen if a new manager comes in…if wenger is still manager next year same thing same player no big players coming in and we will still fight for 4th place.

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  47. adam

    hey my namesake, you rock man, this was another mouth watering piece, and nothing else but the truth, you really spoke for me too, time for Wenger to go

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  48. Akeem Abdulkareem Lanre

    Lets change this f##king wenger before he cause a irrevocable damage to our club bcos as it stands now, the crisis is getting deepen. How do you expect players to play out their best when the coach has said the the cup is not his priority. Qualifying for the top four is his target .

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  49. Somtee

    I have been saying this everytime why is that is only when Arsenal loses that I will here this guy’s voice why not when Arsenal wins

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  50. Bomber

    Wenger out – fine…sure whatever…but replaced by whom? You think Wenger is mid table but Moyes will somehow lift the team to a top club in the world again? Seriously? You honestly see Arsenal beating Man United, Barca and Bayern with the likes of Moyes pulling the strings? The average fans IQ must be south of 100 if you can picture this. You think the ‘Special One’ could do what Wenger has done and build a stadium? Haha – Jose is hired gun with a short window and has personal ambition, not a clubs interests at heart.

    Wenger out fine…but just remember – the ambition of Wenger was to pay for a stadium while maintaining a competitive club. This ambition is much greater then anything the modern football world has seen and it will only be recognized as a great feat 20 years from now. There are probably 3 maybe 5 managers in the world that could have built a state of the art facility, field a competitive team that is in the mix every year and still balance the books, the hard part is almost over…Arsenal will be in the best position in all of Europe in 3 years time. Their model is untouchable, no debt, high revenue and they control their own destiny.

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  51. ganeesha

    Could so easily have won this game by a 4,5,6 goal margin. Diaby’s header, Rosicky’s brilliant effort that hit the bar, Coquelin, Arteta etc, etc, etc. (Le Forehead was useless, agreed.) Their keeper had performance of a life time, something that has cursed Arsenal many a time. For the rest, great yet brutally luckless effort; great sweeping moves, Rosicky was at the centre of it all, incisive, fast, energetic.
    Shame that this undeserved result triggers compulsive outpouring of vile bile by nerds with zero self-esteem, zero footballing and economic knowledge, such as that looser of loosers, Adam Kemp, who should have a crack at managing a team at top four level with comparatively limited resources. A field day for nobodies who know it all. Just what the team need to lift themselves.

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  52. Francis Jayadurai

    I think the Board and the manager must come out and tell the truth to the fans. The club we had eight years ago and now are world apart. Arsenal not only lose to top teams but the lowest ones too and they struggle to get a win. Why? Well simply the players we have are no longer of top quality and some them are too green. The board and Arsene know that the we improvement is required all around to the a top team yet they tend to buy under developed players or raw diamonds as they say and hoping that one day they will shine like Theiry Henry. When they have all the time, money and opportunity to buy top players, they never do it, why? They are simply too profit orientated. I believe the board and Arsene owe an explanation to all fans on what is really happening to the club and wait until it is down the sewers. The club was progressing well eight years ago and has not reversed the downward trend which was evident long time ago. The message to the board and Arsene is that, act now before it is too late. There must always be a balance between maintaining profits and success. Shame on you the board members and Arsene for letting the club slip for far too long.

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  53. Nacho cheeeeeeeeeeeeze

    You wenger lovers live in the past!!!

    I want to see the team i love win again!

    Not gunna happen with him and the board!!

    Needs a total shake up

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  54. DNT

    Admin needs to stop posting this boderline retarded Adam Kemp’s articles before you lose a massive amount of your readers. Also, fans at the emirates must be the shittiest arsenal fans ever, sometimes i’m glad i live 10 000 miles from the emirates so i can’t be tempted to go to and listen to the crowd acting like they were the away team’s fans. I can only hear some support when we have a 3 goal lead or more, but at soon as we are strugling to get the result the boos are overwhelming. If the prices are so high why the f*ck do you pay them to go and support the away team?????? yesterday we weren’t playing bad at all, we just made 1 mistake and Arsene did what anyone of us would have done so you can’t just blame him.

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  55. donal de burca.

    great article adam kemp , you are about the only writen on this site that will actually tell the truth , most other writers seem to be writing shite from their school desks . thank goodness that you are not afraid to call it as you see it , the trouble with this site is that when somebody tells the truth they are verbally attacked , they are called all kind of names and are laughted at . i salute you for being courageous enough to print this , i too have posted a number of replies to articles here and a small number of people ridicule me , i am well used to this because when you tell the truth in life there is always a tiny minority who are afraid of it and they respond with threats and nonsense . wenger needs to go now before it is way too late , we are lucky enough this season to be in the top half of the table , but i tiink if he is still in charge next season that we will definately be dicing wqith relegation . i have siad in the past that he has lost the dressing room , after yesterdays defeat i repeat this , and he has lost any respect that a lot of fans still had for him . i suppose the wenger fans will still say that we will win the champions league , well heres a challenge lads , come and put your money where your big loud mouths are and see how much you trust in wenger now . i dont there will be many wenger fans hurt in the stampede to back the gunners to win the champions league .the time has more than come for arsenal fc to reclaim their once powerful again , get rid of wenger and a lot of the players and staff , a number of board members need to be hung , drawn and quartered as well , but alas i cannot see this happening .let us claim back the reputation we had for many years MIGHTY ARSENAL .are you out there ken , do you fancy a wager on your guru lifting the cl ?.

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  56. Adam kemp

    I thank you all for your comments. But simply the guy has done such a terrible job. I am at the game against bayern but that’s it. I am not going again this season. I will sell my remaining tickets to wenger lovers and you can see firsthand how poor we are

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  57. malongo

    i have read almost every comment and i’v concleded that 75percnt want wenger to leave.thank u mr kemp 4 the wonderful article, we need more pple lyk kemp.

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  58. Richard

    There is a confidence issue, the fans (generally) are not confident in AW, It seems the players have little confidence in themselves and probably Aw, and the only thing that we all can be confident in is that nothing will change while we buy the merchandise and attend the gams and the “Silent” one watches his shares rise. Its in our own hands and we willbe supporting AFC not the Establishment rip off

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  59. Dubya

    This loss is on the players, not Wenger. Anyone that doesn’t think that starting eleven wasn’t good enough to beat Blackburn is deluded (Ian Wright included). Every one of the starting eleven need to take a long, hard look at themselves.

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  60. Big Gun

    I see there are still some fans holding on to the legacy of Arsene Wenger. When the fug will the morons wake up and see the pattern of steady decline and that we cannot keep blaming our problems on board, debt etc etc. Wenger’s lack of tactics, awareness and winning mentality have NOTHING to do with the so called greedy board. There have been countless errors and text book mistakes made by Wenger that have caused us to lose so many crucial games. Our team is lethargic and uninspiring – BECAUSE SO IS OUR MANAGER. Most of the players he has bought recently are not good enough. Gervinho, Giroud, Park, Santos, Mertesacker, Jenks are frankly just not what is required to win trophies. Also Wenger persists with Ramsey and Diaby – two of the most overrated, overpayed players in Arsenal. Ramsey would never make it into United, City, Chelsea, Madrid, Barca, Bayern, etc so why Arsenal? I’m sick and tired of the royal treatment he gets when Rosicky and Eisfeld are better players. Diaby too is just too injury prone, has one good game and he is the next Viera. Who are you guys kidding? Diaby NEVER came to the party.

    But for some reason, Wenger keeps playing these clowns and then wonders why we lose to teams like Bradford and Blackburn. I was talking to my cousin today (a United supporter) and he was having a good laugh at my expense, but then to make it worse said he feels really sorry for loyal Arsenal fans. That’s what we have become, a pitiful shadow of a team we were 8 years ago.

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  61. gareth

    Ok so let me start by saying that yes under wenger and the way he has become used to not spending we will probably never win a trophy again. But and this is a serious one who would you get to replace him? come on be serious with your choices as well, guadiola is a Bayen man now so we cant have him, Mouriniho would expect a much bigger transfer kitty and a bigger wage structure as under him chelsea saw there players sign the most expensive contracts in history. who else is there, for me i think that maybe martinez at wigan would do well for us (but would he know who to buy as he has never bought a player over 8 mil) Moyes at Everton maybe (but again no big signings from him or maybe Laudrup from Swansea. These are the only managers that for one we can afford and that would accept to work under our budgets and none of them have a major trophy to their names. Difficult to see who you replace him with and dont get me wrong im not against replacing him as i do think he has taken us as far as he can in respect of managing the team and should now be put in the position of progressing our young wideworld talent. But what i dont want the Bruse Riock days where we rushed out and grabbed anyone that was available and almost ended up in a bloody relegation battle. Whoever replaces him and whenever that may be it needs to be the right choice as our board are about as likely to get it right as they are to get it wrong, afterall we dont want benitez or alladyce do we !!!!!

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  62. Arszeal

    one defeat all losers come out barking against wenger . . . i dont know wat tune these same losers will bark if we beat bayern to last 16 in CL

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  63. nigeriagooner

    Adam kemp should be the next manager and coach. He seems to know too much abt football. Idiot

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  64. donii

    Adam Kemp i have never really agreed with all the things you have said, but i defs think that this article sums things up pretty well. Get wenger out

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  65. james tebere


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  66. SuperNas

    It’s the board we must suck not Wenger you people!!!
    Tell me one other manager that could succeed and keep us consinstenly to the top with so little financial backing!
    And for all those who say: Cavani 35m Hummels 20m buy them etc please stop it, it’s so stupid!
    If you don’t understand how the transfers work then go bother your self with something else.

    If Wenger goes we will regret it. There is no way Mourinho or anyone of this caliber would like to join us and anyway we would not risk paying so much for a coach. We will get an unknown coach and there is the downhill.

    So Adam Kemp, frankly, you are an idiot.

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