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Adam Kemp- When will Arsenal fans get some pride back?

When will things ever change for the better? by Adam Kemp

Arsenal produced yet another eye scratching performance to draw against another mediocre side. Swansea has traditionally been a decent footballing league team and has definitely overachieved in recent years. Given that there are teams like Leeds, Bolton and Middlesbrough lurking outside the Premier League, Swansea must be on cloud nine! Not to mention prior to today’s game that this inferior club had managed to convincingly win two games on the trot against us, how on earth could a third be on the cards? Luckily we managed to draw forcing a replay at the Emirates! How long must we continue to wait for trophies? It looked like we were going to be dumped out of another competition but we scraped a result when it should have been a comfortable victory.

The first half was very boring typifying our clear inability to create anything from open play! In the recent months Arsenal have only managed victories through being given controversial penalties, poor misfortune of the other team scoring own goals and horrific defending gifting us goals. If you look back over our last few games we have been damn lucky to nick some of the results we achieved! Since our last league defeat to Swansea we have misleadingly claimed four wins and a draw! The game against West Brom we won from scoring two penalties and both were certainly debatable. Obviously we were then humiliated at Bradford before convincingly winning at Reading. Now Reading at that period was conceding three or four goals a game as they could not defend to save their lives.

We then faced a trip to Wigan and they were definitely very unlucky not to pick up the three points. It took another soft penalty to settle the tie and horrific misses from the Wigan forwards to gift us the points. Arsenal still failed to create anything from open play of any substance. Then came the game against Newcastle where we were made to look far better than what we really are! Newcastle is a club suffering with major injuries and teams like Brighton outclassed them. So for us to get all excited over a Walcott hat-trick against a club who cannot stop conceding for fun is a sign of ignorance! Then there was the horror show at Southampton where we could not even muster a few shots on target! Arsenal simply does not have the quality of players to penetrate defences consistently and bury their chances.

The second half was pretty much a one sided affair with Arsenal playing with some conviction. They were so accomplished in possession but when we were in the final third the finishing was atrocious. So even when we finally create a shed load of chances we cannot even put them away. When will this just end and we will be finally proud to watch this team winning with style. I can officially now state with confidence that we are not one of the best attacking sides in Europe at present. We are a shadow of ourselves and we still have not made any signings that we so desperately need. This once great club is now just a laughing stock to its rivals as they can just cherry pick our top stars to win silverware.

I urge you to think what would the score have been if we still had Robin Van Persie? He would have scored at least three goals today where Walcott and Giroud misfired. I cannot understand how a club like Arsenal could just let its top player leave as it has further doomed us into mid table obscurity. The main idea of moving from Highbury to the Emirates was to elevate Arsenal to the next level and sadly it has made us go backwards! At least you were entertained by the quality of the football a couple of years ago when we were not winning things. Now we are not winning things and football is just dreadful! The fans are now dreading playing the likes of Everton and Stoke as we are not convinced we can now even beat mid table sides. I can understand a transitional period where the financing of the Emirates was a big achievement.

Nevertheless the fans are the ones who are paying for the stadium through paying overinflated ticket prices. The ground is a spectacular venue and it will always ensure we will be a big club for many years to come; however, what is the point of having this stadium if you fill it with frustrated fans and average players pretending they can deliver trophies? Wenger has recently come out defending his socialist wage policies and I think he should just be shipped off to China! Go manage a Chinese team as your business operates in a capitalist economy you complete moron. This moron bemoans that other clubs can pinch his top players by offering higher wages!

Well it’s bloody simple, stop moaning and just pay the top players the money. How long have we tried to get rid of the likes of Bendtner, Denilson and Arshavin? Due to this socialist policy we have the likes of these players earning £50-£90K per week where other clubs simply will not pay the wages. So we just loan them out as no club will actually buy these overpaid wannabe footballers. Now we have allowed another two players to leave on loan in recent days, which either simply should just be sold or released. Where are the replacements Wenger? No wait you will only sign a special player to add something to the team. Considering the quality of players he has at his disposal he may as well just sign the Peterborough United squad as they fit the criteria! What a load of recycled and replicated bollox!

How can you endorse a wage structure that stops you attracting the world’s top players and rewards average players? This guy is a moron and for me this is definitely the final nail in his coffin! He is a great coach and he is one of the best coaches in world football. Problem is his stubbornness and his economic ideals do not mix! You all think I hate the guy but I sincerely do not! I respect his achievements in football but he is a dinosaur in a new age! He should just be allowed to coach and not have the influence in running other areas of the club. Just evaluate our results and style of play this season and you will come to the same conclusion as me. I conclude that this is without doubt the worst footballing side he has created in his overstayed dictatorship! We are now nearly without debt and prospering with great profits in a time of economic uncertainty. Arsenal is a great business for the greedy shareholders and our owners let Wenger make these judgements.

Whilst Wenger is in charge I can only see us further digressing and Tottenham will soon be finishing higher than us. How can a club like Spurs with two thirds of our stadium capacity, two thirds or our wages bill and struggling to break even continue to play better football than us? How can they outbid us and attract the likes of Vertonghen and Holtby? Players of quality seem to be drifting towards a smaller club whilst we have a complacent manager arguing the toss about his rigid wage structure? Why does it appear that we are linked with everyone and we never complete any top signings? No one expects you to sign Messi Wenger, but is Falcao or Cavani unrealistic? Could you not sign the likes of Lopez, LLorente, M’Villa, Hamsik or Baines? No to go buy proper players and pay proper money is not your style. You just stick to signing players like Santos, Park and Squillaci! Then you realise that they were cheap and no one else wants them when you want to sell!

Enough is enough and something will need to change very soon! When will Arsenal go out and make a statement of intent and acquire some talent to put us back into contention? No wait, we may sign Theo Walcott and Wenger will use this as propaganda to brainwash you into thinking he has done enough! Wenger out! Wenger out! Wenger out!

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86 thoughts on “Adam Kemp- When will Arsenal fans get some pride back?

  1. k

    It’s been a week into the transfer window. Give it another few days, if he doesn’t sign anyone, then you can write articles like this because it will be too late as they wont play against Chelsea and City.

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  2. GDL

    Falcao and turan didnt play yesterday for atletico
    and dey were healthy do u think any of them r
    leaving n mayb to Arsenal i wish

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  3. Reddb10

    Well we have already lost holtby to the spuds and Zaha looks to be bound for united.
    Mvilla would be the next one we miss out on so it looks like we will not have anything to be happy about.
    We will probably be smiling when Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger leave and Usmanov, Dein and whoever the want is in.

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  4. landi

    Leo !!!!! LEO!!!!!!! LEO!!!!!!!!11

    do you have any news on turan?
    any news on villa? and news on a defender? please share bro

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  5. David lre.

    Football is a game where confidence is key to win anything no matter how good the players are or how much u spend.
    Now with Arsenal the last few years players and fans have lost that and its not easy getting it back ask the Liverpool side from the 80s.
    What we need to do is stop expecting us to be the best and try help who we have get us where we want to be.

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  6. artillery1

    When Wenger will move to Board n Manage Club 🙂

    When new Manager will come on manage team 😛

    Give Steve Bould a chance to b Coach, He is very strict n True Arsenal Lover 😉

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  7. artillery1

    Wenger, plz dont play out of position players, plzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

    no ARTETA no RAMSEY plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

    Give COQUELIN a chance, bring on ROSICKY!

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  8. Ardi

    We being disrespected we pay highest price in the league to support our team but they don’t care abut us they don’t care what we want no trophy for 8 years now every transfer window we being let down by the club by now we should have signed Zaha and another good player but nothing is being done in the end they will sign Walcott and think that’s enough and probably sign one cheap shit player… It’s time to leave the stadium empty for few game and then they will listen to us

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  9. the gun show

    You can’t just get rid of Wenger. The next manager will face the same restrictions and may do a bit better, but probably not well enough to win us the PL or CL. The board need to go too, and Kroenke needs to keep his ridiculous American business ideals in America where they belong, and he should sell to Usmanov. Huge changes need to be made, not just in the squad or the manager

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  10. artillery1

    Wenger has good sense than Us, he knows What WALCOT is thts Y he was not giving him Money he wants, he played him against WEAK teams n Walcot become Hero, WEnger knws he cant compete wid big teams so now Wenger is Right we Are Wrong, WALCOT is not good enough Striker he is still beginner in this position!

    Well, We can Win thing wid this team, Ramsey not on Wings, Arteta not CDM!

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  11. Graham

    @ GDL

    I believe they had collected 5 yellow cards which carries a one match suspension

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  12. Sank

    Last time when i read a post for wenger to go i read all the comments, i came to conclusion that-
    1. lot of fans support wenger than arsenal.

    2. lot of fans believe if wenger goes than arsenal will fall.

    3. lot of fans are living in wengers past glory.

    4. lot of fans believe the board is to blame rather than wenger

    5. lots of fans use example of liverpool and spurs to support wenger.

    when will they learn all is because of wenger.

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  13. artillery1

    imagine ROSICKY in place of RAMSSEY in last game!

    Vermaelen in place of Mertesacker! (MERT need rest, he is good too, we all know, he saved us many times)

    Coquelin in place of Arteta! (coquelin sharp, speedy, lauch counter attacks, vision, long passes)

    Oh WENGER, plz dont b stuborn, plz!

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  14. Invincibles nice (1)

    Cop on you muppet, manu also had to settle for a draw and that were thanks to the leagues best striker our board gift rapped to them. This season on the whole would have been so different if we could have keept rvp.

    There are much too many fans on this site who either overreact hugely or overrate grately, never inbetween and always kneejerk.

    The fans who im talking about talk like its a simple matter of getting another manager, thinking somehow all these past seasons a new manager would simply buy great players from out of thin air.

    Or they (Fans) will make a massive list at what needs to be done, naming so many players that they are basically scrapping our squad and saying this is the squad we should have bought, why dont yous put the joypads down and go for your coaching badges you giant twats.

    Some people really need look at all sides and imagine the bigger picture.

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  15. the king

    we as fans will always be muggs and board will always win.
    just before when there seems that fans was waking up to how bad we are and how the board dose not invest.
    few lucky wins agains poor teams and everyone is all happy and in wenger we trust again…..the board get away again.

    they wont ever invest in the right
    way, we are not expect to splash out 30 million on a player
    but to use a budget.
    for the past 5 years every player that has come to the club
    has been from selling off our bigger players… the question is what happened to our budget for the past 5 years?….they have not saved it so they have used it and taken it out he club for there own profits.

    you have clubs like spuds
    buying world class players and even like last year us struggling to catch up with them for 4th place.

    is this how its going to be us fighting for 4th with spuds, last year we was lucky to get 4th are we going to take this risk each year for 4th.

    and if we fall of 4th spot just once we can kiss goodbye to the club, no big player would come and even lesssss money there this is now.

    we just a sad club is all i can say.
    and selling or our best player leaving us for united
    that says it alll.

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  16. vp

    The only way to deal with the our demise is to accept the fact that we are now a feeder club. If not, then make a stand! I do not see us doing the latter, so lower your expectations as you are only setting your self up for disappointments week in week out.Our model is there to prioritize shareholder interests above and beyond any stakeholder- so get used to it. It is no coincidence that we have ended up with an investor who does not give two hoots about the game.

    Do you really think that he purchased us to make Arsenal the best football club in the world? No, this would come at too much of price particularly given the competitive nature of the market. Why expose your investment to huge amount of risk when you can get a guaranteed return at little or no risk. That’s why using the minimum amount of capital possible , to achieve the top four makes great investment sense. Its not just about how much money you can make, but more importantly the return on your capital.

    Let me put it to you this way. Would you rather invest £1000 at 20% risk and get £1500 back, or opt for investing £2000 and £3000 back at 80% risk. There is a common misconception between some fans (even some accountants) that because he is business orientated, he will strive for success on the pitch to better his investment, and so everybody’s happy. This is only true to a degree, but ultimately it comes down to the return on capital employed.

    He has no interest in going past the ROCE risk-return cut off point, and this what Lady Bracewell smith (former Non-exec) was alluding to when she confessed her regrets for selling her shares to Kroenke. We are operating at the level which provides our investor with the best optimum ‘personal gain’. To put it simply, The club is enhancing its balance sheet and building up gains that can be realized at some time in the future.

    No socialism about it Mr Wenger, we have become the ultimate pristine capitalist where shareholder is king.

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  17. jack

    wenger is definatly the problem and just lies all the time he cannot motivate the players and has not tactics we should sack him ASAP for all his total BS

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  18. NIKK

    Arsene should consult Bouldy before buying any new players…his transfer record over last 3/4 years has been a utter disaster to say the least and he has saddled the club with mediocre players on high wages and long contracts!

    This has prevented the club from buying quality world class players….infact he has f**ked up!

    As he has the final say on all transfers, he feels he has to play this loosers to justify his decision even at the expense of the team!

    In the meantime the Man is digging himself a deeper and deeper hole by adding more cr@p!

    Just buy one proven quality forward and CDM now and in an instance galvanise the club with new belief, hope and confidence and lets give rest of the b@strds run for their money!

    Now open that bloody dusty wallet of yours (i said his wallet bcuse he treats club money as his)!

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  19. the king

    and for wenger… his beggest fan but.

    8 years he has won nothing
    his fail is his youth system, he bought them made them great players and sold them and made a nice profit.
    he makes mestaks as a manager, playing players out of position like once again after all the fans moaning he dose it again playing ramsey on the wing, destroying the boys carer on the way.

    are we going to stand by wenger becouse what he done 10 years ago…..and worse of all wenger back the board
    wenger is no better then the board who want profit.

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  20. Salvage

    I had to a fan’s reply to another fan’s post from another thread. The reply is an eye opener:

    gaz says:
    January 6, 2013 at 9:03 pm
    REPLY to Uche Edochie.

    “Carzola is so tired that he has become jaded and ineffective. Why not rest him and replace him with rosicky, a seasoned mid fielder who is even more effective than carzola when going forward? Rosicky is like the conductor of an orchestra. The entire tempo, energy and morale of the team flows through him. He ran our midfield last season and got us to third place. He played for only 45 minutes against olympiacos and we were absolutely marvelous. The moment wenger substituted him, we lost the game. That is how good rosicky is. So how come we did not play him today even after rotation? Rosicky does not get games. He does not get league games or even smaller cup games adn we extended his contract. So why on earth are we keeping him if we do not intend to play him? Why bench tomas and play ramsey? Why work carzola to the ground and bench rosicky? Arsenal is a mystery.”

    Here is Gaz’s reply:

    I think the answer is, PROFIT.
    The only explanation I can think of is that Arsene knows he can’t sell rosicky off for a great amount as he’s 31 already (something like that), and so he’d rather play some of the younger players, (many inferior to him) so they’ll attract attention from other clubs and so therefore the players we have who do not fit that model (i.e, young, future potential, marketable) get sort of casted away slowly. As far as rosicky’s extension last year; I bet he was willing to receive extremely low wages otherwise the board wouldn’t have done it, possibly.

    Eureka!!!!!! Gaz surely has solved this mystery that has been baffling us. Wenger is as bad as the board or even worse since he ought to respect the game and the fans more than the scramble for money.

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  21. Salvage

    Also that reply by Gaz above, is the reason why Wenger refuses to play Arshavin even when he performs well when introduced in a game.

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  22. cicero@gunner

    Some of our fans are stupid as Wenger himself. When people were agitating that Wenger be spared from blames that only the board responsible for arsenal dwindling form. Now you see the truth, could you believe Wenger is responsible for not being active during transfers and also responsible for poor wage structure? That man is 2nd highest paid coach. Let those fans are bereaved of ideas as Wenger himself thumb me down, can’t change my opinion in any way. Wenger should be made to reduce his wage to equal what the manager of teams like milwall, conventry etc. because Wenger cannot bet his team to beat any of these team. WHAT A SHAME .

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  23. Dave


    Stupidest post I’ve ever seen from ‘Gaz’ and the fact you support it shows you’re uneducated.

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  24. Andrew Clark

    I am so sick of your whinning , is this your only chance you have to communicate with people , you must be one sad sorry lonely person if this is all you have to whinge about this all the time . just calm down , warm the bath up put some Tracey Champmen on and remember to cut up the arm not across . There’s a good boy , I wonder where the expression “whinging pom” came from .

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  25. get real gonners

    We are crap! Sick ov everybodys excusis! We r not good enough!

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  26. Dmate

    We should leave the stadium empty until they let Usmanov take over. That is what we want and need to win trophies.

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  27. Gunnerineverylife

    Players we are interested in:-Mignolet,Alderweireld,Mbiwa,M’vila,Villa

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  28. mala

    Other teams’ new strikers already scored goals & Arsenal is not even close to bringing in a single new player!
    Wenger has admitted he takes part in all transfer negotiations, he’s just as inefficient even in his transfer dealings.
    Wenger, stop playing your poker game & sign some players to help the team ASAP!

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  29. Ozzy

    Agree with a lot of the points your making, why is it that Wenger continually plays players who are just performing terribly like Ramsey when Rosicky who was one of better players last season continually sit’s on the bench and could also cover for Cazorla who severely needs a rest. Worryingly as well, Sagna has been very poor for the last three games and yet there is no sign of Jenkinson at all. We have too much dead wood in the squad that we pay too high wages that nobody else will pay them. The ground will have more and more empty seats the longer nothing is done about this.

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  30. buky

    best article yet….am tired ov fans who keep on living in wenger’s past!!! out with wenger……..& take ur board with u

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  31. the king

    and wenger is one of the highest paid managers in the world
    i belive he gets even more then fergie…..but for what
    how can a manager that has won nothing for 8 years
    and his club getting worse and worse

    how can he be paid so much
    the spuds manager is doing a better job then wenger.

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  32. johnverdal

    i agree with stewart robson. wenger is a dictator who runs the board. he is the manager with no ambition.

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  33. KC

    The board listens to our continued complaints about the policiy and direction of the club. They respond by spitting down on us from the box seats. We being the powerless masses spit back up at them in the box seats…you know how that ends!

    HaHa! The plight of the powerless.

    Let’s just enjoy it mates. Our new birth-rite as Arsenal fans, the anual race for 4th place.

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  34. arie

    what we get here, another people who think that he have better analysis than wenger.
    well you not, you just share your low brilliant mind, also your forgot, your are not in field to do something useful, your just sitting on front your home pc. useless

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  35. AmericanGooner

    We need to bring in quality players. Not sold on Per, he looked dreadful against Swansea, so maybe another CB someone like Howedes or Alderweireld would be nice. David Villa would be a great addition. Remember how excited we all were when Santi signed? Those big name, top class additions not only improve your team but improve fan morale, so I feel that Villa is a must. A true DM would be nice as would a winger.

    Overall if we sign a player who can play both DM and CB, and a Versatile front man, I think that would be good for January. Villa, Howedes, and maybe one more

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  36. Gunnerineverylife

    @arie “low brilliant mind” what kind of mind is that mate?2 in 1?

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  37. Arsenola4life

    Why not replace Wengner with Pepe Gardiola before its to late….champions league next season I don’t think so our squad has no depth no real winners just pure wanna be’s or has beens.

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  38. Nicolas


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  39. F Davies

    Adam Kemp you must a real big psychiatric problem. When ever our beloved Gunners play well we never hear from you, but when we do have a bad game you show your ugly face. Why don’t you write personal letters to the Arsenal board and stop throwing Wenger under the bus. Kroenke is just another American capitalist crook that’s only here for a profit and you always give Wenger stick. The man is doing all he can with the resources available to him. You have never managed a team before in your and you talk so much trash rather than getting behind the team. Are you sure you’re a GOONER? And we will never be a mid-table team is that is your sick retarded wish you son of a Cork-sucking crack whore. Arsenal forever!!!

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  40. Gunner

    I’ve always had pride in my club, win lose or draw.

    It’s whiny crap from people like you that make people lose pride in the club and, frankly, themselves.

    Stop being such a baby complaining all the time and grow some balls.

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  41. King Henrys Mate

    Adam Kemps Post is completely right. We Arsenal fans are feeling total pain at the demise of our once great club. Even at this late hour ie 1 minute to midnight it is still not too late for the club to turn it around. There is still time to buy players like FALCAO or CAVANI in this transfer window. Just imagine the boost to the fans players and everyone in our club if they do get the transfers done for these sort of players. If these sort of transfers are not done we risk being doomed to wandering the wilderness of mediocrity for many years like liverpool. And our pain is all down to Arsene Wenger and his strange strategies.

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  42. Steveo

    Well said Gunner some of the full time whingers on this site need to put more energy in supporting their team than posting poison messages.

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  43. john wheeler

    a.v. has never won any thing with his own team.
    our last victory was with the last of the g.g. men.
    we will not win any thing until after he leaves,
    i did love him but now he makes me ashamed of my team.
    i have supported them since 1950 so i have seen the
    good and alot of bad years.

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  44. RT

    The thing is we don’t make enough of an uproar for the board to hear our disappointment. And until that happens they will just carry on.

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  45. LiamBrady

    @ Gunner – Thank you you said it !!!!!!!!!!

    as for transfers: Who says we where after Huntelaar, Holtby, Ba etc….
    It`s only rumours, so stay positive and patience untill the end of this transfer window please :)!

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  46. saras



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  47. londongunner

    Talk is cheap that is all we do!

    If wenger doesnt sign anyone this jan! or only signs 1 unknown foreign player!

    WE NEED TO PROTEST!!! SIGNS BANNNERS ECT!! outside emirates stadium!

    I hope KRoenke comes to one of our matches soon! IF HE DOEST WE SHUD GIVE HIM HUGE ABUSE!! SWEARING!! JEERING

    LET IT BE KNOWN WE DONT HIM HEAR, people need to stop attednding matches! or if they do! chant fuck the board constantly!!

    all we doing is bitching online the board nor wenger reads this we need to spread the movement! what happined to the black scarf movement??

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  48. londongunner

    i used to live in mank and was around for the protests of over Glazer only time i had respect for man u supporters!

    THey went Fu#king mental and actually protested even while they were still winning stuff!!


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  49. Invincibles nice (1)


    You make some fair points but if we are only one striker and one midfielder away from giving the top teams a run for there money, well then the transfers arent as bad as youv made out.

    Also i think others should realise that you can hardly expect to replace players worth fifty mil with the funding we have had over the years (occasions we had none), the fifty mil players that im talking about are of course rvp and fab who truly are more valuable than torres. I think we are much to fair when setting a price on our players.

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  50. Invincibles nice (1)


    I cant tell if your being sarcastic or not, i certainly hope so, otherwise hmmm?.

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  51. Kinghenry

    Ppl I tell u now we wil b lucky if we c one player in January.. Wenger must c something special in these players on the training ground but the truth is that we lack leadership and winning mentality.. That needs to b enforced by the manager but wen all the players are told all we want to achieve all season is to finish 4th wot would u think if u were one off the team knowing that wenger and the board r happy jus finishing 4th.. And the fact that the current team is below average I mean come on which off the arsenal team would get in any of the top 4 team.. Whilshire.. Carzola that’s about it.. Football has changed it’s all about money now.. U want the best players u have to pay big money.. Wenger and the board keep bullshitting us about we only sign players that are special!! Wot like gervinho chamak giroud come on wenger who r u trying to kid.. I personally wouldn’t give wenger any money he has lost the plot he signs cheap players to replace our big players we get linked wiv all these players every transfer window yet nothing happens.. Wenger has had 8 years of buying youth yet none reach there potential and if they do we sell them.. So as much as it pains me to say we r in decline at a fast rate we won’t sign any big players in jan and the best solution is wenger needs to stop bein do stubborn start listening to the fans and realise the squad is thin wiv no strength in depth.. We have to many players who don’t play well but don’t care coz they no they won’t b dropped bcoz we don’t have the players to fight for the starting spot.. It’s a joke wenger wake up and realise the fans r hurting wot ever u guys think whether its the board or wenger jus remember no one is bigger than the club yet wenger is untouchable bcoz the majority shareholder doesn’t care.. We r a business now not a football club.. This wil take minimum 5 more years b4 we c change.. So prepare for more misery boys!! GTID

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  52. Greg

    Simple when the arsenal board stop being the blood sucking money leaches that they are and stop looking for profit in wrong ways!start spending and buy players so that we can be competitive with Chelsea man utd man city.give back something to the fans we are tired of mediocre players that cannot get the job done to win us silverware!wakeup from your selfish empire arsenal board and bring back confidence to the fans because its getting thin!Mr David dein please return to us!only you had us smiling!

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  53. Invincibles nice (1)

    Well thought out piece.
    Im just hoping that this Ajax model the board chose is at an end, with ourselves making a big statement of intent with next season kicks off.

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  54. Reeno77

    Why oh why does this site let this muppet keep posting articles..! not sure your even an arsenal fan..! arsenal’s main problem since wegner took over has always been our sometimes suicidal defending..! he was blessed when he took over in that he inherited one of the finest defences ever to grace the english game.. even the invincibles of 2004 couldn’t defend, but we could basically outscore any opposition (middlesbourgh 3 arsenal 5) springs to mind, some truly shocking defending but with players like dennis, henry, etc we knew that arsenal alwyas had a chance.. both goals against swansea should have been avoided how can you give a player sooooooo much time in your own box when your leading 2-1 with a couple of mins to go..! as a unit we are shocking defensively..! teams dont really have to work hard to crerate chances against us we generally tend to gift chances to opponents..! gibbs’ ball across the box against reading crazy.. sagna’s pathetic clearence against southampton..! we just seem to panic no real leader at the back..! we need a beast at the heart of our defence not defenders who like to play ball..!

    but what rerally sickens me is plastic arsenal fans who only started supporting arsenal when wegner took over..! arsenal’s sucess throughout our proud 125 year history has alwyas been cyclical..! except for the great herbert chapman we’ve never managed to win back to back titles.. when we won the double in 1971 it had been nearly 30yrs since we’d won any major trophy..! when we beat the best team in europe in 1989 by 2 clear gaols it had been nerarly 20yrs since we’d won a trophy..! now the media loves reminding everybody how long its been since arsenal won a trophy..! so people like this adam kemp can write whatever waffle he feels like drooling onto a page..!

    if your an arsenal fan your an arsenal fan we have been spoilt over the last 16yrs by some of the football we have played.. yes i know its frustrating, yes i’d love some big-name signings, yes i’d love us to win a trophy this year, but if we don’t do you think i’ll be jumpming and banging on the wegner out brigade…? not a fuckin chance because i’m an arsenal fan to the core of my very being..! if you cut me do i not bleed red..?

    so come on all the real arsenal fans out there get behind your team and stay loyal no matter what happens..! adam has probably supported cheski and man shitty over the last couple of yrs.. really sick of rerading his negatives ramblings.. Arasenasl forever

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  55. kemp

    Anybody who still beleives wenger knows what he is doing , shuld leave arsenal and go join the spuds.. Cuz nobody is bigger than the club, but some ignorant fans have made wenger bigger and irreplacable. How can i defend a manager that doesn’t know his problems,he changes his mind after each match on wether he is gonna be active in the transfer window! Thats pathetic ,
    mourinho has said it all , wenger is not pressured to win , he has made loosing matches a part of his mentality, to him its not a big deal to loose matches, as long as the board is happy and he remains the highest paid, no problem

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  56. Clifton johnson

    You are so right . Wenger treats the club like its an academy ! It’s a football club and results matter . I am of the opinion that pat rice was the man behind the beautiful Football we used to play , now with him gone it seem as if we can’t play to save our lives . It’s painful to watch . Wenger must go !!!!

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  57. King Henrys Mate

    @Kinghenry is right. The team lacks leadership and Wenger is responsible for it. I didn’t want to see Arsene drummed out of Arsenal but Arsenal comes first. Arsene has to go so that we can move forward. I recon that you Northampton Gooners are on the right track.

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  58. jp

    Adam Kemp,
    Van Persie wanted to leave us and we couldn’t pay him what he wanted so the option of keeping him was not on the cards
    (stop the love for Van Persie)

    Also you mention about Arsenal only being able to score against other teams by penalties, by own goals or because of terrible defending…..
    How many goals have we given away? don’t write as if every goal scored against us this season we were outplayed.

    And Wenger uses propaganda… no …. people can do their own homework and make a decision for themselves.

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  59. deano81

    adam kemp, how come we never hear from you after we have won a game???? your a joke, some of what you say is right but only a small percentage.. if you commented on here every week instead of only when things dont go too well maybe people could take you seriously….. I would love to have a real proper debate with you, see how much you actually know about the club you claim to support, i doubt it very very little. you sound more like a bitter spud than a gooner. so i do challenge you to a real debate, otherwise do every one a favour and go do one.

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  60. D.Bergkamp

    Stupid wenga fans did not understand VPs post hence no thumbs down.

    See how dumb you lot are.

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  61. Invincibles nice (1)

    @D Bergkamp

    Your the idiot as hes on about the path our board took, he may well be anti Wenger but i cant argue with his assessment on our board members as i believe they have gone well past the whole there doing it for a better club stability.

    Its not like we’re in any danger of bankruptcy now is it, this is the reason why i didnt give the thumbs down you plank.

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  62. samuelj

    Quite harsh on Swansea to compare them to leeds m’boro or bolton. Swansea have taken points off everyone since they came up. Inferior? how happy would we have been with michu?

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  63. deano81

    @reeno77………..finally someone who talks sense. i said the same thing on here months ago, id say most so called fans on here have only been fans for past 12 yrs or so by the things they say. no one seems to know the true arsenal, what we stand for or even know the barren times we have faced in the past, the season before wenger came bergkamp scored against bolton to get us into the uefa cup on last game of season, we all celebrated that as a great achievement, since wenger we have had 15 years on the trot in the european cup. we have also never paid big money for anybody, that is not the arsenal way, not just not the wenger way. so like i said before once you learn what the arsenal are actually like mr kemp, come back and we will have a real debate. your just a plastic fan who hasnt got an ounce of arsenal blood in him, you dont know what it means to be a gooner.

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  64. LoCkAy

    The fans will get some pride back if we win the CL and the FA cup.

    But let’s keep it real here, it would not happen.

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  65. D.Bergkamp

    invincible not so this means wengs supports this bolloc#s and there no excuse. so f u

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  66. S.H

    I haven’t read a Kemp article in months. I just see his name and know what to expect. Blah blah blah and more blah blah blah! Yeah whatever! Blah blah blah!

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  67. Big Gun

    Another spot on article by Mr Kemp. I don’t understand how some fans can just sit by by and let this club go to hell. That is where Kroenke is leading it. I fear things will get worse for Arsenal, mark my words, simply because of this bullsh*t rigid wage structure. How can Arsenal ever be champions or win silverware again when we cannot support and keep world class players? World class players win things – simple as that. With Kroenke and Gazidis running the show, there is no chance we will see another trophy. So stop fantasizing about how in a year or two we will all of a sudden have this massive amount to invest into top players – it aint gonna happen because you heard the man – we stick by our policies. That means this wage structure isn’t going to change, which means we will never have players like Cesc, RvP, etc at our club ever again. And by some luck we are able to rain up a superstar like we have done so in the past, they will just leave for greener pastures when Arsenal cannot afford their wages.

    Be prepared for another 5 trophy less years gooners, until all these d*ckheads who support Kroenke and Wenger wake up and realize our club will continue to rot under the ‘socialist’ regime.

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  68. Big Gun

    @Reeno This is the problem my friend. READ and pay attention.
    Arsenal were one, IF NOT THE top club in Europe 03/04. We had such a dazzling and amazing squad…Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Overmars, Viera, Petit, Flamini, the list goes on. You have to ask yourself – if Arsenal were such a great team then, why did all those players leave!!?? If more trophies were in the pipeline – CL especially, why did those players decide to pack up and go to another club? The answer is because of the internal dealings and changes at AFC. Dein left, Kroenke came in and basically gave the reigns to a Man City supporter and from there things started going down hill. This is where the wage structure was capped and players like Henry, Viera etc were not getting the increases they deserved. Also, these players are not stupid. They could see the immediate impact of Kroenke’s takeover and how it would affect Arsenal negatively in the long run.

    What I’m saying is, Arsenal could still have been a top team in Europe if things had been done differently around the time of the end of the Invincibles era. We could still be witness to beautiful football played by the best in the world. This is why most of us fans like Kemp are angry and write these types of articles, is because Arsenal in 04 had everything going for it, but because of greed and stupid decisions made at the time of Kroenke’s takeover, we are now sitting where we are. Even previous shareholders now admit, selling to Kroenke was a big mistake.

    How can you go from being practically the best team in Europe in 04, and in just a span of a few years end up bending over for teams like United, Chelsea, City etc. How can you sell your best players year after year, especially to age old rivals like United? An absolute disgrace.

    The sad thing is, that most AKB’s don’t seem to understand, is that Wenger is a proponent of this whole ‘socialist’ system at Arsenal. Wenger is in the same boat as Gazidis, PHW and Kroenke! He is one of the highest paid managers in the world, because he does his job, and that is just to keep us in top 4. What about our players that dream of winning titles and trophies? Isn’t that unfair to them??? We expect them to win and crucify them when they don’t, but our spineless manager’s only ambition is to cut top 4. So then how can we expect our team to have this winning mentality, when our manager does not!? Do you people see now why Arsenal do not look like winners? It’s because our manager is a loser. Plan and simple – and his attitude rubs off on our players.

    Kroenke, Gazidis, Wenger OUT
    Usmanov, Guardiola IN

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  69. Ganaz

    Well done Mr.Kemp you have been more realistic all the time and not one of those hypocrites of “In Wenger we Trust” wing.They keep adoring him once we suffer defeats they start complaining.Wenger out

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  70. Ganaz

    @Reeno 77stop living in the past.You are part of Arsenal problems.Any fan who cant stand for truth is the enemy of Arsenal’s success.Continuing dwelling in what Wenger has done in the past is not fair for the club.He is supposed to be ambitious for championship which he lacks.And you are out there insulting Mr.Kemp as if your comments are helping the team.Wenger out with your puppets the likes of Reeno 77

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  71. deano81

    @big gun, ganaz and bubbles down, your are obviously the type of fans i was talking about. first of the arsenal way is the doing things the right way, i bet you was all up in arms when chelsea started winning things wasn’t you. complaining about them buying there trophies, i know so many arsenal fans like that all being two faced with double standards, you cant complain about that and then complain when we dont spend 30million on a player. also big guns comment about kroenke coming in and the invincibles leaving (and i wanna say i am no fan of kroenke) but it just shows how much of a fan you are when he wasnt even around then mate, so like i always say before you comment on here know your facts and history of club you claim to support because you only make yourself look stupid. we have always had a wages cap by the way, and the reason the money stopped then is because we gave the emirates the green light (most real fans can at least remember that far back) and we are not dwelling on what wenger has done, but here are the simple facts, can anyone please name me one manager out there who could of kept us this competitive with the financial restraints we have had to have the last 6 years???? and yes we have been competitive, lets looks at facts, we havent won any trophies but in that time we have been in a champ league final, two carling cup finals, we have also had two fa cup semi finals, a champs league semi final, finished 4 points of the title and had another title which we threw away in 2011 when we probably would of won itif we hadnt of collapsed in final agains birmingham, so it is not like we have dropped off the face of planet and that is with the financial constraints that were forced on us with the move. if we had just had a little luck with some injuries, and in games we could of had 4 or 5 trophies in that time. so i dont think it is the end of the arsenal in fact i know it isnt because i am a true fan and i have seen us go through a lot worse than this. so once again before you all come on here banging your drums and screaming for heads learn your facts and know your history.

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