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Adrian Lopez is the right man for Arsenal?

Should Arsenal sign Adrian Lopez? by KJ

The transfer window has finally opened and it’s already started with a bang. Daniel Sturridge of Chelsea has signed for Liverpool whilst Demba Ba (linked with Arsenal) of Newcastle has signed for Chelsea. Now it’s Arsenal’s turn to step up in the window and with Walcott set to sign a new contract, Arsenal can really focus on bringing some players in. The most linked player at the moment is Adrian Lopez – someone I’m a fan of.

He was really impressive for Atletico Madrid last season as they went on to win the Europa league. However, he’s struggled this season mainly because of the contract talks between Atletico and his agent. They want to tie him down to a long term contract that will also increase his £15 million buyout clause to something a lot more substantial. However, he’s refused to so as it’ll limit his options in the future and as a result has fallen out with the management at the Spanish club.

He’s very neat with his feet and isn’t half bad in the air either. He has struggled to score goals this season but that’s because everything he does when playing is channelled into getting the goals for Falcao. When you’re playing second fiddle to him, your qualities are overshadowed for the good of the team. He doesn’t really have the licence to express himself. At Arsenal he could.

Finally, if there ever was a man that turned relatively unknown average strikers into world class ones, it’s Arsene Wenger.

I’m excited by the news. Although I’d prefer the experience and guile of David Villa, I won’t mind Adrian Lopez as he has a lot to offer.

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51 thoughts on “Adrian Lopez is the right man for Arsenal?

  1. Shiva

    There is a youtube video of all 19 goals of Adrian in last season. Some of the goals were indeed of great quality. One where he started the run near midfield to go past 5-6 defenders and score stands out. A good share of the goals were headers too.

    I will be very happy if we can get Adrian. Will be a world class signing.

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  2. Gooner_greece

    Why on earth someone would buy lopez instrad of villa?atletico wants 14 mil pounds while barca wants 16..i think wenger shouldnt think it at is our chance to buy a world class striker..

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  3. arsenefc

    i will trust in giroud walcot and podolski to deliver the goals. what we realy need in this window is a quality defensive mid and a left back.

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  4. Dave

    I don’t understand why people are complaining about not pursuing Villa? He’s 31 years old and for £16m we’ll get 2 seasons max out of him. Use your brains…

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  5. The Wise One

    He is a very good player but one transfer will not change the team. We need new additions aswell so there are competition for places because it seems some players don’t give their all as they know they will play the next match. This is not right and that is what people like Nasri have been saying! Obviously that Samir Ca$hri left for the money but he also said that at Arsenal there is no incentive to strive to do better. For example Kieren Gibbs he played shocking on tuesday as he just did not put any effort in as he knows Santos would not overtake him and we all know that. 🙂 That is why our players are not motivated and players to challenge for positions is just what we need.(Sorry about the Long Paragraph)

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  6. David Oloo (Complete Gunner and Wenger's Man)

    Adrian is a perfect fit for arsenal phylosophy

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  7. get real gonners

    U people r deluded! Stop talking bout getting world class players!! With world class players comes world class wages! We are stingy and wont pay it so just forget bout world class for now! Lopez wud be a good signing! David villa wants bout 150,000 a week, we aint paying that! Look if u want a top class car u pay good money if u want used run down car u pay shit money! Simple as that!!!

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  8. budgie

    We need to strengthen our defence, when was the last time we kept a clean sheet? there are some good quality spanish defenders going cheap because their economy is f***ked, a couple of decent signings and we could still have a charge at the top four! Come on Arsene lets have a bloody go at this!

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  9. Tamil Sundram

    World class players were nobody before…they were once valueless and cheap before….Zidane, Ronaldo and ETC….were once cost very little and were once a nobody

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  10. ButtFlaps

    Lopes is top top. If Mr Wengers purchases him we have 3 top top strikers rotate: Walshot, Giros, Lopes.

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  11. **** Set Gunner ****

    I seriously don’t want to see another guy who is not tested at the highest level and from a different league. I really want to see Luke Shaw, Fellaini, Mbiwa/Ogbonna and Jovetic come in followed by the sales of Squillaci, Arshavin, Chamakh, Djourou, Santos and Gervinho.

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  12. proudgooner

    What Arsenal did in the last few years…

    “Wow we have a really good team Van Persie, Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy,Denilson,Song,Vela,Eboue and Walcott. why Don’t we sell all of them while we try and win the league.”

    So we went to Barca,City,Man u and the other clubs and said: “Barca why don’t u take Fabregas and wait a few years until we establish Song then u can have him as well.

    Then we went to city and said : ” Take Nasri and Clichy because u look like u need them”

    Then we went to Man u and said :” Here take our best player we’ll just buy another one”.

    And so Arsenal Draw with southampton and we wonder why can’t we win, we sold Nasri and RVP and Fabregas, and clichy and song. So arsenal turn around and say oh yes we forgot to sell Walcott.

    so don’t hold your breath for lopez we will sell him 1 year before his contract ends and replace him with an 18 year old

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  13. Gooner_greece

    I think that none of you understand how close we are to buy a world class striker..VILLA IS THE MAN..klopez is just a younger version of podolski..what we really need is EXPERIENCE….

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  14. true goon

    NEWSFLASH- Wenger just said he won’t be signing any1 until he signs Theo.DAM! how annoying this is exactly what we don’t want to hear,say if it takes him a month to sign then we won’t sign anybody.We can’t waste time,we’re a big club why can’t we have contract negotiations and sign some1 at the same time?Wenger once again is letting us down,don’t waste all your time on Walcott he’s not gonna save us,we need a defensive midfielder,striker and some defenders.

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  15. Dave


    For the love of god, shut the f**k up. Sick of immature posts like yours.

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  16. true goon

    Get Lopez in,Spanish international bound to be an improvement on wat we’ve got.I don’t care how msny cheerleaders he’s got in the media,Theo Walcott is not good enuff technically to play upfront on his own for Arsenal.

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  17. Alex

    To the person that listed the previous players we had, why the f*** would you include denilson in that list. He is useless and shouldn’t be in the same sentence as can Persie nasri fabregas and song

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  18. leo

    adrian lopez would be good but wenger’s real target is david villa acc to most maybe all this is smokescreen created to keep the like of spuds of our tail & i will be disappointed if we don’t sign zaha the player is a maasive talent a boyhood arsenal supporter if he ends up at manure it will be pathetic

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  19. leo

    Djourou to Hannover, Chamakh to Lille, Arshavin to PSV, Squillaci to Monaco now that’s more like it add park/denilson/bendtner/fabianski to that list & daiaby as well

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  20. Saton81

    Lets go and get Wilfried Zaha… Who cares if hes another winger… We need someone good to come on when Podolski needs to be subbed. Instead of Gervinho this would increase our quality in attaking areas and give us more options. Also i dont want to see anoher Premier League team get him because he is a real talent.

    On Adrian Lopez… He an play ST or on the wings. His link up play will be excellent with Santi Cazorla so if we can get him that will be a very good signing.

    Adrian Lopez Wilfried Zaha in.

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  21. Dan

    The guy will have the technical ability that Giroud and Walcott don’t have, the fact he has quite a lot of speed will help aswell because our approach play simply isn’t quick enough.

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  22. habtu woldehawariat

    don’t rubish you people always talking about sereaching of plyers rather than buying. I am tiried when i saw this sound.

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  23. davidrusa

    I sometimes get amused by some of our fans. What we need are players of good quality and not certain individuals some of whom are approaching their retirement age! Lopez is a good player and nobody said he was the best around. Other than Messi I don’t know any other player who can be called best. Maybe it’s a question of language. What Arsenal requires is a striker like Lopez who has proved himself at some level. He will then improve when he comes to Arsenal because Arsenal has a track record in that regard. Two examples of Thiery Henry and Van Persie will suffice here. Before Arsenal the two were unknown quantities but now they are household names! Lopez can equally progress into a more accomplished striker. At any rate Lopez will be coming to supplement other strikers like Giroud, Podolski and Walcott. Those who call for signing David Villa had better think twice. The fellow is just approaching retirement and past his prime! How many goals has he scored for Barcelona in the last two seasons? If he hasn’t been scoring many goals what guarantee do we have that when he comes to Arsenal he will rediscover the magic? Think again.

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  24. N21 gooner

    here we are again. predicting who we will or wont buy is now almost more exciting than watching some of our boring BS performances lately, like the one against Southampton! I really think we need to offload some of the dead wood b4 we start thinking too much about replacements. We r still paying wages (as much as 50-80k a week in some cases!) for guys who are long term benchwarmers. Scratching my head here – how is that the good financial management everybody talks about???

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  25. peetr

    the reason wengers waiting to sign walcott before signing anyone is if we sign lopez or another player that can play cf what will walcott think

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  26. APC

    really dont want this guy. please try get villa for 10mill we like to sell players on and i understand this but now we do need a player to come in proven who will lift us. villa is the one for us

    mvilla. mbiwa also in please both will add to our team.
    i also think a goalie if poss der stegen

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  27. kron

    you should re do this website so you can comment on other peoples comments! some of the shit i’ve read so far is bollocks. guys are say gibbs doesn’t care and had the worst game of his career.. bullshit. If tht was gibbs’s worst game then sanga should be sold or even worse have his leg chopped off!

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  28. rhys

    Why would you get rid of diaby, they have found his problem? I know he is injured all the time, but hes fantastic talent. Id rather he stayed and played from the bench such a massive impact player. Strong, skilful and can defend and PASS!!!

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  29. Nrml

    i hope adrian is a good player judging by the videos posted on youtube. got good aerial ability unlike gervinho, and great link up play. i thik he would combine well with cazorla. strategy wise i think this is a no brainer. but just hope that it pays off.

    our performance against southampton had nothing to do with the deadwood we have or the lack of squad strength. it was FATIGUE. did you see santi cazorla and wilshere? but did you see sagna? they looked so damn tired and ruined! should have started giroud, rosicky, coquelin and jenkinson. i don’t know why wenger didn’t opt to start any of them!

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  30. Lix

    You people are just wasting you precious time for nothing. See, if we don’t sell anybody we won’t buy anybody. We don’t have any money in our transfer kitty, we have to sell somebody to create space and raise money for any of our target, seriously. I am choking.

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  31. rob

    the answer is not signing players our team should already be good enough to beat southampton, villa, stoke, sunderland, norwich, Swansea, Bradford etc. compare their teams to ours it is a no brainer! Ask yourself how many of those teams players would make our 1st team!

    The problem is the manager doesn’t have the tactical knowledge or motivation techniques to succeed in 2013 premier league

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  32. georgegooner

    If he can’t get into a starting line up of a team in the Europa League, why are we bothering, i’ve seen him play a couple of times and yes he seems a ‘good’ player, but we don’t want good players, we have a substantial amount of ‘good’ players, we need world class players, like David Villa, whom we’ve been linked with, has won world cups, champions leagues, is a phenomenal finisher, clinical anywhere with in 30 yards from goal, still has the pace to beat defenders and is available for £16MILLION, i don’t understand why people are turning their noses up, did we turn our nose up at the signing of Gilberto Silva? Brazil’s captain in the previous international tournament (can’t remember if it was world cup of the Americas) ? No we didn’t, he was a huge name and we beat teams in Italy to his signing. I’ve seen reports of us snubbing Sneijder for less than £10million because of his contract issues? What the actual fuck?! Yes, he would become the clubs highest paid player, but deservedly so, champions league winner, world cup finalist, captain of his country, these are the players we need, leaders, players who have been there and done it, and we’re going for younger inexperienced alternatives? I have no clue why! We’re lacking leadership, the 2 players i’ve previously stated are leaders within their national teams and we won’t sign them!

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  33. Arsenal fanatic

    Arsenals problem is that we do not have consistent players who deliver in each position for instance gervinho he was scoring a few goals at the start of the season and now he is just doing shit. Arsenal need world class players who deliver all the time like M’vila, Adrian, Muniain.Additions like these would surely establish Arsenal as a top european team.

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  34. Thala

    We dont need Lopez…..We need Turan.
    Problem is not with Strikers we have , it creativity and giving the final ball. If other teams mark Santi properly , we have no one 2 connect Midfield to Strikers …..Arda Turan is player we need.

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  35. Gundam

    I should just not watch or read about football til the window is over.. saves me the heartache of letting all those players go elsewhere and becoming super stars… that’s our motto these days… yeah wenger should sign zaha… its good to keep the uk levels up for that rule they have in place.. just in case a few of the others leave .. if you are gonna have uk players … have good ones

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  36. Arsenal1

    If we got Lopez we could play him in CAM behind walcott then santi on the Right Wing were from the very little I’ve seen him there plays better than in cam and is more comfortable there !

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  37. RT

    If we were going to purchase Adrian to put him in the CAM role I’m sure Wenger would be smart enough to just purchase Isco!!
    But I agree with your statement about him on the wing – and if we got Isco they’d be very interchangable it would be a wonderful duo!!

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  38. Bunmilee

    Hi guys, save your breadth. the only world class player Arsene Wenger is paying for this January transfer window is Theo Walcott. He will be spending the next weeks concluding the contract talk with Theo Walcott’s agent after which the transfer window will close. Please read between the lines “Our priority is to keep players at the club. We have rebuilt a team and we have to show that we can be consistent now.” he also went further to say “In our job it is important that you focus on what is really important, the players who can help the club to win the games,” he said. “Those players who are somewhere on the transfer market will not help you to win the games. For us it is important to focus on our next game and our next game can only be won by the players who are here.” I wont be surprise if no world class players comes in this January. Wenger is taking us for fools.

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  39. APC

    balleteli is finished in this country. hel join ac milan on loan prbs. then for a small fee in the summer. hes over rated. one world class game in ten does not count ,

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  40. alby

    you know our problem as fans?we dont know what we really want.this player is good but bad at the same time for others.honestly lopez is an arsenal type of player just as turan and i bet any of the two ll do as just fine.

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  41. David

    @ButtFlaps, too right, because we then have paste (Walcott), ariel ability(giroud), then technical ability(Lopez)

    then we need a defensive mid, and a left back.

    and maybe a winger, but thats not a priority.


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    are chemistry will b fantastic if will get lopez, pedro and david villa. these are the type of players we r missing

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    we need a new cb,LB,RB DM,Winger and a striker i dont fancy vermealen, i dont think his good enough 4 arsenal,we need experience fast,good in the air CB, we dont want no half hearted CB gibbs is a good player but need someone like baines whos work rate in defense is good, his also a great crosser. we also need a new RB. i think sagna is SHIT. we need a strong fast RB. we need DM who plays like seedorf,strong,agressive and could score goals we need a winger who can cross the ball and can shoot from long distance,etc pedro. in ST we should get lopez his great player and zaha,his cockey,skilfull and good and thats the type of player we need

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    i know they’re from spuds but we should try get lennon and bale get players

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    wenger is taking the piss if he dont sign no1 good he should get sacked. Look at are team its shit.our captain is probably the shitest captain arsenal has ever had. we use 2 b top 5 in the world now people are comparing us 2 spurs #WEREINCRSIS

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