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Aguero return for Man City spells BIG trouble for Arsenal

How typical of Arsenal and our luck is this Gooners? Just as the Gunners are getting over our own injury crisis and are looking to build a decent run of results together, following on from a 2-0 win over Hull City in the FA cup and a 3-0 defeat of Stoke City yesterday, our next Premier League game throws up an away game with the reigning EPL champions.

But Man City are just going through a little mini crisis of their own right now and have had to do without all three of their front line forwards; Sergio Aguero, Edin Dzeko and Stevan Jovetic. So Arsenal have a great chance of coming away from the Etihad with a good result then right? Well not exactly.

Man City have only drawn with Everton on Saturday, but they were able to welcome Aguero back into the team as a second half sub alongside Jovetic. Also, Dzeko is supposed to be due back this week and could also line up against Arsenal on Sunday. Oh well, Gooners, it looks like we will have to this the hard way.

And just in case this is not quite enough firepower for Man City in the second half of the season, it looks like Manuel Pellegrini has pulled off the transfer of Wilfried Bony from Swansea City. ESPN have reported that the clubs have agreed a fee of around £28 million for the Ivory Coast striker. The good news for the Gunners is that Bony is currently at the African Cup of Nations so will not feature against us, but he will be back soon to help City in the Premier League.

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31 thoughts on “Aguero return for Man City spells BIG trouble for Arsenal

    1. muffdiver

      an the award for sapping away all optimism for sunday goes tooooo………..

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  1. 007

    all 11 players need to be focused for this game. We defend as a unit and attack as a unit (am not saying we all go forward though like the united game but you lads know what I mean).

    Total concentration for 90minz+ and Kos should really help Mert as always at CB. I would play Bellarine for more attacking play (his pace could cause problems going forward and he can track back too) and Monereal on the other side for defensive balance.

    Our strikers need to be more lethal as we might just have a few chances to score.

    Personally am more worried of Silva’s play than Aguero, his the brains behind city’s attacks and can unlock any defense with his vision and trikery. Le Coq should play him off the park and let Boss put Aguero in his pocket.

    Time we beat the so called big teams guys, bring the 3 points back home!!!

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    1. proffetic

      Why should Kos be expected to help Mert. This is the trouble with Wenger,he won’t replace Mert so that the workload on Kos will be unbelievable. Against Stoke Mert was in the comfort zone but against City’s pace and firepower he will flap and his panic will affect the whole team. He just doesn’t have what it takes.Don’t hold your breath he won’t buy a CB to replace him and a DM will be impossible to find .

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      1. joeboy

        Agreed and why does wenger always defend mert! Hes shite just fcuk him off and get a proper cb in

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    1. muffdiver

      your high on ur own supply
      getting out of there with a draw an no one injured would be great

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  2. john0711

    Remember this guys Reid is average
    SISSOKO is not what we need another AM

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    1. 007

      I would take Sissoko for ghost player Diaby all day, his wages wouldn’t be too different either plus we would have a player that actually contribute to the team.

      Lets not forget Flamin / Arteta / TR7 aint getting any younger plus Ramsey and Jack don’t play all season due to their injuries. It wouldn’t hurt bringing in a versatile player like Sissoko to improve our squad and with his attributes I believe AW can mold him into a DM or B2B, players are not born there made remember.

      I respect your point though, we’ve signed too many AM in the past, but I don’t think we’ve signed one as dynamic as Sissoko. We can still sign Sissoko, DM, and a CB if AW wishes, its all up to him in the end.

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  3. Mesut O-grillz

    Yeah I’m not too worried about us scoring goals, I’m more worried about us conceding. I’m hoping Aguero will be rusty, but he’s a monster – can’t write him out.

    Basically our defense has gotta be top notch against them. Wenger has a lot to think about defensively.

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      1. jonestown1

        Spot on rpk. Man C want to play football, and on our day we can compete well on a footballing level. Even the 3-6 last year was a bit of a misleading scoreline; last minute MC pen, wrongly disallowed AFC goal, blant wrong offside against us, could have been 4-4, 5-5 any score. Thrashed them in CS, threw away a win at home this year. But as you say the difference is psychological. Think draw is the best we can hope for unfortunately.

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  4. fred cowardly

    On the bright side we beat City for the Community Shield.
    Giroud scored in that game.

    Also City have lost matches this season and are far from invincible.

    I think we must use Ospina and Walcott and Coquelin.
    Don’t use Szczesny and Flamini
    Play Cazorla or Ozil in the middle

    Something like:

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    1. jaweant

      City just drew to Everton who have had a tough run. Don’t want City to get too far from Chelsea, but our top four more important. We can win

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    2. NY_Gunner

      @fred cowardly
      No offense dude. But Le Coq on his own aint holdin back City. Walcott and Ozil are not the most defense minded dudes. We should stay with the same players from the Stoke match. But I would swap out Mert for Chambers…

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  5. vijaygunner

    man city haven’t won a single game without yaya since april let’s show them why that is on sunday.

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  6. sam-afc

    If the same arsenal turn up as the ones yesterday that beat Stoke. Then we have a good chance. Can’t let our heads drop if we go one goal down.
    They might have Aguero. But we have Alexis!!!

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  7. Sumo

    Augero is lethal no doubt. But we have Sanchez to match that quality. What I am worried about is our defence.

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  8. lil b gunner

    save us Sanchez !!!please lyk u always do. Theo wont feature in our line up I’m 100% sure and ozil will replace rosicsky with coq and Santo deep

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  9. lil b gunner

    a draw won’t help at all man utd have easy fixtures ahead and Southampton look lyk dey won’t give up their top 4 spot .its all on arsenal now

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  10. fed-up gunner

    Start d same line up; dis is not d match 4 injury returnees; y shd we remove rosicky from d line up; or chamberlain- dat boy’s dynamism is important; walcott won’t track back bcos he is looking 4 d goal dat lll boost his his confidence; but with chambo n sanchez we hv 2 pple brimming with confidence and d trio of le coq-rozza-cazzy- just keep dat way; if ony we can play without fear; n like we did in the last match! We wld have a great match n come out with at least a point!

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  11. rambo

    Don’t have very high hopes for this game to be honest. The loss of Debuchy has drained my optimism away, we can compete offensively with them but with our leaky defence I can see a repeat of last years scoreline.

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