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Alex Ferguson – I nearly became Arsenal manager

The Man Utd coach Alex Ferguson has just led his club to their 19th League title, and they are in the final of the Champion League for the third time in six years, but it seems it could have all been different if he had accepted Arsenal’s offer to become their manager.

Ferguson said, in the Rangers programme, when he was talking about his relationship with the retiring Walter Smith.: “I was offered the Arsenal job and I wanted to take Walter with me.

“I thought I would sound him out when we were on Scotland duty together. We were going to play in Israel and I didn’t know that Walter was going to Rangers at that time.

“I told him that I had been offered the chance to go to Arsenal and I asked him what he thought. He was positive about it, saying they were a big club and that kind of thing.

“So I said to him: ‘Do you fancy coming with me?’ Then he dropped the bombshell that he was going to Rangers.

“The thing about the Arsenal offer was that they wanted an answer right away but I couldn’t give them one because I was going to the World Cup in Mexico with Scotland.

“So the Arsenal thing fell by the wayside. Walter went to Rangers and then later that year I went to Manchester United. ”

I wonder if Ferguson would have won so many trophies if he had joined Arsenal instead?

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6 thoughts on “Alex Ferguson – I nearly became Arsenal manager

  1. Ben

    Ferguson defiantly would have been a success at Arsenal. He wouldnt have had the transfer funds like he has had at Utd, but in 1986 he didnt need them as Arsenal had a fantastic group of young players coming through – Adams, Rocastle, Thomas, Keown, Merson, Davis, Lukic. George Graham made some good signings like Smith/Bould etc but his success was built on that talented group of youngsters who were at Arsenal when he arrived.

    Not sure what would have happen in mid 90s when (because Highbury was so small), there wasnt the money to compete with Man U, Liverpool, Blackburn, Newcastle. Also other than Parlour we pretty much had no good youngsters coming through. He wouldnt have had the luxury of Giggs, Nevile Brothers, Scholes, Butt etc as all of them were local Manchester lads and would have always ended up at Utd.

    Even so it has to be when of the all time biggest mistakes by the Arsenal board (Peter Hill-Wood again!!). If they had showed a bit of patience we could have had the greatest manager of all time!!

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  2. Yusuf

    Thank god he gone 2 utd he is not worthy of being Arsenal Manager he cheats ref support him Wenger is trophy-less i accept but he have principles that i respect most n Wenger got manager of the Decade. Fergie = Scums

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  3. icantstopbeingarsenalfun

    Yusuf ,,,,,i agree with you, u took the words out of my month

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  4. patick

    the thing about fergie is that he would achieve very little without the money he usually gets from the united owners. He would not have achieved the consistent European presence like the professor has since there’s no that extravagant funding and not to forget that our stadium was very small back then, and let no one forget the Emirates, Theo Walcott, Emmanuel Frimpong,Jack Wilshere and the like will all be a wishful thought. Thanks God a million times we have Le Professor and may he live long at The Emirates.

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  5. samuel yeboah

    Fergie wouldn’t have achieved much with the attitude of this arsenal board-spend less and sell big. Fergie mostly hunt for already made players and use them for big thing diregarding how much they will leave the club with should they be transfered. Arsene has done very well consistently being in the cl because no manager can use these otherwise ‘not there yet’ players to do those wonders, not even fergie.

    Anyway i disagree with ben on fergie being the greatest manager of all times. A manager staying. at one club and mastering their game plan can not be the greatest manager of all time. Be adventurous and still win the trophies like Jose Morinho.

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