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Alex Song wants Barcelona to beat Arsenal in Champions League

The ex-Arsenal star Alex Song was surprisingly sold to Barcelona this summer, but is hoping that he is given a chance to return to the Emirates after tomorrow’s Champions League draw, but assures his new team that they will have no problem coming away from Arsenal with a win.

The Cameroon international said yesterday: “Of course I would like to play against Arsenal. For me to go back there, where I had seven magnificent years, would be something very special,”

“If we draw Arsenal I’d be happy to see the fans again and go back to the club, even though if we go there it will be to get the best result possible.

“Arsenal’s a big club, but Barcelona’s a level above because of the talent of the players there.

“That’s no disrespect to Arsenal because they have talented players, but I think the Barcelona players are above them. I saw a lot of people come and a lot of people go at Arsenal.”

He couldn’t help the little dig at Wenger there at the end, but the fact is that he is probably right, Barcelona ARE a level above Arsenal. I certainly don’t want to meet Song’s new team in the next round. Do you?

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31 thoughts on “Alex Song wants Barcelona to beat Arsenal in Champions League

  1. goonner

    Bring them on… JUST KEEP WALCOTT and dont play ramsey on wings. AND GET RID OF GERVINHO.

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  2. Mudah

    But we have jack….man of the match against messi and co. Last meeting. remember??

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  3. goonner

    The online betting firm added the Swans to their ‘Transfer Specials’ market by request on Wednesday afternoon and immediately saw a flurry of bets, with reports suggesting a three-month loan deal was on the cards.

    Sky Bet’s Chris Spicer said: “It is certainly a surprising development but, judging from the size of the stakes, it appears somebody knows something we don’t.

    “The suggestion is that Barcelona could allow the Spain striker to leave on a loan deal in the intention that he can regain form following the leg break, having looked some way off his best since returning at the start of the season.

    “The Swans appear good suitors given their current Spanish contingent and preference to playing attractive football.”

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  4. huss

    for all those asking why was Song sold, he said it he wanted it, he asked for it and he had hard time convincing wenger to agree to sell, well done alex moving from being the second most important player in Arsenal to warming the bench in barca (oh I forgot that they were using him as a makeshift defender when all their defenders were injured)

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  5. vyash

    song bring r team because walcot will left 4 defender behind him

    wilshere will take messi

    santi will danse the mildfeild

    podolski will will be the predator

    ox will …..

    on the bench there will be rosisky,the beast of last season
    and there will be 3 unknown u dont know will kick u ass i january

    we r loyal to our club

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  6. Sank

    Song can watch the match from the bench.

    feel sorry for song who would have been in our 1st team.
    he went too early to barcelona also knowing that he was behind busquets and macherano.

    i wish cesc could come back.

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  7. Goonzilla

    I know this may be off topic, but someone came up with a very neatly written article about Arsenal’s new signing, STOPILLA SUNZU, who may possibly be deployed in Song’s role. Having followed this year’s African Cup of Nations, this article does give a terrific reflection of what Wenger may be up to. If you would like to know a bit more about him, I’d encourage you to read the article on this link:

    …and you may also want to witness him in action in this YouTube video:

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  8. leanard

    alex song shame on you don`t you think that you are still gunners asset despite your barca.u hav blood that belongs to arsenal. viva ma gunners

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  9. kingdave

    Pls everybody shld just shut d f*ck up. We hv not yet recovered from d slump. We beat reading, not man u or man city. Until we go on a long-winning run, i think we shld shove all those optimism sh*t in ur asses. Few days ago, we were knocked out by bradford, we have not yet reached top form or gained any momentum. If we play barca now considering their form and ours, we will b in deep sh*t.

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  10. Big Gun

    He might have moved to a team where he is less important than at Arsenal, but he will be winning a trophy this year and probably the year after that and the year after that. In a year or two he will be an important player for Barca simply because the Xavi’s , Iniestas and Busquets are getting on with age. He is their natural replacement. Don’t blame him or anyone else for leaving this ambition less club. Just because Wenger has said one or two things recently about spending big in Jan, all the fans are once again wearing their tinted glasses. Wait and see. If Wenger does end up buying some good players without selling Walcott, Sagna etc then I’d say fine we are back on track. But for now, the board and Wenger have a lot to fix and the fans must remain hostile until it is sorted out.

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  11. Bob Dylan

    Big gun bisquets is younger than him, and xavi and iniesta are totally different position, please refraim for talking poop

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  12. allan1340

    why should we be afraid of Barca? i do not say they are not better than us but one day we have to play against them. I don’t think we are that bad what we need is player play and do what they have to do. I am confident we are back on the road in that time and can play against any team, we did it before and we will do that again. GOONER 4 EVER

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  13. Invincibles nice (1)

    Dont want to meet them, but if it happens, will be pleased seeing Song and or Mascherano playing CB.

    If we close the ball down similar to how they themselves do, and then show no respect for reputations while attacking at pace, i would envisage a possible upset, maybe.

    It seems very likely that we will get a very difficult tie, Bayern, Dortmund, Juve or Barca will all be a most difficult task, and it seems much too likely that one of this lot will be drawn to block our path.

    I will be looking forward to two great games no matter what. With regards to transfer targets i think it more prudent we buy the best man avail as opposed to players who arent cup tied.

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  14. mrinal

    we’ll see song .. first of all we need to buy a defensive midfielder and a world class striker

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  15. Big Gun

    @Bob Dylan. Not really, we have all seen Song can play in an attacking midfield role. Remember all his assists to RvP?

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  16. Gunner_Nation

    Def a side I dont want to see at all. Barca are on a major roll, in both domestic and international competitions. Messi is playing like no other right now. The only way we can compete with them is if we get a major striker, a defensive mid, and some bench depth.

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