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Alexis needs Arsenal players to follow his lead and they WILL

There was a pretty damning statistic about Arsenal in the media this week, showing that without the direct contribution of our new summer signing Alexis Sanchez with his eight goals and two goal assists in the Premier League, as reported by the Daily Mail, then the Gunners would be down in 17th place.

But although that is too simplistic because we would have had someone else playing, it clearly highlights how much Arsenal have relied on the Chile international since he signed from Barcelona this summer. And it is not just his goals, assists and general play that is important to us. I think his example to the other players could be even more crucial.

Quite a few of his new team mates have already spoken about his love for the game, his tireless efforts in training and his burning desire to win. If a few more Gunners had shown some of that in the last few games, we would be celebrating two wins rather than a draw and a loss.

To be honest, I can already see the effects of Alexis rubbing off, most noticeably on Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Danny Welbeck so far, but maybe on Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey as well. And the more of our players start to copy the attitude and effort of Alexis, the more the others will feel they have to as well.

Imagine all 10 of the Arsenal outfield players going into a game with that mindset….

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32 thoughts on “Alexis needs Arsenal players to follow his lead and they WILL

  1. Greg

    Alexis has leadership qualities no doubt in my mind, he has the makings of a future arsenal captain! Coyg!

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    1. Gooneristic Truth

      …then we can add a few with both the mindset & the body. I bet you some of our players are willing to put in the Alexis effort, but they lack the physical capability to do so. That’s where we can use new faces!

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    2. muffdiver

      making him captain wont be enough to keep him, he wants go for titles season in season out.
      he will leave like rvp nasri an everyone else did if we dont provide that.
      hope he stays hes inspirational

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      1. DaveJay

        Sanchez seems to me (from what I can gather from his few interviews) that he would be willing to dig in for at least a few years to try to turn this team around. You have the obvious “glory boys” in all lucrative sports that come into an already dominant side and win instantly, but how much sweeter it is when you join a lesser team and then rise with your teamates to become champions.

        I believe he is such a man.

        That’s the hope anyway.


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        1. DaveJay

          Enough with your negative garbage. I am finding positives in a wonderful player. Your non-stop pessimism annoys the sh1t out of me.

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  2. Greg

    Just love his determination and heart that he shows on the field for arsenal! Coyg!

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  3. Tas

    Not many in the team has his dribbling skills to be able to have the same confidence but they can help with contributing to defend more.

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  4. kevinazyu

    wishful thinking here but … imagine if Alexis’ attitude rubbed off on Mesut. Maybe we would then get back the Ozil of old. i cant wait for that to happen…

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  5. calvinr

    Yeah defo…I know we have serious defensive issues right now but if the players currently available showed the same desire and tenacity as Sanchez we’d be a lot better off right now..

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  6. Trudeau

    The only one I see Sanchez’s work ethic rubbing off on is the Ox although consistency still isn’t there

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  7. Greg

    Imagine arsenal having 11 players with alexis ‘s mindet, determination and drive? We could have a damn good chance of winning the premeireship, fa cup, and “champions league” coyg!

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  8. Greg

    Alexis sanchez’s workrate on the field is “remarkable”! It’s a shame that no one has “step up” to help him out towards the arsenal cause!

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    1. Gooneristic Truth

      If every one of his teammates acknowledges that the man works really hard & is always serious in training & it shows on the pitch, then why can’t they follow suit? I wonder…

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  9. Popeye786Sailor

    You don’t just buy skills with 40millions. U also buy character. If only Wenger kept this point on his checklist we would’ve never seen Chamakhs, Flaminis, Andre Santos, Gervinhos, Benayouns, Bendtners, Mertesackers & many more shit players in Arsenal colours ever.

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    1. muffdiver

      remind me with 42 million what kind of character we bought in mesut ozil?

      im not lookin for a fight, seen what ur like on spinach

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  10. akthet

    Problem we have so far is defense problem. In last game everyone knew that Chamber in trouble and Wenger didn’t do anything.It cost three points end of the game.

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  11. Zulu-boy-SA

    Gervihno-Wenger=a very good player, this was true before and after he came to Arsenal. When was the last time Arsenal bought a good player that was able to keep his good form for a long run?

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  12. Twig

    Would like to see Sanchez, Podolski, Welbeck and Walcott on the pitch at the same time. Oooh la la 🙂

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    1. muffdiver

      sanchez and van persie?

      cesc sanchez rvp? will never know

      i dont cry anymore i just make a phlegm filled ooooofff noise

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  13. fred cowardly

    If Walcott, Alexis, Cazorla, Welbeck and Ox can play their best every match. We could still get close enough to challenge for second place trophy. To actually get second place we need quick recoveries of Ozil, Koscielny, Giroud, Debuchy.

    Big signings in January would be helpful but Wenger needs to at least:
    1. Stop using Monreal as CB and use Chambers
    2. Bellerin as RB
    3. Stop always substituting very late in the game.
    4. Only use Cazorla as number 10, not winger.

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    1. Twig

      No matter how much Walcott and co perform, it will be pointless without a strong CDM and a tough tackling defender. That’s what’s currently holding us back from being title challenger in my opinion.

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  14. Mick The Gooner

    We’re so reliant on Alexis it’s almost as if we need him out of the squad for a couple of games so that the others are forced to find their feet without the psychological luxury of having Alexis to fall back on.. Sounds ridiculous, I know!

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  15. Darlingbudsofarse

    I now only open the official Arsenal website to see if what I have so desperately been hoping and waiting for, and that is Arsene Wenger’s resignation, has come true! I just can’t for the life of me see his point of hanging around when he cannot see to the further improvement of this team!

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  16. rick

    Question to all the wenger lovers. What happend last year in all the big away games? Have we improved since then? Will we go away to all the top teams and get points? We all know the answers. Its got to be time for change.

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  17. ruelando

    I think our attacking players have been improving Danny and Ox has been great, cazorla has not been all that bad either, those four have been developing a good understanding due to playing so much game together and will reap the rewards if they continue, everyone know whats our problem so i wont discuss it.

    I will say however that i 100% doubt we will be slaughtered by any team this season and to be fear chelsea won against us, but i will say it was the penalty that gave them control of the game, that was the important goal in the match if we had scored our chances i felt the final score would have been different

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