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‘Alexis, Ozil and Wenger should all have been moved on’ from Arsenal

Alan Shearer has claimed that Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil and Arsene Wenger should no longer be at Arsenal.

The key players have been in negotiations with the club over a new contract for well over a season now, and there appears to be very little hope of either extending their stay in North London.

A host of top clubs are keen to sign Alexis, with Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City believed to be leading the chase, and there is no chance that the Chilean is not thinking about his future, especially following the Deadline Day saga.

On August 31 the Gunners accepted an offer from Pep Guardiola’s side, only to fail to strike a deal with Monaco for Thomas Lemar, which ended any chance of our side letting the Chilean leave the club.

The German international appears to have less potential suitors, and could possibly stay put, but the wage demands he is believed to have put forward will have to be earned.

Arsenal lost 2-1 to Watford this weekend, giving up the chance to move inside the top four, and while Sanchez didn’t feature, Shearer is refusing to blame his exclusion for the loss.

“They were missing Sanchez, rested after international duty, but despite that you do get the sense that his heart isn’t truly in it anymore,” Shearer wrote in The Sun.

“Speculation of a move in the next transfer window doesn’t help.

“It doesn’t help the overall attitude and feeling in the squad knowing that in a couple of months those two key players [Sanchez and Ozil] can start negotiating to play for another club with their contracts up in the summer.

“Two players worth a combined £100million in today’s market are heading out the door for free in two of the longest and potentially most ignominious goodbyes in the club’s history.

“That is unless one of the big clubs is so desperate for an injection of talent that they will pay good money for one of them in January.

“That in a nutshell is the problem at Arsenal.”

And Shearer continues to add that the manager should also have been moved on, claiming his new contract laments the idea that failure is acceptable.

“By giving Arsene Wenger a new contract in the summer it was made clear to the players and the fans that failure to win the title over the last 13 years doesn’t matter,” he continued.

“Arsenal should have sold them at the start of the summer transfer window, or even six months before that and got in some young hungry players who do want to be there.”

Does Wenger’s extended stay prove that Arsenal have no ambition to get to the top again? Does Alexis or Ozil look like they are concentrated on their football?

Pat J

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32 thoughts on “‘Alexis, Ozil and Wenger should all have been moved on’ from Arsenal

  1. Not Vanpayslip or that other guy

    Spot on. Everyone saw this coming. Wenger isn’t really capable of coaching his team anymore. We know that because we have the same failings as we did 10 years ago. He refuses to address basic issues and buy wrong players and has done so for years now but the board didn’t care enough to get rid of him

  2. pinkfloyd

    >Does Wenger’s extended stay prove that Arsenal have no ambition to get to the top again? Does Alexis or Ozil look like they are concentrated on their football?

    What ridiculous questions? U already know the answers before u finished typing!!

  3. Tony

    exept laccazatte,kolasinac,kosielny we should sell the whole team.we dont have a player in midfield u can rate 8/10.ramsey,xhaka,elnany r 6/10. wilshire,holding,chambers r yet to bcom a football player. cech is on the verse of his expiry date.
    wenger is still here for some unknown reason

  4. Salmonella

    What will happen to Arsenal next season & the seasons to follow???? I’m more concerned about this than our current campaign.
    The gap between the “Big Boys” & us is increasing day by day, season after season. We are slowly turning into a mid table club. Even Richarlison was trolling us!!
    What can I do aa a fan? Nothing. So I’m rather teaching myself to accept mediocrity & see Watford, Burnley, Stoke & co. as our main rivals.
    Forget about your pride Salmonella! All that counts now is to finish in the top 10.
    PS – Look what Ars have done to me ???

    1. tas

      my concern exactly what is going to happen in few years specially with the next generation of supporters, north London wont be red it will be white with their new stadium which they will pay half of it from selling Kane and the other half from Rose and Ali that’s about 300Million plus the rest they have from paying half salary equivalent to our players

  5. tas

    lol they have to be playing for us to know if they are concentrating, AW must be nuts if his saving Sanchez from a burn out for what and who, Sanchez is going in two months time so use him let him burn out in January in Manchester FFS every team uses their players back from internationals apart from us, poor Ramsy poor Sanchez they don’t qualify for the WC who gives a fluck do we deduct their salaries?

    1. tas

      as soon as i saw the lineup Saturday i realized half time that Watford played a game on us and well done to them by saving their real threat to come on in the second half, usually Arsenal is a flop in first half and comes on relay strong in second half, Watford realized we are not going to have any game changer on our bench and used it to their advantage and overwhelmed us and now every team below us will use that tactics against us unless we have full squad on the pitch and bench

  6. arsenal4life

    Maybe Shearer and Co should
    have moved on from their poundit jobs.
    Lets get rid of all the deadwood shall we?

    1. Spectrum

      “…Lets get rid of all the deadwood shall we?…”.

      I hope you include yourself amongst that deadwood. Because any Arsenal supporter who can’t see that Shearer is talking plain common sense and telling it like it is, is out of touch with what has been happening at our joke of a club. Anyone with a brain can see this manager should have been sacked about eight years ago.

      Who in their right mind can argue with this comment of his – “…By giving Arsene Wenger a new contract in the summer it was made clear to the players and the fans that failure to win the title over the last 13 years doesn’t matter,”.

      Well you’re arguing against it, apparently. So….what does that say about your state of mind ?

      1. jon fox


        1. Spectrum

          jon fox – You’re referring of course, to the A.K.B.’s. Anyone who still defends ands makes excuses for Wenger like they do, is mentally ill. There are no footballing reasons left to keep him here. The only remaining ones are sentimental. We aren’t a rest home for senile tenants who have long outstayed their welcome. And Wenger is a tenant. He doesn’t own Arsenal, though it seems he believes he does. He treats his landlords ( us ) with disdain. As he refuses to go with dignity, we need to do what any other frustrated landlord would do – and evict him.

    2. jon fox

      arsenal 4life, Your problem is that you and the few who still agree with you are making us “mediocre for life” by wilfully refusing to see the scandal of the way our club is being misrun. There are none so blind as will not see. Perhaps you get your blindness from YOUR hero and OUR villain, Wenger!

  7. stanK

    Why is anyone losing their mind with Arsenal being Arsenal?
    I don’t think anyone older than 15 will live to see another EPL title lifted by an Arsenal captain.
    The faster we get used to being owned by kroenke, the faster it will stop hurting.
    Thank god we’re still a top 10 – top 5 club. No manager will do better than top 4 with the funds available at the club, so we should all simmer down and enjoy matches like Arsenal – Brighton and an odd win against a top 4 side.
    After the Liverpool match I said to myself no more big games for you, little feller. Those are a complete waste of time. I like to take my humiliation as little as possible.
    Not a great time to be a gooner, that’s for sure.

    1. Mobella

      Thank you . What is the point of running to JA after a bad result and start blowing grammar on how you know arsenal has become a joke of a club when you are so so powerless to do anything about it. It is painful to see what has become of the club but I value my health and life more than arsenal at moment and only waiting to see what will happen after Wenger contract expires.

      1. satanK

        We’ll definitely be a better club without him. Just the thing is no top player will ever want to join Arsenal after this season. I expect Laca to leave us either next summer, or the summer of 2019 and that’s the last top player we have. Ozil and Sanchez will leave for sure, maybe as soon as January. But, regardless of that, after Wenger, there will come a time when we won’t lose against the Watfords of the world, because the new manager will have more guts than the old sack of complacency.

  8. gotanidea

    Shearer said:

    “By giving Arsene Wenger a new contract in the summer it was made clear to the players and the fans that failure to win the title over the last 13 years doesn’t matter.”

    That sentence describes Arsenal’s mentality perfectly. Bravo Shearer, but how can the poor fans kick Kroenke, Gazidis, Wenger and their minions out?

  9. Nokia

    He’s fcking right!

    But we all know there’s not going to be any change for atleast 2 years 🙁

    The least we can hope for is to see atleast 3-4 players who give a shit on the pitch…. At this point asking for 11 such players is apparently a b8t too much i guess -_-

    The only players that belong in the jersey are welbeck, wilshere, monreal…. And I’m struggling to find one more (Kolasinac and lacazette are new, so they give a sh*t for the time being)

    And xhaka and ozil should be demoted to the u23 till they get their act together

  10. A J

    The situation at our once great club has long since become farcical, and way way way beyond a joke.
    It has long since become apparent (10 years and counting!) that the club are NO LONGER INTERSTED in competing for the top slot.
    Apathy, complacency and arrogance aligned with an overblown belief of how good a number of the current squad are has long since become the norm.
    The hard core of true supporters (who actually CARE on a daily basis how the club performs, and is being run) have long since come to come to realise we have now become a pale imitation of what our great club once stood for.
    Let’s not forget, we were once disliked for our stoic approach, strength, reliance on defensive qualities and the ability to grind out results when necessary.
    How many of us would actually settle for a few “Boring, Boring Arsenal” results in the key games throughout a season against sides who were once termed as our “direct rivals” for the title.
    Addressing Wengers reign.
    Along came circa “The Invincibles”. Who could deny, a golden era in our clubs history – but did we build and step on from this glorious foundation?
    Just take a look at the litany of sub-standard players signed since. It has almost become a pleasant surprise when an Arsenal signing is of the expected quality.
    I could go on. But to get to the point – AFC (the great Arsenal Football Club) DESPERATLY NEED REGIME CHANGE, ALIGNED WITH A COMPLETE CHANGE IN PHILOSPHY!
    As drastic and destabilising as it may sound (be careful what you wish for merchants) we need very, very seriously to look at the Owner, Board, CEO and Backroom Staff and Manager.
    I know this cannot happen overnight, but we MUST start the “revolution” to get Arsenal Football Club back – OUR ARSENAL – THE ARSENAL!
    For too long now the bar has been set far too low with regards to expectations for the club as a whole, and this squad in particular.
    We have been managed into MEDIORITY, never knowing what Arsenal “will turn up”, throwing games we should be winning, fast becoming an average Europa Cup side who see’s the saving grace as attempting to hang on to F.A. cup each season.
    PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE will someone in the corridors of power at our beloved club address this dire situation.
    We the supporters, the heartbeat of the club, HAVE HAD ENOUGH – NO MORE!!!
    Penalty or not, referees, levels dropping physically, playing with the handbrake on, could have signed this or that player NO LONGER WASHES – ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have resisted long and hard to buy into the Arsenal are only a “Money Making Cash Cow” for those in positions of power. Of late I am beginning to agree with this view.
    What other reason can there be to sit in the dugout, for us the stand, and watch the level of utter mediocrity being accepted week on week out on the pitch – THIS HAS BECOME TOATLLY UNACCAPETBLE.
    Everything is relative. Teams who find themselves in the bottom half of the table on a yearly basis still demand EFFORT, DRIVE and COMMITMENT as a minimum and will by and large accept where they are if they see all is being given to at least maintain the level and strive to improve year on year.
    We as a football CLUB are undoubtedly REGRESSING.
    Mealy mouth words are constantly trotted out, “Catalyst for Change” being a prime example.
    Particularly given the two year managerial extension (?) NEVER HAVE THESE SLOGANS RANG TRUER!!
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can this current dire Groundhog Day like situation be addressed !

    1. jon fox

      I would like to buy you a drink my wise friend , for spelling out the plain but awful truth so eloquently. I wish you were running our club, instead of the frauds and liars in place,

  11. John Ibrahim

    the fans must go as well….

    They are responsible for all these mess….

    Wheres the protest when you need them

  12. sniper

    Arsenal fans are bottlers just like some players they can’t even organise serious protests all they know is moaning and blaming Wenger unreasonably, like if Wenger is supposed to order Sanchez and ozil to sign contracts at gunpoint

    1. Sue

      It’s his job to motivate the players though, which he clearly isn’t doing!
      Trouble is half the fans want him to go, half want him to stay. Can’t see anything happening until everyone wants him out. It’s a shambles & it pis*es me off. I just want my Arsenal back. Sigh

  13. Sal

    To the person who put us in this predicament silent stan: sell your shares and buy a ranch, with you at the helm we don’t stand a chance!! Sell your shares and buy a ranch a silent c⚽️Nt is just a snatch!! Sheick Mansour or Abrahamovic now these are owners who give a shit!!

  14. Ivan

    We should have banked £120 mil in the summer for Sanchez and Ozil. That money which should have been spent on players who wanted to play for Arsenal is now lost; well maybe £20 mil might come back if we sell in January.
    As for Wenger he should have been kicked out after the 8 – 2 embarrassment aginst Man U six years ago. Personally I think he is only kept on as an overpaid (£10.5 mil p.a) cheerleader and publicist for Kroenke. He has dragged us to a lower position than we had been for more than thirty years.

  15. Imran

    I wish ARsenal come strong again and hope it was one off performance. I still trust arsenal even when we are suffering from last 13 years. Trying to be optimist every season. Hope at least this season comes good. The reality is we must have patience for more two seasons and get behind our team. It’s very hurting but we still love arsenal friends. Let us support arsenal no matter what consequences are.. We don’t want our club to be made fun of. I know Arsene will stick for more two seasons. We have waited for 13 years, we can still wait for more 2 years. Let us enjoy our victories and take positives from loses. Let us hope something good comes up.

    1. satanK

      I respect the attitude, Imran. That’s what we should really do.
      Learn from heavy losses against top clubs and enjoy tight wins against the fringe clubs, that’s what we’ve come to. As sad as it is, that’s our destiny.
      I do hope kroenke family change the plain of existence completely(wink, wink admin) and change it faaaast.

  16. Tea kay

    Mr imran forgive but its clear u are sufferin from some kind of demetia or u are not a fan at all and making fun us

  17. Bobby

    I am wondering what we really want ?! For me; Wenger is the last line of the problem of Arsenal or I can even say ‘he is not exactly the problem” I know thousand would say I am out of my mind but the truth is if any of us (supporters) own a company of our own and we have a manager who is not performing.. what would we do ? do we need anybody to ask us to sack that manager ? the obvious answer is NO. So the real question is if Wenger is this bad, why then is the board still happy for him to be around ? The answer is simple; Wenger is a complete representation of what the board wants (ambition) and that message has been clearly passed on to the players (job well done as far as the board is concern) and the result is what you see on the pitch and the board is happy to extend Wenger’s contract and his pay too.

    I believe that we should first of all know exactly what the problem is with our club and that is the board and as longer as they are there, Wenger stays because he is doing a dam good job for them. Once we can get the board out and a new board/owner with a different ambition come in, Wenger will die a natural death because his vision will no longer be compatible with the new board’s and that is problem solved. I want to call on us all Arsenal supporters to unite in our fight against the board and not the players or Wenger and I am sure once the board is gone, a new manager will come in who will bring the right quality of players to win us trophies.

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