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Alexis rumours still rife despite Wenger’s stubborn denials

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger continues to insist that Alexis Sanchez will be staying at the Emirates for the coming season, but the Chilean’s mysterious flu bug when he was supposed to be back training with Arsenal, and now his new ‘abdominal injury’ has suggested that there may still be tension between him and the club.

This new ‘injury’ has seen him watch Arsenal’s opener from the stands and he is also forecast to miss Arsenal’s next game at Stoke, which is also very strange as we have previously seen Sanchez take to the field when practically wearing crutches as he hates missing any chance to play.

And of course the rumours keep coming. According to some, he has shrugged off his doctors and taken a little jaunt to Paris to have talks with unknown suitors (but moneybags PSG are thought to be top of the list).

Also a report in the Manchester Evening News is saying that Man City are refusing to give up on Sanchez. They said: Pep Guardiola is desperate to add the Chilean to his squad – but has come up against stubborn resistance from Arsenal.

City are prepared to pay Sanchez £325,000-a-week, with image rights taking the personal package to £400,000 – £21m-a-year.

But they are running out of time to strike a deal before the summer window closes at the end of the month.

Despite these mixed signals, Wenger is adamant that there is no problem at all, and when asked if there was any update on Sanchez’s situation, Wenger replied: “No.

“He practised well today, this morning, had a good session for the first time because he had a little muscular strain. He is focused and happy in the dressing room because we won the game.”

So if he ia training and only has a ‘small muscular strain’ then why is Alexis already ruled out of next week’s game? This definitely sounds fishy to me!

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34 thoughts on “Alexis rumours still rife despite Wenger’s stubborn denials

  1. Uzi Ozil

    I smell a rat in all this. Last time I checked, Sanchez is one footballer that loves to play the game. Even last season, He played with pains at times. Normally, he wouldn’t want to miss the first game of the season. Anyway, time will tell. Sooner than later, everything will be over. We will know if He will STAY or LEAVE.

    1. ThirdManJW

      He’s not injured. So many players that may be leaving are suddenly unavailable due to short term injuries: Rose, Coutinho, Sanchez, Barkley, etc…

      1. Fc arsenal the best

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        However hope you understood the idea on my post.
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    1. ZA_Gunner

      Problem with selling Sanchez now, and abroad only, is that it gives us so little time to reinvest in the market to find suitable replacements to strengthen our team. It would also be a step back for our club in terms of quality which translates to fighting potential for challenging the league. I do believe Sanchez wants to go because although he has not openly said he wants to leave and that he will respect his contract, nor has he come out and made any assurances that he wants to stay either. I believe Wenger’s intention is to keep him or sell him abroad for a profit, I doubt he wants to create frustration and anger amidst fans if he were to act otherwise. The Sanchez situation is a double edged sword, sell him and risk not competing or keep him and lose potential profit that could be reinvested.

  2. Remember Resource?

    Hate to say this but the Lemar deal is looking less likely. Arsenal are too weak in the market. All these minor issues like payment structure, 2-3m here and there etc: We should just turn our attention elsewhere. We could still pull it off, its not like the deal is dead or anything, its just that arsenal are very very poor in the market. Wenger has chosen Inaki williams and Mahrez as his back ups should the lemar deal fall through. Seri also seems like a likely candidate and lately club have been seriously looking at Carvalho and Van dijk. They think that they can get a bargain deal done for Van dijk. We are back to the cliche. Same old arsenal. We have one week now during which deals will look to be secured. I can’t say who we will sign but source says it could be one of either Lemar,Mahrez,williams,seri,van dijk.carvalho or kimpembe Club are confident of at least one more signing..

    1. John Ibrahim

      What happen to done deal?

      Those days Dein always get deals done or least he will get the 2nd choice

      These days we cant even get our first choice

      This is real terrible

      We cant negotiate player contract extension

      We cant negotiate player signings

      We need a change

    2. DarkPope

      So your source says we will sign one of 8 players who are most linked to arsenal in the papers? Thats insane lmao

    3. Joshua Bryant

      hahaha i said weeks ago the deal looked unlikey after speaking with a friend who has ties with the club and got thumbed down for it. I didnt keep posting i just thought i would wait to be proved right… and here we are! DONE DEAL ???

      1. Josh's Neighbour

        Is your ‘inside friend’ really your mum? Wait. Don’t answer that, I’ll ask her myself when she comes out of my shower.

  3. Guneal

    Today It’s abdominal, tomorrow is muscular strain! New injuries each day. Not just typical of Alexis.

    The only part injured is his enthusiasm to play for Arsenal.

    I’d advice Arsene do a Conte and forward a SMS to the forward stating ” you ? aren’t in my plan no more ?”.
    Thanks??doing business with you ?

  4. Kamikaze

    I still insist we shud keep Sanchez no matter what…selling him especialy to man city will be just handing them the trophy,with him i believe we will be much stronger and alexis is my favourite player at arsenal!

    1. John Ibrahim

      If he doesnt want to play there is nothing the club can do

      We can force him to stay… he will only sulk and destroy the harmony in the dressing room plus claiming false injury

      at the end of season he would just join City or any rival club for free

      Its a big loss in every situtation

  5. John Ibrahim

    If there is a 125m write off for Sanchez, Ozil and Ox

    Not to mention we are still unable to sell Jenkinson, Gibbs, Wilshere, Perez and Debuchy

    What are the chances that we will have the money to sign players next season?

  6. Mulugunner

    If he doesn’t want to play for Arsenal, let him go. What is the big deal? You sign someone or 2 players that can potentially grow with time and fill his role. Also by the way, does anyone not think Arsenal need a replacement to Santi Cazorla? It looks like Arsenal is not looking for a creative midfielder, a play maker in the market. Everyone is shouting for a defensive mid fielder, which I don’t think we need at the time as we have Xhaka, Elneny and Coquelin. But who do we have as a replacement for Santi? Ramsey, Wilshere? Give me a break. Arsenal is 2 different club one with Santi and one without him and we all know it.

    1. Vlad

      Been saying it for 2 years now. We need another Santi, not another Coq. Ozil is struggling without him because now he has to drop deep. The whole club is missing that fluidity sometimes when Santi is playing. So yes, for me that should be the first priority, and not a DM or a winger. Can’t believe that no one has approached Schalke for Goretzka who only has 1 years left on his contract. Rumor is that he’s looking to see out his contract and go to Bayern, but why not put a cheeky bid in, and we can certainly offer the player himself more than decent wages as well.

      1. Break-on-through

        So some fans want another Cazorla or play making CM player, because our no1 creator Ozil needs it to do his job properly. While other fans say, yes with some forward play, but he must be a solid defender too because Ozil does not pitch in with defending. Both make good points, but what I gather is – Ozil has many weaknesses.

        We’d be too attack minded with only Xhaka being put there to stop our opponents, he lacks himself a bit with that. And people might be missing a point here, that Xhaka is our Cazorla replacement. With differences of course because not every player is the same. I don’t know that for fact, but he was brought in straight after a season without Cazorla, and with Cazorla being injured on an area of concern. There is no other Cazorla, there’s only one Mesut too.

  7. ozil10

    OT – Why were we interested in Lemar in the first place? It’s clear that we need a holding midfielder & a tall, imposing CB who is an upgrade on Mertesacker. We’ll miss a trick if we don’t bid for Van Dijk.

      1. waal2waal

        I think there’s more to it – the reason lemar deal came to naught i mean. seems to me we expected him to lodge a transfer request something much like courtinho and vvd have done. but, to expect that is to expect the player to forfeit the loyalty bonus and champions league and france championship bonuses he may have due to him. im suggesting it’s unreasonable to expect him to do that. when you want a quality player you make an offer thats difficult to refuse.

    1. John Ibrahim

      27yo Van Dijk is an injury prone CB

      If we sign him we can say goodbye to Holding

      Holding at 22yo needs to play regularly

      He needs 30 games a season to learn and improve and not 3 to 4 games

      1. waal2waal

        Van Dijk possesses the qualities we have criticised and we don’t want sanchez to have – by it i mean being complicit in being tapped-up and going behind his clubs back something akin to being a mercenary. not the qualities i want to see at my club.

  8. Sukhjot Gunner

    I’m sick and tired of all of this now.I feel alexis himself needs to make his wish public now whether he wants to stay for one season or beyond or he wants to leave this season only.

  9. Shortboygooner

    Lethal B spotted Sanchez at luton airport yesterday with his GF on a private jet to Paris. Looks like he is going after all. To be honest If we get 80m plus for him let him go get lemar and a couple other players in. It’s not the fact that he is going that is the problem it’s the constant dithering on getting other players and lying about him leaving that gets on my nerves

  10. Break-on-through

    Which would be better in the long run. Getting 300 grand a week right now, or waiting a season before getting that 325-400 grand. I’d say it’ll be a three year contract that he signs. There would be bonuses involved in our deal too, so would that extra 25-80 lets say, would it be worth waiting a season for it if you’re happy living in London. And he’ll be a year older, with less football ahead of him when his contract runs out, if he waits for the city deal.

    It’s not as black and white as you’d think, money and well being wise. If it’s trophy wise, then most people would say ..definitely black and that’s ..obviously white.

    The fans need to do a job on Alexis. Alexis should have had his name sung loudest throughout last season, not Ozil and not Giroud. Our fans need to put pressure on Alexis in a good way.

    If Lemar finally agrees to come to Arsenal, or we finally agree a fee with them. Then Alexis will be off to PSG or back to Spain.

  11. Chenrob2

    What I don’t get with this “Don’t sell to Mancity because it is only handing them the title”, the issue with that rational is, Sanchez is not going extend his contract wit Arsenal and may go to Mancity in 2018 anyway (this time for free), essentially handing them the title in 2018 anyway.

  12. COYG_CA

    He is acting like a 2-balled-bitch. Grow a pair and say, “I want to leave”, or dig in and play. Acting like a teen-aged girl. The guy seems to like drama and to be the center of attention. No matter if he stays or not, at this point, I am getting sick of him. Period.

  13. Before I Fall

    I would have believe the first “Flu” injury but the subsequent “Abdominal Strain” is just hahaha. What the hell is abdominal strain LOL. Let’s not kid ourselves: Sanchez is leaving before transfer close. But what do you expect Wenger to say? Of course wenger will insist he is staying to get a better price for the coming transfer.

  14. Anko

    Thanks to Paul Merson, he even suggested Liverpool should sell Coutinhon to Barcelona and use the money to buy Sanchez. Silly man

  15. john

    Arsene Wenger should off sorted out Alexis Sanchez last season and not now, it dragging on and could cause bad feeling in the changing rooms,either sell him or keep him, most gunners fans know he go as he wants champions league football and not Europa league football, and he.been seen in Paris recently, i don’t believe he really is injured, Arsene Wenger should cut his losses and bring in Lemar ot Mahrez

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