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Alexis Sanchez attitude the key to Arsenal’s season?

I think it is high time that the Arsenal fans get off the back of Alexis Sanchez, even though the Chile international has probably still not changed his mind and will leave our club, whether it be for nothing at the end of the current campaign or halfway through this season when the winter transfer window opens in the new year.

The fact of the matter is that the decision to stay with Arsenal or not is his to make and in the mean time we just need him to perform. It looked for a while as though his heart was not in it and for that I do not blame Arsenal fans for not being happy with him.

In the last two games, though, against West Brom and Brighton, Alexis has sparked into life and started to look like the brilliant player we know he can be and who had such a big impact for Arsenal last season. If the Gunners are going to get anything good out of the current season then Sanchez is probably going to be the key, as the stats in a Metro report show clearly.

Arsenal would probably have beaten Brighton anyway, as Monreal had already given us the lead, but it was a sublime bit of skill in the box by the Chilean which gave Iwobi a clear shot on goal for the second and that made life a lot easier for the rest of the match.

The numbers show that Alexis and his 24 goals and 11 assists has, since the start of last season been involved in twice as many EPL goals for the Gunners than any other player. So we need him and we need him to be happy and playing well for as long as he is still and Arsenal player.

Could he even make the difference between success and failure this season?


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11 thoughts on “Alexis Sanchez attitude the key to Arsenal’s season?

  1. gotanidea

    Yes, Arsenal really need a creative and skillful player like him to be the focal point in attacking and dictate the tempo from the front. The best thing about Sanchez is he can create unpredictable chances that could easily be converted into goals, like what we have seen in the last few matches.

    Other attacking midfielders in Arsenal are not as adventurous like him and they tend to play safe to avoid the blames of losing the ball.

    If we see the top five of the most through balls list (, it is dominated by Manchester City’s and Manchester United’s players. This means most Arsenal players do not have confidence to pass the ball forward and do not dare to take risks.

    The low pass accuracy and the lack of confidence in passing must be fixed by Arsenal before the next match comes, with or without Sanchez.

    1. iffybright

      Only Wilshere and cazorla can match those guys….they are adventurous, technically efficient and highly skillful….Elneny xhaka Ramsey are dead footballers….only Wenger can tolerate such mediocrity….Ramsey can’t get into Guardiola team

  2. Arsenal_Girl

    Alexis is a professional during the season. It’s in his best interest to play as hard as possible and leave on a positive note hopefully with a trophy.

    Even if we had got Lemar, we still would have needed Alexis this season because Alexis is our only World Class player in attack.

    But yeah, Alexis will improve and hopefully play like he did last season which was superb. 24 goals and 11 assists is excellent. Actually out of all the Top scorers last season (Lukaku, Ibrahimovich, Kane, Aguero Costa), Alexis scored the most assists.

    I’m also hoping Ozil can replicate or improve his performance in the 2015-2016 season

    Ozil, Alexis and Lacazette at their very best would be very special

  3. ruelando

    Sanchez is a wonderful player and adds an attacking impetus to our game, however, he also slows down the play, loses the ball in vital areas and at vital moments of play. I am glad we have started the season not being overly dependent on him. Ozil and Sanchez although they still play for us i do not consider them to be our players anymore, so i hope they can be speedily moved on and replaced.

  4. arsenal4life

    5th place is nothing to celebrate.
    The usual top six are going to
    battle for the Euro places
    nothing new here.
    We as fans must demand winning the title.
    Anything less is a failure.
    If we as fans do not demand the title then we are
    specialist fans in failure just as guilty in fact allowing
    the specialist in failure manager.
    13 years is too long to pay a Manager 8 mill for top 4.
    93 mill since the last title.
    Judge him in May. Yes we should.
    Real fans will say “Win the title or go”.
    Plastic fans will say top 4 is good enough.
    Are you a real fan or plastic?

    1. JJPawn

      Do you know how to add and subtract? Or, are you one of those “fans” expecting to win without spending? It is not plastic fan that matters, rather the hundreds of millions being spent with the plastic of fans and the illicit money of oligarchs.

    2. Thenry

      A real fan would support the team you are a plastic fan it’s best if you go and support another team you won’t be missed

  5. nosa

    asene failed us, it his fault we are always dragging for 4th. he has no motivation. he has to conquer himself and aim for d title.not these top 4 sheet. am tired of him. Sanchez played well today but I don’t think we need him. he has yo humble himself after all no player is bigger than the club

    1. JJPawn

      Where do you people come from? Do you read the news? Look at who has money and where it goes? Do you know that PSG is now on part with Barca and PSG, and that City and United are on part with those teams?

    2. neil

      hmm.. last year we came out of top 4 first time in 20 years but look at previous two years…. 2nd and 3rd … so how was he targetting 4th place?

  6. Nameless King

    As much as I’ve enjoyed Sanchez’s contributions to Arsenal over the last few years I am finding it difficult to get too excited or hyped for a guy who doesn’t want to be here. I’ll support anyone wearing the shirt but this scenario is like enjoying a dinner date with a wife that has made it clear she wants a divorce.

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