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Alexis Sanchez forgets transfer as he targets early Arsenal return v Chelsea

It would be just about typical of the seemingly superhuman physical attributes of the Arsenal and Chile international if he was somehow to be fit enough to play some part in the Community Shield contest against Chelsea this weekend, despite the Confederates Cup delaying his summer break and then a bout of sickness meaning he did not get back to north London until this week.

But that seems to be what the striker is hoping to do as he posted some pictures on csocial media of him undertaking extra training in a bid to face Chelsea on Sunday, Metro reports.

It is fairly apparent to all that the 28-year old Gunner was hoping to complete a summer transfer away from north London to a team with Champions League hopes but Arsene Wenger seems to be holding firm and so, Alexis may just have accepted this and his natural commitment and desire has now taken over and will drive him on to give his best for Arsenal, which is all that the boss and the fans can ask.

But even a player as fit and focused as Sanchez cannot be ready to goi in less than a week can he? Could Arsenal fans really see the Chilean in action against Chelsea?


26 thoughts on “Alexis Sanchez forgets transfer as he targets early Arsenal return v Chelsea

  1. leo

    Sanchez… I dont kw if i wud be overrating him but…this guy is good…just too good to let go… His fitness level can only be compared to dat of ronaldo

    1. GO

      Right. He is too valuable to be sold for some miserly 50m Pounds, considering today’s market. Even if its one day remaining on his contract. The only thing I would be open to is a swap, if not, no deal is the ideal situation, they should come get him for free at 30. Wenger apparently knows what he is doing in this case. If Sanchez leaves, the calibre of players that will replace him won’t fancy not playing in the Champions league. Considering Lemar as Sanchez’ replacement is an insult, I’ll gladly back Walcott (22 goals in 2,197 minutes of game for club and country, compared to Sanchez’ 31 goals in 3,889 minutes for club and country), I think Lemar will appropriately replace Carzola and not Sanchez. So the deal is, run down your contract and go for free next season and while at it win us the premier league or at the least take us back to the Champions League and we will then be more attractive to your potential replacement or your internal replacements would have matured a bit more and we won’t have any need to splash 200m pounds to replace you. its simple logic. The alternative is if PSG wants him they should give us Cavani and Rabbiot, If its Barcelona they should send Suarez our way and if its Man City we will take Aguero and Sane. Anything apart from that, they should please come and take him for free at 30.

      1. Arsene Wenger

        PSG won’t need Sanchez now. If anything, they need to sell and balance books. Suddenly Matuidi, Rabiot, Veratti, Pastore and Di Maria are not that untouchable anymore.

        1. wilshegz

          retain Alexis, even if he doesn’t renew.. Alexis for one season is far more valuable than 35m especially in the current state of tranfermarket where average Lukaku is going for 90m + Rooney… worldclass Neymar for 198m…. bench player Morata going for 70m, Liverpool rejecting 100m for Coutinho.
          29yr-old one season player (DefensiveMidfielder),Matic going for 40m.
          Monaco asking for over 40m (some report 70m) for Lemar.
          Walker n Mendy (defenders) costing combined sum of 110m.

  2. wizzy p

    Sanchez should decide either he plays on Sunday and stay or dnt play and go for good .enuf of ds false hope in camp

  3. gudnewskeyz

    He is just in the Ronaldo and Messi class. I pray we keep him and add Lemar too and we can talk about winning the EPL.

  4. dr kass

    yes he sanchez is good but with all great men there is a weakness and when you find it the stupidity is clear he is not a true arsenal player let him go dr kass

    1. John

      Who is a true Arsenal player?……these guys are employees of their respective teams……. they are paid to do a job……,their services are available for their choice of team…….,whether they are fans of the team is not the most important thing here…..but their performance is…….and they want to be compensated for their services……including professing their love for the club in order to get playing chances and more money…..for me doing their job……,Efficiently doing their jobs is what is important….

  5. Arsene Wenger

    Suddenly, with Neymar to PSG, huge options opened in the transfer market. Basically, this created a 500 million market at least in which unheard things will happen. PSG must balance books one way or another so players will leave from there. Barcelona will need replacements and they have the money, clubs selling to Barcelona will need replacements as they have the money now.
    Watch how Di Maria will join the Arsenal.

  6. Andrew Elder

    I have mixed feelings about Sanchez completing his contract and going on a free next year. But on the plus side he is one of the most committed players I have ever seen, if only Ozil had the same attitude. I just hope he can get us back into the CL which would offset the loss.

    1. Ranjan Das

      I am hoping the pre world cup year will work out well for us. All the guys in the final year want to increase their value ; Lacazette wants that starting striker position for France and so does Giroud. It can only mean good things for us. Fingers crossed.

  7. Waal2waal

    Without alexis in the team we have just a chance of success; with him we’ve a very good chance – with him the expectation at arsenal is very very different. quality counts every fan knows sanchez is an asset on the pitch. fact, he repaid us when he first cameto us by scoring the goal that catapulted us from our 4th place finish directly into the CL competition. His importance can’t be understated to the team and to the arsenal brand.

  8. Rashid

    The one thing I can’t seem to understand is how a certain coutinho is said to be worth £134, Neymar £198 and some clubs placed bids of £35 for Alexis Sanchez. Damn these people see Arsenal as some cheap market….. it’s time Wenger and his cronies stood their ground and rise up.

  9. Didcotmassive

    If Wenger can somehow persuade Alexis to stay, would be the biggest signing of the summer. COYG!

  10. wilshegz


    very good lineUp..but Holding can’t be relied on to start every weekend, we need a more proven and mature CB added like Van dijk,koulibaly n we ll win d league

    1. neil

      holding played pretty well back end of last season… we need to let guys have their chance… he is not too far behind Stones already or are players not allowed to be classed as good if we dont spend £50mn ? Van Dijk started somewhere for nothing also…!

      1. John

        Yes Holding and Chambers need to play more games this season……at Arsenal……not elsewhere….yes they will make mistakes…….who doesn’t……

  11. Alusine

    That is true I read all your comments some of you guys comments are just true enough said let us focus on the 2017/2018 hope & pray that it will be come a good season for the gunners, brings us happiness and reunite us all arsenal fans around the globe

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