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Alexis Sanchez telling Arsenal fans he is STAYING?

The old kissing of the club badge has become something of an issue in football these days, mainly because a lot of fans feel that the huge amounts of money that now floods in with TV deals, shirt sponsors and all sorts of commercial deals have generally eroded the loyalty of players and also because a spot of badge kissing is often followed quickly by a transfer to another club.

However, I would be very surprised to find out that this was the case with the Chile international star Alexis Sanchez, because the talk of a possible move has been going on all summer but now appears to be over, so why would he choose and open training session in front of around 5,000 Arsenal fans to kiss the crest on his shirt and basically tell us all that he loves the club and is going to stay, as reported by The Telegraph.

Surely the 28-year old striker would be well aware of hos this gesture will be taken by Arsenal fans everywhere, so with Arsene Wenger also affirming once again that Alexis will not be sold to a Premier League rival and with PSG having completed the mega money signing of Neymar from Barcelona,, was the badge kiss from Sanchez merely intended to keep the fans on side as he knows he will be playing in front of us all season?


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  1. Jean

    I don’t think Sanchez ever asked to leave, he is the kind of player that is motivated by winning and being at the top, our failure to qualify for the UCL may have made him feel a little bad at the end of last season but not enough to force a move. I feel the media is to blame for all the rumour and Sanchez is doing what he can to tell the fans he’s okay and keep their support.

    1. Muff d

      Yeah cos not signing an extension for months on end is media driven

      Don’t care if he’s OK .
      His body language behaviour at times told us his intentions
      But wenger could do more to show he’s building squad . Rvp left. For same reason

      Can’t hold Alexis against wanting to leave . We don’t compete . But dragging it out is annoying

      1. Jean

        He is become an MVP at the club and knows it, the delay may have just been to change terms of contract and get more money. It didn’t necessarily say he wanted to leave nor stay

    2. carmelo pace

      he was part responsible for not making the c l,remember ? ever present the whole season in the team,so he must prove his worth this season and sea the team make it next time round

      1. big g

        Prove his worth, I think you are talking about the wrong player, there are plenty of players who did not perform well last season, Alexis was not one of them.

  2. xhaka16

    If there are no news about confirmation oF transfers How about no more articles…….am tired of reading trash

    1. Anko

      Just stop reading them. They always like to make headlines and there is usually no substance to what they write. It surprises me that the newspaper i.e. Sun, that says Sanchez has already agreed salary with Man City will still say PSG to pay certain amount. It is just unending parade of stupid. Even Sky that used to be credible are the worst. As far as the media are concerned Sanchez is a Man City player, a PSG player and last but the least an Arsenal player. It’s terrible.

  3. Martin

    It would be great to keep Alexis Sanchez and go on to win the EPL with him but I fear there is more to this story yet.

    To be honest I hate the whole, “kissing the badge” thing! It means nothing to the club or fans. On a personal level and to the player however, I think they feel it gives them a certain boost in support from the fans. It makes life easier for them, especially in difficult times or when they are in need for popularity!

    Sanchez has that “Latin” temperament like many other South Americans. He’s prone to throwing the odd tantrum when he wants to and I think the argument that he wants to play in the Champions League is a is a load of s**t!

    As with most modern players (Naymar included), it’s about the money, not the badge!!

    1. Abel

      Why are you and the media grasping at straws?
      I’ve watched the said video a number of time and he did no such thing. He was walking away with Ozil and appeared to wipe his face with a fist full of his training kit ( likely rubbing off sweat) it just happened that the part he grabbed happened to have the badge on that side.

      1. Abel

        Besides, if he really wanted to kiss the badge, he could have faced any of the numerous cameras on the pitch and kissed the badge for all to see.

  4. Arsenal_Girl

    Good. Step 1: Keep Alexis, Ozil, Oxlade, Bellerin seems to be going well

    Step 2: Finish Signings
    Very worried at the moment. With every day that goes by I get more and more worried
    We need 2 more top signings to compete for the title

    United ‘s signing of Matic was excellent signing. Matic and Pogba will be fantastic in central Midfield

    1. Nebsy

      Spot on about manure. The signing of Matic might actually win them the league, as it will open full potential of Pogba, and he did wonders at Juve as a creative midfielder.

  5. big g

    Of course it was, most players don’t get to play for the club they love and so it’s done to get the fans on side. There’s nothing like hypocrisy.

  6. waal2waal

    …something sobering bout coming back to the uk following a summer away, seeing £140k p/wk has doubled. sorta makes you wanna put on your boots, kiss a badge front of fans an say thank goodness im held in high regard here at the arsenal. it about time i picked myself up brushed all the disappointment off and encouraged my team mates to become the pride of london, england and then europe…

    1. dragunov762mm

      Does anybody here thought it like me : Alexis not kissed the badge, he sniffed the jersey to check body odor. LOL!
      Off course he’s staying with us. For a year. Arsene says it repeatedly.
      Yet, with nobodies out of the team even for Lucas Perez and JW10, Arsene’s buying activities are seem dropping dead.

  7. ThirdManJW

    If Sanchez, and Ozil are staying, then that worries about the Lemar signing. He’ll cost around £50 million, maybe more, and you don’t pay that kind of money, and then rarely start the player. Which means, the only way to accommodate Ozil, Sanchez, Lacazette, and Lemar, is to switch back to the epic failure of the 4-2-3-1 formation.

    From what I’ve seen, and heard, Lemar isn’t a CM, he’s a winger, or a wide forward. If Wenger stays with the hugely successful 3-4-3, then one of aforementioned players will have to drop to the bench. And Wenger HAS to keep with the 3-4-3 because it works. Every other manager knows the old system inside, and out, hence why we do so bad, so we must keep with the new formation. We won trophy, and won 3 out of 4 big games with it, whereas the Chelsea win early on in the season was our ONLY big win before the formation change.

    1. ThirdManJW

      Of course Lemar could be signed now, in view to replacing Sanchez next season, and before his valuation increases further (should he have a good season), but I still cannot imagine, he, or any of our other top players happily sitting on the bench.

  8. Coldzero

    Normal people would just say “I’m staying”. So until he says that I would presume he is leaving and so should everyone else.

    It really is as simple as that.

    1. Break-on-through

      He already said the decision is Arsenal’s. Either lose him next season for nothing or sell him now, the decision is ours.

  9. COYG_CA

    Well the Prof’s dithering concerning the transfer market just raised any potential buy by at least 25% after the crazy Neymar deal . . . . now ALL of the transfer quotes are going to get stupid!

    1. Nebsy

      I don’t think the transfer quotes will go crazy. Neymar had a crazy release clause, that’s why the crazy transfer. Same would happen if Real sold Ronaldo.

  10. Me

    I think the issue has always been the manager.
    Long passed his best years I don’t think he is suited to today’s game due to his inability to adapt and apply different tactics.
    That is why Arsenal struggle because its the same approach for everyone and we get found out easily, coupled with the fact that half the squad are dead wood and the other half are not motivated because there is no competition for places.
    And there is no sign of that changing…

  11. Break-on-through

    It is a good sign, because I think it means he’s staying and Wenger didn’t bend to anyone’s will. Next season it could feel like a kick in the teeth, but this season’s chances are obviously gonna be better with him in the team. If we could get the right players around Alexis we would be a front runner, the man makes such a huge impact. Lacazette might be a great start, his minutes to goals ratio is not too shabby. I don’t know if he’s the type that will help Alexis chase down defenders and lost causes, I hope he’s willing to try though, because that’s what I meant about surrounding Alexis with the right type of players. You look at the joy teams like that get, it’s a no brainer. Harassing the players who aren’t the most comfortable in possession i.e. defenders. We need to improve our work rate in that area, at times Alexis has looked a one man band, the Bob Dylan of football.

  12. Sukhjot Gunner

    Alexis is not the kind of player who will publicly or personally inform the boss that he wants to leave.All the speculation about his transfer request is just another of the media rubbish.He will continue to give his 200% on the pitch today even when he comes to know he will leave tomorrow.That is the kind of mentality he has.Believe it or not,somewhere deep in his heart he knows that arsenal made him from an average player at a footballing giant to a footballing monster at a descent club.He is grateful to afc for this.

  13. Arsenal_Girl

    I agree. Alexis will give everything he has this season no matter where he is. Just hope his professionalism and work rate rubs off on Ozil. We need both at their best.

  14. achaks 19

    Mr. Wenger and Stan Kroenke are the problem of arsenal Fc. After all the noise they made as if they will spend 200m pounds dis season.. The only spending we saw till date is Lacazette 47m pounds. The over annoying thing is that..The injury prone and brainless players like debuchy, Wilshire, Jankinson, Campbell, Lucas Perez, Coquilin are still in the club.. Arsenal way of managing injury is very very very poor: Carzola for example. Sticking with Ozil in that attack is killing us cos d dude is lazy… Iwobi will offer a lot this season… His energy and vision is superb.. Two goals and three assists in pre- season… Stan kroenke is d worst thing that ever happened to arsenal.. Especially at this time of informed Toteham spurs….

  15. Niro

    South American and Africans are alike in terms of money pursuing, they have the same mentality. Sanchez probably want some changes in his contract. He has gotten that, let’s move on…WENGER, more quality signingS to have back up because that’s all we lack. We can do wonders!!!

  16. AUGooner

    He was kissing the badge because he was mocking people’s celebrations
    Not saying he isn’t staying just that was the context of the badge kiss

  17. John

    The guy is 28/29?………he is after retirement signing…….if he is not then he is a fool……….he can only be a significant player for tops four years………I say give him what he wants……a three or four contract then sell him….if we don’t win the league title……

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