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‘Alexis will not force an exit’ from Arsenal this summer

Jim White has claimed that Alexis Sanchez is not the sort of player to demand a transfer away from Arsenal, and expected him to still be here come September 1.

The Chilean has been linked with the exit door for over 12 months now, having failed to agree terms over a new deal in talks since before last season.

A number of big clubs have been linked with his capture throughout the summer, but we have so far rejected any advances, and our manager Arsene Wenger has stated on numerous occasions that he will be staying at Arsenal.

Jim White believes the Frenchman, despite him having made similar statements about former players shortly before they left the club.

White said: “I think he’ll be there, I think he will go into this new season an Arsenal player.

“I know it’s all guesswork, until we actually hear definitively from him.

“He’s so quiet about it, he’s very quietly going about his business.

“I can’t imagine any time soon the likes of Sanchez putting in a transfer request like Coutinho did the other day.

“He wouldn’t go to Real Madrid, he’s not going to go back to Barcelona.

“He might got to PSG or Man City or Monaco.”

There certainly only seems to be concrete interest coming from Manchester City presently, and it would be unforgivable to allow him to switch to another Premier League side.

For me he simply has to stay put or go abroad, and as much as I would love to see him help us to challenge for the Premier League title this term, I have a bad feeling that he will end up at Man City in 12 months time on a free transfer.

Would Alexis happily stay put without a new contract? Is White right in thinking he wont hand in a transfer request?

Pat J

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19 thoughts on “‘Alexis will not force an exit’ from Arsenal this summer

    1. JoJoAFC

      As I have said all summer, show me once where Alexis is quoted as saying he wants to leave Arsenal. Has not said it once all summer. All he said is he would like to play in the Champions League and win it, it’s his dream, so what every football player dreams off that. I think we should put £350,000p/week on the table for him and put a clause in the contract that says he can leave next summer for the right offer abroad if we don’t win the league this season. That way he gets a pay rise, we get the right money for him, and we won’t risk losing him to a domestic rival for nothing at the end off the season . Win Win Win

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    1. Clam

      Be my guest and leave. Go support Liverpool.

      A contract involves “2 sides” coming to an agreement and it’s not always about money. How about we leave the negotiations to the club officials, take it easy on the rumours and go behind our team every game!

      I’d like a title race, but even if we struggle, I will still support the team. I kind of like the spirit fighting from behind in our last game, though I admit we have a lot of room to improve at the back.

      It’s only the beginning of the season and the transfer window is still open, just be patient. Things do not happen as instantly as in FIFA17.


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    2. Break-on-through

      None of us say it because that is ridiculous. Why don’t you stop supporting altogether if all you’re gonna do is whinge about it. At least you do realize that you can’t go changing color’s with the seasons, not all get that I’d assume. But I hate hearing people say if only I had of supported Chelsea or another, Ive only ever known one real Chelsea fan in my time and he’s the only one I’d talk shop with because he struggled through the crap and he deserves his joy.

      People wanted Oxlade sold last season. Imagine if Wenger had given him a large contract then, he’d have gotten smashed in here and out there. Oxlade impressed out wide, none of us seen that coming. Its Oxlade who is playing hard to get if you can take your head out of your ass for one second and think about it. Also I’m sure you meant he’d replace Alexis, which I don’t agree in the slightest as I think we’ve found his position and now its up to Arsene to show some backbone.

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    3. Ignasi M

      yaya! my main concern is that if we lose Sanchez and we don’t qualify for champs league we will slowly climb down the table as we’ll struggle to attract world class players. With Sanchez at our disposal this year, its imperative that we go all guns blazing to win the Europa league to get back into the champs league.

      Obviously, we’ll try for the EPL but that won’t happen – Utd, Spurs and City way too strong (‘organised’ more than anything) to compete for title. Although 4th place is possible is Liverpool lose and don’t replace Coutinho.

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  2. gotanidea

    The contract rebels have been behaving well so far. They are still willing to play dan train, they also don’t make transfer requests.

    Especially Sanchez, I’m sure there are many clubs chasing him currently. If he stays, he will be a great asset in this season.

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    1. ZA_Gunner

      Agree, but are we keeping Sanchez so that he can carry us again so we can cling onto top 4 or are we keeping him to use this opportunity to surround him with quality players and try to win the league? I am worried about the former because Sanchez will certainly see the club lacks ambition then and he may not feel he wants to perform for this team, never mind mentioning signing a new deal.

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  3. Waal2waal

    to date we’re yet to show alexis our ability to attract players of renound calibre to the club not as much as 1 world class midfielder has bothered to look our way. he (alexis) often carries the side and deserves every penny for doing so – he deservs help and fans deserve to be rewarded.

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  4. Arsenal1989

    I don’t understand wenger he would rather keep a old useless Walcott over the ox? If I was him Walcott would be the first to go n give the starting 11 to chamberlain. Even in today’s market I would take 15-20 million for Walcott. Ozil can go to, he does not have the same impact as santi carzola in CAM also buy someone who can replace Santi, the likes of Ramsey and wilshire will never be good enough. Honestly I’m sick and tired of wenger having faith in his useless players how can he spend our money how he wants and not on what’s best for the club. If we sell Sanchez to man city I swear to god wenger better put out 100milliom for Gareth bale or someone equal that’s the only way I would forgive him. On a side note real madrids vasquez his the same build as Sanchez and he impress me a couple of times. Anyways someone send wenger this message thank you

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    1. Mobella

      Can people like you use their brain instead of their heart for once. With all the articles and comments here not to mention other blogs, daily (s) and Wenger himself. You still think he is the one who want to sell Oxlade. Wenger has his fault and messed up by signing on but not giving Chamberlain a new contract two season ago is not one of them. He would have being criticized endlessly for rewarding mediocrity if he has. We are here duly blaming him for Gibbs, jenk, Debuchy and even Wiltshire. Because Chamberlain has few good performance he suddenly feels he’s can do better than arsenal.

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  5. Robin Vanpayslip

    When we won the league Ox and Sanchez will get emotional and sign new long term contracts

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  6. Maxi

    I am expecting alexis’ Arsenal exist and Mhrez as his replacement. The 🐂 had only one good season; last season so a man full of injuries my leave, get the 40million find a replacement and off we go

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    1. McLovin

      £40 million for a player who’s had one good season, is injured more often than not and doesn’t want to sign an extension, is GREAT business.

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  7. HydrogenDwhiz

    I’m fed up of hearing about him leaving or staying
    whether he leaves or not arsenal will still be arsenal and I know we’ll surely get back on foot like the old days when wenger just arrived

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  8. GunnerJack

    The Ox wants to play more centrally and AW also believes that will be his best position in the future. So unless Iwobi is being prepared for the position why not tell the Ox that Ozil is not likely to be here for long and he will get the number 10 shirt when he leaves?

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    1. Mobella

      What good has he done playing centrally. The last time i remembered him playing in that position is against Bayan Munich away last season cl and he caused arsenal a stupid goal.

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  9. Vlad

    Enough already. Sick and tired of hearing about Alexis. We’ll know for sure on the last day of transfer window I guess. Until then, how about talking about something else?

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  10. micky

    Van Persei, Nasri etc didn’t hand a transfer request either. Because at Arsenal if you are at the final year of your contract, the club will push you out for the sake of money not “pride, ego …”

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