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Allardyce appointment bad news for Arsenal’s England stars?

It may have been different if not for the injury and fitness problems suffered by some of the Arsenal players, but this summer’s Euro 2016 tournament did not see as many Gunners involved as we would have expected, with England especially light on Arsenal stars.

The only Gunner that Roy Hodgson did take was Jack Wilshere and the consensus is that he really was not match fit and probably should have stayed at home anyway. After the three lions’ disappointing performances, yet again, and early exit it was no surprise to see the FA dump the manager but more of a surprise is the decision this week to replace him with Sam Allardyce.

What will this mean to the Arsenal players and their international careers? Well it could spell bad news for Wilshere and others for two reasons. Big Sam and his style of football management is just about as different from Arsene Wenger as you can get and so the type of players that fit in well with the Arsenal style might well be seen as too lightweight by the new England boss or as luxury players rather than regulars.

I also wonder whether the well publicised and mutual antagonism between the two managers could play a part in England squad selections as well. It might sound petty but every manager has his favourite players and those he is not so keen on. Do you think this England change will be bad news for Jack, the Ox, Theo Walcott, Kieran Gibbs and all?


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13 thoughts on “Allardyce appointment bad news for Arsenal’s England stars?

  1. John Legend

    As a professional that Big Sam is, he should not use sentiments to pick his players. If however some of our players do not fit into his philosophy and style of play, well then, we will have to accept it.

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    1. RedLondon

      Our players will definitely suit him cause they’re the few that have the technical skill to play against top teams. What I like about Allardyce is he will give these prima donnas a good kick in the backside that our Arsenal squad also requires, they lack a fighting mentality which he is well known to inspire.

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  2. Trudeau

    Well since nine of our English core are fitting into the “Arsenal way” right now maybe they’ll be at home with Big Sam’s style of football management.

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  3. goonerboy

    Did the FA dump the manager(Hodgson) or he dumped the FA?? I taught he resigned….

    Most of our players won’t even suit Allardyce so if he snubs them,I wouldn’t care…
    Our players are either skinny or short technical players even our latest recruit is a soft-looking skinny kid..

    Allardyce favours the big dominant men…maybe it is time for Carroll,Charlie Adams and co to play their part!

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  4. funkyrith

    It all depends on if Spur’s English core performs worse than us this year. Last year our english players did not play much first team football, and when played did not perform, so expectedly they were 2nd/3rd choice

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  5. jonm

    When I saw the title I misread it as ” allardice appointment bad news for arsenal fans”. I was expecting an article about wengers future.

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    1. arsenalfan1

      The real bad news for Arsenal’s England stars (as for genuine Arsenal supporters everywhere) is that Arsene Wenger is still the manager of Arsenal!!!

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  6. ButtFlaps

    I don’t think he will pick walshot wilshire or oxtail chamberlain. Right now they not good

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    1. arsenalfan1

      The problem is not that Allardyce won’t pick Walcott, Wiltshire and Chamberlain but that Arsene Wenger will!!!

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  7. mohawk

    1. I predict Ox will be with the England squad IF he can stay healthy. Who knows about the rest of them. Ox is the most talented of the bunch.

    2. I noticed Rob Holding has been listed with the 1st team players vs. the Academy squad. Does this mean anything significant or is this just an administrative thing?

    3. It pains me to also see Sanogo still listed as a 1st team Arsenal striker. THAT bit of misfortune and misadventure needs to be finally eradicated once and for all.

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  8. davidnz

    Allardyce is lucky to be
    taking over a potentially
    very talented England squad.
    Sturridge Kane Rashford
    Stirling Ali are on their day top quality.
    Hart is usually a top GK while
    Smalling and Stones can really develop
    and there are many quality wing backs.
    England only lack quality in the centre of midfield.
    England were unlucky v Iceland and could have scored 10 goals.
    I reckon they will thrash Slovakia 9-1.

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  9. RSH

    Are any of our English players good enough? England don’t have many real options but no way Walcott, Chambers, Gibbs, are getting in any time soon. Wilshere it comes down to fitness, and Ox it comes down to whether he decides to fulfill his potential or not.

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  10. ruelando

    Really thing Big Sam as a good batch of players to work with, i think some choices were made in the squad selection for the Euros that did not work out. I am hoping he picks players base on performance in the league, than favoritism, at least one player of vast experience in the position must be placed in the forward , midfield and CB position.


    let the selection be base on their league performance and not due to favoritism (especially arsenal players). i am glad Sam does not have a good relation ship with Wenger , because the arsenal players will have to work Damn hard to get into the English squad now, so good luck to SAM

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