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Amazing Arsenal record almost safe again – Come on Swansea!

It was a couple of seasonĀ“s ago that Arsenal fans, well me at least, were just starting to worry about the possibility of another club matching our unbelievable achievement of going through a whole Premier League season without losing a game. An unbeaten league season had been done before but not since Preston North End managed it in the inaugural football league season in 1888-89.

Things were much different back then, including the length of the season which saw Preston play 22 matches without a loss. It was widely believed to be nigh on impossible to do it in the modern game and Arsene Wenger was roundly mocked when he suggested that his Arsenal team of 2002 might do it.

They started well but lost to Blackburn Rovers in late October and ended up losing six times but the next season the famous invincibles including club legends like Bergkamp, Vieira, Henry, Pires, Seaman and Keown did what most thought would never happen.

It is a feat that we hope no other club manages to achieve, so it was a great relief when Jose Mourinho saw his up to then unbeaten Chelsea team lose away to Newcastle United in December of 2014. It would have been almost unbearable if the smug one had equalled Wenger and Arsenal’s feat and the only thing worse would be if it was Tottenham (who also have not lost yet this season but you know that they will).

Anyway, our record was safe that season and last season when Leicester City lost three times, but this season saw all three of the title favourites get off to the perfect start with three wins out of three for Man United, Chelsea and Man City.

But after City beat United last weekend and Liverpool stunned Chelsea at Stamford Bridge last night, the only team left that might do the invincibles is the Man City of Pep Guardiola, who are looking very strong so far. Bournemouth failed to beat them today and next up in the league for them is the trip to Swansea who nearly beat Chelsea themselves last weekend.

The sooner Man City get beat the better, so I can stop worrying about the invincible thing for one but also to halt their momentum in the EPL title race. Next week is the last of Aguero’s three games suspended as well, so come you Swans, do us a favour will you?

Sam P.

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    1. Trudeau

      And I’m pretty sure Keown only played a handful of games although I’m sure he would be pleased to get the name check.

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  2. Okayblack

    And Kanu is our club legend too… Don’t U know this or did U intentionally omit him? Not many other players have won us games at d bridge when we’re 0-2 down, scoring a hat-trick!!!

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