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Analysis – March is make-or-break time for Arsenal

March is crunch time for Arsenal by JG

It is strange, but always the case, that there are certain parts of the season that are crucial, not only for the teams at the bottom trying to stay in the premier League, but also for teams trying to win the league.

This year it is also the case for us, trying to get third or fourth place. March is our time when we cannot drop points. We have five games in this month, home to Spurs, away to Everton, who seem to be falling away at last, and the return leg in Germany. We then have two easier games, away to Swansea and home to Reading. In my opinion we must take full points from the league games to achieve Champions League qualification. However in between the two games Swansea and Reading, is international week, and we could have had a much harder fixture than Reading at home after this midweek chaos.

After this spell of games in March, we have a home game against Man United, the rest of the fixtures are against lower league opposition, and dependent on Mr. Wenger’s priority, FA cup games.

I believe we should be confident about the finish to this season, and without wishing ill of a fine player, if a certain Welsh lad from Spurs was to pull a thigh muscle or something………….


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28 thoughts on “Analysis – March is make-or-break time for Arsenal

  1. mohawk35

    Except for the first 2 months of the season, every new month or upcoming series of games has been labled “crunch time” for Arsenal by somebody. I have stopped paying attention to it.

    Fans usually get a good sense when a particular game or series of games is critical. They will know.

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  2. chunners

    Like Napoleon said, there are ten minutes in any battle that have the potential to decide its fate, i concentrate on those ten minutes!
    Arsene, you know what to do! Oh and this applies to the Bayern game too. Look for that one lapse in concentration from them and then defend like there is no tomorrow!
    Arsenal FTW

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  3. Archimedes

    As an Arsenal, for once I am hoping for a bad season such that all illusions about greatness is gone. It has gone from bad to worse and I am fed up with the Kroenke mediocracy.

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  4. Yk

    Only if Arsene and Arsenal will take every month serious , we would be up there on the table COYG!

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  5. jud

    away to Swansea is not easy. They are playing good football. We will need to be focused. Somehow think this could be the tricky one.

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  6. snakeoil

    With as many mistakes as Wenger has made this season I am glad the Gunners still have a make or break opportunity available to them.

    But if we keep seeing Cazorla shifted, Podolski seated, and Ramsey included, in upcoming games, Arsenal will certainly run out of make or break opportunities very quickly.

    For the key games always play Poldi, Cazorla, Walcott, Wilshere. Any non-defense positions remaining should go to some combination of Giroud, Arteta, Diaby, LeCoq, Ox, Rosicky (no particular order).

    Not Brain Surgery – Select your best players for Big Games.

    Thanks for listening.

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  7. John Legend

    Wenger has the responsibility of making things right. I just want to free-up my head.

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  8. Big Gun

    Crunch time? We are always having a crunch time because we fail to be consistent. The team we have at the moment have a few mediocre players which need to be replaced with better quality. You all know who I’m talking about.

    In 04 we were the greatest team not only in England, but basically THE WORLD. It has taken Wenger only a few years to destroy that and make fighting for fourth place with Spurs our new ambition. I understand stadium debt has put us into a tight position, but seriously we had no real need to keep selling our best players. I still think selling RvP was the biggest mistake Wenger has ever made. United will win the league now because of that. If we still had RvP in our squad, WE would be top. Pisses me off that we are fighting for scraps now.

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  9. green gunner

    As if watching Arsenal all year wasn’t nerve wrecking enough. Now each game is a must win.

    Supporting Arsenal should come with a health warning.

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  10. Sureli

    What is wrong with people hating Ramsey?
    You want him to play anywhere on the field, he does it 100%
    That is what I expect from players, and Ramsey gives exactly that whether he is on form or not. So please stop singling him out.

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  11. LP

    @Sureli yes he will play anywhere you ask him to but so will I but that doesn’t mean I can play for arsenal……..the problem with him is he doesn’t have enough quality AT THE MOMENT to play first team football and that is why I think a loan deal will do him good …..

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  12. Sureli

    We know Ramsey has the quality to play for Arsenal. He did a better job at left back than the original left back. The only problem with him is his confidence and that came from him being expected to become Fabregas, and the fans jumped on his back. We should just accept him for his own qualities, and not what we think he is.

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  13. Deleny

    I knw u wld say this is outa point but da truth needz 2 b told. Rvp remainz a top top top traitor 2 our dear club n i just cant wait til his career startz hittn da rock!!! Rmber we made u whom u r 2day n he dear say he’z nw findn his home at manure utd?! Gosh! He is total tosh 2 me.

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  14. donal de burca.

    it is only recently that i read a similar article to this , but it stated that february was the make or break month for arsenal . ive heard it said before that paper never refuses ink so to speak and i think in this instance it is very true .what on earth is the point to these silly articles .

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  15. kutty

    Wenger should take the remaining matches seriously,we should play our best players and would suggest we defend as a unit.ramsey has played well in his new role as a DM,would love to still see him there.we should play walcott behind Giroud not on the wings.the Ox can play there or we play Santi there so we don’t crowd our middle.lastly we have been doing pull outs that are useless,think we should just square play,force errors from opponents when you play ground balls.United uses that more.

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  16. Big Gun

    @LP Wenger handles the majority of what happens behind the scenes, he handles player signings and transfers, negotiates salaries and also who we sell. Kroenke and Gazidis rely on Wenger to do what is best for the club. Put yourself in his shoes. You spend years developing and nurturing top talent like Fabregas, Cole, RvP etc. Now if the board were going behind Wenger’s back and forcing him to sell, surely that would make him absolutely pissed off…but yet Wenger does not say a word. This is because Wenger is an economist, these players he develops and sells for millions are just part and parcel of his trade. His pride is not about developing and keeping these players, it is about attaining something with little value and over time increasing its value and selling to the highest bidder. Why else would he just let the top goal scorer in the league go to our most bitter rivals after all those years of faith, time and effort put into RvP’s career?
    Don’t be fooled, Wenger and the board are all peas in the same pod.

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  17. Big Gun

    @Deleny Wenger and the board are the ones who should be blamed. It is Wenger’s career that needs to come to an end at Arsenal, and I wish RvP great success as it is the imbociles running our club who failed to extend his contract. RvP only left after much discussion with Wenger and the board about Arsenal’s future…he left because he saw the direction our club was going – NOWHERE (I mean ffs we are battling for 4th place with SPUDS!). The guy is 29 years old, won 1 trophy at Arsenal. Footballers want to look back and remember victories and winning titles. They want to have a trophy cabinet that glistens. I’ve seen pictures of RvP at 16 years wearing Arsenal kit and nothing but Arsenal and Dennis Bergkamp all over his walls. The guy was a true fan, but when you have a bunch of greedy w**kers running the club you play for, with no ambition to win things, you have to move on. Would Ferguson ever sell Rooney in his prime? Would City ever sell Silva?

    Arsenal were complete mugs to sell him, I will never forgive them for that. To add insult to injury, they sell Song too. Has anyone noticed we have a hole in DM position!!!???

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  18. Big Gun

    @ferdin Because Wenger is a soft frenchman, only interested in balancing the books. Where as Ferguson commands respect from his players and has a winning mentality. This rubs off on their players. Maybe I’m going off the deep end, but I’m just so sick and tired towards the end of every season feeling the same way about my club. Always looking at the glass half full but only to be let down again the next season.

    We need a change.

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  19. snakeoil

    @surli: as is common, you are wrong about fans “hating” ramsey.

    fans just want to see the best players on the pitch – ramsey is not one of arsenal’s best players just that simple.

    giving 100% is good, but if quality play does not go with it, the hard work is meaningless

    who would you bench so ramsey can start and why do you then HATE that player who is benched?

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  20. sku

    There is just a group of supporters who seem to target Ramsey all the time and I differ with them in what I see in Ramsey. I was frustarted by his form last season but he was coming from a bad injury and I have been very impressed by him these last few games I think he will prove a lot of people wrong.I think he is what you call a footballer’s footballer in that he has played in many positions and he is everywhere during a match. Yes he has no pace and he does not dribble like JW10 but he is better than what the fans think of him. That is why Wenger has stood by him and see Santos.

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