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Anderlecht v Arsenal Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction

Anderlecht vs Arsenal Preview, Line up and Predicted score by KJ

We still haven’t really kicked on this season and even though we managed to beat Galatasaray fairly comfortably a few weeks ago, a poor decision by Szczesny leaves us with reserve keeper Damian Martinez starting in a Champions League game that we need to win.

Our defence is suffering numerous injuries which has forced us to play players out of position or to dip into our reserves and that puts a lot of pressure on our midfielders. They will need to dictate the tempo of the game far better than we did against Hull and to ensure that the first counter attack isn’t a goal.

I’m expecting a big game from Sanchez and Welbeck once again. They’ll do the majority of pressing and they seem to be settling into the Champions League for us. It is still early days but the signs are promising. I want this game to be a confidence builder for us as we are sure to mentally fragile after another poor performance and result.

Line up:
Bellerin – Mertesacker – Chambers – Gibbs
Sanchez – Ramsey – Cazorla – Chamberlain

Martinez will have to start with Szczesny’s suspension and Ospina’s 3 month injury. He’ll need to be commanding but the defence in front of him will need to inspire him with confidence.

Bellerin had a torrid time away at Dortmund but this is a different test and he was pretty good against Hull. I expect him to have a stronger game this time round.

Ramsey and Arteta should be back and considering they are both first choice central midfielders at Arsenal, this should be a big boost for us and can hopefully push us on into some consistent winning form.

Chamberlain had a torrid time against Hull and Wenger may drop him for Campbell but I’d like to see him start and prove to Wenger it was just a one off (which it was).

This is still a Champions League game away from home against a decent team but I’d like to think we can win this one. 3 – 1 to the Gunners.

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25 thoughts on “Anderlecht v Arsenal Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction

      1. Budd

        yep, just above armory square I say. pretty crowded spot near the flats during the match day. and very populated outside the match days.

    1. th14

      Hes immense he even when having a bad game e.g against chelsea you dont really notice because of how hard he works and how much he runs.

      1. Ks-Gunner

        At Barca he was the same, also at Udinese. I hope that he wont lose his hunger for the game any time soon.

        1. muffdiver

          i hope we wont lose him to another team.
          hes surrounded by unmotivated lazy divas (except chosen few)

          1. Adienl

            Ozil is the biggest diva, in that context. Although he does perform when playing no.10.
            But it’s an insult to sanchez to play ozil on the opposite flank. Wenger doesn’t seem to realise though.

  1. Sango

    Well, as long as he doesn’t use tarot cards this time around for team sellection we are in for a good game. Also hope it get’s to his head that we don’t have the muscle to play a 4-1-4-1 formation but 4-2-3-1 which gives us shape, control and mobility.

  2. joe from kenya

    off topic guys its my birthday today and 3 points from the lads tonight would be the best present COYG

  3. SaveArsenal

    Wenger has already seriously tarnished his reputation and like a past it punch drunk boxer it will only get worse.
    We need to fix this now!

    Pay for Bergkamp to get treatment for his fear of flying and give him the job now.
    No knee jerk reaction, anyone who knows me will know I have wanted Wenger out for years.

    Another transfer window is approaching, we have some amazing players, some good squad players and with a few changes we could save a CL place and our season.
    Wenger WILL NOT make those additions, he will waste another transfer window and the decline of this great football club will continue.

  4. Ks-Gunner

    Arsenal is unpredictable. You never know for sure how they perform against weaker teams like Anderlecht. It can happen that it turns into a final a like game. Only one thing is for sure when Arsenal plays, and thats them losing to a decent team like Bvb, Atletico, even Manure will beat us.

    1. muffdiver

      like gala few weeks back anderlecht are poor- we will win…
      an everyone will say we are contenders for champions league…until we get beaten by dortmund…again

  5. Godswill

    Thank you for that on Alexis. I’ve not read the article before. Nice piece from him. He is my Arsenal player so far.
    Hey, which GK will be on the bench for us?

  6. Sumo

    So many of our youth is getting a chance. The young ones are hardly putting a foot wrong. It’s the senior players I am worried about. Hope Ramsey starts. I feel very confident when he is there. Snd Theo gets a run for 10-15 mins.

  7. Twig

    I expect to see the same lineup that started against Hull, with Martinez coming in for Szczesny and Chambers coming in for Monreal.

  8. rkw

    i look at this team then look at bayern munich`s performance last night and ask…where did we go wrong?…even 4 years ago i thought ok we are just a couple of quality players away from matching this lot..instead wenger sells our best players and brings in a bunch of hapless characters from the french leagues and refuses to strengthen in the places where there were obvious deficits..result…a massive footballing gulf between us and the germans..and all down to the arrogance and idiocy of one delusional french tw**

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