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Andrei Arshavin next to join Arsenal’s exodus?

Arshavin set to be another player to leave the Emirates by AH

If Arsenal are to buy anyone in this transfer window, it will be most dependent on who leaves the club and at the moment it seems we have a number of players who could be heading for the exit door this January and Andrei Arshavin is set to be one of them.

Arshavin has been quoted with a move to Reading FC with their Russian billionaire owner very keen on signing the former Russia captain. Arshavin has changed a lot since we signed him almost 4 years ago, on a snowy January deadline day. All the top European clubs wanted to sign him after a impressive Euro 2008 competition and we managed to beat the likes of Barcalona for his signature. Arshavin made an instant impact for the club and his most memorable moment will be his 4 goals at Anfield. Over the years he made less impact, however quality still shows every now and then and who can forget his winner against Barcalona at the Emirates! I think it is a shame that we are letting Arshavin go as I think he still has quality in him, however if he isn’t going to show it every week and is demanding £80,000 then we have to let him go because this is far too much for a player who sits on the bench week in week out.

Back to Reading and a move to the club who are currently sit second from bottom in the premier league table is hanging in the balance. Arshavin reportedly wants to stay in England, but Reading are the only club showing an interest in him. Reading are only willing to pay him £65,000 however he is demanding the same wage he earns currently at Arsenal.

Elsewhere, his old club Zenit St Petersburg are reportedly interested in bringing him back to make his third debut for the club, whilst its being reported today that his also has interest from Dutch side PSV, who are interested in a loan deal only.

In normal circumstances a loan deal could be a good option to get him off the wage bill however his contract runs out in the summer and I think it would be stupid to lose someone on a free transfer that we paid a record £14 million for just 4 years ago.

I would expect Russian side Zenit to speak to him about a pre-contract agreement which will see him go back to the team he once played his best football at, in a free transfer deal in the summer.

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74 thoughts on “Andrei Arshavin next to join Arsenal’s exodus?

  1. Hunter

    Shame, there are other players I’d much rather see the back of than Arshavin!

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  2. bobby

    get rid of him.
    get another AM and DM
    start using different formations
    and try get another forward(imo not really needed-we just need to create)
    get proven players, would like fellaini in DM role at Arsenal
    and another proven striker.
    Ben Arfa would be another great addition dont you think??

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  3. gunner jack

    reading ain t have no money, and lazy little russian don t wanna leave till summer, let my tel you…
    this player is so lazy and he deserve to play with reserves,
    also wenger ain t gonna sell him because Ryo is back in summer…
    double penetration, let my tell you…

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  4. gooner_4ever

    but if not sold in jan…wenger should use him in place of gervinho

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  5. Nick

    No wonder we have to sell players like RVP, they help balance out these players we pay huge weekly wages and can’t sell before their contracts expire. AA23 won’t get any permanent move done because nobody’s gonna pay to secure him if he’s on a free this summer.

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  6. john 3:16

    We need to get rid of Fabianski, Mannone, Djourou, Squillaci, Santos, Denilson, Arshavin, Gervinho, Chamakh, Park and Bendtner. I will not be satisfied until all these players have left Arsenal on a permanent basis.

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  7. Arsenal4Life

    I do not understand why Wenger doesnt play Arshavin? He is better than what we have for his position. I think when Wenger will give him a chance and have some believe in him, he can do great things (better than Gervinho or Podolski).
    But if Wenger isnt going to use him he should go as soon as posible.

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  8. j

    Let him leave whoever pays the most can have him. Lets get Isco in his place!

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  9. lifeasagooner

    Is Theo taking the piss?
    Hurry up and sign it or else go and don’t start making a mug of the fans who love you most.

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  10. k

    I don’t get it.
    Instead of selling players like Gervinho, Squillaci, Djourou, Arshavin, Chamakh, Bendtner, Park, etc. who never get any game time, we sell our first team players?
    If anything, we should offload these players, keep our stars, and promote youth if we are that focused on making a profit.

    Chamakh £4m
    Arshavin £4m
    Bendtner £5m
    Gervinho £5m
    Squillaci £1m
    Park £3m
    Santos £4
    Other £7m
    Total £28m

    So far we have got rid of some deadwood, reduced the wage bill, and made a £28m profit.
    Promote some youth to cover these positions with players like Eisfield, Gnarby, Miyaichi (on loan currently), etc.
    These youth offer far more spirit, determination and in many cases skill.
    Then spend some that £28m to strengthen the squad.
    £10m Defensive midfielder
    £10m Winger
    £8m Backup left back

    So we’ve offloaded some deadwood, promoted some youth, improved the squad and kept the fans happy.
    Total cost: £0m

    Surely that is better than selling top players year after year reducing quality. Obviously it’s hard to find buyers but I’m sure they’re out there somewhere. We’ve already had offers for Arshavin, Squillaci, Djourou, Chamakh, etc. so there is hope.

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  11. landi

    When arshavin played week in and out everybody where screaming for AOX and to sell him. The only reason for the fans want him to play again is because of gervinho….

    Its good that we will sell djourou,squillaci,arshavin

    I hope players like denilson,bendtner,park,chamack,santos,gervinho will leave as well.

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  12. jack10

    So true mate. We destroyed him. because of arsene’ s stupidity to play him on the wings his true abilities were jaded and he soon was out of form…Anyway happy he moves . his wages can be used for other target/targets.

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  13. lifeasagooner

    To be fair to Arsene, Arshavin does have a habit of being lazy during games and hasn’t helped himself during his time at Arsenal.
    Sometimes he only had the final 10 minutes in a game to come on and prove a point and he hardly broke out of a gentle jog. He has ability but his work ethic is just too low.

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  14. the king

    we need to get rid of this dead wood players.
    the wage bill is too high and no space for other players to come in……wenger needs to bring in 2-3 big players in January.

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  15. landi

    That being said we should go after :

    Zaha (more than 100 apperances, so he dont need time to adapt, Looks like the next big thing and would be a shame to let him go to united)

    Shaw (impressed against us and have a great future, get him nooooow wenger)

    m’vila ( he said in an report that if the club gets and offer and he likes the destination he would leave, we need someone quick and strong in the midfeald and he is the answear)

    And in the summer get another worldclass player like cazorla and hopefully we can challange for the title next year, if not then im sad to say it… wenger should look for another job …

    Anyways COYG

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  16. lifeasagooner

    I think it was Nico Yenaris who tweeted after the Bradford City defeat:

    “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”.

    Arshavin has talent but we’re better off with a hard worker – in fact the whole team needs to give an extra 30%.

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  17. philthompsonsnose

    I think everyone would be happy if we only sold one player this January….


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  18. Matt C

    Wenger didn’t ruin Arshavin, Arshavin ruined himself by becoming lazy and not making an effort to fight for a place in the team. I remember just a season ago he was booed off because he was making no effort what so ever. No matter what Wenger does he can’t force a player to care.

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  19. philthompsonsnose

    Would you rather have Gervinho than Arshavin because he works harder??

    At least we know (with the right frame of mind) that Arshavin has actually got TALENT!!

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  20. Rob

    Frimpong has been recalled from loan, thats awesome news.

    I think he could be a beast for us. Big, strong in the challenge, an Arsenal fan, and ive havent seen him play bad in an Arsenal shirt yet.

    Start him alongside Jack in those tough away games up North, where we need some muscle, keep Diaby on reduced wages as a squad player, as he’s still world class, and always puts a shift in.

    Rotate Jack/Frimpong/Arteta and Diaby as required.

    Once Frimpong has established himself, id let Coquelin leave, or keep him to replace Arteta as he’s 31 this year.

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  21. lifeasagooner

    I agree with all the comments about getting rid of our deadwood but lets face it – nobody wants them!!
    We are stuck with them all until the end of their contracts.
    The only reason that the Squid is off soon is because his deal is up.
    Even when teams enquire about them, the individual players have huge wages which other clubs cant match(due to Arsenes crazy flat wage structure)so they decide they’d rather stay out the team at Arsenal getting paid for nothing than go and seek regular football elsewhere – even Squid was rumoured to be on £60K a WEEEEEK!!!!!! I kid you not.

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  22. leo

    replace him with zaha /isco to city looking likely or sign eriksen/james rodriguez/holtby

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  23. leo

    Reports of official Arsenal bid for Barcelona’s David Villa are real.Player interested in a move,pressure mounting, Barca may sanction sale arsenal bid around 10m barca owes arsenal money from csec/song sale still no confirmation but our interest in him is genuine for real finger’s crossed

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  24. Carl

    Please GOD !!! 😀

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  25. leo

    Transfer possibility: Attackers/Forwards – Spain. Midfielders -France. Defenders – France/England
    arsenal made a bid for david villa 2 days ago barca insiders confirmed it

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  26. lifeasagooner


    Id rather have neither. Gervinho doen NOT fit my definition of hard work.

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  28. Shiva

    Chamakh set to join West Ham. Looks like he will be the first to go out.

    Wenger admitting Djouru/Squillachi’s (possible) departure in the next 3 days. Hopefully that is 3 down.

    It does look like Wenger is serious about clearing some dead wood. Now get Theo to sign, sign a world class box to box midfielder, a left back & potentially a world class striker. Promote Eisfeld/Gnarby – we could really be having a strong squad by end of Jan!


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  29. landi

    should we really go after m’vila ?

    Becuase we have coquelin,frimpong (back from loan), aneke and yennaris coming up…

    I can see frimpong getting better than m’vila but he have bad injury history.

    Thumbs UP for getting m’vila
    Thumbs Down for our talents

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  30. Mowember

    @leo i think wenger is going for adrian and mwilla maybe villa but he is busy and thats a good sign clearing the deadwood and adding quality, so gervino doesnt even stand a chance when he comes back.

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  31. Mowember

    Mwilla came out today with a got and get me plea and wenger is going to sqeeuze every penny out of it.

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  32. Mowember

    Wenger is also looking at a 4th choice centre back maybe olsson from wba. Busy time for wenger finaly.

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  33. GP

    This little genius would have had medals coming out of his ears if he had joined someone else.
    what a complete waste of a world class player.
    4 goals at Anfield and still only got a draw.
    The guy was demoralised by our poor levels.
    Just remember the song we sang when Adebayor left.
    Wenger should hang his head in shame for his mis management of some of our players.
    Arshavin is leaving before Diaby?
    Nuff said!

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  34. AmericanGooner

    So if Djourou is really going to Hannover and Squid is really leaving, don’t we need another CB? Or is Ignasi being promoted to fourth choice?

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  35. leo

    @mowember i don’t know but we have made a bid for david villa as far as adrian lopez goes our bid is 4m short than the buyout clause but interest in villa is genuine we will have to wait & see acc to media sources in spain

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  36. Briano

    Maybe if Wenger played him in the right position.In 4 years hes never played in his right position.Wenger should be blamed.Same thing is going to happen to Podolski.

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  37. landi

    Need to sell:

    Get back : wellington silva (huuuugh potential, and miyachi after the season)

    promote and BUY : aneke,frimpong,eisfield,gnarby, SHAW,ISCO,M’VILA, ZAHA

    And Keep our best players and when our talents becomes worldclass becuase they propably will with their talent, we should not sell them like we did with (song,fabregas,nasri,hleb,vp, etc…)

    And if we do this we could have our ARSENAL back next season and after 2-3 year one of the best team. I hope that the board and wenger thinks the same….

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  38. proudgooner

    I know this is off topic but don’t u find it weird that we have to beg players to come to this club.

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  39. LoCkAy

    Well, we could have used Arshavin instead of Gervinho, but Wenger likes his clown.

    таким длинный Arshavin.

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  40. RT

    We don’t want to spend £10mil on a 31 year old. I don’t care about how he used to be I think that is silly – we’ll have to replace him in 2 seasons, he will have no pace AND we won’t be able to make any money back off him we’ll have another loss of money. Furthermore we’ll probably only buy 1 player and if we’re making 1 signing it needs to be for the future surely?!

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  41. Mowember

    @leo I hope he signs them both because walclott isnt a striker, more a winger and villa cannot play in the cl this season. Adrian can and he is like a false striker a nr. 9 that links up with giroud more, villa is a more central striker but then he is more technical and has got more pace and vision than giroud. We then got a decent squad to pick out from, because injuries will also play a part in a season and you dont want to depend on gervinio. Im just hapy wenger is active and tricks us like in the summer.

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  42. BPAix

    really dude 28millions
    you the other managers are stupid or something.
    Also look at their high wages. Its hard to find buyers. Loan deals are most propable.
    arshavin 2 millions (cause ending contract)
    djourou 4
    squilacy 0,5(ending contract)
    gervinho 5
    bendter 4
    santos 4
    park 2
    chamack 3
    total: 24,5 if all are sold.
    i expect arshavin, bendter,park on loan deals
    squilacy staying until summer
    gervinho stick in team(maybe wenger will give him a bonus too 🙁 )
    so santos, chamack, djourou are the only ones which hopefully get us 10 mill profit

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  43. mo 2

    To all those skating arshavin, the guy is quality and proved it on the world stage, il put this in capitals so you understand, HE AIN’T A WINGER, HE IS A CREATIVE MIDFIELDER OR A NUMBER .10 IN THE WHOLE HE PLAYS THAT ROLE FOR RUSSIA AND ALWAYS PRODUCES. he ain’t the type to defend etc he tries but just ain’t got it in him simple as that does not make him rubbish. Gervinho,Ramsey etc b4 him is a disgrace

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  44. Goonersville

    Wenger’s lack of flexibility has ruined Arshavin’s career at Arsenal. Wenger could’ve used him in place of Gervinho, could’ve played him in his favorite position in the middle, but no, he’s so stiff about his ways he doesn’t see opportunity in what he spent so much money for. When Theo wants to play upfront, Wenger should be smart enough to know that Theo can’t be as effective against a Southampton team that defends much deeper than Newcastle. He needs to learn to adapt to conditions of the game.

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  45. ablindman785

    what is going on!
    chelsea get Ba
    everton extend jagielka
    Stoke extend shawcross
    west ham sign cloe
    liverpool sign sturridge
    What do we do? sweet FA is what.
    “our main goal is to secure theo this January” Arsene Wenger.
    so what if we don’t? and what about all the other positions we are lacking?
    been confirmed there hasn’t even been any bids for zaha.
    i know we are normally quiet in jan but this is a joke.

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  46. Andrew

    Arsenal have tried to get rid of Arshavin at least 3 times, but he refuses to leave! His high wages and lifestyle in London have become too comfortable. He recently turned down a move to Reading for this reason. He doesn’t want to play football anymore, but just suck Arsenal dry while doing nothing. As others have mentioned, Arsenal is loaded with deadwood, but selling them is almost impossible because nobody will assume their high wages for mediocre talent. They handle it by loaning them out. This is a totally inefficient way to do business and explains why they don’t compete for titles anymore.

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  47. ks-gunner

    gone but will not be forgoten….i feel srry for him i think he could gave as much more…but he lost form and was played to much out of his natural poz…if he is off than good luck to him any many thxses

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  48. Baz

    Wenger won’t make any signings, if Walcott signs a new contract, it will be like a new signing!! Which will enable us to win the league and champions league!! Thats what he will say!!
    Wenger is a lier, he and the Board have turned our Club into a joke!! Wenger must be sacked along with the board!! We need usmanov and Dein!!
    When is Wenger planning on making a signing, when all the top Players available are gone?!?
    Wenger is past it!! He is stubborn and clueless with only plan A!!!

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  49. Nick from Portugal

    BPAix correct, no way there is 28 million in that lot 2.8 million more like. Still Arshavin was badly managed but did himself few favors at times, we need a spark on Saturday but f–k knows where it is going to come from, our Mozart does not seemor of the month to be the flavor of the month with le Prof but I’d stick him in and give either Cazorla or jack a rest and I’d stick in Le Coq for Arteta. (Risky though that is).

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  50. Richard

    AW must take his share of the blame as he played him out of position for most of the games he played playing people out of position may be one of AWs strengths but it is also one of his major weaknesses

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  51. palmer17

    Surely if we have to sell before we buy this clearly should’ve been done in the summer… paying players that we dont ever use is beyond me my god

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  52. dee

    It is so frustrating, they keep Forehead who has no clue on the field and let Arshavin leave!!!! And then we complain about our club not having any succes. Everyone makes fun of us, when are we going to stop making stupid desicions?????

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  53. Greg

    I loved arshavin when he first came to arsenal but now he is just a shadow of himself now! Where is the player who was a nightmare for Liverpool and the rest of the premiership? That I don’t know he became inconsistent and out of favour!now he is out the door what a pity!best of luck to you Andre where ever you go sorry things didn’t work out!

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  54. JASAC

    Arshvin is better than gervinho, he should remain at emirates. you need players like him to win big european championship games. do you remember the goal he scored against barcelona? gervinho can not do that.

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  55. khaesar


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  56. Gunner

    Lets hope a few players move on but, it is obviously not as easy as it sounds. Look at Bendtner and Denillson. Arsenal have been trying to offload him for years and no luck at all.

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  57. k

    We had an offer for Santos of about £4m before (I think)
    A few teams interested in Bendtner
    Denilson may be bought buy his current loan club
    Djourou and Squillaci look set to leave
    Park should get a buyer at the right price, he was decent before he moved but just doesnt get much game time
    Arshavin wanted by Reading
    Chamakh wanted by West Ham
    We could definitely find a buyer for Gervinho

    So, even though it will be hard, selling the deadwood is definitely possible. If we except some cut prices for a few players we can definitely raise enough funds to make some quality additions. Apparently about £30m is available for Wenger although we have heard that before. I think we just have to wait and see how January turns out, it’s almost impossible to predict with Arsenal.

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  58. GP

    @Aasif..Of course he’s past his best…He’s in his thirties but younger than Giggs, Scholes, and Ferdinand. But Class is permanent.
    The point is we wasted his best years.
    Why would would top players join us when they see what happened to him and see players like Podolski being played out of position?

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  59. jermaine

    GK out fabianski for 1m (worth 2.2m) DEF djouro is worth 5.3m,squillaci is worth 1.3m out=6.6m but probably get 3-4m, < in twente 24 year old douglas cb(brazilian)worth 7.5m he will be a free agent come summer so we could get him for 3-5m. with this signing we wont need fullbacks as vermaelen covers lb kosc/coq rb …. MID out arrshavin lw/am 4-5M (worth 7.9m)<in holtby am/lm 4-5m (worth 9.7m) FWD:chamack cf worth 4.8m<in villa cf/LW 11m. we would only be spending 5-10mill

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  60. apc

    hes a massive let down and a lazy idiot. he needs to look at ribery now how hes now working harder tracking back. top top player.

    gutted it never worked out but his time is up

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