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Andrei Arshavin to be Arsenal’s first sale in January?

The most talked about Arsenal transfer rumour this morning is the fact that the Russian midfielder Andrei Arshavin is set to join Reading as soon as the window opens. It has even been reported in the local Reading Chronicle yesterday who are known to have contacts at the Majedski Stadium.

The deal with the Gunners is expected to be finalised quickly in early January, although the Chronicle says that Reading are only willing to pay £4 million whereas Arsenal are wanting £5 million.

Reading are fully expected to be putting in the first bid next week, but it seems that Fulham and Zenit St Petersburg are also interested in Arshavin, although the little maestro isn’t very keen on leaving his settled family life in London.

There will be many Arsenal fans hoping that Arshavin is only the start of a clearout of peripheral players (we all know who they are!) from the Emirates, hopefully making room for one superduper player to arrive…..

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32 thoughts on “Andrei Arshavin to be Arsenal’s first sale in January?

  1. wenger jr

    Surname – wright. Australian ctr mid in his prime, 25 yr old Hardman for Camden tigers. Saviour of arsenal I hear.

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  2. dboy

    OK Mr. Wenger at least now we know you will not spend any money in Jan since it has been reported that the £70m has now shrunk to £30m. Seems like someone is smiling at their Christmas bonuses. however having said that why don’t you do us this favour please please please!! have a mega clearance sale in January. Fabiansky(£5m), Squillachi(£2.5m), Djourou(£6m), Santos(£3m), Diaby(£6m), Rosicky(£6m), Arshavin(£4m), Coquelin(£5m), Yennaris(£3m), Walcott(£10m), Gervinho(£6m), Chamack(£3.5), Park(£2.5m), Denilson(£5m), Bendtner(£4m), Frimpong(£5m). that would gives us about £76m. with all these negative players gone sign a quality CDM and left back to cover Gibbs in Jan spend about £25m.
    Call up youth players like: Eisfield,Mayachi,Meade,Ansah,Akpom,Afobe,Gnarby,Campbell,
    Watt,Eastmond,Bellerin,Miquel. Give youth opportunity to learn from first team players. Then make some good signings in the summer you should have about £80m at your disposal.

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  3. LegOfLamb

    out with the old. in with the new. PLEASE! arsenal are strong, even though it doesnt show in the table because of lack of consistency. drop the deadwood once & for all and bring a high profile star player that is at his prime (even though star players arent the answer sometimes or arent needed). but it sure would help. if you have 20-40 millions to spend, spend it if they are giving it to you. MARIO GOTZE-YANN MVILLA-EDIN DZEKO or CHICARITO or PATO

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  4. vyash

    now we have 30 m
    then give 22m +dyrou for cavani
    cavani is not greedy
    the only thing is to play football and score
    buy boltby 5m
    versatile mielfielder

    sell bender,santos,Fabiansky, Squillachi, Djourou, Gervinho, Chamack, Park, Denilson with this we get fellaini

    this is a real deal and gd luck for r futur arshawin
    arshawin is better than gervinho

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  5. zack gunner

    i would like to add up one more item in your mega sale which is your tiny little brain… it should be the priority before arshavin i guess…

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  6. Gunner till the end

    Personnally i think its a joke to sell him hes a good player and doesnt get enough time, why the **** dont they sell gervinho and get a good replacement and use arshavin as our super sub

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  7. Ayokuu

    @dboy. Smallboy, u can aswell sell emirate stadium. Ask some quetions b4 u talk talk boy!

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  8. dboy

    @zack they say it takes one to know one. Maybe you are used to tiny things. Do you think that any of those players listed are contributing to the team?

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  9. Gunner till the end

    @dboy, why would you get rid of bendtner, he is our saviour, hes the best striker to walk a pitch

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  10. wenger jr

    Back on topic, the sale of arshavin is one we could regret. Although not given much of an opportunity lately, he is a game changer in every sense.should be used ahead of most of our squad along with rosicky imo. Bring on someone like arshavin when we were struggling for goals against Wigan, 20 mins from time is perfect for him to prove himself again, and adds another dimension to our offense.

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  11. dboy

    @Zack come to terms with reality. whose brain is tiny now? This is not the virtual world. I follow soccer not playstation.

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  12. sollygunner

    i would like to see shit players leave first but its a start
    please lets have chamak santos squid djouro park gone

    @dboy why on earth would we get rid of risicky ????

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  13. dboy

    @sollygunner with all respect Rosicky is a good player but he does not contribute as much as we would like him to same goes for Diaby they are injury prone, and we need players on the field not on the bench. I think it would be good opportunity to cash in now than wait for their value to drop even more. Maybe the physicality of premier league do not suit them.

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  14. Greg

    Great way to start the new year!let’s start by clearing out all the dead weight players and get players that will perform consistently !lopez llorente BA zaha mvilla let’s make the arsenal the force it was once again!with Jack wilshere santi cazorla arteta (real gunners) arsenal will rise again with these players but we must rebuild with serious committed players!

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  15. Cyril

    Get rid of the ex-Russian international.He used to be amazing but has played s**t for the past few months and we should get rid of the stain as soon as possible.The current Russia line-up will show this.

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  16. PerryTheGooner

    And you want yennaris and frimpong out?? What’s wrong with you bro. I’m a season ticket holder and I’m telling you frimpong has a big future at arsenal. U said promote youth…they both are. As for arshavin, good luck to you mate, goal vs Barca 4 vs Liverpool, stunner at old Trafford..but he’s a CAM. And unless we’re planning to drop santi(NEVER) then he must go. And we unfortunately won’t sign any worldies. Our philosophy has changed again…young British players, so don’t expect cavani, goetze etc. come on arsene prove me wrong. Wilshere goetze cazorla would be a midfield that could rival messilona fc.

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  17. Mogambo

    @dboy- hhhmmm you speak well but have you thought about who will keep our bench warm if you sell all our bench warmers???? Im all for getting shot of deadwood but guys like Rosicky, Diaby, Djourou and Yennaris are good enough when fit to ve ‘benchwarmers’ or back up players. Its the others who are not even good enough to be ‘reserves’ that need getting shot off. But yeah you are right on the money about getting rid of certain players which will free up the rigid wage structure and allow us to pay for quality players.

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  18. aussie gunner 247

    @ wenger jr
    In your first comment, what are you talking about.
    I live in Australia I don’t no who the Hal is wright let alone a team Camden tigers. How old is he 10?

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  19. dboy

    Ok guys I mentioned Yennaris and Frimpong for the simple reason that they have failed to make their mark like their piers, like Ox,Jack,Walcott,Gibbs. Which lead to the question: Are they good enough? I don’t think so.

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  20. Gunnerineverylife

    Wenger keeps Gervinho and sells Arshavin,keeps Walcott and sells Rvp,he has been pressing the self-destruction for a while now…TIME FOR CHANGE!!

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  21. Leonard

    Arshavin is just one of the many players Wenger can afford to offload. However he isbetter than the likes of Chamak. Rosisky is arguably is as good as Carzola. I wonder why Ramsey is used more often as a substitute than him.

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  22. Zack gunner

    Sell youth players and promote youth players? Whats the different it would make? Of course they are not good enough to be the fisrt eleven but they are under 22@23. Do you think that van pussy is the prem top goal scorer at the age of 23? And do you know that he was more on the treatment table rather than on the pitch before he became the top scorer?
    Yes some of your mega sale players are deadwood but to offload half of the team during january transfer window is never gonna happen mate. Have you ever heard of the team stability? Team need time to settle down and gel together. But credit to you that you have the guts to express your opinion (even though a bit virtual and tiny) and to defend it.
    And im just been sarcarstic on the playstation thing with ayokuu and you cant understood it?? Lol

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  23. Nick from Portugal

    One of the best footballers we have had in the past decade. Sad. Sad that Wenger stopped playing him, sad that he fell away so badly last season. Class act on his day. Character, plays the game with a smile.

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  24. realist

    Even if we got rid of a whole team of bench warmers we would still have.plenty of cover.
    Here is my X1 to go
    eastmond djourou squillaci santos
    denilson diaby
    park chamakh bendtner

    leaving us with 3 decent teams and only 15 of our 25 man squad places taken up so plenty of room to add another complete team if we so wished.

    sagna mertesacker vermaelen gibbs
    arteta wilshire
    walcott giroud podolski

    jenkinson koscielny miquel meade
    coquelin ramsey
    chamberlain afobe gervinho

    bellerin hajrovic angha ormonde-ottewill
    frimpong yennaris
    Gnabry Ansah ryo

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  25. dilla

    Unbelievable. When we buy we only buy cheap replacements (besides cazorla)
    When we sell we only sell our most talented like arshavin and theo and keep our deadwood. Hope this isn’t true

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  26. arshavin

    One wenger destroyed completely,when he came to arsenal,he was probably the player everyone wanted,still he chose arsenal.Before his arrival to Emirates,I didn’t support any football club,and only watched international matches,but I was probably his biggest fan so I started supporting arsenal and now I bleed arsenal.Still,I hete wenger for what he did to arshavin,even in recent times preffering Gervinho ahead of Arshavin smells derty.For many who shout deadwood,arshavin is surely not the problem,it is people like Niclas Bendtner,Denilson,Djoru and Gervinho who make the core of deadwood at arsenal.I feel sorry for Chamakh too–another one wenger spoiled for RvCeunt.But,perhaps it is better for him to leave now.But I wish we could deport Gervinho and keep Arshavin.

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