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Another dull England game is great news for Arsenal star

Not everyone who plays for a football club is a fan of that particular club. In fact it is becoming increasingly rare to see any top class player even stay at one club, never mind it being the one they grew up supporting, but the Arsenal and England star Jack Wilshere is actually a Gooner and would, we assume, be happy to spend his whole club career as a Gunner.

When it comes to internationals things are a bit different as every member of the squad is likely to be a fan, although that does not always make them produce their best while on international duty. The inability to perform as well for country as they do for club has been aimed at the England squad for years and it does seem odd that Premier League stars struggle to shine for the three lions like the players of other countries do.

Once again England were laboured away to Lithuania and only just managed to beat the European minnows and while this may have been as painful a watch for Wilshere as it was for the rest of us, it should actually be an encouragement to the 25-year old, as Gareth Southgate is in dire need of the sort of creative spark that our Jack can provide.

If the pundits were raving about the young spud Harry Winks just because he can play a pass and was not completely anonymous, imagine how much they will like seeing Wilshere running things for England?

Sam P.

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8 thoughts on “Another dull England game is great news for Arsenal star

  1. COYG_CA

    I watched an at least exciting game – I watched Scotland, the English game was worse than BORING . . . .

  2. Arsenal_Girl

    Argentina were boring too. Not a single goal against Peru at home.

    England are always boring lol
    We will be lucky to survive the group stage at the World Cup next year. We always do well in qualification but in tournaments we are just not good enough. Even our so called “Golden Generation” couldnt come close to pulling it off.

    Anyway, most importantly our players (all of them) will come back unscathed

    1. GunnerJack

      You’re right. Any team which wants to survive in the Prem better not rely on British players. The ones with true class are few and far between and then tend to end up abroad. Let’s hope Jack makes it and reverses that trend. True Gunner with true class. No injuries please!

  3. John Rambo

    Remember Ignasi Miquel? Around 6′ 4”? La Masia graduate? Used to play left back for a certain team?

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