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Another top-class centre-back admits Arsenal interest

Arsene Wenger made no changes to Arsenal’s defensive line-up during the summer transfer window, but it is beginning to emerge that they had made approaches to certain players in that position that didn’t come off. Yesterday the Montpellier captain, Mapou Yanga M’Biwa, told the world that he had been approached by Arsenal, and now today we have another confession of contact from a defender.

The Senegal and Anderlecht youngster Chiekhou Kouyate told ESPN yesterday: “The fans of Anderlecht asked me to stay for the club and they showed me their appreciation,” Kouyate said.

“Qualifying for the Champions League was also very important for me, because without that I think I should have been in London where I had a good contact with Arsene Wenger and Arsenal.”

Personally I would have preferred M’Biwa out of the two as I believe the French League is much stronger than the Belgian one, but it is still a surprise that the Gunners were even looking at bringing in another central defender, especially as Wenger gave Johan Djourou an extended contract at the end of last season….

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29 thoughts on “Another top-class centre-back admits Arsenal interest

  1. green gunner

    That’s all fine looking at these guys but we didn’t get either! I’m glad the transfer window is over. More gossip spoken than a shower of old women knitting.

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  2. Obsiye

    Ha ha ha everybody is saying “Arsenal contacted me but i turned down”
    i’m sure if they get a chance to be a GUNNER they wouldn’t waste..
    -We have mertasacker, kacielny, varmaelen, djorou and substian squilacci we don’t more CB just RB and DM


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  3. JW10

    Watching this guy at the Olympics you thought he could compete in track and field, absolute beast athlete!

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  4. clarks

    Once again i’m gonna say we need to sign Leighton Baines and why not try for Glenn Johnson or Micah Richards.Other premier league clubs make approaches for our players, why not do the same to theirs? Especoally when it’s class players in areas we need to strengthen from clubs who can’t offer champions league football. For me, Baines and Johnson should be targets.

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  5. Simon

    He’s absolutely awesome! he’s 22 years old, has long “diaby” legs, is EVERYWHERE in the defence, he’s strong, he’s got the pace(!) he’s an international, he won the Belgian league with Anderlecht last year almost featuring every game. I’d say YES!!!!!

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  6. maddy

    yanga mbiwa is the next big thing from france.and by the next summer his price will rise upto 20m-25m and i doubt wenger will pay that much amount for a defender.

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  7. on-d-gooner

    You know what people; I am beginning to think we may have enough in that department. But should we be looking to add then Djourou must be sold otherwise there’ll be discontentment and that’s the last thing we want in a season I believe we will be challenging on all fronts! If Chelsea can win the CL with a far inferior team than ours, who says we can’t do it this year? COYGs!!!

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  8. nicky

    Please let us forget the transfer window and all the rumours for a few months at least.
    January 1st will come around soon enough and a month’s frenzy will start all over again.

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  9. S.H

    As usual we always find out after close of transfer that Arsenal made particular offers. Knowing this, hopefully the start of the next window fans would stop and think, “oh yeah we are interested in bringing more players in”. I used to laugh at comments regarding Wenger and our scouts doing nothing. Would you play an employee to do nothing? With this common sense in place now, I hope more fans will use logical deduction to shield the BS flying from various media sources.

    We all wanted Wenger to buy a defender and he tried. We can’t help if a player rejects the offer. This has happened so many times including the fiasco with Alvarez last summer. The important thing we must consider, is Wenger’s intention to strengthen the squad. I never question Wenger, I question the Board’s ambitions.

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  10. Graham

    clarks, Leighton Baines, seriously? He is a good player but not an Arsenal type player and as for Johnson, he is an average rb. Their clubs would want at least £15m or over £20m and neither of those players are worth that much. We have a fantastic young rb that will be one of the best in the world in a few years…..Yennaris

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  11. Vincent

    I agree, Yennaris will be a very good defender. As for Johnson he is one of the reasons why his team is scored. He is always out of position, you can’t have a defender who doesn’t know that his primary role is to defend for his team. He is a talented footballer but not well trained for a defender. He would even cost a lot.

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  12. Nic

    I believe Arsenal is preparing to buy centre-back to replace the current captain. I see him leaving us next year if Bar/Realknocks at our door. Sagna will go and so is Walcott. This is Arsenal philosophy – built and sell as a self-sustaining model.

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  13. Graham

    Bob Dylan, maybe not but when he has played there he’s looked like a natural. Lauren wasn’t a rb when he came but became one of the best in the club’s history.

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  14. No more excuses

    I think the main point here is why players like djourou get extended contracts throwin at em + the likes of Sagna , Walcott and rvp are left til the last minute when the vultures are circling ! Personally I fink we have 3 proper centre backs at the minute and that’s enough with djourou as a last option . A right back might be more in order – a proper 1 like Sagna and not a makeshift 1 !

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  15. L

    @clarks – sorry mate but Glen Johnson?!?! He is so, so, so poor. He’s not even Liverpool quality.

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  16. true goon

    just goes to show those people who think the squad doesnt need strengthening,AW thinks it does,we were just unable to get them

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  17. Twig

    The following players were linked with arsenal at various points in the transfer window: Affelay, Belhanda, Cabaye, Capoue, Dempsey, David Villa, Ganso, Hazard, Hernandez, Isco, Kagawa, Kalou, Ki Sung-yueng, Llorente, M’vila, Wanyanma

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  18. true goon

    @No more excuses
    there are few reasons why we sign up our mediocre players and let our best most high profile players run down their contracts.One is because the mediocre players like djourou will eagerly sign an extension without a pay rise of any note, while our better players expect higher wages than the board is likely to allow.These same players see the way the club has been selling off our best players every season and not reinvested in the team,and as a result are disillusioned with the club so even when the board are on point and come to the player at the correct time(when they have 2years remaining) the player tells them they don’t wont to negotiate till the last year.
    Top players and their agents know that it makes financial sense to negotiate in their final year because they hold all the cards,most clubs realize this an basically bully players to sign with 2years remaining,it being very lucrative for them,Arsenal on the other-hand let the top players have 2 much power,due to their lack of investment,hence the last 4-5 years culminating in the theo walcott situation we now have

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  19. No more excuses

    True goon – totally agree with u – it was kinda a hypothetical question . I also believe that the good players aren’t signed up earlier deliberately so they will actually question their future with the club – then stan sits back laughing in his gold chair while arsenal fans tear strips off the player instead of him ! Rvp knew if arsenal didn’t cash in on him then it wuda been theo or song or sum1 else – there was no way stan was gonna invest money in arsenal this year and he knew it ! Why else would wenger not talk to theo bout a new deal b4 the Europeans but soon as rvp went then he cudnt wait ? Arsenal fans bein played for mugs – and 60k a week for djourou dnt seem like money well spent – let alone squid etc

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  20. Dave A

    The big RVP merchandise throw away day

    The man has obviously no respect for us so why should we have any for him.No gooner surely still wears his shirt or drinks from his cup or wears his scarf or waves his flag or whatever you bought to support his one great year for us,so why not on that fatefull day he returns to our club playing against us dont you just throw it onto the pitch before the Kick off so he actually realises how he has left us feeling.AFC has to know how this unbelievable event has affected the fans.This transfer cant just be brushed under the carpet…….can it.

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  21. No more excuses

    Dave A – without rvp we wouldn’t have champs league this year . Once again kronke is counting his cash while gooners tear strips off our former heroes . Rvp wanted investment – there was no way kronke was gonna invest in arsenal and robin knew it . He always makes money in the transfer window and always gets away with it . He didn’t wanna keep rvp + if he did sign then he’d have made sure others were sold – and not the likes of squid etc – more like theo or ox or whoever else would fill his piggy bank . Hell yeah it hurts watching rvp in a utd shirt – but hes a player who wants to win trophies – and our best hope is fa cup or that other mickey mouse 1 that we used to play a full team of youngsters in . Its not nice – and it hurts us – but he was likely sensible . Gonna get slaughtered for sayin that lol .

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  22. on-d-gooner

    To all you who think Yennaris isn’t a RB; he is! It is the position Wenger has deployed him each time he’s played a big game for us although his preferred position is in the middle of the park.

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  23. Dave A

    @ No more excuses

    I understand your comments totally but I still cant accept RVP to UTD.If RVP had stayed how many pionts do you think Arsenal would have had by now,hyperthetical I know as we could say similar about other players had they stayed.Now I know many Arsenal fans are willing to accept these constant transfers of our best players with the excuse of winning silverware every year but does that mean its has to happen.We have many players in our squad that looks unfortunatly not to have a future with the team yet we loose the ones that supposedly would of had.Where is the managment in that.

    By demonstrating our utter dibelief that our best player can be sold to,and lets face it our most bitter rivals apart from our friends up the road just might make the board and the manager realise what they have done to us and might think twice again about doing a similar thing in the future.I cant believe Arsenal sold him to Man Utd because thay got a few million more because it gives me stress like you would not believe,It actually hurts that the club I love so much would do this.Its sick.If throwing our RVP stuff on the pitch is not the right way to go about what else could we do.

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  24. No more excuses

    Dave – totally agree . We helped city win the league last year and we’re helpin utd win it this year ! It’s a disgrace – and yes ur right – we can never say for sure but it would be a good bet arsenal would have another 4pts now + utd would have 3less – that’s a brave difference after 3matches . Throwing kronke on the pitch outa a helicopter mite be a better idea but ! I hate that c*nt sooo much

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  25. gooner for life

    maybe the board will open their fu*?ing eyes and read the fans comments about how s**t their ambition is and gavidis hangs himself then i think we could do the quadroupal next season

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