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Another wantaway midfielder linked with Arsenal

Ki Sung Yeung to Arsenal? by TS

Well it seems these next coming days will be riddled with Arsenal transfer rumors and the Gunners are once again being linked with anyone wanting a transfer. On our list today is the Celtic midfielder Ki Sung-Yueng who has told the club that he would like a move to the Premier League. Now with Sahin on his way, M’villa still in the cross hairs and Biglia on the fringes one has to wonder just how many midfielders the media thinks Arsenal need!

The story was reported by the Daily Star and stated that Arsenal were interested in acquiring the midfielder along with Swansea and QPR. Which granted isn’t the finest selection of clubs to be competing with but does not necessarily rule out the guys potential. Having said that, I haven’t seen him play and hadn’t heard of him since today so I think I can safely say, the lad is relatively unknown and not the type of player we need to be signing right now.

I did some research though because Arsenal have been known to sign some unknowns and the player, who joined Celtic in 2009, is still only 23 years old. With Song gone, perhaps the media are linking him with us just until Sahin becomes official- at least that what I hope. Stranger things have been known to happen!

Arsenal surely would be wary to sign an unknown given everyone’s expectations for quality players. Even though the Korean international would probably be dirt cheap and probably end up backing up a back up player for our first choice back up. Let’s hope this is just a source of tabloid gossip! I don’t think we need to deplete our already thin wage structures any further…

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27 thoughts on “Another wantaway midfielder linked with Arsenal

  1. Smiley

    Although he did play good in the olympics, this player has dodgy written all over him.

    I’d just prefer Sahin and M’Villa/Biglia for our midfield.

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  2. Big Boy

    It is great to plan for the future by investing in potential(young unproven talent) but we have enough of those type of players in midfield(coq, frimpong). These players we already have must receive most of our attention as opposed to buying more inexperienced players. Thus it would be better to buy a more high profile player. Further the fans demand it(we as fans wanna win now and not always be told a hundred years from now when the current youngsters mature, also Wenger not getting younger so must win before he too old to be manager)

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  3. rvp

    we have all the young players we need.
    imperative now to buy replacements capable of playing as well as rvp and song, not if’s and maybes like this guy
    sahin, a proven striker and m’vila!

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  4. Obsiye

    We dont need any more DM cuz we’re going to have mvila and sahin what we need is top class striker like farnando llorantte and RB

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  5. zainkiani

    wenger has publically stated he wants a midfielder and defender..i hope he signs nuri sahin and yanga mbiwa.

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  6. Sank

    be realistic Sahin is enough.
    coquilan nd frimpong are better dan song at der age nd just 1 or 2 yrs nd dey can surpass song.
    look our midfield for 3 spots
    ox (may be)
    nd many more coming in 1 to 2 yrs.
    who should be benched ?

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  7. Bigafees

    I just want Sahin and M’villa & still bliv Giroud pace to provide goals 4 us

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  8. Tfemi

    Getting sahin is ok because. There r lot of players with future potential that would not play

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  9. Tedy

    We don’t need this guy. Sahin and M’Villa will sign for Arsenal. SO NO MORE MIDFIELD player. Striker is Lorente and One defense. THEN GLORY

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  10. Robin Van Payslip

    Why all this striker talk? He already signed two so doubt he will include anymore for now.

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  11. cw

    let us clarify certain things before we get carried away. If Arsenal are in the market for a LB back instead of a RB, that means Santos will play at the left side of the midfield in future not LB. Koscisny will deputise the present RB pending when Sagna will return.

    Arsenal will only buy M’Villa and Nuri together if and only if madrid did not accept the buying option. If this is so, then once the loan is over, M’Villa takes charge but if Madrid accepts the buying options, Arsenal will leave M’villa out.

    That is what AW means by saying he is in the market for a midfielder and defender.

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  12. Gooner Cape Town

    The Ki doesn’t fit the Arsenal lock!!
    Sahin, M Vila and Ricardson.

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  13. okeke kennedy .T

    Buy m’villa, sahin, fernando. L. And a better CB that can play RB.
    La prof has this money. Stop being tight handed. AW has very rich share holders. For GOD SAKE ALISHER USMANOV is the richest man in russia. With a net worth of $18.1b. Sale 70% of ARSENAL F.C shares to him. So that we can always buy world class players & compete for trophies. GOD BLESS ALL FAITHFUL FAN, GOD BLESS ALISHER USMANOV, GOD BLESS ARSENAL FC., GOD BLESS ME AND MY HOME. Shalom!!

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  14. Jetsenal

    My own is buy,whosoever dat Arsene Wenger,let him bring someone dat will make impact to the team.We’ve 10 days to go before the transfer window close,we assure of new players coming in.How about the deadwoods such Squilaci and co,would they leave before the transfer window close?

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  15. tissiam

    you need to do some research before writing articles mate he,s a swansea player!!how do you want us to take you seriously??

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  16. MarkWizzaDaGoon

    Nah we don’t need this dude,he ain’t bringing nothing to the team we ain’t got already and I’m not a fan of Korean players.all they have is bags of energy.he can’t even get a game at celtic so how would he cope at Arsenal?

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  17. Arsenal007

    Now I know we’ve been reading a load of rubbish… Swansea announced signing Ki yesterday, and you’re linking the same player with arsenal today…come on.
    If you want to lie to us, do it smartly…we’re not all stupid and gullible you know.

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  18. MarkWizzaDaGoon

    No to Richardson too.Most of the so called fans on here sound desperate for new signings just to satisfy their hearts but I can clearly see some fifa and championship manager computer game fanatics who know nada about football.
    I’d rather not buy another player if we r being linked to these guys.
    Stop fantasizing and wait to see what happens instead of guessing and hoping on some bs some dumb journalist wrote out of boredom or hate.
    Aug 31st is around the corner so just wait and see.
    Goon till I die.

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