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Apologies won’t make the Arsenal fans feel better!

Arsenal were second best all through last night’s game at Crystal Palace, despite all our possession. We all hoped that we were ready for our usual fight for the Top Four Trophy, but even that is looking unlikely after yesterday’s embarrassing performance. Most of the players were abused at the end of the game and the team coach was surrounded by angry fans as the team left Selhurst Park.

The only thing that Theo Walcott could do after the game was try to appease the fans was to say sorry. “The biggest thing was letting the fans down tonight,” said Theo. “We all did and that’s not Arsenal at all.

“We thought we’d bounced back well against Manchester City and West Ham at home, but tonight that wasn’t us at all. We’re very disappointed in that dressing room, like the fans are as well because we’ve let them down tonight. We need to respond and that’s only going to come from hard work at training.

“We don’t go out there to lose games, we try to work the best we can but tonight it just didn’t happen. All we can do is apologise for that performance tonight.

“I think they just wanted it more,” he added. “You could tell they wanted it more and you could sense that from kick-off. It was an uphill battle towards the end. This isn’t Arsenal in this moment in time. We thought we’d got out of this little rough patch before. Hopefully we haven’t been dragged straight back into it, but judging on that performance tonight, it looks like we have.

“We go out on the pitch and we try to do a job, so we’ve let the manager down, like we have with the fans. That’s all I can say.“

Something is desperately wrong at the moment, and it doesn’t look like trying harder in training is going to help much. Arsenal have won just 2 of their last 8 League games, and have lost their last 4 away (conceding 3 in each game) and we are away again at Middlesbrough next week. Why should we think we can win that one in this form?

What’s the point of apologising if nothing changes?

Darren N

22 thoughts on “Apologies won’t make the Arsenal fans feel better!

  1. Fatboy Gooney

    If his really that sorry, How about donating his months wages to charity then? … In fact, they all should lol ?? Wenger will have to donate his mansion to make amends for his fork ups ??

  2. Fatboy Gooney

    The Manchester evening news are reporting on a Sergio Aguero Alexis Sanchez swap deal, which could see Man City landing the Arsenal striker.

    How would you guys feel about that??
    And Would it make any difference with Wenger still in charge??

  3. Ronny

    Exactly someone mentioned it earlier as per bristol city they should be offering to refund fans costs out of their wages.
    Anyone see chelini stood in he tunnel as he came out, talk out warrior leader.
    Even Joe Hart I’d one of those I wonder if he’d like to come to London in the Summer? Ospina will be gone and Cech is not exactly on form, hang on no one is!

  4. Ronny

    Can’t see aguero agreeing to that can you?
    I’d take it everyday as we are now though.
    How else could we snag a player of that quality.

    1. Fatboy Gooney

      ?? Man, I can’t believe your still using that profile ? ? you look like the Incredible Hulk on a crack diet ?

  5. Ronny

    I guess the likes of aguero coming could depend on a top top manager being in charge, the usual list.
    Who the he’ll would want the job at the moment though even if it paid a fortune? It’s a poison chalice.
    Even Jack Wilshire has been fit since he left!
    Maybe we need to get the club exorcised 🙂

    1. Muff diver. Aka when I dine it's bedtime

      If he leaves Juve for this he’s a moron

      Allegri would be leaving a club with a rich history. A exciting squad. A club who spend. A European elite team for…
      Dt and Claude

      Don’t make me laugh

  6. Ronny

    Sanchez for aguero discussed who’d prefer Sanchez to leave the pl and go to juve for higuain or Dybala?
    Get allegri in you never know.

    1. Muff diver. Aka when I dine it's bedtime

      Hahaha mate u actually tjink dybala would downgrade to us.

      Barca an real an bayern have wanted him fpr years
      We can offer nothing

      No griezmann dybala or lewandowski talk plz.
      April first was weeks back

  7. Ronny

    No not at all just throwing out there.
    Can’t imagine too many players full stop wanting to join us atm.

  8. Arsenal_Girl

    If Alexis wants to leave then make this trade

    Wenger, Alexis and Theo (because of salary) for Allegri, Higuain and Dybala
    Throw in Ramsey and Sanogo to sweeten the deal

  9. Marty53

    Can’t understand it when Walcott says ” they wanted it more than us “….we are supposed to be fighting for top 4 finish and he says that the opposition wanted it more, just goes to show what a bunch of spineless players we have at the moment. Even Sanchez cannot raise his game at the moment, he’s hardly looking world class these last few months.

    1. RSH

      he was still our best attacker, and this was Alexis not caring. It’s clear he’s given up on the squad and doesn’t think they can accomplish anything. He’s right of course, but he get’s paid to put in max effort just like everyone else. And when you look around the pitch just about everyone is guilty as well, except they’re even worse. These players are stealing a living

  10. Solomon Rukua

    What does “Arsenal” mean? Do the players, the manager and his team, the Board and, the key Shareholders know? Arsenal cannot even dare shoot at sight! The so called dominant ball possession defined by the boring back passing! Where does the buck stop on the field? Arsene’ period! In life and every system, there is change for worse for better. Arsene , why are you killing Arsenal? Please, its time for you to draw the curtain on your managerial career at Arsenal.

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