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Are Arsenal chasing £20m-rated top-class midfielder? Fellaini? Dembele?

Arsenal could be after a £20m+ midfielder! by KJ

The ever reliable @AFCAMDEN has released some more inside info on how Wenger is planning his final assault on the transfer market. Here are his specific tweets:

“Wenger’s on the look out for “A top, top class midfielder”. Looking to spend up to £20m on the right player. Reluctant to buy average/unproven”

Wenger would’ve bought by now; money available, options out there. I’ve got the feeling he’s after someone he thought he couldn’t get.

This is some very interesting and exciting news. For those who don’t follow him or don’t use Twitter, this guy is as reliable as they come. He called the Niang trial at Arsenal 5 days before the media picked up on it. He was first to the Cazorla deal and also called Wilshere getting the No.10 as well. It’s safe to say that we should really take what he says as the truth.

I’m surprised that Wenger has been looking at midfielders that are pushing the £20m mark. Not only would it break our transfer record, but it would definitely show a change in policy.

Wenger himself made it clear that he would only be interested in VERY special midfielders, as he said yesterday: “My approach is that we have a very strong squad but if one or two opportunities arise we will take it,” he said.

“We are still in the market in some positions. We have experienced players in midfield like Arteta, Cazorla and Rosicky plus some young very promising players like Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Coquelin and one or two in between age-wise like Diaby, who is coming back.

“We will only take players who have something special. We believe we have a very strong team and if we find the special player, we will do it.

“There’s always a lot going on in the last week – in and out. We have some players who can go out, but overall there is always something happening in the last week. I have a clear idea of what I want to do, if it happens, it happens.”

There are a few players being hailed as the Alex Song successor and they all come from the Premier League. They are Tiote, Fellaini and Dembele.

Tiote: He’s a good player. He’s very strong defensively. However, he is not Arsenal quality. His passing isn’t what it should be and he seems reckless. I honestly believe he’s just a rubbish version of Song. We should steer clear of him.

Fellaini: This guy is slowly but surely proving to be one of the best defensive midfielders in the world. He absolutely dominates games and being so young, he has plenty of time to get better. Don’t be surprised if he actually reaches the heights that Yaya Toure has set. He’s that good. The only problem is, he’ll easily cost upwards of £25m.

Dembele: I’m a big fan of him. He is versatile and can really add that extra dimension to our team. He obviously has that vital Premier League experience which Wenger seems to be looking for.

I’m pleasantly surprised that Wenger is willing to spend £20m+ on the right player. I just hope he can get either Fellaini or Dembele. It’ll change the face of the club.

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143 thoughts on “Are Arsenal chasing £20m-rated top-class midfielder? Fellaini? Dembele?

  1. Roy Nazrat

    Dear Gooners,
    Please don’t deceive yourself with baseless rumors. Stop living in the fantasy world. Trust me Wenger has already prepared his statement for 1st September – the very next day after the transfer window closes. It’ll read as follows:
    “We were looking for a top, top player, but there was not much quality available. There was very little movement in the market. Yes, we have the money available but as well we have to be wise to not to waste it. Now that Wilshere is coming to his full fitness and Diaby is already playing, it is like two new signings this year. We have a big squad to deal with all challenges this year. If something comes up, we’ll see.”

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  2. leo

    yann m’vila completed 93 passes last night(65%) he has already signed for a club will be known in 2 days rumor is that it is a london based club /media sources say arsenal are closing on him forget about wenger going for fellaini/tiote/dembele that would be a miracle still nothing is confirmed at this stage don’t want a repeat of sahin & hope juve signs dzeko or jovetic so that arsenal can sign llorente

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  3. Anay

    I see coquelin as a great RB for future,he can be 2nd choice for us there…….the squad should be like this:
    1st 2nd 3rd choices
    GK: Szczesny,Fabianski and Mannone
    RB: Sagna, Coquelin and Jenkinson
    RCB: Koscielny,Merte and Squid
    LCB: Verminator,Ignasi and Djoure
    LB: Gibbs ,Santos and Yennaris

    DM: ???? , Diaby and Frimpong
    RCM: Santi , Rosicky and Ramsey
    LCM: Arteta, Wilshere and Eisfeld

    RW: Gervinho, Walcott and Park
    LW: Podolski, Ox and Arshavin
    CF: Giroud, Chamakh and Bendtner


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  4. Anonymous

    I personally believe wenger should go for M,villa or Cabaye or Dembele because all three of them are versitile defenders and Mvilla is younger and has alot more to promise

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  5. RealGooner

    is we loose against stoke, wenger will spend, if we beat stoke 3-0… 4-0… he wont buy… its reality.

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  6. john

    We won’t sign any of them wenger won’t buy anyone else at all he is very tight with money I’ve said before we won’t compete with the big boys until wenger spends we need a right back desperatly jenkinson isn’t good enough yet as he is very inexperienced it was a big move for him and I don’t think he is ready we need a dm you will see frimpong in that position wenger will keep the team we have and blend the youngsters in with the experienced ones I think we will struggle to get in top 6 this season unless we buy 2 more quality players you can’t rely on wilshire he has been out for a longtime injured it will take him time to get back to the quality he was and rosicky is always injured

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  7. durban South Africa

    I dnt want tiote why buy him at that expence we have Firpong! He just needs experience and time. The other two would be great additions but as always I expect Wenger to surprise us with someone we havnt considered

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  8. mani_gooner

    @leo last week rennes manager said m’vila played his last match … now again has he played?????

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  9. mani_gooner

    @leo all afc fans r getting restless… how long this m’vila saga??????
    llorente or martinez???
    what’s wrong with arsenal board? y don’t they invest??:@

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  10. T GOONER

    Please bring in Mvilla or Dembele and a versatile defender sick of Arsenal fans lying to themselves Jenkinson can’t fill the void and we can’t keep putting our faith in injury prone players… To be honest we need a top class striker aswell what do we do if Giroud or Podolski gets injured

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  11. chris from Cambridge

    We should have been trying to get Fellaini throughout the last 3 years. Class, hard and tall.

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  12. summer104

    Fellaini is the best replacement of Song as he is the vesatile midfielder who can play defensively and offensively. And Arteta was his teammate before so they should be a good partners in midfield. Suggest Wenger uses 15M + Diaby to buy Fellanini

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  13. Jmust@naija

    I hope Felaini or Dembele would be right the option 2 cover up our defencive area,coz but have EPL experiece.If mr W can get 1 of them our transfer saga is fulfied,definitely we are good go. Up gunner

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  14. coolfool

    Fellani can play dm or am can play both well but i think he will be to pricey fro arsenal Dembele would be a nice addition as already prem league proven and i wish everone would stop with the get mvila get mvila crap hes not wanted by AW or he would have been signed already its all the media trying to sell papers imo and wont happen unless theres totaly no one else att he last minute.

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  15. chucks

    i hope wenger brings in any of them but my prefered choice is Tiote. Felaini has been fantastic but i think he will be more expensive. M’Villa was my favourite but failed to impress me during the euro championship. Dembele is also a good option. Whoever comes in will fit in so long as he’s under Wenger’s tutilage. i just hope he brings in some one.

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  16. retto

    I beg to differ with the transfer targets……a defensive midfielder of note FERNANDO REGES from FC Porto best tackling midfilder there is at the moment, he would also be available for less than 15mill, Dembele n Fellaini would be much more expensive. N a CB of worth Neven Subotic who has said he would live playing in premier league….only if it would happen!

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  17. solgunner

    dembele is quality , thought he was awesome against man u shited ,,, i gota say all the big teams looking very beatable so far . still not sure though normally when wenger starts saying things like / were very strong , and holding out for speacial players ,, then it means were not guna get anyone but lets hope i still think one good strong consistant mid player would really make a diffrence with jacky boy and rikko coming back so sick of listening to everyone slate us lets get out there and start smashing it up
    coyg ,,,,,

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  18. VonMich

    Fellaini is really impressive, but Moyes would not let go his main player… Dembele could be a more realistic target. COME ON GUNNERS, LETS SHOW OUR CLASS AGAINST STOKE!!!

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  19. Rob Belgium

    I know fellaini and dembélé very good and they both are world class players but I think fellaini is too expensive for the moment but I don’t care because dembélé is the lan we need! He is world class as you could see in his performance against manu yesterday!

    Go for dembélé, Arsène!

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  20. paradza makelele

    Wenger is very stinch. he is there to buy fringe players at cheap, mould them into great n world class players, sell them at high prices. we are tired of this pattern. forget about dembele,fe, llorient and mvilla. AW to make profits not impress fans. maybe a miracle can happen.

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  21. ceezee

    Cultured Defencive player “M.vila”. a realistic buy “15m”
    Cultured offencive player “dembele” a realistic buy “10-15m”
    Cultured defencive/offencive “fellaini” but unrealistic buy “20-25m”

    Any of ð above player wil do just fine “they r special players” & wil coushin ð loss of song effectively but doubt it wil not happen…

    @roy nazarat u r so rite ! But just like my nightmare.

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  22. KING

    M Villa, Fellani and Dembele, are all special players and world class too. Tough decision 4 AW on how 2 spend his cash. If it was up 2 mE, Dembele will be a great improvemnt 4 our kinda game.

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  23. Mike Dellar

    To see Feillaini of Everton in Arsenal colours, just so he could torment Manure once again…PRICELESS!!!…worth the admission fee alone…oh! the joy of watching Manure squirm…the Fatman & Robin show is now cancelled for four weeks( Sir Alex is a concerned man & all because Fatman picked up an injury)…looks like Robin will be flying solo now that Fatman is injured

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  24. arsenal4life

    Were not going buy anyone else don’t you see were all about making profit for the boards fat bank accounts, this summer we bought three players at the cost of 33 mill, then sold 2 of are best players at 39 mill that’s a profit to arsenal of 6 mill, I see us struggling to get in the top fourth this year

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  25. craig2500

    I still like Lucus Biglia and he is the cheapest option and good age however The Premiership is tough and we already have 3 players that need to learn a new league which is why buying proven Premiership players is vital. Dembele is a great option and could see a swap deal where Arshavin goes the other way, also rumours they wanted Chamakh or Park on loan so we could swap two players to bring the transfer price down and loose two deadwoods which might appeal to Wenger. BUT along with a DM i think a back up striker is needed.

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  26. craig2500

    See few have sympathy for Shrek, haha. Will be interesting if RVP picks up a knock how they will get goals. We should buy the little Mexican off them as a back up striker

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  27. Jon

    Seriously hope i’m proven to eat my words but NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!!

    Don’t try and get everyone’s hopes up dumbass

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  28. Leave a Reply

    I think Wenger is not buy Fellaini or Dembele. I hope, but i don’t think so. Maybe Tiote. Sounds good. Wenger didn’t want M’Vila because he’s character is questionable.

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  29. jim

    i don’t know how we will compete with the current Chelsea without buying 2. dembele, Llorette.
    i am so sure the De Mateo man will snatch the trophy from mancity and manu you will get their second consecutive year without honors. this way they will shut up up up.

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  30. Tdotgunner

    Who ever said he’d spend big? Yez, we all know Wenger. Special, special player but he forgot to include special special player available at bargain bin price (which rarely / never happens to the very best and most sought after players).

    Like i said after cazorla and song movements- we wont be getting anyone mew until january (maybe) when we have already lost out on the premier league.

    Only wenger views injured returning players as ‘new signings’ which is silly and really another way of saying we dont have depth.

    Top 4 (maybe) and 0 trophys again is my prediction- i sincerely hope i am wrong, as i would love if some of you more optimistic gooners’ predictions come true.

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  31. Mr SB

    Right now, Arsenal should sign the following players before the transfer window gets shut:
    Striker: Fernando Llorente or Robert Lewandowski
    Midfielder: Moussa Dembele, Marouane Fellaini or Yann M’villa
    Defenders: Gregory van der Wiel, Daniel Agger or any other top class defender.

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  32. Orphil Mandy

    Why is AW always foot-dragging over players? He will first make a very positive comment about a player, then, he’ll start haggling over the player’s cost. In fact, the way AW prices players is so annoying and demoralising even for the players. Is he the only manager who cares about transaction cost economy? Barcelona merely flew in to enquire about the availability of Song: pronto, within two days the deal was sealed. Chelsea will earmark a player, before you know it, the deal is sealed. That motivates a player to feel honoured, regarded and appreciated by the club. AW will express interest in a player, and when the club asks him to pay 10 million Euros, AW will annoyingly be pricing 2 million Euros. Does this entice the player? Does it tell the player that the manager values him? Imagine that Wenger has been haggling over M’villa, Nuri, Caine, and several players only to alert rival clubs. C’mmon, AW should make up his mind. He can’t do this in Chelsea, Man City, Man U, Barcelona, Real Madrid or any other top club. He should know, as an economist, that when you don’t seem to place much premium on a player in your radar, he’ll not be well motivated to give his best, and after a season or so, will seek exit to greener pastures. AW prices players low, pays them uncompetitive wages, and expects them to give their best. Imagine since Nasiri, Clichy and other players left Arsenal, they have not feigned injuries because they know they are in competition for regular play. They also know that if they don’t fight for regular spot, no club can pay them such uncompetitive salaries. So, they give in their best regularly on the pitch. It also gives the manager the confidence in team selection. Can Chelsea, Man City or Man U ever complain about playing Stoke or any club below their financial clout? As long as AW employs this iconoclastic economics paradigm in football management, winning laurels will be an elusive dream for the club. A competitive manager would have set his sights on immediate replacement of his top players, if he must sell them. Otherwise, what is the rationale for selling your top players to your competitors? As an economist, does it make sense to AW, beyond financial gains, to sell his top players whom he has spent years to groom? At the time the club expects to reap their benefits, AW will frustratingly sell them, instead of improving their wages. AW should know that Arsenal fans are fast losing patience with his inept managerial decisions over the past 7 seasons. If he wants to run a cheap club, let him go to manage a third division. For Arsenal to remain a top club, the manager must inject confidence in the players, club and fans through his fiercely competitive approach to club management issues, in particular player turnover and replacement.

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  33. Ben

    Moussa Dembele is the beans! He’s strong fast, and one of the best dribblers in world football. Wenger says we lack that extra ‘spark’ in our forward line, me thinks this Belgian ace could give us heaps of flavor upfront! Please AW, sign him!!! He’s good at dribbling? that’s exactly what I’m doing when watching him play..

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