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Are Arsenal fans worried about Tottenham winning the title?

Arsenal’s great local rivals Tottenham Hotspur gained an excellent win over Man City, the previous favourites for the title, on Sunday lunchtime, which has propelled them to just one point behind the Citizens at the top of the table, and one point in front of us.

The Spuds victory has done us a favour really as the top of the table has become a bit closer for us, and has shown that Pep Guardiola’s side is not as invincible as people thought they were so far.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain isn’t worried about Tottenham, and thinks the Gunners should concentrate on their own results rather than anyone elses, which seems sensible to me! He said after Sunday’s game: “Obviously we heard about that result [Tottenham beating Manchester City] before the game. But we need to keep focused on us. Obviously that does us all a favour.”

That result may have brought us back to challenge at the top of table, but it also means that Tottenham are still unbeaten after the first 7 League games and are setting themselves up to go for gold themselves this season. Although we haven’t finished below them since the Ox was a babe in arms, the fact is we only made it last season by the skin of our teeth.

So are we worried that this really could be the season that Spurs not only finish above us, but maybe even win the title themselves? Or can we just worry about our other rivals like Man City knowing that the Spuds will bottle it at the end as usual…..


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15 thoughts on “Are Arsenal fans worried about Tottenham winning the title?

  1. muffdiver


    no european football, dynamic young manager
    lethal going forward

    mark my words

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    1. NY_Gunner

      But very suspect at the back. But they stay in your face, keepin you on the backfoot to compensate for that…We’ll see.

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  2. Arsenal_Girl

    For years I thought Spurs would win the Title before we would win another one. Like last season

    This season Spurs are good and have a chance at winning it. Before the season started I thought that they would only be better than us in one category (Striker-Kane) but with Alexis playing well I think or at least hope we are better in most categories and will finish ahead of them again this season.

    But we need to worry about ourselves
    Champions care about themselves not other teams

    Focus heavily on every match we play and play hard then we can win trophies

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  3. muffdiver

    just seen the henry interviewing wenger vid.calls him boss throughout…like that
    great part at then end..thierry asks arsene…the player in your 20 years you subbed the most..
    arsene…eh..theo walcott?

    …dennis bergkamp hahaha. (wenger is shocked)

    and a great stat….the team in your 20 years you have the most goals against…

    thats right tottenham hotspur
    sorry for the spoilers lads. stiill worth a watch

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  4. NY_Gunner

    Spurs do look good. And their defense is keepin them up there…

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  5. Incarnate

    They are not to be underestimated but our team is looking like they’re ready to take on any comers.

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  6. Twig

    Obviously, Tottenham will win the title at some point. Not much we can do about that.

    I’ll have to say this season they look to be the team to beat. The purchase of Wanyama has made them a very tough side. In addition, they are very exciting going forward. We’ll see…

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  7. Trudeau

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the top four today is the top four at the end of the year. In what order I have no idea but I like our chances

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  8. Bolly from Borehamwood

    spuds (small s) win the league this year, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaa.
    Get a grip and don’t be so bleeding ridiculous!
    Look what happened last season, they bottled it as usual.
    Forever in our shadow.

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  9. AndersS

    Several teams seem to have a realistic chance of winning the league. Player by player, I don’t think Spurs nor Liverpool have the best players. But, I think both teams look like they work harder and more determinedly than other teams at the top, and that is why, they are realistic contenders. If we can keep improving defensively, and somehow also make all players work as hard, as they should in every game, we will beat them.

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  10. Arsenal_Girl

    Ratings and MOTM article please 🙂

    I love reading it when we WIN 🙂

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  11. summerbreez

    I am not worried about them they will drop points for sure but the way they played man city and didn’t give them space but then i knew city were weak we need to work out a system when opponents play in our face other than that Liverpool will hammer them

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