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Are Arsenal finally getting rid of Debuchy? Good riddance!

You could say that Mathieu Debuchy has not had a lot of luck since his arrival at Arsenal after getting injured just two months after his arrival and then when returned he was back in the treatment room after an operation on a dislocated shoulder. This coincided with the brilliant improvement in Hector Bellerin who was drafted in from the the academy as his replacement and by the time Mathieu had returned to fitness the young Spaniard had cemented his place in the side.

That may have been bad luck, but the Frenchman didn’t help his cause by sulking because he wasn’t given his place back in the side, and made his feelings known in public and in private, and the fans gradually tired of his moaning. I doubt that he was a positive example in the dressing room or on the bench and I have been expecting Arsene Wenger to find a buyer for him for the last couple of years, but Wenger tried to keep him motivated on the bench. Again fortune intervened and when Le Prof finally picked him to play early last season he only managed 16 minutes on the pitch and went off with a hamstring injury. He has not played for Arsenal since and is unlikely to feature ever again.

Now we have the good news that Besiktas have offered the Frenchman a contract worth £2.3m-a-season to take him off our hands, and there have also been reports that Marseille are interested as well.

I personally can’t wait to see him taken off the payroll.

Darren N

21 thoughts on “Are Arsenal finally getting rid of Debuchy? Good riddance!

  1. Uzi Ozil

    Yes……..deadwoods are leaving gradually but I would have kept Gabriel. Anyway, that’s fine.

    We need one or two signings to complement the deadwood that are leaving. Moreover, the squad need new faces to help our course this season.

  2. gotanidea

    He could be a good wingback, because he has a lot of experience and he seems smarter than Bellerin. Unfortunately he is always injured.

    Wingback is a very important role in 3-4-2-1. If Chamberlain wants to leave as well, Arsenal should find another competitor for Bellerin as soon as possible, for example Porto’s Ricardo Pereira.

    1. McLovin

      Our squad is 32 strong, now 31 with Gabriel gone.

      Of those 31, Matt Macey is U21 so he doesn’t count and I think Joel Campbell is so injured that he won’t be in the squad from August – January. So that’s 29.

      Lucas Perez is almost out as well, and I don’t think Akpom is in Arsene’s plans for this season.

      So that’s 27 left. Gibbs, Jenkinson and Debuchy still to go.

      Chambers/Walcott possibly (unlikely) + One of OX/Sanchez/Özil might move. So we should bring in at least one more first XI player.

      1. muff d

        good breakdown
        honestly one player is not near enough

        tired of this manure, im taking this tractor to helgas house of pleasure

  3. Vlad

    For me, personally, I want to see these players gone: Wilshere, Ox, Ospina, Gibbs, Debuchy, Gabriel, Jenkinson, Cazorla (sorry dude), Perez, Campbell, Akpom. Some of them are just plain not good for Arsenal. Some don’t have the future at the club. Some are just collecting their paychecks. And some think too much of themselves after putting a couple of decent performances together, but are either injury prone and/or want too much money.

    P.S. Santi is the only one I’m going to miss.

    1. muff d

      everyone will, hes loved by everyone, seriously
      and that smile, that talent ,

      swoon , we love u santiago

  4. GB

    Bit rude to say ‘good riddance’ but hey, whatever flats your boat insult wise! By the way, it’s deadwood not deadwoods and sorry to be pedantic.
    @Vlad, yes let’s get shot of all those 11 players and we’ll be fighting off relegation battles all season.

    1. muff d

      bit rude? how much have we spent on his non playing career here
      if my mate loses 50 quid of my money , he gets alot more than good riddance from me

      hugh grant has nothing on you

    2. Vlad

      11 players out of which only 2 (Ox, and Ospina) saw any playing time. Ospina could and should have been replaced. I don’t rate him at all. Short, poor decision making, injury prone GK who can only command a 2mil transfer fee from Fenerbahce – tells the whole story, really. And Ox, who could only put together a couple of decent performances at the end of the last season in his 6+ years with the club. All the other players were either injured long term, or loaned out. So yes, these 11 bums could go and no one will even notice they were gone.

      1. GB

        Ok so it’s been a long time but perhaps Ox has finally found his niche. He is certainly better than Bellerin (at right wing back)who has gone backwards, funny enough since the Barca rumours. Yes there is a lot of dross in some of the others but it’s a squad game these days. Long gone are the days when you do the double with a squad of 17 as we did in ’71.

  5. Dion

    why are we selling more defenders than required.. apparently we are open to sell mustafi to inter if his prize tag can b surpassed… strange….or do we have plans for a new def…vvd ??

  6. Jib

    How in the @!*? does Debuchy still have TWO years left on his contract?!The dude is already 32 years old!
    This summer has laid bare our problems with the management of contracts. Key players are potentially 6 months away from leaving on a free and we can’t shift players that are eating into our resources that need to go elsewhere.
    I’m disappointed with Wenger on this, whenever criticised on the lack of signings or the amount we spend, or who we bring in to the club, he has constantly made statements in the press that espouse his views on careful financial management of the squad and club. This is not careful management of finances at all.
    Top players are big money, big to bring in, big to let go of. But they could be walking for free? If they had bought success on the pitch that could be forgiven.
    His buying players that made little or no impact on the pitch that you’re either selling for a loss (perez and possibly Gab) or having them eating up wages while contributing little to nothing like (debuchy, jenko and arguably gibbs).
    These players clog up the squad and it makes it difficult to bring in players in positions we need. But because of the financial model we’re unable to, and the competition would be too high.
    I try to be fair with wenger and I believe he get’s a lot of unfair stick at times. Economic stability is suppose to be his bread and butter and he’s massively failing on this front.

  7. ruelando

    Luck has not been with him, but we have enough cover in that position, so it is best he is moved on, strange enough we could lose at least 6 defenders in this window.

  8. David Rusa

    What proof is there that we want to sell Mustafi? I highly doubt it. It is not likely that we can sell both Gabriel and Mustafi in the same season. At any rate Mustafi and Holding are the future backbone of the Arsenal central defence. Metersacker is serving his last term as a player before taking over Youth coach. Koscielny is in his last playing days. So this leaves Mustafi as the main player. Thus I doubt that Arsenal can sell him.

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