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Are Arsenal really in a crisis right now?

Arsenal: Are they really in crisis? by Goonerboy

Hello Gunners, what a way to get your first win in the new year, although we should have scored more goals but it seems like Arsenal love to “pity” our opponents sometimes by taking the foot off the gas. Anyway, a win is a win and there is no need for moaning.

Right now, there is a mixed trend doing the rounds concerning Arsenal. First is Sanchez, Aubameyang, Ozil and Wilshere, Mhiktaryan and the “crisis”.

But are we really in crisis? Or is it a transition? Are we just not good enough? I could go on and on but i will stop there for now.

Look, if you ask me I will be blunt and tell you that Arsenal is not a club in crisis and what we are currently going through is inevitable, like I always tell football fans “It is Arsenal’s turn to be in the wilderness’

One might in the heat of the moment (or the influence of the media) say a lot of things without proper perspective and conclude Arsenal is in crisis, but how?

Is it because of the Sanchez situation, or Wenger’s inefficiency, players wanting out, missing out on CL or what could it be? The honest truth is that these things are not new in football and it will always be.

This “crisis” has happened to just about every top team in the division Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs to name a few and the world has not ended. In fact, by United’s standards, one can say they are still in “crisis” because they are not at the level they used to or want to be.

What is happening to Arsenal now has been long time coming and now a combination of other things made it worse and frustrating. From Wenger’s contract last season, to fans’ protests, Sanchez’s antics leading to disharmony in the dressing room. Of course, Wenger has his blames but there is no need repeating what others have been saying in the media and on justarsenal.

Perhaps if you can look beyond Wenger, you would observe that Arsenal is in transition and a new era is fast approaching. The restructuring started last season and it will continue even in the summer what with our ageing defence, (Cech, Koscielny, Monreal and Per) and these are vital members of the team. And to inconsistent ones like Welbeck, Iwobi, fringe players like Perez, Campbell, Asano to name a few.

After that you have the ever competitive league and this saddens me a lot. It is now a money league that your spending power determines how far you go, football is being destroyed for us, just look at the table, the top 4 is arranged according to how the teams have spent money.

Mourinho complained Man United is not spending enough to match City – really?! Conte this week said Chelsea said can’t compete with City even with an ever-ready-to-spend Abramovich. Klopp that does ‘not like to spend’ spent 75m on a defender, that shows how crazy and “expensive” it is to challenge for the title.

What we can blame Wenger and Arsenal for, is the reluctance to change with the times, they still want to spend little and achieve so much, which is not really possible.

Some might even say “but we can’t tie down our players to new contracts”. Again, I will say this does not only happen at Arsenal and we ourselves have benefitted from it with the acquisition of Kolasinac. Fellaini and Emre Can are refusing to sign at their respective clubs to name but a few.

But when it is Arsenal, the media exaggerates it and most fans fall for it. A new era is on the way, changes are happening and I believe the future is bright for us, so cheer up and lets minimize the negativities, and support the TEAM while hoping that Wenger will also be part of the changes by bidding farewell to the club in the summer.

Upwards and onwards


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20 thoughts on “Are Arsenal really in a crisis right now?

  1. ks-gunner

    We just have a fency stadium with lots of fans who pay big to watch a team which is bellow quality. Call it whatever you like. Arsenal are doing fine. Its the fans who are taking the *iss. Bad habids are hard to fix so this is going to continue for quit a long time as long as fans are stuck on nostolgia and wish for better times. Like it is now there is no chance that arsenal can expend and win future new fans over. So slowly but surely we are becomin closer to be a second spurs than a second english bayern. lol

  2. Phil

    Crisis?No.Transition?Yes and it feels like we have been there for far too long.There is no doubt we are treading water at best at the moment but there is a feeling (at last)of change taking place within the whole structure of the club and we can only hope the upward spiral kicks in before we hit a downward slope.I don’t believe we will and let’s be honest.What is the very worst we will end the season with?No trophies and 6th place in the league which gives us another season of Europa Cup.We will not finish any lower due to the other teams below us are total crap and no matter how bad we seem to have become we are still a million miles in front of that rubbish.Its not like we are not used to finishing the season with no trophies,although the Champions League was always a tiny bit of icing even though we never got the cherry. We are now where we are and where we deserve to be due to the total mis-management of the club from top to bottom over the last 6-7 seasons if not more.It could be worst but we all wish it was a lot lot better.I am convinced Ivan G is implementing change and putting talented professionals in place eg Sven and Raul to give Structure to our failed recruitment policy.There is clear accountability on these two now.Before there was always a smokescreen of who did what and who was responsible when things were clearly not progressing season after season.We have to trust the system(s) that are being introduced improve the team and club from the stagnated puddle we are in at the moment but that’s only because we rightly demand more than we are getting and have gotten over the previous years.

  3. John Ibrahim

    If the fans spend their billions and buy the club…

    there will be no crisis…they can do whatever they like…

    sign as many players, change as many managers and have every players sitting on 500k a week so that they will never leave….

    just like Fifa 18….the dream that most fans wanted

  4. Peterhos

    It depends on your definition of ‘ crisis’. Over the last few years we have spent just enough to aim for fourth, that is why RVP and Sanchez move on, to clubs with ambition. So, as for winning the EPL, yes we are in crisis for years until the board wake up to want football fans expect from a team. In sport you aim to win, not come fourth. Or else go home and take the balls kit and posts with you.

  5. tas

    Saturdays score is no surprise to me, scoring goals for fun also conceding stupid goals unnecessarily should be the norm, we play like the way we did Saturday week and week out (apart from Bournemouth) but usually the goals just don’t go in, lets hope with the new additions we can rectify scoring more goals but we will continue to let in soft goals in to our net

  6. Nothing changed

    Just because other teams and clubs have gone through crisis doesn’t mean we are not in a crisis.

    Even in the 2016/2017 season, we invested considerable more than Spurs and Pool in our payroll. In fact, we had the 4th highest payroll in the PL but failed to finish accordingly. In previous seasons we were even higher in the payroll league table and often failed to finish the season according to our payroll position.

    In the past when Wenger was still on the cutting edge of football he did well to maximize our payroll and finish higher than our investment in payroll would suggest.

    As we know we no longer maximize our payroll and have wasted a lot of money on overpaid players who don’t deliver and becaome unsellablke in the process.

    Take Spurs in contrast and you can see what a manager can bring. Spurs invested 121 million in payroll in 2016/17 f vs 200 million for Arsenal yet they have been the better team for a while now. That is a massive difference in payroll.

    Call it what you want but to deny we are massively underperforming for a club with our ambition and value and investment in payroll is plain dumb IMO.

    We have no business finishing below 4th. That should be a problem by anyone’s standard for a club like Arsenal.

    2016/17 Payroll for PL teams

    City 225
    Man U 220
    Chelsea 218
    Arsenal 200
    Liverpool 165
    Spurs 121

    1. Midkemma

      There is another factor in this, David Dein and Wenger used to talk a lot and Wenger has admitted to being a close friend of Dein after working with him, sharing evening meals together.

      That communication allowed Dein to know exactly what type of player Wenger would make use off.

      We have players in the squad that Wenger doesn’t make use off or uses as a last resort, players who was bought when Wenger was after a different player or deal.

      Welbeck purchase instead of loan.

      That is 3 players (ElNeny; Perez; Welbroke) who are taking a wage and wasn’t desired by the manager.

      At the time it wasn’t like Gazidis had Sven to ask if they was worth it or not… No. The guy he had to ask was dipping in ability, partially due to Wenger being a good gem finder and doing half of that role anyway.

      At least we now have Sven and soon Raul Sanllehi to advice Gazidis, 2 people who have proven to have done a good job. Gazidis picks so hopefully they will be able to convince him to spend and to not buy fluff who we can not sell afterwards.

  7. barryglik

    Arsenal in crisis?
    Absolutely not.
    A couple of wins off top 4
    one win off a Wembley final
    and still alive in the Europa league.
    For 14 years Arsenal has been good enough to compete
    with but never quite conquer all of the top 6.
    120 players have been involved and 2 billion pound
    has been spent, a million words promises and excuses
    have been made but the PL tile continues to elude us.
    Liverpool has never won the PL and Spurs last won
    the League title half a century ago.
    So are we too hard on ourselves? Should we be more realistic?

  8. wenger

    No. Even if we are, we will bounce back in a few years. Arsenal is too valuable, our legacy and brand is as strong as Manchester United. If the owner decided to sell the club, you will see the amount of billionaire putting a bid on our club.

    Clubs on crisis are teams like Newcastle, Aston Villa, Leeds United, Palermo, Lazio, Parma. Strong legacy, succesfull history but worthless (value wise).

  9. ThirdManJW

    We’re not in transition because Wenger is still here! And it looks as if he’ll be here beyond next season as well. Why start yet ANOTHER rebuild with Wenger at the helm, spending hundreds of millions on Wenger type players, if you have no plans to keep him beyond next season. It would make zero sense, be a complete waste of time, and money.

    If Wenger is allowed to spend in the summer, then he’ll definitely be here beyond 2019.

    1. Midkemma

      Wenger type players.

      Wenger tried to mock the young CB that Sven wanted, changed his mind once seen him in training though.

      Wenger wanted Martial instead of Mkhitaryan in the Alexis deal, we ended up with Mkhitaryan because that is who Sven wanted.

      Wenger tried to deny Auba interested, now proclaiming his disciplinary issues are nothing to worry about. Sven really likes Auba though.

      Appears to me that AFC are signing players on the head scouts recommendations over Wengers.

  10. Nothing changed

    IMO for any self-respecting sports club with ambition to be amongst the best and to challenge for top honors, continued underperformance and failure to seriously challenge (for the PL title in the case of top PL teams ) should count as a crisis or a problem in serious need of fixing.

    I guess if you don’t think we can do better or if you don’t think we are underperforming than you also think we have no problem.

  11. Midkemma

    IMO AFC have suffered from lack of experience and that has caused the transition to take longer than us fans would have hoped.

    David Dein was the football guy at AFC and Wenger has almost been that sole football knowledge guy at AFC since Dein left.

    Gazidis came from the states where ‘soccer’ is different, transfers are different…
    Silent Stan had no knowledge of AFC other than profits.

    AFC have needed someone in for a LONG time but there have been conflicts between the CEO and the manager, AFC hired Gazidis after talk of a DoF and look what that got us.

    I do think that Wenger going above Gazidis has pushed Gazidis to step up his game, get some experience in who knows about football and can take power away from Wenger, knowledge is power!

    This should have happened years ago and it was Gazidis failings that have cost us, now he is acting like a CEO and look at the hope for this transfer window. Could Sven make the difference as he was the one who got Auba… Raul coming in and he knows how to get big deals done…

    Wenger may have been getting worse as a manager but Gazidis should have pushed for these changes YEARS ago, he has been the cause of this prolonged transition but at least he is now rectifying that issue and doing a good job. Credit where it is due, Gazidis appears to have stepped up at long last.

    We can finally begin to heal and with luck, come back stronger than ever.

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