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Are Arsenal really Man City’s Feeder Club?

Is Arsenal A Feeder Club? by SV

Today, we shall play the former Premier League leaders and current outsiders for the Premier League title. There is no love lost between us and Man City (for, of course, I’m talking of them) so, by the time many of you read this, you shall probably either be extremely happy or extremely sad. The purpose of today’s article is not, however, to analyse whether you are more likely to be happy or sad (in other words, I’m not going to predict whether we will win or lose), but I’m going to look at an issue which has been niggling me hugely during the build-up to this game…

One of the reasons, I’m sure, why so many Arsenal fans hate City is that they poach many of our best players. The issue came up yesterday in an article on JustArsenal; City have, in their current squad, FOUR ex-Arsenal stars (Adebayor, Toure, Nasri and Clichy). This fact has prompted speculation over whether or not Arsenal are turning into a feeder club, and producing talented players only to have them taken off us by ‘bigger’ clubs. And, after several minutes of intense thought and conjecture, I came up with this answer: what a load of bullsh*t!

I admit, we cannot compare to the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona but, in my opinion, there is not a single other club which can. But if you asked me (from a completely unbiased perspective) whether an Arsenal talent would prefer to stay at Arsenal or to move on to City/United/Bayern etc, I would say that the talent would likely opt for Arsenal. Yes, the other clubs hold certain appeals (money at City, history at Utd, prestige at Bayern), but our club holds a great appeal for young players too. I hope that people still realise the amount of respect which Arsenal Football Club commands throughout the world, for its ethos, history, style of play and, yes, for the quality of our players. Let us also not forget that most players begin to salivate at the thought of playing alongside RVP or under the tutelage of Arsène Wenger.

In addition, all young players at the club (all players full-stop, in fact) have a solid belief that Arsenal will challenge for major honours every season. Even this season, after our squad had two giant Nasri and Cesc-shaped holes in it, the players believed that we were no worse than any of the other top teams. And I’m not talking crap; if you search the net, you’ll find numerous interviews – from earlier in the season – of many members of our squad saying that the Champions League and FA Cup could be brought to North London.

Yes, fair enough, we have had big-name departures in the past. The names Henry, Hleb, Flamini, Viera, Fabregas and Nasri will all crop up. But almost all of those players left pretty much when we would have wanted. For evidence, just look at the fact that none of them, besides the final two, have reached anywhere near their Arsenal form since they left the club.

However, I would say this: I think that the club needs to slightly change its wage structure – even though the current one has its advantages – as I think that the allure of big money could prove to be too much for some of our players in the future. I don’t think that we should go overboard though and change our whole transfer policy etc, as I don’t think that big money always means big success, as I hope that today’s game will prove.

If you’re reading this article after a terrible Arsenal performance and/or heart-breaking loss, I apologise… but let’s put Man City to the sword.


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25 thoughts on “Are Arsenal really Man City’s Feeder Club?

  1. Saton81

    If we sell any more top players without replacing them with top players we are a feeder club and the only way will be down unless we start signing top players and being a feeder club if we SELL ANY MORE TOP PLAYERS TO MAN CITY ETC…

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  2. Aussie Jack

    Eleven 50 million pound players would suggest to many that we win every game at home and in Europe therefore there`s not much point in the other teams participating…right?
    Wrong!….when I was involved in rugby there was a saying “we need a star team, not a team of stars”. Sure we, (Arsenal), need a couple of world beaters and they could cost big bucks but for the rest we need high quality teamsters who know and anticipate each others every move, then the `glory boy`s` can finish it off.

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  3. S.H

    Do we really need to ask such silly questions? Wenger has the board’s backing this year and I believe it’s only now that Wenger feels comfortable informing the press that we have no intentions to sell to Man city. Last year was a different story as Fab and Nasri were 2 unique cases. Wenger has already stated that one day he’ll write a book explaining the events of last year’s transfers and that we’d be very surprised with the facts. Does this not give us an inkling that there is more than meets the eye? Of course!

    I don’t think Wenger wanted to sell Nasri to Man City, but something tells me that his hand was forced by someone upstairs from the board. It’s obvious why we didn’t sell to other big clubs such as Inter, Man Utd, Bayern etc because they still can’t compete against Man city’s money. So the logic was to attain as much capital as possible to try and rebuild our team again. People forget that Wenger had spent over 40M to acquire Arteta, Benayoun, Park, AOC, mertesacker, Santos, Gervinho in the summer of yesteryear. So to state that Wenger is tight, is a false and inaccurate statement. We spent 12M on AOC who hadn’t even had one full epl game under his belt. So all Wenger haters accusing the man of frugality, wake up and smell the coffee of truth!

    Sometimes I believe our tumultuous year has contributed to team unity, strength and the board realising that they can’t simply rely on Wenger’s genius to carry them over the line with a thin budget – That their parsimonious ways would eventually shoot them in their own foot for not qualifying for CL and possibly losing about 40M in potential revenue.

    This summer will be different and we’ll certainly buy quality. Wenger knows that we have a good squad, but it’s not strong enough in depth to compete with the big guns. Expect us to buy and only sell players that need to be moved on.


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  4. Krush

    Truth be told-We r a feeder club…Let see what will happen to Van Persie..Let not forget the past….

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  5. budgie

    If a player wants to go, it doesn”t matter who we sell them to,as long as we get top dollar, getting 25mil for nasri when he only had a year left on his contract was good business, especially as he on the bench most of the time, and is going to win f**k all (and you clichy, we remember you saying you had left to win stuff,, hard luck mate!)

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  6. Name not required

    @s.h someone who talks sense and knows what his on about

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  7. neil moxon

    Lets hope them days are over to many players have left for
    city and barca but it doesn’t always work out for them (Hleb,Petit,and here’s hoping Nasri,Clichy and co)stop selling and become a top force in footy again.

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  8. M'Gooner89

    Citeh should never be regarded as a “bigger” club than the mighty Arsenal.
    They can buy trophies yes, but the history, glamour and prestige that we have within our great club, is something the blues can never ever buy for money. Today we will show them that this years PL trophy is not to be bought! I’d rather hand it proudly to man united, a club that at least stands for something! Lets claim that 3 place Gooners!

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  9. Paul

    No because every1 we have sold them apart from nasri has been arsens and the boards choice wre as nasri wanted the move we are barcas feeder club as they seem to take who they want LOL

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  10. Pedrogooner

    We should offer park and sqillachi to man city. Tell them these are class player!!!! Ask then for £50m and aguero!!!!!!!! 😉

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  11. blessing

    I still dont think this is the best time to remember this.nasri left because he beleived money is everything in football but am not really worried about clichy because he is an average player.ARSENAL IS THE BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD IN MA OPINION

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  12. Ibro vc

    Let those greedy players move to every available clubs in the world, at Arsenal FC, we’re going keep on producing and assembling the BEST talents in the world in reality, not politics. IN ARSENE WE TRUST!

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  13. S.H

    There is currently an article on Skysports pertaining to Mancini’s need for 4 new players and that the squad needs more depth. Are you kidding me Mancini!? You’ve spent over 200M in the last 2 years! If you’re interested in reading please refer to:

    Mancini complains stating: “We lost Yaya and Kolo Toure for the African Nations Cup, had some injuries and lost Vincent Kompany, Joleon Lescott and Sergio Aguero in the last two games,”

    Well we also suffered from the ACN and we had major injuries for a much longer spell than Man City with all our preferred fullbacks out. Also, we don’t have 4 world class strikers as they do in Aguero, Balotelli, Dzeko and Tevez. We forget that Nasri is employed as an additional striker on the wings as well. I don’t know what Mancini is complaining about when he’s spent copious amounts Mansour’s money to try and buy a trophy.

    It just shows that even buying expensive players can’t guarantee success, and why Wenger would rather invest in solid value. We forget that Arshavin, Reyes and Wiltord were the most costly buys for Arsenal and they did not perform to the expected heights. Anelka, Pires, Vieira and RVP were all very cheap buys and they did Arsenal wonders. So even if we bought players that were cheaper this summer, I wouldn’t be whinging because Wenger knows and we know EFF ALL! Like most fans though i do hope we buy quality, but we have to understand that every transfer is a risk whether the player costs 300K or 30M. So really it comes down to the quality and potential of a player that wenger identifies vs value in reason.

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  14. 49Unbeaten

    I don’t know what people are getting upset about. We were told that, with the move to the new stadium, that we would be in the situation of not having much money and having to sell players for 5-10 years to fund it all. Wenger was right, we’ve not had nuch money and we HAVE sold players to fund this but everone has forgot that he warned us that this would be the situation. We accepted it back then because we can make sure that we’re safe for the next 50-100 years but we’ve all forgotton and got mardy about it. We are the only team in England that have moved to a new stadium and NOT got relegated the following season.

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  15. lumia

    If arsenal sell van persie this season then i will call arsenal the feeder club…

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  16. Big Gun

    It’s the same story every season…Arsenal are always up there, but just cannot quite cut it to be the best. The past few seasons have been a mixture of poor squad selection, injuries, and lack of transfer market investment. Every year we have people saying, don’t worry, next season will be better, Wenger will buy, but it has yet to be seen. He spent 40m last transfer…I’ll admit some of those players were pretty good buys (Arteta, Santos, AOC) but the rest were a waste of money.

    Gervinho looked good at the start, but has left a lot to be desired.

    Park has been such a waste of talent, with only four appearances he scored a goal and had several shots on target, but remains on the bench? In my opinion he is better than Ramsey, Bendtner, Chamakh, Vela…so why not play him just behind RvP?

    Benayoun was an obvious panic buy/loan…I like the guy a lot, but he has been mediocre to say the least and was only brought in to fill the gaps. Again, if smarter and more efficient planning were exercised by Wenger and company, we would not have to scrape the bottom of the barrel for reject players (he couldn’t make it in Chelsea or Liverpool)

    Mertesacker – Still hazy on this one. He hasn’t been bad, but for crying out loud, the man is well over 6 foot and can’t win headers? He is also too sluggish for a CB. Vertonghen or Samba would have been much better buys.

    There will be some that don’t agree with me, but I still believe Arsene could have done better with the last transfer window he actually spent in. Half of the players he signed in my opinion are not good enough, and we are still harboring mediocre players like Ramsey, Djoure, Squid, Diaby, Chamakh etc. Do you think any of those players would cut it in teams like City, United, Barca, Madrid? Not a chance. And if they had to end up in one of those teams, they would be disposed of very quickly. Look at how quick United get rid of dud players. But for some reason, Arsenal loves to persist with these mediocre players which end up costing us titles. Arsene needs grow a stache and man up. Just get rid of these players holding us back, and buy quality next time around please.

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  17. Vish

    If rvp goes to city (star player and captain) then It would be hard to argue that we’re not their feeder club.

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  18. k

    The emirates cost £500m. To fund this we get sponsorship deals (emirates airline) and sell players (for example cesc)

    We got £100m from emirates airlines
    Total left: £400m

    Cesc+Nasri sales £60m minus 40m spent on players leaves £20m
    Total left: £380m

    We got 50m from some other players (anelka and others)
    Total to pay: £330m

    Look at that. We got a £100m sponsorship, sold 2 of our best players and generated £50m from other sales a while ago and still have £330m debt after that. So when you say arsenal are not in debt, they always make money, they must have millions to spend. Remember: the stadium cost half a billion pounds. So we cant blame everything on Wenger. Hes done amazing keeping us up there while we pay of the debt. and he does this by transforming young stars to keep us in champions league, selling them, then starting again. No other manager can do that. And that is why he is the best manager ever (maybe joint with ferguson)

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  19. k

    In addition to my previous post: we have also got money from ticket sales etc. so what i think has happened is:
    we sold good/great players and bought what we needed to keep us in the champions league and a desirable club. now we are nearly finished paying the stadium (assumption) and we are suddenly getting all the transfer news, wenger isnt saying he doesnt have the money, and hes happily stating hes after players. That sounds like hes finally finished (or almost finished) paying for the stadium and has the funds to buy (hence the story of the 55-100m warchest)

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  20. Malik

    @Big gun

    ur absolutely rite he could’ve done better we had Gary Cahill literally begging to cum 2 arsenal n the c*nt offered 6m when bolton asked 18m, he argued over 2-3m pounds to sign juan mata for 20m cause off a contract clause n he rattled on until his contract clause expired n chelsea bought their Now player of the year for 37m then cahill 4 15m, how about scott parker who’s now spud player of the year only costed about 10-15m, oh n he decided to sell our only fabregas replacement n last invincible 2 to man city who are now competing 4 the title so basically wenger had strengthen all our rivals besides United n Liverpool n made us get r@ped b4 deciding to spend that 30m-40m on scraps while he kept the money he had to spwnd this window plus 35m from fab,nasri, clichy, eboue he had clenched between his butt cheeks, so to say he could do of done better is an understatement. he’d better buy a quality player for defence, midfield n attack or we r classified in the feeder club category


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  21. ArsenalGoon

    Just so you guys know, we didnt spend 40m. We spent 70m including signing on fees. Mertesacker, Gervinho, Chamberlain and Arteta cost 40m alone. Then when you add Jenkinson, Santos and Park Chu Young (possibly some fee involved with the Benayoun loan) we spent 70m.

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  22. Mike the max

    Selling Adebeyor who falls asleep during games and has done so for us, city, real and spuds was astute business. He could never handle being the main man his temperament is wrong. Toure who we all loved was a problem for some of the team particularly Gallas, at the time of leaving he was stale and it was time to move on. Clichey had under performed for quite some time and was not trying in many peoples eyes. Nasri would have stayed if Fabregas had stayed but the thought that staying in a s**t team with no prospects(My assumption of his thoughts not mine) was to much and he jumped while the going was good, with a little help from the board.

    Far from being a feeder club for city they are a team for our cast offs and they try to snatch our targets. Dzeko,Silva and Yaya Toure to name but a few. In clubs that grow youth we inevitably sell players that we cannot accomodate because of others coming through or them not being quite right for the team regardless of talent. the fact that the richest team in the country covets our cast offs proves that we are not that bad. Are we?

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  23. Aussie Jack

    As I said ,it was a case of a `star team` beating a team of `star players`. Each of the City players wants to put his ego on parade, he is self promotional, a prima donna, he`s also not disciplined enough to overcome is own short comings and he compounds his errors because of this.
    Maybe they should get rid of Mancini and give Sam Aladyce the reins, bring `em down to earth. Well done Arsenal.

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  24. beske

    Honestly, arsenal youthpolicy is good but we need experience and strenght when the game is TOUGH Cos injuries andvfailure to replace when necessary has cost us many trophies. Great teams ar teams dat have trophies to show like man u,they also built stadium. And yet have somhng t show.v Wenger shld know dat 8 yrs without trophy. Is nt good for his record.gunner s for life

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