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Are GLORY days REALLY coming back to Arsenal?

Although Arsenal may have just finished another season with, what us fans would class as, an early exit from the Champions League and a gap to the Premier League champions that was too big to reasonably claim that we were close to the title, the Arsenal and England international with rockets in his boots, Theo Walcott, reckons that the Gunners are getting back to the good old days.

Not long before Walcott joined the club from Southampton back in 2006, Arsene Wenger had assembled arguably the strongest side ever to wear the famous red and white shirts. Our 10 men had just missed out to Barcelona in the UCL final and a couple of years before they had achieved what everyone thought was impossible, an entire season unbeaten.

But that team with the likes of Henry, Vieira, Adams and all was breaking up. That, along with the expensive move to a new stadium and the emergence of the sugar daddies of Chelsea and Man City left the boss struggling to compete. It also left the fans and players with no trophy to celebrate for nine long years.

But now we have had two in a row and are signing some top class players again, leading Theo to believe that there is a lot more to come in the near future.

He told Arsenal Player, “Highbury was a fantastic arena – it was so passionate and everyone was together. We’ve been at the Emirates for nine years and that’s starting to be like a big fortress and starting to feel like Highbury was.

“There’s been a lot of special moments there. The amount of money that has come in to the club now and the players we’ve spent it on is the difference to what it was years and years ago.

“The fact that we always qualify for the Champions League has never changed and that’s great. But it’s been a long time coming. It’s a massive club – it always will be a big club and I think it’s getting bigger and bigger.

“The club is going to move on from where it was. We had some fantastic years just before I came here and I think we are going to start to get those back, definitely.”

Do you agree Gooners?

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28 thoughts on “Are GLORY days REALLY coming back to Arsenal?

  1. JoJo

    Just a few more additions and we’ll cha.. Deja Vu again.

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    1. Dee@ease

      Indeed we are always 2 or 3 players away from challenging,I hope Wenger buys the players we need to mount a title charge there are no excuses now!

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  2. Greg

    It will return gradually, but we need to be patience, and not get ahead of ourselves! Coyg!

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  3. Greg

    This season could be huge for us with a striker like lacazette and a DM like kondogbia being added to the team! We would be serious title contenders with a damn good chance! Coyg!

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  4. davidnz

    Theo has told us
    9 years in a row the
    glory days are back.
    So did Cesc Kolo RVP Song Djourou Arshavin
    Squilacci Clichy Nasri Adebayor Gallas Santos Girvinho
    Chamakh Park Denilson Bendtner Ryo Senderos
    Podolski Rosicky Arteta Mertz Koz Giroud Wilshere
    Ox Gibbs Monreal Ozil Cazorla Flamini Sagna Ramsey
    Sanchez Diaby Vermaelen Vela Eduardo Fabianski Campbell
    Sanogo Mannone Almunia even Kim Kallstrom
    told us glory days were here.
    Enough talk just win the EPL or Fu#k off.

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    1. rkw

      If glory days is wenger’s mantra he should go back and listen again to the boss…..
      Yeah, just sitting back trying to recapture
      a little of the glory of, well time slips away
      and leaves you with nothing mister but
      boring stories of glory days

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  5. Champagne Charlie

    Only if Arsenal takes the right steps towards re-asserting ourselves among the truly elite teams. That means adding what we need with top quality, preparing better, being tactically better, and from a fan perspective we should be a little more sober in our ambitions.

    To challenge for the league next year will be a big big step…..this talk of 2/3 players and we’ll be League certs and CL candidates is nonsense.

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      1. Champagne Charlie

        In a roundabout way yes, but we started last season with no 4th CB, no DM and still no top class ST. Our much celebrated fortitude vs the top teams was basically overstated because we beat City away, we were bang average away from home against the top half of the table.

        ….so we won’t get the glory days back until we make all the necessary moves as I noted.

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        1. Goonsquad8

          Yes I agree somewhat but we made the right additions in January and that’s exactly what the window and loan system is for. Also we got a point AT Liverpool, United, Everton and got 3 at City, in what way is that not progress for AFC? That shows we are improving on the “big” games and whose to say we won’t improve on those results next year?

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          1. Champagne Charlie

            I’m not saying we won’t improve, I’m saying in order for us to be back challengeing we need to improve…..what’s hard to understand about that? It’s basically me just stating the obvious.

            With regards to the games you named that’s all well and good but is the 6 points from 27 (something to that effect t) progress? Hardly. I stand by what I said, the win vs City away has led many to think our big game approach is solved. Caution with that.

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            1. Goonsquad8

              But “improving” for you is buying 3 players who are inserted into the first xl which is completely unrealistic and not necessary. With just 2 additions that are quality players who can compete and/or start we will definitely be challenging.

              Also sorting out our injury issues is arguably even more important. If we have players like wilshere, Walcott, welbeck, ox, gnabry, who are healthy ALL YEAR, they can come off the bench and provide us with quality anytime.

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              1. Champagne Charlie

                You really don’t read what I say, improving isn’t buying X amount and calling it a day…buying the necessary players is ONE step to being equipped to challenge.

                If you have cared to read what I’ve said previously I’ve only advocated for a DM and ST. Two players IMO are needed to elevate this team. The GK situation is pretty cut and dry, we get Cech or nobody…it’s simply a situation we need to take advantage of if possible, of not oh well we’re decent in GK. The 2/3 transfers is totally realistic.

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                1. Goonsquad8

                  But you’ve stated numerous times you want a DM to replace coq, a ST to replace olly, and now cech is “cut and dry” that is 3 players you want in the starting xl which is not realistic or necessary like I’ve said

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  6. Gigi2

    I agree wih Theo.
    Now its up to him, the rest of the team and Wenger
    And for Wenger to buy the 2 or 3 that can fire us up. Is psychological at times…you get thlse 2 or 3 and teams can shake…

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  7. moneytalks

    Chelsea fans are getting scared lmao at Cech joining Arsenal.

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  8. moneytalks


    Bellerin/Debuchy Mertesaker/Chambers Koscielny/Gabriel Monreal/Gibbs

    Coquelin/Krychowiak Ramsey/Wilshere


    Walcott/Ox Sanchez/Welbeck


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    1. Hafiz Rahman

      We need to sign a 3rd choice gk tooo….with Cech signing for us…..25yo Sheez and 23yo Martinez will leave for sure

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  9. Wayne Barker

    Too early to say anything. Good to see us winning back to back FA cups but now we have to go to next level. League and champions league should be our goal. Every clubs will strengthen so wont be easy for us.

    I want us to sign top players and not just get linked with 100 players. MU have signed a quality in depay, we need a solid number 6 and a solid CB.

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      1. Goonsquad8

        Hafiz that is insane you think we’re gonna bring in another FIVE players? What 5 would come in seriously

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  10. ArseOverTit

    Theo sounds like he has had some sessions with the marketing & PR Teams lately.

    It’s football not talkball.

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  11. SoOpa AeoN

    from my own analysis, We may Not sign a striker this window…….. Wenger may go out to sign a reus-like or griezmann-like kinda player….. Think about it……. Sanchez…..the copa america…..the fatigue…..wenger may be thinking to bring in a cover capable of playing across the front three….HAVE THIS IN MIND

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