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Are Man United about to sign Arsenal target Zaha?

Arsenal may have missed out on another of their transfer targets. There are reports that Manchester United are about to agree terms with Crystal Palace over the transfer of their winger Wilfried Zaha. Tottenham seem to have accepted defeat in their challenge for the England international, and the silence from Arsenal has been deafening, leaving the way clear for Alex Ferguson to complete the signing.

I hope this is not true, and that Arsenal have simply decided to wait until the summer. Crystal Palace have been adamant that they want to keep him for the duration of the season, but the Telegraph reports that United will agree to loan him back to Palace once the deal is agreed. If Arsenal do want the player in the summer, they need to make sure he knows before agreeing to move to Old Trafford. Ian Holloway wants the issue resolved one way or the other, because the uncertainty is affecting Zaha and his form.

Born in the the Ivory Coast, Zaha moved to London as a four year old and has grown up supporting Arsenal. He would prefer a move to the Emirates, but if Arsenal dither about we will lose out to United. Zaha is strong, quick and skilful, but still has a lot to learn. He is probably not the player we need right now, especially as it looks like Theo Walcott is close to signing a new contract, but is likely to be a star of the future. Do we really want him to go to Man United?

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31 thoughts on “Are Man United about to sign Arsenal target Zaha?

  1. TKC

    To be honest, I’d rather have an established player rather than an unproven player, albeit young, that has not done extremely well in the Championship. Don’t know whether I should have high hopes for this transfer window or expect nothing…

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  2. kzm

    im reminded of the story of the golden goose,they have been selling all its eggs but now they(board) wana kill it n see if they can take the Gold from inside,only to discover they have killed it. It wont b long b4 the stadiums r empty no Uefa money coz we wont b making it into the top4. The money they love wont b there nymore,endosements will decrease in value……. Aw needs to act b4 its too late…..

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  3. Sank

    We are not going to sign anyone.
    accept the truth as if we wanted we would have signed someone as busy schedule comes.

    wait to hear the same wenger bullshit.

    wenger please go.

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  4. Polite_Gunner

    wish we can get him, I like the new crop of young English players; Wilshire, OX, Gibbs, Jenkison, Ramsey, Walcot & Zaha; strong, have the desire to win & hungry for glory.

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  5. AA23=LEGEND!

    This guy will be a future beast, i would hate to see him at manu, he could have an impact straight away at arsenal.

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  6. Gooner Cape Town

    Fellaini buy out clause supposedly 22m, now here’s a player we could really use!! Come on Wenger rival Chelski and get him…..

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  7. will share

    When arsenal lose I get so depressed ..wenger sign some1 now we meeting shitty on sunday they are like practice for bayern.we need to beat shitty end of story

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  8. fatboy

    We are one of the highest scoring teams in the epl why do we need a striker so bad like people are calling out for tbh our main problem is and has been for years and year since the famous back four went that’s our problem tv5 runs up field to much so does the lot leaving the midfielders to try and deal with it when they are the ones able to have an affect on the attack instead of leave the keeper with only one or two people in front ofhim so that’s our problem but no one has the bollocks to say anything Steve should turn round and say your paid for this do it. Rant over

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  9. big gunner matty

    Am sick of hearing were signing this person and that person and then chelsea or spuds keep taking them ,at the moment we need really decent cb about 14m tops ,dfm 15m tops , and a world class striker 25m tops someone like benzema or someone who can score and is deadly, thats about 50m which should not be a problem ,if you put them in the squad/first team that we have we would be back where we belong and feared ,im getting so annoyed with these crappy results at the moment and am beging to lose faith in wenger .i loved this guy since he took over and feel he’s been our best ever manager but whats going on at the moment is taking away all his good work ,if it don’t turn around i would really love to see pep guardiola come in the summer

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  10. Super kurt

    Sign fellaini for £22 million wenger u senile old tit!!! U keep goin on about top top players, who in ur mind is a top top player? Ur turning us into a laughing stock the money is there every fan can see what we need a DM/box to box mid, an experienced left back for Gibbs to learn off and a ST, now fellaini prob the best if not one of the best in his position AND prem league proven has a £22 mill buy out clause. Wenger sort this out we can afford this if u act quick for once, I used to be one of these idiots who backed la prof to the hill not anymore, I honestly think i would punch him if givin the chance, he lies to us every window and I am sick of it, I can’t wait for the day he leaves as he has totally lost touch. Trigger the damn clause and buy him u tight fisted old git

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  11. Gunner8

    I’m so sick of the way we do business…I love Arsenal but we’re starting to become a bit of a joke. Who on earth is in charge of transfers…and how did they get the job? Year after year after year we miss out on top class players. Mata, Hazard, Ba, Vertonghen…to name a few recently. All of which noticeably change the game for their respective sides, and we’re after Adrian Lopez who doesn’t even start for that super power of Spanish football Athletico…
    This is the season we fail to reach the CL, it’s obvious to see, then the Liverpool transformation is nearly complete…

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  12. Kobi

    Haha selling Song with three years left on his contract and not replacing him tells you everything.

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  13. Reddb10

    Wenger is the highest paid manager in the country for a very good reason, he does not spend his bosses money.
    Gazidis + Wenger = Scrooge
    The talent is going to other clubs left right and centre but dont worry we have flapianski and the squid.

    Wenger, Gazidis, Kroenke out

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  14. RT

    If you want to talk about buying potential, there is no better than Isco. This guy is incredible and has so much in his arsenal (mind the pun). With a release clause of £17.5mil that is stupidly low and to be honest to not pounce on that would be stupid!! Malaga will be out any uefa competitions for how long until they reduce their debt – they need this money and probably would (regretably for them) sell lower (bonus for Stingy Stan).

    Come on Santi bring your mate from Malaga over!!

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  15. GUN

    At the moment, Arsenal cannot risk on unproven player like Zaha for 12-15 milion. It’s better to go for established players.

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  16. Invincibles nice (1)

    He prefers to move to the Arsenal i highly doubt, just drumming up interest by letting people know he wants out asap.

    Fellainis twente two mil value is a very fair price, im sure that we’ll make a bid but i cant see him turning down che.

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  17. alex

    sometimes its good to be patient imagine if we had taken Suhin when everybody wanted him to come let him get the best option…..b4 i forget Song was voted the worst signing in La liga thats is worth a smile today to the gold digger

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  18. sammy

    @raddb wenger is nt de problem kronke’s de probs ….chelsea can never alw der coach 2 sell der best player …it was koronke plan..I can’t wait 2 see fans reject der ticket

    Guuuuuner 4 life

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  19. Neil

    I hope we don’t sign him tbh.

    In attacking positions we need someone proven at the highest level.

    Zaha could be the real deal, but just because he looks good in the Championship means almost nothing.

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  20. Neil

    @invincibles (nice1)

    Yeah. Heard about that clause on Fellaini’s contract too. It’s on BBC news so it’s almost certainly true.

    We can afford 22m and although I agree that Chelsea are favourites (Wenger will offer 8 million and 50k per week)….we need Belgain team mate Tommy V to give him a call and tell him how great Arsenal is and that Hazard is hating it at Chelsea. So what if it’s untrue?

    Come on agent Tommy. Get to work.

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  21. A Goonersville Citizen

    Hard as it maybe, I would advise anyone to steer off transfer rumours and web reports on who is and who isn’t about to potentially sign for Arsenal. It’s always angering, heartbreaking, and, least of all, frustrating for a Gunner when you Google or hear about all these clubs getting busy, and all is quiet in the bowels of the Emirates.

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  22. Nick

    Is it better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all? What happens if we do sign Zaha? We turn him into a star then Citeh, Manure, Chavs all come waving money at the player and he leaves to greener pastures. Or he “loves Arsenal” but drags his feet on signing a new contract for months like Theo?

    Sorry, but this transfer window has me truly depressed and less than optimistic.

    I think Zaha has a great future ahead of him but I’d rather we bought in a more experienced player at this time. Not that Zaha wouldn’t be a great “potential” player but I feel like we have enough of those and need experience & depth right now. Not the Squillaci, Park, Santos type experience either!

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  23. TC

    Fergie clearly stated that he will not be buying anyone this transfer window.

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