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Arjen Robben to Arsenal for just £10 million this summer?

There is an excellent Arsenal transfer rumour out this morning saying that the brilliant Bayern Munich and Holland hitman Arjen Robben is fully intending to leave the Bundesliga this summer, and would love to return to London where he had three excellent season’s with Chelsea.

He has been turned on by the other Bayern players and the fans for “being selfish”, despite some immense performances in his time there, and really enjoyed his trip to Wembley last week when he scored the winner in Holland’s 3-2 win over England.

This has led today’s Mirror to suggest that he is looking for a return to a top London team, possibly Arsenal?

Robben said: “I can try put up a brave face and make out all the things in Munich do not affect me, but of course it gets on my nerves and effects me. I just needed this game against England so much. It was a joy to be playing at my best again.”

“It was great to play at Wembley and to see many people I know. It was only my second international game for Holland since the World Cup and it was great that this was in London at Wembley.”

Robben is approaching the final year of his contract with the German giants so is expected to be allowed to leave for a fee of around just £10 million.

Should Wenger bring him to Arsenal to play alongside his international team-mate Robin Van Persie this summer?

***Liverpool v Arsenal Extended Highlights***

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64 thoughts on “Arjen Robben to Arsenal for just £10 million this summer?

  1. gooner

    he is injury-prone… i dont see wenger going for him

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  2. gooooner

    Excellent player and big respect for him but not our kind of player and definatley worth more than $10 mil. some of these rumuours are just LOL

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  3. John Legend

    I actually enjoy reading these rumours(lies) online, interesting!!!

    Anyways, it’s never going to happen, ADMIN!!!

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  4. William GallaS

    I want him.. Instead of diaBy?? At least to robben can last longer than diaby..

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  5. RKR

    Please NO!!! He is old and very injury prone!!! I hope we get M.Suarez and Podolski/olivier Giroud!!! A attacking mid fielder like Shinji Kagawa or Eden Hazard will improve… And please sell all the dead woods so that we can save the wage and gets us enough money to get a world class midfielder!!

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  6. Gyyy

    Why? He is old injury prone and a winger. Why did we buy gervinho then? And why did we buy park when we now want another back up for van persie? We dont need another striker, we have park. He didnt even get a chance. Look at his goal the curl was unbelieveble..

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  7. LoveArsenalLoveWenger

    he plays way to selfishly IMO to be an arsenal player… but might be a great signing, specially for only 10m… fast, great technique, great left foot… but for 10m, doubt we would be the only team trying, considering his quality… he’s not to old either… but considering we have theo, gervinho, chamberlain, miyaichi, afobe, i doubt we will go for him… but if anyone, podolski, suarez, giroud or hoilett more likely…

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  8. alwyn barrett

    Great player when fit . Fink we have nuff on the injury table but . The spuds will take him . He’s harrys + mourinhos type so I expect to see 2 out of those 3 at shite hart lane next season .

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  9. Arsene Wenger

    unfortunately this is not to be the case. Robben is very good player, but given that we have the likes of Walcott/Ox/Gervi and soon to be Podolski who can play in that position, having robben would not be financially or (team) morally good.

    compared to the other players who will and do play in that position, robben doesnt have time/age on his side. even if he were to sign him for 10mil he would demand 90k+ a week for at least four years min, bringing that to a total estimate for 28mil. if we want to keep rvp, this move just can happen.

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  10. Krush

    Rubben would be a better signing..Always knew hz selfish but he can score and is better than most of our winger..And hungry also….

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  11. jack

    he certainly is talented and a great player.but one of the most selfish player i hv seen.he can learn a lot from van persie about unselfishness.

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  12. sasa

    he will be great he can beat defender with his left feet and then shoot he has a very good acuracy and he will give experience to the arsenal bring sniejder and vertoghen and next season will be a monster in the if sniejder and robben arrive at emirates rvp will enjoy playing with them eventhough i know he already love arsenal with all his heart and will sign a new contract at the end of the season.GUNNER FOREVER

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  13. Lolcat

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  14. maroc

    dont think robben is the right guy hes reaching the sunset of his career . . . someone a bit younger maybe?
    a 22 year old qpr winger whos no. 7 ?

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  15. Gooner4life

    He’s awesome. With robbed, RSVP, podolski, the ox, Wilshere and co we could conquer the world. Robben is class and definitely up there with messi and ronaldo.

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  16. lle prof

    wel,in Bayern there r criticising him 4 being selfish n yet we r intrested in him? NO! get Hazard or Kagawa.

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  17. Martin

    To all the people saying he is old…he is 27. That is not old, RVP is 29. One of the best in the world, would b great to get him. Has 4-5 good years left and still fastest then most 20 year olds.

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  18. Koolio

    HAHA Hes gonna be in our world class medical room the entire season. Lets focus on getting a young proven talent that will serve us for the next 5 seasons.

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  19. Finngun

    luckily this is just one more ridiculous rumor. selfish ashore, no thanks.

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  20. Abolade bossman

    Arjen robben is a fantastic player,he is wellcomed and better of some of our dead wood ,Theo w,Ramsey,

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  21. Zak

    If this were true, bar being as injury prone as he is, this would be a great signing. I think we need a bit of selfishness in our team instead of trying to pass it into the net. He is not all that old being only 27, he’s a natural LW as a posed to AA23 (who by the way is 30 and on £85k p/w) and Arshavin is selfish also. We are going to sell Arshavin come the summer so why not buy in Robben as his replacement as it is actually his position that he plays.

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  22. Gooner Cape Town

    Great player but too old now. Pity it wasnt 4 years earlier. Lukas is the man… plus Gotze and Vertonghen.

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  23. undisclosed

    All i ever hear is eden hazard but have.people ever considered how good he.actually is? he is statisticaly no better than walcott with the main difference being walcott has do.e what he has done in the epl not in france. walcott has more goals and more assists at both club and coutry levels. dont get me wrong hazard is a good player but he will not make much difference to our ream. what would make a difference to our team is a better defence namely a better left back and a better centre back. a proper dm and a top playmaker. i want hazard too but i do not expect that much from him and if going to cost 25m plus then simply not worth it.

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  24. LordZeus11

    Top quality player but seriously fragile…but then again so is/was RVP…for £10m i say go for him 3 year deal prob get 100 games out of him he is a match winner.

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  25. austin

    definitely and would pressure off ryo,ox and walcott…given them time to steadily and guyz he a world class left footer who has seen it all @ jst 27.worth it!

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  26. Zak

    I think most people, including myself, have only seen Hazard on youtube, which obviously makes him look good. I agree with you though we don’t need him. He looks like he has/is going to have a massive ego. Also the positions you mentioned that we need players in I couldn’t agree more. We need at least another CB and Vertonghen being as adaptable as he is should definitely be on our shopping list along with Cissokho for LB, he’s a very good player that will be fairly cheap compared to how good he is. I would like Gourcouff to be signed aswell as I don’t think we will get Gotze due to his price.

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  27. felix d gooner

    robben.not d arsenal type.though he’s a good player,he’s a old guy.we can only sign him if only he wil com on loan or free transfer.10m is pretty too much 4 him

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  28. fullbloodedgooner

    i dont think this rumour is true but if it is then i wud buy him even though we have a lot of wingers because he has class and since most of our wingers are young or raw watching him would immensely help our youngsters esp gervinho can learn what to do after dribbling into space lol

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  29. maroc

    Artetas in hospital with a neck injury. . . severity unknown,
    diaby slite hamstring tweak should be fine, along with gibbs too (telegraph sport)

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  31. Ibro vc

    He believes England is a better place for him to be, bcos of the record he had set there. Should Wenger bring him to Arsenal, deffinately he will scareds the hell out of manure, spud, livafools, chulsea, shittys and co…

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  32. Emery

    how can people say hes too old yet when we sign young players you complain we dont buy experienced.

    They guy is class! he still wins games on his own, yes hes injury prone but so is RVP and hes managed almost a whole season.

    what could convince RVP more to stay than signing a proven, world class winger, and for £10m?!

    he is one of my most favourite players world wide, and I think sell Arshavin (who is older) and get in Robben, would be an excellent signing!

    to the person who said we dont need a back up striker we have park. Behave.

    Park clearly wernt Wengers preferred signing, been said a number of times, was probably bought in to boost shirt sales in Asis, thats not to say Wenger never had any say in it but you can guarentee he wasnt his first choice.

    Podolski, Robben, Gotze = Trophys and RVP staying

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  33. Twig

    A front four of Van Persie, Eriksen, Robben and Gervinho will be crazy! 😀

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  34. gunned up

    i personally think…robben is the best option on the transfer market..he and rvp are certainly DB10 succesdor

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  35. Gary the Red

    Robben great player but spends half the season injured, although a lot more money still rather get Hazard for long term. Can’t see Wenger being interested in Robben I think Chelsea return or Spurs would be on cards seems a typical Redknapp signing.

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  36. rocky

    I’m a big fan of Robben, I was glad when he left Chelsea, he was so dangerous. I would take him any day… would be a good partner for RVP. Unfortunately I think we all know its just your generic Arsenal rumour.

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  37. arselona

    Sell chamakh bendtner denilson arshavin gervinho (he won’t win us anyfin for sure) and buy podolski robben. Ryo will come back and be the next ronaldo..

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  38. Jsjs

    People saying he’s too old? Did you see him against England he looked like he was in his mid 20’s. So there isn’t a disadvantage of his age cos his experience will just rub of on the rest of arsenal

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  39. NickTheYank

    I’d sign Arjen Robben in a heartbeat! He’s the type of player who actually steps up when things aren’t working and other players aren’t pulling their weight and says we’re going to win! As “selfish” as that appears at times it’s usually because he’s been begging for the ball and is being played around by his teammates. I think Arsene could get him into our style of playing and he and RVP together ….. Scary!!!! Play him on the wing instead of Theo and move Theo just in front of RVP and we are struggling to carry all the Silverware we’d win.

    Think about how many times you’ve seen Messi and Ronaldo keep the ball like Robben does. I’d call them more selfish than Arjen and I’d still have either of them if we could.

    He’s vastly experienced, has won at all levels, international caps and is proven results in the EPL. My only concern is injury record but I was that way about RVP for years before this season.

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  40. jj

    robben is 11 years younger than ryan giggs whos still playing how is he too old? he is younger than persie.

    it would be a win – win situation we can sell arshavin and loan ryo for another year of prem experience

    would be the experience and world class people say we lack imagin he tought our young set of wingers the ruthfulness needed to be a top forward.

    (apart from arsha, gervinho is the oldest at 24/25 they need guidance)

    him an podolski will push wallcott and gervinho to the bench instantly improving the squad and allowing these to to push them selves as soon ryo and chamberlin will be breathing down their neck

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  41. jj

    swap him with bendner they want him to back up gomez.

    another clever move would be to loan coqulan and siqn van bommel on a free vastly experience and defensivley sound this will also help to continue songs growth into a box – to- box centre mid with coqulan n frimpong being his successor

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  42. neil moxon

    @ Twig a front 4 NO NO NO that is not crazy just suicide, 2 decent forwards RVP and PODOLSKI will do just fine but a
    top defensive midfielder would be good let song go forward
    more if he can keep picking passes out like he did yesterday.Looking for man u 2 do the spuds come on.

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  43. LordZeus11


    Thank you for explaining something very simple about Hazard-unproven in France and people are crying out for him to join us. Look up Dj Campbell on youtube he looks pretty good maybe we should get him too. lol

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  44. james

    Robben is one of the best wingers in the world and 4 just 10 mil what a landing it wood be yes we have wallcott and ox but gervinioh is rubbish and robben is amazing so top sighning it wud be i see wenger going for him for 10 mil

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  45. Tex

    Wouls be a decent signing but his wages would be way too high. Resigning RVP is more of a priority than this.

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  46. ARSLan - KL, Malaysia

    He’s a good & skillful player BUT not Arsenal kind of player… he’s poor in backtracking or defending & selfish when inside d penalty box… He could make RVP scoring chances and tries reduce dramatically… In d past 2 World Cups when playing for Netherlands, he & RVP didn’t combined well….

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  47. ArsenalisYourDaddy

    Why? To keep Diaby company in the medical office?

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  48. gooner

    This rumor seems ridiculous! However good a player Robben is, I remember a time when there was some sort of a problem between RVP and Robben while playing for Holland. And NO ONE has problems with RVP at arsenal! HAHA

    Also, I don’t know why everyone is so uptight about these players (gotze, hazard etc.). I have watched a lot of Borussia Dortmund matches and I think Shinji Kagawa is much better than Gotze. Also he can play in Rosicky’s position, is insanely creative and not over-hyped and so will also be cheaper! Hazard is an arrogant, injury prone winger who will use arsenal as a stepping stone to Real Mdrid (I remember him flirting with Madrid this summer and I DON’T want him at Arsenal!)

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  49. Teck

    We need player of quality to challenge for the title and Ribbentrop is one. He’s injury prone but so is RVP before 28. Look at him now! I believe robben will compliment RVP well in our attack. So yes please sign him even for 20 million!

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  50. elvi

    we need some 1 who can play atleast 30 match in leauge a season,i don’t see any reason to sign some 1 who can hardly play 18 leauge match in average a season.
    i think it’s better to ignor b4 then it cost wages and time.

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  51. Dave

    Since when is 28 old? That’s another 4 years atleast look at Giggs. And stop worrying about these overpriced young players like Hazard just cause they got a fancy YouTube video with a Techno soundtrack.

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