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Arrogant Wenger can’t give Arsenal any further success

GUNNER for life…….. by Popeye786Sailor

This season was an eye opener to anyone connected to Arsenal FC. When a player like Robin van Persie makes a public statement that the club lacks ambition before eventually leaving the club at the peak of his career to join our rival Red Devils, it does raise many eyebrows. What really must have happened behind closed doors of the mighty Emirates? Why would a player, whose career was moulded by the father figure manager who backed him through his hard times, would leave by making noises?

Arsenal FC is no longer a top club because a top club is one which can play top players on the field all the time, which Arsenal cannot do as they don’t buy such top, top, top players and whatever they produce they sell for profits.

The blame should be shared by both Wenger and the board. After all these years I have completely lost faith in the management. Arsene Wenger always argues that Arsenal FC cannot afford big transfers & salaries. Then why does his own name occur in the list of top ten best paid managers? Wenger is the most arrogant man I have ever seen in my entire life. Early success has clearly got to his head. I would like him to step down with respect for whatever he has done for us.

When other top managers like Ferguson, Mourinho, Guardiola and many others are not shy to spend in the market to gain success, who does Wenger really think he is? Now most would argue that he doesn’t get the money from the board. Then why does he remain silent? Its clear guys, he earns enough to shut his mouth. He has lost his hunger to win trophies and is currently running the club like a business entity.

I would end it by saying that I started loving football because of Arsenal, so I will never stop supporting them. Just like you don’t stop loving your wife after 20 years of marriage, no matter how much she has changed after all these years. As long as I do not waste my money on season tickets to see a pathetic team playing for fourth position, I can still sleep with it and wake up in the morning to support my beloved Arsenal FC again.

Once a Gunner, always a Gunner…. Our time will come.

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71 thoughts on “Arrogant Wenger can’t give Arsenal any further success

  1. tony

    Its not him its the board and if singers so shit why do other club pick trying to nick him from us. I do agree he needs to grow a backbone and stick up to the board but there you go without money he’s kept us in the top 4 and hopefully will again this season so imagine what he could go if he can spend

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  2. Ricardo

    Popeye786Sailor – good article. probably the best on here in a while. not that i agree entirely. There is sure to be some heated debate to follow 🙂

    I will think about your comment ” he earns enough to shut his mouth. He has lost his hunger to win trophies and is currently running the club like a business entity”

    I support AFC and Wenger. and I believe that he is bound buy budget, and an owner who wont let him compete financially. yes he gets paid lots, but that’s because he is capable of securing 4th on a shoe string budget. Imagine if he could afford Rooney, Ferdinand, RVP’s , Cavani , Tevez etc wage’s? We would win for sure !!

    But I guess none of us will know the true story until after Wenger leaves the club… which would be sad because i dont think another manager can do what he does on his budget. heck man, look at Tottenham and how much they have spent, and they dont have the title.

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  3. dino

    Well is seems as if popeye does not know what Wenger really has done for this club. If you knew I’m not sure you would have written this weak article.
    Maybe Mr. Popeye did not see the huge stadium Arsenal have that came about under Wengers’ management.
    Love him or hate him-fact remains he has consistantly brought champions league football to Arsenal fans. Yes we have a title shortage but we are still up there with the best in England and we always get past the group stages in the champions league.
    Yes we can be better but why do some of us who call ourselves fans only see the negative and never ever the positive aspects of Arsenal.
    We are a proud team, good history and getting better as time goes by.

    I love football because it is a beautiful game. I love Arsenal because we play this game beautifully. Through this admiration I have become a loyal supporter and fan even if times are down.

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  4. Kosio

    Arsenal really looked poor yesterday. We should have won and Sagna was terrible. We need some big spending in the summer or the gap will grow bigger. I hope united beat chelsea otherwise we will be biting our nails hoping other teams loose.. We should’ve kept our fate at our own hands but ofcourse Sagna did a useless penalty that ruined our chances. Yesterday was another big pointer to how much we miss Giroud… We played with no striker yesterday. Giroud is big and strong and he is always in the box and if a cross finds his head he is dangerous. If we don’t make top 4 we will be like Liverpool…The next games will be decisive. We need a result vs QPR and hopefully United beat Chelsea or else…

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  5. tom

    We are very similar to Liverpool since Wenger was manager and look where they are now? just to name one team.
    instead Wenger finished above them almost every season while building a new stadium.

    The stadium is paid now, and with the new Financial regulations that have already started, he has put our club in the healthiest position in the league. We only have £100m debt compaired to Chelseas £900m and Man United’s £500/600M

    We have a brilliant squad, along with some promotions next season i recon he will buy 2 quality players in the summer as well.

    i truly recon we will win a cup next season. And if you doubt Wengers passion then you probably didnt see him on the sideline yesterday.
    the man is a genius. he has sacrificed his own career to manage the club through the stadium move, for the better of the club.

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  6. Lix

    @ Leo Who is Geoffrey Kondogbia, is he good? Seems Wenger is interested.

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  7. AFCF

    What!!!!They are no player from arsenal for the team of the year?Cazorla and wilshere?

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  8. shekar

    It is not wenger’s fault…he is trying to take the blame to cover up the deficiency in the board. That shows he really loves Arsenal.
    But why is he taking the balme??
    may be ‘coz by going against the board the entire Arsenal Dynasty would be in chaos… World would laugh at us.
    This is what i figured out.

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  9. abel

    @ tom: when you say: “he has sacrificed his own career to manage the club” you mean he was not paid enough and he could have had more money with Real Madrid or Chelsea…etc? If this is what you mean, I would like to inform you that with these teams (REAL, BARCA, AC MilAN, BAYern) you can not stay as a manager without a Trophy for more than 12 Months. ONLY and ONLY at Arsenal where the Manager can survive 8 years without winning “NOTHING”. THIS IS THE LAND OF MR BEAN

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  10. kelvin

    best article i have read in months,wenger needs to change his dirty attitude or leave our dear club,we need ambitous leaders who will spend real money to get success….we need real men,we need usmanov n dein to take over the club..

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  11. saban

    100 % true story, everyone has diffrent oppinion but this is true. wenger lost it years ago, but i think its not his fault bixh asx board doesnt give him proper task, imagine when murinho was coming to real and florentino peret said to him that his task is cl place hahaha

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  12. Green Gunner

    Did I hear Usmanov is the richest man in the country (England)??

    Time to send the Rhinestone Cowboy down that dusty road home. With a bit of luck the Indians will get him.

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  13. shigogo

    That’s more like what I knew a long time ago before now…Mr wenger has nothing to help the fans anymore, please let’s Stand up and help our beloved Club.

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  14. alexs

    so very true what you write. I am in exactly the same situation, I started loving football because of Wenger’s work in Arsenal. Now not much is left of that and so is my appreciation of Wenger. I won’t repeat your arguments they’re valid and correct. Wenger, if he was a football fan, should have left long time ago. I hope he still does and reproduce that type of early 90’s football that was such a joy. I’ll become his fan again because more then Arsenal I love good football.

    Arsenal is now a business, a football business, not a football club. People who are interested in money rule the club and while that is true for many clubs, in Arsenal it has reached a predator level, every transfer period has to produce money, every promising player has to produce money, even if crucial to the team. No serious investments to improve the team or please the fans, the very reason why a football club exists (no fans means no money, no investments of companies who want to make their name known).
    Do people really think I can cheer because Stan Kroenke made another million? Not really, I can cheer when I see beautiful football and be happy that a sport can be so pleasing but I can’t support a business that is based on greed and disrespect of its closests stakeholders. For me that is fundamentally wrong

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  15. Mk

    Selling a world class player and replacing him with 4 average players doesn’t help the team in anyway coz at the end of the day only 11 players are allowed in the pitch.AW must stop dilly dalling and shilly shalling and move quickly and decisively during this summer and bring in at least 2 world class players.The last minute panick buying must stop.Wenger must from the past and embrace the reality of modern football .Days of buying potential are gone.You need top class players in order to win trophies. Bring on Falcao, Neymar, Ledawandki etc.If you have 70 million to spent better to buy 2 players who will make a difference in your team rather than bringing a bunch of average players

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  16. jay

    What hurt me was seeing where clubs would finish without there top strikers on Match of the day2. Seeing that arsenal was the best due to every player been getting goal, and the new guys regardless what you say they have had one hell of a 1st season ,, and people give giroud stick but forget his was bought to take the goal load of Rvp which if Rvp had stayed he would have done ,, look how many goals his got in his 1st season in the prem it’s better than what Rvp did in his 1st season for us and I know people gonna give my that he was younger crap what by just two years or something,,,

    Can we also remember and not forget that untill last season Rvp hadn’t finished one whole season before, yeah it hurts that after waiting for him to become the player he is now he would jump shit like that,, and have another great season what he should have done with us but went utd,,

    If you look at the team as a whole the players that was brought was to help rvp, and given how good of a 1st season they have all had we would have won the title by some distance if Rvp stayed,, even he knows that,,

    Everyone knew utd would win the title this year we sold them the prem best striker dumb ass board,,, it’s not like they can even be surprised by it,, that’s like barca selling messi to Real and the board being surprised Real won the title that year lol bunch of fools in that room we need change in there and fast,,, this has been are hardest year trying get 4th,, this summer is gonna be very interesting and lord knows what backlash will happen if the don’t spend jheeez,,,

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  17. Truefan@Arsenal

    I think AW is passionate for success and for trophies. The difference between him and the likes of SAF, JM, PG etc is that he (AW) wants to accomplish results within the limits of the available resources. He has done a fantastic job of that when compared to the likes of Everton, Newcastle etc who equally have top rated Managers and have had to contend with somewhat limited resources – season after season.
    In my opinion, Wenger needs to “invest” in a top striker, a DM, CB & RFB for the next season and we can be sure that we will start winning things. As for me, I still believe in AW!

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  18. Gooner SA

    I remember back in 97 when I never followed the premier league. I used to watch international matches at the time however. My dad used to watch the clashes of the big teams in the epl and i would sometimes watch. I was a big fan of Holland at the time and when I learned that Bergkamp played for Arsenal i thought let me see what he can do for his club. I was immediatly won over by Arsenal’s style of play, heck i thot Arsenal got its name from Arsene Wenger. As the seasons came and went I learned that wasnt the case, grew to hate Man U and our style of play was what i thought about when football was refered to as the beautiful game….I hope soon we will return to what we once where but no matter what happens I will never forget the Arsenal teams of the past that made me the football fanatic that I am now.

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  19. leo

    @lix Geoffrey Kondogbia is very good player would be a great signing is a cdm mf but many clubs are in for him & the player prefers madrid gonalons looks more likely

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  20. austinino

    Popeye you are a disgrace a real disgrace all you have done is bark nonsense how dare you I repeat how dare you???????? What nerve you have got to question the greatest manager in our history you may right a blog but you know nothing about football clearly I wonder who let you be the admin? All you know is sitting on the couch and getting fatter let mourinho or who ever came coach the players wenger has and see if they will get us in the top six am sick and tired of plastic fans you go join spurs

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  21. toumazis

    manure doing well with sponsors thats why they paid high wage, and thats the reason rvp left nothing 2do with silver. for rvp took 8years 2prodouce if he was at manure they would had show him the door. the list he can do is do kiss wenger arc.

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  22. Neil

    The post match interview annoyed me. Wenger said something like ”The fans should show respect to Van Persie for all he’s done for us”.

    That’s wrong. I can understand him saying stuff like this before the game. If he said the fans are right to abuse him, some nutter might attack Judas on the pitch. Wenger and the club would be in serious trouble.

    So, I never had a problem pre-match.

    However, after the game, he could easily have said that he understands the fan’s feelings that Judas let them down and they have every right to voice their opinions.

    That would not be inflamitory and I would agree with it.

    He’s showing extreme arrogance in telling Arsenal fans how to feel and not to chant. Ridiculous.

    He and the board have been lucky to escape major abuse, as they have been to ones selling our best players. You can argue if it’s Wenger or the board. They aren’t gonna tell us ‘little people’.

    We’ve now had to put up with seeing our best player sold to a rival, a guard of honour for Judas, win the title and score in both games against us. Four points lost, right there.

    Wenger seems happy with Van Persie’s sale…even making comments that ”He knew RVP would be the difference” etc.

    Is he an agent for RVP/Utd or Arsenal’s manager?

    He needs to understand that Arsenal were already a big club when he joined. We had won two titles in the seven seasons prior to his arrival. We have a tradition of not letting our best players go. I can only think of Liam Brady and Frank Stapleton in the many years prior to Wenger as players who left who fans adored.

    Stapleton was a good CF, but not a world beater like RVP. It upset fans when he moved to Utd. Later the board at that time regretted it as they didn’t judge the fan’s feelings properly. And Utd were not a side challenging for titles at that time.

    We, as fans need a statement from the club at the end of season IF we don’t start to bring in some class players.

    Is Wenger in cahoots with them or are his hands tied?

    I’m sick of guessing and Wenger’s comments regarding players leaving (like he’s overjoyed about it and we should make Judas a cake and sing his name)are getting in my nerves.

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  23. soooooo sad

    people who say other managers could not do what arsene does on his budget are deluded, you only have to look at david moyes look what he does on his budget everyone can be replaced

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  24. ifeanyi

    jay your comment is spot on,imagine two nations at war and one decides to sell their best ammunition to the other,the one who sells has already the war before it even began.This is the case of arsenal selling RVP to MU.

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  25. Adam H

    You’re free to share your thoughts on Wenger & the board, I’m all for that. But to ask him to step down without suggesting a single name suitable to replace him, makes your entire rant VOID. I’m sorry but I’ll have to put you article with all the many others that want Wenger sacked/to quit without suggesting who will take over and actually spend some money. Maybe write another article with who the board should buy, then that will be a discussion worth debating.

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  26. 9jagun

    Stop saying is the board its wenger. If he wenger says I want 100 million pounds to make my team solid. he will get it. But the problem with him is that he will start looking for cheaper options. And what i noticed in our game against manchester is that we need some tall players like the have in bayern and Borussia. As man-u won most of the headers against us and looked stronger. After all he has 70 mil now and he is looking for some 6 pounds trail.

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  27. NIcky

    Does the writer of this article ever actually met Wenger? or have you just seen him on the sidelines and are making judgements based on pure hot air. The little facts we do know about the board are that Wenger is expected to make 20mil profit per season, they sold nasri even once we sold fabregas. And with or without RVP manure would have won the title. I get fed up of these disrespectful articles based on absolutely nothing.

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  28. ifeanyi

    jay your comment is spot on,imagine two nations at war and one decides to sell their best ammunition to the other,the one who sells has already lost the war before it even began.This is the case of arsenal selling RVP to MU.

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  29. ash

    arrogant wenger? arrogant article. the guys doesnt talk business in the press conferences cause that not how we do, or anyone should to be honest. after winning so much with us if he didnt care why does he hang around for 8 years ruining his rep of winning, you think he prefers the finishing 4th to the former days of winning, alot of managers would of left by now, look at mancini publically coming out like a little girl, ‘well i could of went to loads of clubs actually so leave me alone’
    wengers keeps himself to himself and takes all the slack like a professional. hes come out and said when ever asked about his own future that we will evaluate himself and see if hes still fit to run the club, what other managers give that sort of honesty. even if you dislike the guy i bet your the sort of fan thats turns the emirates into a funeral parlor, sits there in stroppy silence rather the cheer through out the match, the manager doesnt need this and neither does the players at the matches, off topic but i was all sections of the crowd going mad with encouragement, unhappy or happy with our current situation, support your club!

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  30. rosicky7

    Wenger needs to do more work with our attack,we look like a collection of individuals when we attack.players not on the same wavelength.

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  31. Va va voom

    I have to disagree mate.
    Wenger has us in a fine position to prosper. We’ve stayed in the top 4 for 15 seasons now and have built a new stadium in the process. We just recently finished paying off that debt and as you saw, signed some quality players (Cazorla, Monreal, Podolski, Giroud) in the process. You might argue that those sales were funded by Song and RVP’s departures but, truth be told, as much as it hurts, I’d rather have players playing for us who WANT to play for us and who are PROUD to pull on the Arsenal jersey rather than question the club’s ambitions. I would not be surprised to see Wenger buying some high calibre players in the summer transfer market.
    If he doesn’t have us competing for the title next year, quite simply, don’t renew his contract but trust me when I say this…ARSENE KNOWS

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  32. knoble

    No offence but popeay is full of shit . U are the type of fans we should chase away AW is doing his best with what he has at his disposal

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  33. soooooo sad

    football is a results business at the top level dont feel sorry for arsenal saying they are not able to match man city man utd chelsea etc this is just pure lies we have two of the richest men in the world as the major shareholders ,a massive stadium, dearest ticket prices in the league if not the world ,one of the highest paid managers in the world they are doing what the rich do like politicians do ,give the fans false information to confuse

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  34. papercutz

    I’m gonna give wenger 1 more season of support because this is the 1st time in a long time where we not gonna sell any key players from our team. We have a chance to have a group of players that can work together as a unit next season. If arsenal go trophyless next season than I say fug wenger and the board!

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  35. ifeanyi

    Everyone who keep complaining and hating on wenger i have some questions for you to answer,

    1.Does Wenger own arsenal football club?
    2.Is Wenger’s name written on the arsenal badge or logo?
    3.Does he own the emirates?
    5.Had Wenger been born when the club was established?

    I also ask this question,
    If you own a large company and you have a manger who maximizes your profit year in year out, would you sack him?
    Such is the case of arsenal football club.Evan if Wenger leaves nothing is gonna change because the owners are happy
    and don’t give a damn about what the fans want(lots of trophies) as long as the money keeps coming in they are happy.
    I still stand by this,Wenger has no power to dictate to the board about singing players.Even in other clubs owners force players on managers and the managers also sign the kind players they want. The owners lack ambition(of getting
    trophies) cause if they did,they would go out their own way to keep their best players and even add quality ones to them.
    But hey that’s the story of Arsenal,a club that has been the laughing stock of the football world for the past eight year.If arsenal were not a great club no one would waste their commenting on our issue but we are and that’s why it hurts when the likes of chelsea raise banners saying they are “THE PRIDE OF LONDON” just because they have won the champions league and we have not.

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    I DID NOT AGREE WITH YOUR IDEAS COZ i love arsenal as you love them and i respec ARSENE WENGER HE WAS NOT A PROBLEM 4OUR LACK OF SUCCESS RATHER HE IS OUR EYE TO SUCCESS.THE PROBLEM IS THERE IN THE BOARD do you remember what samir nasri said and van decided to leave us as atreater?to be sucess we need cesk and a.songs back to their home then we have to buy the players like lewandouwski,jovotic,isco hummles,begovic and munain.then we are steping into the trophy

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  37. abel

    @ papercutz: wake up mate…we do not have any other players to sell. I have news for you: IF YOU HAD ANOTHER FABREGAS OR RVP in the team do you think they will accept to stay at Arsenal and be payed 110.000 £/week or do you think they would move to another team where they will get 200.000 £/week and maybe win a trophy. What would you do if it was you? think?

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  38. CUT

    I and other fans would honestly like to know from the club as to what is ambitions of the club going forward?

    Is challenging for league title club’s the main objective or is it to qualify for CL and win FA or league Cup?

    As such charge the match fans accordingly and don’t raise there and other fans expectations higher than what the club is aiming for!

    Nothing is more frustrating and annoying, when one buys a product and it doesn’t do what it says on the tin!

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  39. SoftJunk

    @Popeye786Sailor: You wrote at the end of article “Pathetic team”, you suck.

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  40. para

    I wonder what one does with 7(?) million a year? If he loves the club so much and the board refuses to give him the money and he wants a player, then take 1 of his millions per season and get the players we need, (ha ha).
    Anyway this summer is going to be the test of if the club wants to progress back into the top club status and challenge for trophys, or stay in the comfortable mediocre position of finishing in top 4, which of course is all about money too. The club has stabilised after all the projects have been managed, now is the time to start being a top club again.

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  41. ks-gunner

    SoftJunk…compared to the tams we used to have….the current one is pathetic….

    u can deny it as much as u want….everyone knows the truth ask every damn football fan around world what they think about Arsenal and they will give u the same answes…. SELLING CLUB…….

    Bayern beside being crown Bundelisa Liga champion they try to evolve into a more perfect team…by trying to get a better manager with new ideas and style and better player as the current quelety players….

    With wenger Arsenal will be stucked at the 4th place forever….as he without the backing of David Dain is not more then a 4th place manager…..

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  42. Neil

    Someone needs to send that photo of United’s fans in the Emirates with that banner.

    The one that said ”Thanks for RVP!”

    Add that to the guard of honour, RVP scoring in both games and if they don’t finally get the message..

    ..somethings got to give!


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  43. Michael

    With this kinda stingy and greedy Board I doubt if any world class Coach can manage the club at this stage if Wenger it’s best we sign 4 ‘above average’ players e.g Julio Cesar, Jovetic ,Isco and M’Villa we will get some silverware next season to motivate us ‘the fans’ there after we can only hope the board changes its philosophy, new coach comes in with a new ambition..

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  44. Mk

    BA was available in January and is far much better than any of the Arsenal forwards.Why did AW buy him since his price was reasonable?Remy is not a bad player as already proved ,but again Wenger will be the last one to make a move .

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  45. SoftJunk

    @ks-gunner: Yes, we used to be force. Other teams afraid to play against us. We were title contender.

    But we’ve manager who believes a lot in his players and equality on salary. And on the top of that he wants our team to be mixture of youth and experienced. And we’re dealing with our own Stadium which is in fact a big investment. We’re also always ready for financial fair play rules as well. So we’ve many positive aspects and energy.

    Now a days quality has price with it. There are only few players who are of quality and committed to club. And our club’s policy actually does not sync with this. May be we need to restructure our wage policy, may be we need believe in ourselves and show what we can do on pitch. May be we just forget our history and compete with those of rich owners. May be we forget our board of directors who treat our club as a business and playing with emotions of so many fans all around the world.

    Whatever we’re going through, I think we should love our club, love our players. Whatever team is pitched on the ground, they play for Arsenal and we support Arsenal.

    I respect everyone’s thought and emotion. But our team is not pathetic, they are not best quality but better than most of other teams. Our team just need to believe in themselves and play open attacking game like we used to play.

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  46. js

    In my opinion , Wenger is still up there with the best managers in the world, all Arsenal need is to get those devils Gazidis and Kroenke out and we will win trophies

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  47. Gooner

    Can all the wenger supporters please get over him already he’s made some shocking signing over the last 3 years I don’t have to list who. We have a similar wage bill to Manchester United and though we are restricted financially we have enough money to compete for a trophy. Wenger has stated that he is confident about his socialist wage structure and he’s not going to change it. It’s obviously not working so he has to go if he’s not gonna change. It’s as simple as that. Moreover he is not motivational and he’s also a liar and yes he is the highest paid manager I the league it’s a f*cking joke that anyone still wants him around after all the embarrassments we’ve had..the carling cup final..8-2 at united… Getting knocked out if the Fa cup and capital 1 cup this year and now united winning thee 20th title thanks to van persie with a 20 on his back! What more
    Do want to happen? Arsenal fans are so forgetful and forgiving and it’s time u woke up. In 2 years time were gonna be the new Liverpool.

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  48. Gooner

    Moreover we need tos top crediting hi with all the success he had in the beginning he had some great players that the club provided bim withand he inherited a great defence from graham. He’s also losing hai tactical touch these says with some shocking substitutions. I know he says he respects his contracts so I really hope he will leave in a years time when it ends. Lets move on everyone

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  49. ger burke.

    great article there , best ive read on here in a long time , it is honest , passionate and genuine . i would love to ask all these arsenal fans who keep saying that our players are much better than uniteds players a simple enough question … if , our players are superior to manchester uniteds players then why are arsenal not several points clear of united at the top of the table . surely , if we are superior , as is being suggested by a large number of fans on this page all season then we should be out of sight of united . we should be 10 or 12 points better off than united at this point and the league would be wrapped instead of fighting for a poorly fourth place . maybe i know nothing about football , especailly seeing as i have followed the arsenal for 45 seasons now , and i always follow the gunners forever , but where does it make sense that we are a better team than the champions , i cannot get my head round this one at all guys . can somebody please explain to me what i am missing out on please .

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  50. 3Dwin

    THE BOARD IS TO BE BLAMED, not wenger!

    Who in the right mind of a manager would sell their best players every single season and not want to buy worldclass players if they could.. It’s like saying u work in an office and you love to sell your good computers for a laggy one.

    Think about it, if you are wenger, would you rather have peanut-quality players and make your work much harder for the rest of the seasons or have worldclass players such that you could slack a little even if you applied shitty tactics??? Of course any right minded manager would want humongous amount of transfer budgets, especially when you know that your club fans are demanding results..

    Yeah right, it is about his greed for money you all said.. This guy, wenger, is under pressure every season. Have you ever imagined how much stress he have to bear every single season, all attacks, critiques, mockery going to him when the ten did not perform? And you still think he would not want to spend on world class players even if he could!!??

    Oh, and about his huge sum of wage.. Is it wenger’s fault if his wage is super huge?? Would you not rather blame the board solely and not wenger for giving him this amount of money!! Actually I believe there is a reason for the board to give him this amount of money. Firstly, many big clubs have always tried to lure wenger to manage their club. Also, I don’t think the stingy board could found a replacement for wenger who could work from a very limited amount of budget and still stay competitive. That’s why the board gives wenger this huge amount of wage to prevent him from moving to other clubs..

    To me wenger is one of the best managers in the world. His ways of managing the club is simply amazing even if he has not produce us with trophies. And to be fair to him, let us gunners support him until at least another season when he got to spend on players. Let us witness what he could do.


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  51. GP

    This article is spot on.

    I find it strange that the same people on this site go off topic on every article and continue to get thumbs up.

    It also makes know sense to assume you have to know Wenger to have an opinion on the job he is doing.
    This attitude of Wenger supporters just supports the argunent against him.
    Why is Wenger the only manager who it not to blame for bad results?
    The board has to take some blame but they pay this man silly money for saving and making money, not for winning.

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  52. stenak

    we shd be grateful fo wht he has done fo d club !!!!
    he gives everything to win every match n works so hard bt
    hw good we are, we saw yesterday yet here we are fighting fo 4th place, he jus cnt carry d entire team wid same excellent performance consistently !!!
    d selfis board will renew his contract every single time it expires SO WENGER SHD UNDERSTAND DAT HE CAN NO MORE DELIVER WHT HE IS SUPPOSED TO N SHD MOVE ON !!!
    d only reason he has been der fo so long is we are AFRAID OF CHANGE n fear we might end up as LIVERPOOL !!!
    bt cmon we can be also like DORTMUND OR JUVENTUS !!!
    managers of top top club are always on der toes as dey know if dey dun win, dey will b sacked; whereas our manager is too comfortable as der no threat of losin his reputation, dis is why HE CNT WIN !!!
    MANU gonna strengthen more, maurinho comin to CHELSEA nxt season n MAN CITY will be spending high to regain dat title, so if dis stay like dis cn any1 actually see our trophy draught coming to end nxt season???

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  53. ian

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have made the one millionth post about how everything is Wenger and the boards fault… yawn.

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  54. GP

    Why should we be grateful for this.
    This is not a one way street. Wenger has managed to gain plenty from Arsenal too.
    Job security for a manager is the ultimate prize and we have given him that for years despite winning nothing.
    If a manager and club is a partenership, feeling greatfu,l as if he is doing us a favour is what creates the failure.
    He should feel pressurised to win out of hunger and drive like all the other top managers.
    Swansea, Birmingham, Liverpool and Portsmouth have won something more recently than us and they have all had board issues during that time.So that argument is weak.
    Greatful comes at the end when the job is done.
    Try telling your own employer that they should be greatful to you for not doing your job properly and wait for their response.
    Wengers last 8 years in charge would NOT get him 7 + million in another job if he left Arsenal tomorrow and he knows it.
    Only his supporters refuse to admit it.

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  55. true goon

    @Popeye786sailor,i think your right Wenger has lost his hunger to win trophies,but i think he’s also lost the plot as far as being an elite level coach is concerned.I can’t see us winning a major competition(CL or League) while he remains in charge,he just can’t pick the right players in the starting 11,so the more players we buy the more confused he will become.

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  56. Niranjith

    I started to grow watching Thiery Henry goals making Van der saar’s jaw touching ground, and a terrific team of my early twenties. Now current scenario is different, with lot of potential players are not with us. And rebuilding of an able team is not simple thing like sharing posts on websites. Especially when bound to team share holders like Ivan and Stan. Let be behind AW and give all the moral and mental strength not to gain Champions league spot, but to win so many Silver ware under AW.

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  57. Gooner4Life

    The board pays him well because he does very well with the dogs**t budget they give him! In Arsene we trust

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  58. andy

    You are wrong writer and the article is shallow to say the least

    Firstly I’d pay regardless of the team finishing fourth or not because I’m a fan and right now I believe in what they can do. Something you obviously don’t know cause you only pay contribute when we are winning.

    Secondly I hope you didn’t choose Arsenal the same way you chose over your wife (if you’re actually married) because with the money you are willing to pay, surely she’d change over time and I’d like really like to see you manage it. I can hardly imagine you stick it in there. So don’t make irrelevant comparisons please.

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  59. Kwasi

    I think many fans know that Wenger is not the reason for our top players leaving but they need someone to put the blame on so Wenger gets the brunt of it. It’s been stated by numerous ex-players that the board is what pushed Wenger to sell. Many of you are foolish children as I can see, Wenger’s not gonna come out a speak against the board because that’s how one loses their job, I don’t see too many people that chastise their boss openly and continues to receive a paycheck from them.

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  60. Odong charles

    Klopp would be a better replacement if wenger is to retire, i have lost the faith in wenger but think dat he should be given last chance when usmanuv is owner. Pliz lets support usmanuv’s take over bid if he is to launch.

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  61. Ibrahim

    Most arsenal fans are shifting the blame to the board alone, why has wenger always returned the transfer money given to him to buy players back to the board saying the squad is complete and coming out times to say he needs to buy players. Don’t u think wenger is confused already.

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  62. Joe

    When a player comes out and speaks wrongly off the club that has payed him his wages for 8 injury struck seasons and made him the player he is today. “it was the little boy in me telling me to go unied” with a picture in paper off him as a kid with a arsenal top on ? If it weren’t for arsene wenger rvp would NEVER have played on top on his own was only down to wenger putting the faith in him and look how it payed off. Rvp was like a pregnant woman when it come to wanting to go to united you heard what wenger said! He is a Money grabbing judas not denying he is unbelievable talent. BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR ! Arsene wenger is a god let alone legend and you sit there behind keyboards questioning his position at arsenal after all the time and hard work hes put into our club, Over the 17 years he himself has become Mr arsenal very much like tony adams. Theres only ONE arsene Wenger !!

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  63. Joe


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  64. Joe

    The fact you’ve got the front to sit there and call Arsene wenger arrogant is an absolute joke 20 years of u being a gooner with all your wife nonsense and what have you. He has never spoke out publicly on the budget hes working on the people upstairs that are forcing him to sell and work with minimal resources. Why isn’t he speaking out ? Because he loves the club so much he will try to do his upmost best no matter what. arsenal fans always question wengers position now and it seems like it has become the normal thing to do where as few years back some people would look at you as if you was an alien because your calling for arsene wengers head and for me its still he same! Go support Chelsea or man city u bunch of glory hunters it took them 50 years to win a title !

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