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Arsenal about to lose Ba to Chelsea!

Lots of Arsenal fans were unimpressed with the reports suggesting that the Newcastle and Senegal striker, Demba Ba, was going to be one of the new players arriving at the Emirates in January. Despite scoring 13 goals in 20 league games this season, including two against us on Saturday, many Gooners think he is not good enough for the Gunners.

Well it looks like those people are about to get their wish, as Chelsea have hit the front in the race to sign the powerful striker. The Mirror reports today that Benitez has identified Ba as the man to boost the Chelsea strike force, as Radamel Falcao will be staying at Athletico Madrid for the rest of the season.

Benitez has not confirmed the move, but said that he would not discuss anything until a deal was done. The Blues are going to sell Daniel Sturridge to Liverpool for more than double the £4.5 million that they will pay Newcastle for Ba. I still think that he would have made a great addition to the Arsenal team, but I hope that Arsene Wenger has opted out because he has someone better in mind. I would love David Villa to be a Gunner by the end of January. It would send out a clear message to the rest of the Premier league, but would not be able to play in the champions league.

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42 thoughts on “Arsenal about to lose Ba to Chelsea!

  1. haywill

    Chelsea doesn’t have to send their scouts around
    They just send one scout to scout Wenger
    When they figure out Wenger’s transfer target
    They go get the target

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  2. Craig Taylor

    I dont think we need a striker. Podolski, Giroud and Walcott are strikers. Even b4 Walcott started playing as striker I dont think we needed one. But if we play with 2 strikers I would think we would need another striker. If we got one more one of them would probably be annoyed. But Wenger does play these 3 players in the same match most of the time… I think we need 2-3 players. The most crucial for me is a DM, then a Winger, and maybe a LB. Probably a Striker as well im nto sure. Gibbs has not been positioning him that well lately. We do have Meades though.

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  3. jamsyb

    demba ba representatives have said talks have been unpreducutive and they are negiotiating with several other clubs. scource sky sports

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  4. Ryan

    If we signed Ba we would be waving goodbye to Walcott. Giroud is better than Ba anyways.

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  5. Graham

    I think the deal has almost collapsed. I wouldn’t mind Ba the Arsenal. Those that think he is too like Giroud need to look at the types of goals he has scored. They are not predominantly headers. There is still a chance.

    David Villa is good, but £16 million for a 35 year old is too much. It is the kind of money the likes of Manc, utd and chelsea will spend on someone that old. If his valued at around £10 million then it will be a good deal

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  6. Ali

    Acquiring a striker to me is not our priority, our priority is the defensive midfield position. We need a player like Wanyema from celtic to come in.He has the muscle we need unlike any of the players we have in that position.Is either him or a similar kind of player.

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  7. caribbean

    Do Chelsea do their own scouting…As soon as reports emerge (real or not) that Afc are linked to a player so does chelsea..I thought they were interested in Falcoa…To expensive i guess and FFP…I can never forgive Chelsea for the Mata situation…I dont know if it is possible but Arsenal should try to do its transer business differently…creating decoys if they have to

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  8. Dan

    I don’t get all this talk about Ba and Villa. Surely if either come in, Walcott will leave because he’ll be moved back to RW.

    I think Zaha will be our only January signing along with the kid from Southampton.

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  9. no ba at afc pls

    demba ba to afc? cannot. come on guys, stop contemplating of praying with him after each goal he score. boooring..celebration.

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  10. Mallu Gooner

    BA is good, but not top class. We have some good strikers in the form of Giroud,Podolski and Walcott who is gonna get only better.

    If we are gonna buy a striker, I think it should be an “exceptional player” as Wenger said.

    At the moment what we need to buy in January transfer window is a CDM,LB (urgently) and and a creative winger.

    If some proved top class striker comes along we should go for it and we shouldn’t settle for BA.

    Even if we buy BA, I don’t think he is gonna be loyal. He is talking about arsenal only because we are in need of striker. He might use our club as a stepping stone to other clubs like some of our dearest traitors did.


    My New Year Wishes to all Gooners around the world.

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  11. Somtee

    Too Bad I was wishing he was going to put on an Arsenal shirt this season but I hope Wenger has a better person in mind and hope Wenger is sure of him coming to the Emirates because it is not good to put all your eggs in one basket because we might end up signing no one COYG!!!

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  12. Karel Riha

    Demba Ba is not good at all for Arsenal. Let him to go to Chelsea, they are collecting such players.

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  13. Twig

    What will Zaha mean for the development of Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gnabry and Miyaichi?? 😐

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  14. get real gonners

    Look its not chelsea or city or uniteds fault that they poach our targets or players!! Lets say we go for messi ( hypertheticaly) we talk loud and proud about it we report it to sky sports news and its everywhere then the price and wages come out! And we start to say oh but hes not that good or we have enough players in that possition! All the ova teams know we wont pay a player wat he deserves and pull out of a deal so the other clubs are like thanks mr arsenal we didnt spot him! And then they grab him! Look at oscar and hazard and mata we was in line for them and wen it came to the money side of buisness we pulled out!! We need to keep our mouths shut or back our talk and spend the cash! Arsenal have to realise that buisness is buisness and that if u snooze u loose! Start spending or dont moan bout whos taking our players or targets! Arsenal for life!!!

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  15. No more excuses

    Surely signing ba is a no brainier . 7.5m ? Strong , scores goals , better than chamakh and park … Sure sell them – then pay ba they’re wages and in 2 seasons time I’d still likely double his transfer fee . Not to mention the demba ba shirts u could sell to our Foreign support . Was a no brainier when Newcastle signed him and its still a no brainier at 7.5m – especially considering the dummies we have on the pay roll . Hell it wud even make the forwards more competitive – ba chases everyfin and scores goals in THE EPL ! How cud any body be against this signing (even kronke) the only reason I can see is that if wenger signs him people cud say he shudda signed him for 3.5m not so long ago from west ham .

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  16. leo

    the demba ba to chelski deal is off believe it or not his demands are too rich for chelski he has a buyout clause is 7.5m of which 2m will go to him on top his agents want 5m + he is demanding a wage around 130+/week you think arsenal will sign him never gunner happen

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  17. Zak

    Just sign players that are going to improve the team but aren’t cup tied i.e Fellaini, Baines, maybe Zaha.

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  18. Greg

    Let BA go to Chelsea it seems that he wants a big money move anyway!he did mention the likes of PSG in an interview!honestly i would be happy with a DM mvilla is my choice and if the likes of llorente zaha or mbiwa comes I would be a happy gunner!realistically I don’t see us making much signings although it would give us much strength depth and cover when key players gets injured!happy new year to all my fellow gunners and all who loves the beautiful game!

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  19. Bunmilee

    I think Demba Ba is a good player, and very business like. He gets the job done for Newcastle. It will never be a waste having him as an addition to our attacking options. My fear is Mr. Wenger does a lot of procastinating, wanting a world class players and yet not ready to pay world class wages. The painful truth is that there are lots of world class players available out there, they dont have to be on the market list, but Wenger wants a cheap buy, he can sell a player for £27million but can not buy a player for £30million. Every player has a price tag. Some of us are not fooled by “Extra good” players he claims to be looking for.
    Up Gooners!

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  20. abel

    @twig buying zaha dosent hinder any of those players progress. With the look of things wenger might not buy a striker.he might move podolski to CF making it walcott,giroud and podolski for the CF position. For the remaining part of the season podolski will still be the LW and he will try to ease zaha into the system and by next season it could be zaha on the left and ox on the right or vice versa. Their subs will be miyaich,gnabry,gervinho and eisfeld.

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  21. Arsenal1Again

    lol Bob, at least wait until after the race starts on January 1st. Then there would no embarrassing claims about Chelshit.

    Looking at Ba against us I thought no. His 2nd goal was wildly off target and got a lucky ricochet on Jack’s head. He’s not as good as you think. Giroud is better and our right winger has a better scoring record than Ba. 10 in 10 I think and most of them after warming the bench.

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  22. Comatose

    Ba is good but I think Giroud will become a lot better than Ba at his best.

    If we got David Villa, I would wet myself immediately.

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  23. Paddywhack

    what is Chris Samba doing now – should have bought him – he is a beast of a full back.

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  24. AmericanGooner

    Ba is good, but if he wants too much in wages, forget it.

    Rather buy a winger and move Theo up top.

    If we get a striker, would love to see David Villa.

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  25. ceezee

    Like sum1 did point out that most fans on this site r fickle idiots..
    Ba is an addition! Far better than brainless theo, toothless giroud & left legged podolski.. Ba would have been an addition! He’s proven his mettle since making his debut into the premier league although he’s Ñøt a top top top player but let be factual joining arsenal he’s the potential to become great.

    apparently i aint gonna duel on ba but i wish d le proff see things objectively, theo is not a top player to sail the boat but a squad player! we need a “Brilliant striker” who is technically sound Ñøt justa brainless striker with pace running into defenders & getting lucky with loose balls..that’s wat i see in the 8-3 massacre ! Buy a technical / powerful pacey & smart striker/winger & most importantly a DM & LB & get sagna lock down.. Kapish!

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  26. Nick

    Well said by a couple people. I think us signing a striker is a signal that Theo is gone. With his desire to play striker we have to either nurse that desire or admit defeat and let him go. If he goes then make a huge statement type signing in terms of striker to appease the fans and strengthen the team after the loss of yet another key long terms Arsenal player. Ba isn’t enough to do that IMO. He’s a great goal scorer but doesn’t create chances or provide assists.

    We need to sign a solid DM!

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  27. bob

    Let him go, if he does not start off being a bench warmer, he will soon become one….because Chelsea do not give a f…k they are taking him now because they can not get someone better this window…in the summer they will bring in a top top player and he will left on the bench or loaned out to west Brom.

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  28. gary

    As always we will miss out on our number 1 target, a proven player who would make an instant impact (remember Juan Mata) due to penny pinching or indecisiveness.

    But arsenal fans don’t worry there will be someone in the french league somewhere we can sign for 2M cheaper who will take 1 year to settle in but that’s 2M more in the bank.

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  29. Gunner for life

    I can’t believe some people thinks Giroud is or will be better than Ba. But not everyone understands the game of football Giroud is no way in the class of a top striker in England much less the world. He’s not a talent just a hard worker and a big heart but he’s just doesn’t have the talent of a Ba and others

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  30. Comatose

    I can’t believe some think Giroud will be better. You sound like some the hypocritical mugs who said Theo could not play up front. Giroud is a power house. He’s still settling in. Once the players around him provide the service he’ll score even more. The cross from theo is a prime example, no one else in our team would’ve scored that goal in my opinion. He holds the ball up well, he’s strong, a decent enough finisher but I would have to say his pace needs to improve.

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  31. Colin Smith

    Arsenal fans are deluding themselves. David Villa would not sign for Arsenal. He makes more than Arsenal could afford to pay him. Arsenal are becoming nervous talkers when it comes to transfers & as a direct result we are missing out on top quality players. I am now starting to believe that it was David Dein who was REALLY behind ALL of the great Arsenal signings of the Wenger era. Look at Jermaine Defoe?. When West Ham were relegated we put in an offer of 5m, only to be told that WHU wanted 7m. The result?, we baulked at an additional 2m & he went to TH. What JD could have done for us instead of TH. Lost Ashley Cole over 5k, what a donut decision. He has won what we have failed to. Thierry Henry left for Barcelona & look what he won. Vieira, the same. We let Ian Wright go too early. We lost David Bentley by stalling his career. We wrecked Jay Simpson’s career. Stalled forever over Loic Remy. Could’ve had Ashley Young, a confessed Gooner, when he was at Watford. Could’ve had Darren Bent, which to me is like what would Shearer have done if he had gone to MUFC instead of NUFC. RVP is murdering teams for fun, which leaves me to believe he must’ve been bluffing whilst at AFC. We stalled on Lukaku, let Adebayor go to MCFC & kept BENDTNER?. Our board must be smoking crack. Never bothered with Sturridge?. The quality of striker that we have signed, nobody in the premiership are really interested in them. We will not get better unless we start beating other teams to REAL quality. Handing a 7-3 to Newcastle does not prove anything. We’ve beaten Everton by cricket scores before, but never won anything. Who remembers Martins?. We were supposed to sign him. Failed at that & he punished us in the Tin Pot Cup. We are basically a fancy girls team. A Harlem Globe Trotters, with no real bite. I am not going to the Emirates until I see players of the calibre of The Invincibles being signed. So, if they won’t sign them, unlike muggy Arsenal punters, I have better things to spend my money on, like the wife, kids, house & home. I’m not wasting my hard earned money to watch Ramsey, Gervinho & Giroud!, whilst the top teams have got REAL QUALITY in their first team.

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