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Arsenal agree £23million deal for Andriy Yarmolenko?

This is definitely the most interesting Arsenal transfer rumour this month, as sources in the Ukraine are reporting that the Gunners have already agreed to pay Dynamo Kiev £23million for their brilliant international winger Andriy Yarmolenko.

The big versatile Ukrainian has spent his whole career at Kiev and now he has reached his prime at 26 it seems he is now ready to progress to an even bigger League. He has already spent six years playing for the senior national side, making 50 appearances and scoring a respectable 20 goals, including two goals against Slovenia that helped his country to qualify for this summers Euro2016 Finals.

He has scored in the double figures for the last six years in the Ukrainian Premier League, but seems to be improving and has already scored 13 goals for Kiev this season in just 22 games.

The bad news is that he won’t be coming to the Emirates until after the Euros to prepare for next season, but with his size (6ft 2in) and strength he will give Wenger an extra dimension going forward in the next campaign, specially if he can replicate his goal-scoring prowess in the Premier League.

Apparently Everton were also trying to sign Yarmalenko, which could be why Wenger has moved to seal the deal early so as to stop any poachers coming in later on. I think he will be an excellent addition to the club.

Do you?

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19 thoughts on “Arsenal agree £23million deal for Andriy Yarmolenko?

  1. davidnz

    “Reports” from Ukraine 🙂
    He’s 26 and no big club
    has ever come for the
    “brilliant” winger. Lol
    Everton are interested 🙂
    OMG in that case we better race out and sign
    the new Ronaldski before Preston snaffle him 🙂
    Sell Sanchez so we can make room
    for this supersonic game changer 🙂
    Sure that’s not 2.3 mill.

  2. SoOpa AeoN

    i stated sometime ago, if there’s a player to capture from a Dynamo side (kyiv not moscow), it gotta be YarmoLenko not Kokorin

    & U {Davidnz} must be drowned in a pool of Delusion to suggest we sell our most prolific Duracell at any price

  3. papacini

    yarmolenko! he is miles better than those below average English “chores”(Walcott Chamberlain). if this turns out to be true, I’d say very nice addition.I’ve been watching him since the world cup qualifiers and I like what I’ve seen.he dribbles successfully 8 of 10 times and he knows when to release d ball and not just run aground like a headless chicken with d ball behind his legs(yes Chamberlain) and he out for him in d euros.I say its better we have him locked down before he goes on to d euros and do a David villa or ribery and barca or real or Bayern snatches him for a better cb

  4. samtz

    Madrid told us to pay 25pounds for Isco,should we pay?personally I think its a good move as we are preparing to offload ROSICKY,ARTETA,FLAME…Isco is still young,can play in several positions,Wenger just be ruthless and grab him ASAP….JUST imagine a front of Sanchez,Isco,Ozil,Giroud??all he can be a perfect CARZOLA successor….

    1. GoonerLad

      Hell yes, in England 25m gets you an overhyped player from a midtable club. If we can get a Spanish wonderkid for 25m we should go all out balls to the wall. He’s the PERFECT Cazorla replacement

      1. jermaineBryan

        You took the words right out my mouth he is the perfect heir to santi.
        1)He can start out wide and drift in on the ram or lam role (something we try with mix results eg Ramsey )
        2) he can replace Rosicky in the am role as ozil back up.
        3) he can play that santi tempo controlling cm role (replacing arteta)

  5. SoOpa AeoN

    Andriy Mykolayovych Yarmolenko would be an interesting addition be it now or in the summer! Coyg

    Greg-esq comment L()L

  6. papacini

    if arteta flamini ,& rosicky leaves this summer I wish we bring in naiangolan from Roma.and then we’ll have a midfield of coq,elneny,Caz,rams ozil and naiangolan….this kind of midfield can play any formation or tactics,kante of Leicester would also b a fantastic addition

  7. ruelando

    Really would be a wonderful signing, if its true, a mixture of speed and skill, has the ability to create his own chances and has a very powerful left foot shot, would really be an interesting addition

    1. Durban Gunner

      100% I agree with you, if Arsenal get this guy, I have no doubt that Arsenal will accomplish lots of trophies, forget about Benzima or Cavani this guy is a real deal

  8. Skandalouz

    Yarmolenko has been tearing it up for years in the Europa league now, he’s the prime reason why they’ve been a feared side in that competition. I do worry about his lack of defensive work ethic but in attacking perspective it’s a very good, unpredictable left-footed player that knows how to deal with tight spaces and physical defenders. Could be a solid addition but do we really need another right winger? Unless Wenger wants OX to go on a loan I can’t see the need in personnel to sign him

  9. Reuben Joel

    Pls just be ur own Yarmolenko and not imitate a certain Andriy. Thank you
    Hope it’s all true though and not a smoke screen

  10. Trevor

    He’s six foot three, strong passing and shooting (in Kiev must be said) and good body strength. Sounds like something Arsene could work with and we do need taller stronger professionals, and he’s mature similar age to Alexis, I also hear he has a great work ethic. I will like this signing if it turns out to be genuine, I look forward to hear what Arsene says when the ask him about it.

    Isco, very talented. I just don’t know if Arsene would bring in this player while Santi and Aaron are still here. I know Arteta Flam and Rosicky are on the way out but you would have to promise a certain amount of football to a player of Isco’s ilk, the thing is Aaron and Cazorla also want that insurance.

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