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Arsenal aiming for yet another cheap young defender?

There have been hundreds of posts and comments on this website about Arsenal’s woeful defence this season, and the fact that Laurent Koscielny and Nacho Monreal are not getting any younger. We already have the out-of-favour Calum Chambers and Rob Holding at the club, and Sven Mislitat has brought in the young Greek Lad Konstantinos Mavropanos who has obviously surprised Arsene Wenger with his rapid progress.

Now it is being reported that Arsenal are now looking to bring in yet another youngster in the form of Stevenage Borough’s Ben Wilmott and have already had a bid of £1million turned down by the League Two club but are preparing to go back in with another offer this summer.

The 18 year-old is already a giant at 6ft 2in although Mavropanus is even bigger at 6ft 4in, and if we had those two playing together in the future we may be a little bit better equipped to deal with any set-pieces from our opponents, which has been an Achilles heel of the club in recent times.

But should Arsenal continue to buy young and promising centre-backs on a regular basis in the hope that we strike gold or should we be going for ready-made stars that can improve the team straight away?


11 thoughts on “Arsenal aiming for yet another cheap young defender?

  1. arsenal#7

    NO for the millionth time.

    Need world class defenders not starlets and/or rejects like Evans and Smalling.
    We bought Chambers/Holding/Debuchy and Mustafi some for a good price and others for
    a lot more than they worth.
    Time for someone in the club that can properly evaluate talent to go out and get some.
    Proven quality that can make a contribution right away. We do not have the luxury of developing
    defenders and further more there is no one there to develop them.As far as we can tell Wenger will ruin even the best players out there so no chance for prospects to learn anything for this
    geriatric crew that is the Arsenal staff.

    1. jhud

      don’t care how much they cost as long as they are as physical and dominant as Huth and Morgan were for Leicester during their premiership winning year. (And a great DM in front of them). And those two didn’t cost a lot! I’m not convinded Arsenal (wenger) is looking for the right type of defenders to turn things around.

  2. CorporateMan

    Buying established defenders and getting ‘cheap’ youngsters are not mutually exclusive. As you prepare for now, you must also think of the future. Signs are that quality centre backs are a disappearing species; and clubs may do well to start developing them in-house.

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

      Thenry, a bit hard to add more to this! One has to wonder what some people have achieved themselves in life?

    2. bran911

      Hahaha disappearing species?? You mean in the future a team could only have strikers? And no one wants to play as CB? Just admit that the old man loves the prospects who in return gives us nothing at present or even the future. We need established players who can give us steel and win titles, not prospects prospects prospects every time. When has that ever landed us an EPL title?

  3. barryglik

    The club lurches from dirt cheap freebies
    like Sanogo+ Chamakh then lashes
    out on Ozil 42m on deadline day.
    For seven years the club filled the
    crucial DM position with cheap part timers
    like Arteta, Kalstrom a free Flamini and 7m Elneny
    then they lashed out on 30m Xhaka who is useless!!!
    The club did not replace Vermaelen but after a series of bad losses
    bought Gabriel in January who promptly got injured and was a flop anyway.
    Debuchy cost 32m all told in fee and salary yet played
    just 8 PL games at 2 mill per game. Yet he was released on a free.
    Chambers is a 20m (fee and salary) flop.
    Gibbs ten year vet 30m in salaries sold for 7m.
    Mertz 34m (fee and salary) retiring on a free.
    Koz 40m ( fee and salary) retiring on a free.
    Cazorla cost 36m (fee and salary) is released on a free.
    Wellbeck is a 30m (fee and salary) flop.
    Perez a 33m (fee and salary) flop on loan.
    Sanchez cost 50m in (fee and salary) and we got 29yr old flop Mkhitaryan.
    Mustafi has dubious value at 50 mill (fee + salary)
    Kolasinac costs 120k p/w and hardly plays.
    Ozil cost 70 (Fee and salary) and is now on 200k p/w because they say he is cheap?
    Lacazette 83m (fee and salary) is struggling.
    Auba 96m (fee and salary) he is 29.
    So that’s why the club is buying cheap when ever they can
    the message being that if they fail it’s a cheap failure.
    No transfer is the best transfer policy till the new gaffer is appointed.

    1. Thenry

      What a stupid post that works with all clubs how have they been flops they have won trophies unlike most other teams like pool and Spurs
      Arsenal real some of the most stupid plastic fans in football

  4. ken

    as this rate we’re not going to have any players for the second leg, you sure you want to do this mate?

  5. Ampumuza Adrian

    Holding was descent last season. But this season playing behind @GranitXhaka is not working for anyone. You are always waiting for an attack to go wrong and face a counter attack, plus a penalty. Petr Cech has been made to look as bad as Almunia this season!

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