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The perfect £10m Premier League star to cover Mesut Ozil

One of the biggest concerns for everyone connected with Arsenal right now is the possibility that our injury problems will have the same effect on our Premier League title challenge as they did when we were last in this position.

Back then Arsenal had actually amassed more points and had spent a lot longer on top of the table. After coincidentally edging a scrappy game against Newcastle by a 1-0 scoreline the Gunners looked well set at the start of 2014 but then we proceeded to lose key players like Aaron Ramsey, Olivier Giroud, Theo Walcott and Mesut Ozil and by March any hopes of the title were gone.

The German playmaker is even more important to our hopes this time and that, combined with a lack of options in the number 10 role, is why a lot of Arsenal fans are so worried about him getting an injury. So the news reported by The Mirror that the former Barcelona and current Stoke City playmaker Bojan Krkic has a release clause in his contract of just £10 million could be just what the club and Arsene Wenger needed.

The manager has previously talked about not being able to find the right players for the right money but here you have a proven Premier League player of quality for a pittance who would allow Wenger to give Ozil a rest every now and then. What do you think Gooners?

Is this Spanish beauty the reason for Bellerin’s drop in form?

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19 thoughts on “The perfect £10m Premier League star to cover Mesut Ozil

  1. JAmerican

    Rather us test Real Madrid’s resolve with a bid for Isco. After securing Elneny of course, and I sure do hope wish these Aubameyang rumors are true.

  2. davidnz

    Yes I think this kind of
    transfer is what we need.
    10 mill and EPL ready.
    By the way very good article admin 🙂

  3. antiwenger

    HAHAHA, because we don’t already have enough injury prone players, so we go out and sign another one

  4. goonerboy

    We all know its not gonna happen, so just forget it already
    Sanchez can play a game or two in the role and Walcot and Campbell flanks Giroud just for two games and OZil will be fine
    We shud stop worrying about these players as if they are kids pls.
    Having said that, If we can get arteta and coq back very soon I want them to play together with arteta in the cazorla role
    This partnership will be very solid and disciplined

  5. goonthinker

    Analysis – A combined Chelsea
    and Arsenal XI show our

    Why are Arsenal fans so positive? By
    The summer has all been about
    Arsenal becoming title challengers
    with our players and fans believing
    this could be our season. I feel pretty
    confident too, but may be not as
    confident as everyone else. In the last
    couple of weeks fans have disagreed
    about transfers, with some arguing
    that it is very difficult to improve
    Arsenal. You hear people say how can
    we improve the team or get players
    better than the players at Arsenal?
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    1. Koss the Boss

      I just read that article and the comments, to be fair they were not bad assesments as chelsea will come strong again and push for that top4 im telling you dont write them off just yet just like every fan, pundit and ex player thought about Arsenal year after year (not as bad as chelsea i know but still..)
      Bellerin Cahill Koss Nacho
      Coq Santi (maybe cesc??)
      Willian Ozil Sanchez

      Thats the way it is now imo but Costa was hard to leave out but his antics this season i have to give the nod to our own OG12 as hes been pretty good all round this seasom so far.

      1. stubill

        Chelsea will be lucky to make the top 6, let alone push for the top 4. They’re just way to far behind, and even if they went on a fantastic run, they’re still depending on the teams above them dropping a bucket full of points.

  6. goonerboy

    Sometimes am afraid to say the truth here cos some fans will always think they love Arsenal more than if you disagree with them
    These players are overrated in Arsenal:
    Ozil,Ox, walcott,Ramsey.
    While these are underated:Per,Campbell and Giroud even when they give their all
    Look I’d rather have Shelvey over ramsey,Cazorla as AMF over Ozil, Adelaide and Campbell over Ox,sterling over Walcott @ leat he stays fit
    That is not to say these players are world class buh I dnt like how we over emphasize every little thing to they do

    1. goonthinker

      thats the reason you are an age old fan.85
      years and above.
      Give me the reason why ozil isnt good enough.Why?Is it because he doesnt play beatiful football.
      And for your information no one rates the ox.As for ramsey it is his attitude that people dislike but he is good.

      1. Budd

        If Shelvey could keep a clear head for 90 minutes he would be a very good DM. But since he can’t …

    2. rkw

      Already contender for the most absurd comment on this site in 2016 …and that’s from someone who would like us to bring in quality alternative for Walcott/ox

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